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tv   Conflict Zone  Deutsche Welle  February 20, 2020 9:30am-10:01am CET

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must comply with people's privacy rights. prince harry and his wife megan are to carry out their final duties as active royals in late february and march that according to british media their decision to step down means they will no longer have an office at buckingham palace as of april the 1st. let's get back to that breaking news story we're covering for you at this hour at least 11 people are dead after shootings near frankfurt here in germany it acts occurred to shisha bars in the town of hanau another 5 people are seriously wounded police say the body of the suspected gunman was later found dead at his home along with out of his mother germany's build newspaper is reporting that the suspect left a video and a statement in which he expressed far right views and admitted to carrying out the shootings police have not confirmed this report as yet federal prosecutors have
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taken charge of this investigation. about 10 pm i came downstairs with my 2 small children. my parents live just around the corner. 2 men were waiting outside. and i think this attack was delayed 6 or 7 minutes because i was with my children. my kids and i were in good spirits. i live 100 meters from here and when i went upstairs i heard 567 shots that's what i saw and heard. my friends uncle was shot here behind us at the kiosk and we came here to express our sympathy. and i was.
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on the one hand you feel a bit powerless and on the other hand i don't want to call it fear but it's something like that that you have to be afraid to go out or to go to a bar. ok let's get the very latest now at a political correspondent hans bronze in the studio with me on the ground and now we have reporter rebecca. both of you we're going to start with you here in the studio and bring in footage meanwhile of this moment of silence we're seeing having right now in the state parliament in has and and put politicians have been. sending their condolences of course to the families of those who have been killed what can you tell us about those political responses as we we joined this moment of silence in the state legislature and has and let's just look at that for
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a 2nd 1st. stuff in minister. a very is one of the 9 in there in part of the talks yes indeed this is been the response so far from most politicians starting with the mail on o. the city where this happened as well as the government spokesman months of full the central government here and they have all expressed their condolences to the families of the victims and. giving them their support they have been reticent so far with a political assessment with political reactions to what has happened last night and during the night because there has been no confirmation yet about the mythical political motives behind. this act but it is seems pretty clear that it was a right wing motive that was involved i'm glad nako the german chancellor has today
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counsels other employments and is staying here in berlin in order to follow the situation to be briefed immediately when something new develops and i presume that you in the course of the day we will get for the reaction from that quarter as well ok we'll talk about that in a bit let's go back to had our now and rebecca sound myers standing by for us there are rebecca what's the situation where you are. well the situation is is has become much calmer on the crime scene police have moved away most of the vehicles they're still doing they're still collecting evidence some of the crime scene investigators can still be seen carrying carrying out bags of evidence also going in and out of the are the 1st one where where the shooting where the 1st shooting took place which is which is right behind me here. it's
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getting calmer now inside of the crime scene but on the outside of the police barrier that's still up behind me things are getting more crowded more people are peeking their heads down down the road more people are approaching they're trying to ask officers and neighbors. what's going on. there there. it's definitely a neighborhood that's that's woken up and shock and one that is definitely feels like it's one that's also mourning there's there's a lot of disbelief and a lot of sadness going around here today we saw some of that shock in the state legislature the part of my building for the state of hessen there rebecca the police have been. someone reticent to release a lot of details or confirm very much right now but can you fill us in on some other information that the police have been giving us. sure absolutely
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so so far what the police have confirmed is that there are 11 fatalities in the situation 9 of the people who died died due to that they sustained during the shooting at the shisha bars the other 2 bodies that were found one was of the suspected gunmen and the other one was a another body that was also found in the same home where the gunman live now german public broadcasters are reporting and local public broadcaster here. they're also reporting that. that 2nd body likely is the suspected shooter's mother police have not confirmed that yet but but sort of more details are starting to slightly emerge from from sources that are speaking as well to the local media so what we know is that 11 people have died 9 people in the shooting itself here between between this she.
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as well as the 2nd one across town. we know that that we don't know anything yet about the victims we don't know exactly how old they were. or or anything else the police have not released those details yet we do know that the police were able to find the suspected gunman after getting a tip off from somebody in the neighborhood who spotted the car that he that he fled both crime scenes and that led police officers to the suspected gunman's home where they discovered these 2 bodies police have not yet said whether or not they're going to when to expect a press conference but one should be coming up in throughout the day at some point here to fill us and give us a much more concrete timeline of how the events here unfolded rebecca what about the bar right behind you where some of the shootings took place.
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well it seem. right behind me it's it's a place i got the impression from from people that i've spoken to just a normal place where people gathered usually usually more of the younger generation . it was it was more of a local hangout. the community here is definitely an immigrant community background community she said ours are particularly frequented by our particularly well beloved in the turkish community in the kurdish community. and so so it's definitely a place where that's the more international that has. where where where also people of and they get backgrounds or immigrant communities gather and and spend time together i got
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a large sense of that when i 1st arrived on the scene because people were people who were related to the victims people who knew them friends relatives they were all gathered up in a nearby hotel here just looking out the window coming out occasionally asking police what was going on and if they had any more information there's just a real community feel on this street. and it's a real community that's in shock right now that that shock being felt far beyond where you are right now. let's talk about the evidence we have right now in terms of yet to be confirmed by the police this is but it's getting a lot of attention the letter that's been released and the video by the suspected shooter yes indeed i think what indicates most clearly that we are dealing with a political motive here is the fact that the german federal prosecutor has taken over responsibility for the investigations in these crimes or in this crime and the
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federal prosecutor need takes on crimes that. have a significant that goes well beyond the regional that is in some sense directed against the german state so that is a very clear indication that there is some sort of serious political motive behind this and if we also what is what kind of politics this might be then i think we can say with some certainty that it is a right wing political motive an extremist right wing ideology that's behind this both the video that we're talking about which is on you tube it's still available apparently on you tube and then the perpetrator the alleged perpetrator we have to say speaks english in other words he is directing his message well beyond a german audience into an international sphere one has to assume and he seems to express. sentiments that are similar to the sorts of sentiments that it would be
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behind for instance the attack on new zealand and christ judge or other similar attacks in recent years by extremist right wingers who have killed people. in such situations in addition is also still available in the internet there have been some people some experts on right wing terror that have started quoting passages from what they allege is this statement and they are again we find a right wing extremist background. conspiracy theories that allege that. the indigenous the german population here in germany is in some sense to be replaced or threatened by immigrants these kinds of things so i think that it's pretty clear in the end and then how would the she should bars the 2 of them fit in with with this type of motive with this type of theory that we're working with right now are we talking here about
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a region of the city of toronto which seems to be very closely. where they seem to be a strong immigrant community and i presume that the perpetrator the gunman assumed that within these 3 shahbaz he would be shooting at people who are not necessarily of german background that he's more likely to find people with an immigrant background so there was a racist motive behind choosing these places i imagine. seems to be a fairly. easy conclusion to make under the circumstances so i think yes it was an attack on an immigrant community in germany in terms of this type of an investigation what happens now what are police going to be looking at as they move along this line of investigation we can assume that the police are several hours ahead of us in terms of their information and in terms of the leads that they are following they would have found these this video and the statement sometime
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during the night they will now be looking at whether other people were possibly involved in this attack whether the alleged gunman had contact with maybe friends or associates during or before this. he went on the shooting spree and they will try to find all of where he was in the internet in what kind of groups he was active what statements he made there what other people were involved and they are very careful of. to releasing any information at all in order to. give warning to possible suspects possible other people involved in this attack so trying to follow up all the leads before these these become public and the people involved that's ok along these lines i spoke earlier with. pierre who's a security expert and counterterrorism advisor in frankfurt i asked him about the
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information that he had on the letter and on the video that we are looking at right now and working with on our theory on our possibility that this was a right extremist violent attack well as your your colleague mentioned obvious it's their hours ahead of us it seems to be going a lot faster than previous cases which we've seen in the hollow and enough. case and other far right. extremist attacks of the last couple of years to where seeing new prioritization better resources they seem to be much quicker on top of the situation based on earlier cases so that's already a good sign the fact indeed that the general. state prosecutor in the national prosecutor in germany has already taken over the case last night is
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already an indication of how fast this investigation has been going ok now before we went to air we had time to talk a little bit new said you have some information about the letter and about the video of the alleged perpetrator can you tell us what you know about the documentation. well it's very much in line with what's been said with christ church and other. while it's a letters and statements have been made to link to far right terrorist acts over the last 18 months or so and again mentions there's a star a strong focus on the notion of great replacement the this is a doctrine mentality within far right circles that has been. is about 40 years old and has become very prominent around 2011 and that's very that's fueled a lot of to theories a lot of the motivations behind the attacks of course to gain even more prominence
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in germany after 2015 and we're seeing the fact that the influx of refuge in flux in 2015 was seen as a sign of just a conspiracy of the great replacement to respond to replace people in their own countries with migrants. and this is seems again to be the to framework and under which this attack took place what about the preparation necessary for this level of attack 11 people dead 9 of course in the she should bars was this a lone wolf or based on your experience your analysis what do you think. well we're similarly dealing with lone actor not necessarily lone wolf but a lone actor so the same way the same that we've seen again in christchurch in complexity a couple years ago in holland however to support is digital now. and whether or not it's going to be interesting to find out just the extent of the
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suspect's network online what type of support what which websites to be consulted we already know about the you tube video posted up a few days ago so we know it's very active online. what do his followers say because you have followers all these elements show that in the end the support that he received whether it be moral logistical possibly financial we know that with the with price search they he received money from from austria that support being digital that he did not act alone per se and this is a situation terms of the sophistication if he already had access to weapons. planning it's not that big that means you only need to prepare a statement find his targets and fire away so that the preparations that these types of attacks remember you know why they're so successful it's important to point out for viewers this this is speculative right now we're still waiting for
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police confirmation on this where we're proceeding along the lines of what we're getting from security experts and what we're moving on with the german media information there. this does come as there have been in the past few weeks a number of raids on extreme rice right wing militia groups can you fit those 2 pieces together for us this and the militia raids by police authorities. it's certainly a great concern we've seen over the past year and numerous groups forming whether they be what south groups or smaller militia types of the 5th face or the defense framed organization that aim to defend germany against invaders do something against migrants and what's seen as important appropriate politics and more and more of the group of these groups have been popping up and last week over the weekend actually there was one of these groups who had planned
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a large scale attack in germany was targeting high profile politicians journalists mosques and so. today or last night's attack. it will lead plea fits into that general set of mindset that is unfortunately fueling a lot of these groups whether or not that person was affiliates affiliated to one of those the impossible to say at this point in time however there is a brother minds a broader network at play a tendency in which we're seeing both the small militias as well as long actors acting on their turning saw into action young some pure security expert in counterterrorism bars or thanks so much for now for bringing us up to date on some your thoughts there thank you let's go back live now to han our correspond there rebecca stoudamire rebecca what's happening where you are right now well currently just just moments ago i'm not entirely sure if you can see this over
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my shoulder. investigations are still going on there are still crime scene investigators going to both in and out of the shisha far where the 1st shooting took place yesterday at 10 o'clock at night. it's also clear as well or it's should be able you should be able to see that with the street here is continues to be blocked by by police it's still blocked off it's still roped off and there's a reason for that the crime scene actually extends down from the shisha bar there have been there were there were casings found there. and when i got here very early this morning the crime scene investigators were all the way down about the entire length of this block gathering evidence tagging things so it sounds like the or it looks like the the attack of the initial for the 1st shooting. was was
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quite widespread on this block so there's there's still needing to to take time to gather all of the evidence from this very 1st crime scene and this is the only the 1st one of the night there is the 2nd there is a 2nd crime scene where a 2nd she said bar across town across the across the city. was also hit right after right after this one so these these this these investigations are extensive the crime scene is quite expansive. and a lot of people are are coming out and a lot of people are really curious to see what's going on. ok well as the evidence continues to be gathered as we just have breaking news coming across we have a confirmation now on the motivation for this crime is the interior minister of the federal state of. his name is paid to a boy. confirmed the suspect is extremist right wing persuasion
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the passion is the basis on which these investigations are being pursued he also said that the 2nd body that was phoned in the place where the alleged gunman lived is that of his 7 to you 2 year old mother the man himself has. being reported was 43 years old. confirmation that we are dealing here with a right wing extremist attack. that the perpetrator appears to have killed his mother and himself after having committed these crimes thanks so much for that here in the studio and rebecca stoudamire will have much more as we get new information coming in on this situation in now we have confirmation that this was an extremist right wing extremist motivated crime let's preview now and some other stories making news today 2 elderly passengers from a cruise ship in japan have died after being infected with the coronavirus passengers who tested negative for the virus started to leave the diamond princess
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yesterday after a 2 week quarantine. thousands of women have rallied in argentina's capital buenos aires calling for a new bill to legalize abortion protests comes 2 years after similar legislation was narrowly defeated in the senate and this pressure from the catholic church. mexican authorities arrested 2 people over the killing of a 7 year old girl in a case that has sparked outrage across the country one of the suspects is a woman who was reportedly seen walking with that girl outside hers cool on the day she disappeared. u.s. president donald trump has named the country's ambassador to germany richard grinnell to be acting director of national intelligence growls a staunch supporter of the president's policies his new position puts him in charge of the nation's 17 spying agencies but critics say he has no intelligence gathering
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experience as acting director grinnell would not have to be confirmed by the senate . let's get more on this now with washington correspondent all over solid good morning you all over what's behind the president's move to name now as the acting director of these powerful spying agencies or run that's a key position in the white house and you really can consider this move to be something like a reward for richard grinnell's duty in berlin as the ambassador to germany of the united states you know critics have seen him a something like a president trumps at agot tator in berlin but he's certainly also one of the very polarizing figure he was isolated in berlin as well you know diplomatically as well as long the german government but then at the same time president trump praised him over and over again for his job and particularly because of how he interpreted his position there was a better he wasn't really acting like
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a diplomat he essentially tried to tell the germany german government there what to do criticizing the threatening at times whenever essentially the german policy was not in president trumps interests and so we even had some critical voices here today from democratic lawmakers who said that that's elevating trumps lapdogs one lawmaker said and that shows that the republicans care more about loyalty than national security obviously tackling the fact that richard grenell has no experience in intelligence spots on the other hand for trump he's a loyalist and someone he can really count on. we'll be going back to all of our to talk about a major debate the us democratic party held its 9th presidential debate wednesday night the top 6 candidates facing off as they vie for the nomination to take on president trump in this year's election the former mayor of new york city
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billionaire michael michael bloomberg appeared in his 1st debate after rising sharply in the polls the event came just days before voters in the state of nevada go to the polls in the 3rd contests of the democratic party's primary season. bloomberg came under sharp attack from his rivals here's how he defended his bid for the nomination. and i'm a philanthropist who didn't inherit his money but made his money and i'm spending that money to get rid of donald trump the worst president we have ever had and if i can get that done it will be a great contribution to america and to my ok michael bloomberg bird there throwing down the gauntlet how does he do in his 1st presidential debate. well he's quite an unusual candidate and that money he spend in his ads some $300000000.00 more than all the other candidates is all his own money so he doesn't except that he did nations in he's not planning to accept donations in the future so the democratic
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national committee had to change the rules for him to be allowed to the debate tonight and he will certainly attack full of that and criticized by all the other contenders essentials that were arguing that bloomberg is trying to buy the election he was criticized there for his wealth for on release tax returns also for how his company treated women and it was his 1st debate and you could really tell that he was lacking experience on the on the on the debate stage but on the other hand his aunts seem to work and he's currently the 3rd strongest candidate right after bernie sanders and joe biden ok bernie sanders joe biden what were some of the takeaways for you from the debate in light of these other candidates the 5 other challengers right well those are very fiery debate more fiery than recent debates perhaps and that is also because it's just
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a few days until the nevada caucus and super tuesday is around the corner that certainly is watershed moment because some of the most populous us states will vote on the democratic candidate and interesting bernie sanders who is currently the leader in polls was not necessarily the person most tack to you're on the stage everyone else was rather focusing on groom bergen in addition the candidates took on each other like. against good a judge elizabeth warren had a strong performance but the real winner perhaps you're today was the center still is really able to sell his progressive ideas and nobody was really hindering him ok all over thanks much for that from washington. turkish president richard tired one is threatening to launch a military operation in syria's province that is if russian backed syrian troops into need to attack rebels in the area the fighting has already displaced hundreds
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of thousands of people it's also triggered a humanitarian crisis russia is warning turkey not to attack syrian forces but turkish troops are already massing for a possible assault. on the move syrian refugees fleeing as strikes and artillery fire and it led by provinces an estimated 1000000 people are trying to escape advancing syrian government forces backed by the russian military. taki which support some rebel groups is alarmed by the number of people moving toward its country tekkie already hosts more than 3 and a half 1000000 syrian refugees and says it can't handle any more. i don't know where i'm going i just want to get on the road stay under an olive tree what am i supposed to do. supposed to go. out there or. not to turkey if texas president ratchet type address on has his way in the tech capital
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ankara he said it's just a matter of time until turkey intervenes because that is your proof yet i think we are no making our last warnings unfortunately we have not been able to reach the desired result so far during our talks in turkey in russia and in the field meanwhile russia tried to tone down the rhetoric defending syrian government forces who it says of being targeted by taki. it's just really the syrian armed forces respond to these unacceptable provocations confirming that the hearings and the initial agreements on the lip including cease fire agreements that we support them and. a country still deep in war people here desperately looking for refuge meanwhile a startling contrast domestic flights of started up again to elect for the 1st time
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in is just like back in peace times.


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