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online on your globe aisle and 3. d. w. z. learning course equals 3 german maybe you see. this is there every news line from berlin very high threat chilling words from germany's interior minister after the racist killing of 10 people in their frankfurt he says far right extremists pose a significant threat to the country's national security you now says a raft of new measures in a bid to reassure people and come their anger after the terror attacks but will
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they be enough also coming up we visit the community near frankford devastated by the tragedy and speak to those who lost their loved ones you really just want to finish his meal he had just passed his exams so we could cure all of them so we were going to work together. on my lock thank you so much for your company everyone german interior german interior minister for say hoffer sis police presence will be increased across the country to counter what he describes as a very high security threats from the far right well it follows the killing of 10 people by a suspected right wing terrorist near frankfurt on wednesday the attacker targeted targeted to shisha bars frequented by people of mainly turkish and kurdish descent we will be crossing live to
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a news conference held by muslim organizations say here in germany in just a moment but 1st we'd like to share this report with you. fear and disbelief in how now people gather to stand up to hate and xenophobia one of the mourners germany's president. peace be on this argument i'm standing with people who are threatened by hate and violence and fear together we stand side by side nightgowns are against violence and language and that degrades and excludes people. that all too often paves the way for violent acts. in big. one night earlier in her now a 43 year old german national killed 9 people on a shooting rampage most of them of turkish and kurdish descent the suspect was later found dead in his home his mother also shot dead he was a member of
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a gun club and was not on the authorities radar germany's attorney general has taken over the investigation he said the suspect wanted to send a provocative message of. home page there's more suspects web page contained a video message. to kind of manifesto the art of money fist tell it you need full of confused thoughts and conspiracy theories almost healed me in all sorts profoundly racist mindset it should be seen i'm off license in berlin chancellor angela merkel condemned the violence that's this was racism is a poison hate is a poison and this points in exists in our society and is responsible for far too many crimes few and far but i can mention we don't distinguish citizens according to their background or religion yet. we stand with all our strength and
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determination against all those who try to divide germany half an inch last night and. berlin is gathered at the brandenburg gate to show solidarity with the victims . even more marched through the multicultural districts noid called to share their courage their anger and grief. to lie to the pilots was one of those injured is a good friend of mine what has happened has really affected me and them it's been them it. was a place i had often been too young. we had to match not be calm but it gives me heartache. we've experienced violence in our countries we've come to germany as refugees because you know you're going to experience it again here in germany you know here in georgetown 2 of us and that really hurts just to time we missed
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him the problem is getting worse but gemini is a rich country things are good here and in the state of hessen too i really didn't understand it. many are demanding answers as to how right wing terror has been able to spread in recent years. and right now representatives of some of germany's biggest muslim organizations are holding a press conference let's cross over and listen to what they have to say. it off towards us right and right and then some vote is going to do what did you is we're going to do we're overdue for as terrible to approach because. it's great to try to make it was arrested with the 12th suspects. and it turned out that they are planning to take mosques and co people in the mosques to provoke counterattacks in order to create a situation of civil strife and i think this we as
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a result of that. still on the 17th that is on monday december 3rd of the issued a press release from the side of several of federations where we said. the time of was finally be over we must finally act and we misnamed the problems is arts he also said the muslims in this country are afraid not just about their mosques but also for their families and children because mosques are places of worship spirituality way take your whole family to find. peace. but all that did not go for it's going to help us and stop that from store to free ourselves from having is from god and event like yesterday's
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night sleepless night the telephones were working all the time and it was a virgin mary and we mourning the sounds of the members of our parish our family members one son of our former community chairman and hannah became a victim another son of a current and bold 4 members of the muslim community. that family members these are muslims citizens of this country brothers sisters friends we feel compassionate leave you with them in their pain are all these young people were born to hear they were citizens. however the public try to make these victims because they were different and this being a different also had something to do with the different faith and this faith is allowed in one of you know they're actually the perpetrator and had now started but did exactly what the terror group apparently planned and. drops what
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more we. want off 2 days before and then be on the 17th of february we also demanded that the politicians and this is high tea must stand side by side against ray says and. the semitism as well but also against. and the muslim race is meant as a metaphor be our media have also asked us of the past few days how we feel less muslims whether we still feel safe. this is an important development when we also express all thanks for the sympathy and we are also being asked what we are doing currently for the security of our mosque raise of course we try to keep the security level as high as possible but we alone will not be able to ensure such security level ensuring the security of muslims and their facilities is a task of the security services and we expect that this remains ensured into the future however. the problem is that politicians to
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this food and still do not just drink trivialize the problem i don't so the islam of phobia in this country is not recognized or has silent about that in the essential accounts of muslims also in the person of business muzhik in their declaration said yesterday if it is them a phobia i mean anti muslim racism as not one clearly named or trivialised one becomes an accessory to these crimes and i would like to fully endorse this quote of mr moggs if this is a very important sentence how can you find something that you cannot really name and don't want to identify unfortunately yesterday by guards because. of the offerings of control and sales and the comment ration services across the nation where tens of thousands and hundreds of thousands of people expressed their compassion and spontaneously gathered for and showed solidarity. unfortunately we
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did not see such a clear stance from our politicians even in the. commemorative service and now at its end the matter of course at 6. off because clearly named the victims see. if you also the group that. starts with you was the target of this right wing and tara this is this includes both the mayor and also the minister president of passing and also the german federal president mr vice as than my if this was a missed opportunity it's a new shrubs and it is a sobering and disappointing for the people as his feet once he. was fresh from them at. the grassroots level people feel misunderstood all not conceived the fia's of that but they had not recognized in this context. this so in this it must develop come to very much that at least the commission of full integration
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into the federal chancellor a mrs mounts as early as yesterday demanded an expert commission that should jointly and the take measures against. racism against muslims and islam have on the 2 previous make proposals because it's managed recommendations this is a demand we support as spokesman of the modern national council of muslims and also organs the behalf of the nation chief of wide mosque associations all denies that they. would like to present my and our catalogue of demands container 7 demands 1st thing before them for more money and also the demand of mrs pitman mounds and demand an expert commission must come here and things leaders who got suspicious and it's not the board that proposes measures against the advice to make races and as some of your good also monitors the implementation of these however
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and we want to war on that front to focus on india to dilute the results of such a commission and by applying a dilution of those who are in terms of the topics and the representatives the muslim associations and. and to do this must be an essential core of such a commission because it's about race and fear as we're talking here the 2nd point we demand is a general rethinking in this society of debate in particular it's the acceptance. not the acceptance but the recognition off the problems and the awful islamophobia finally we are needed to have the sovereignty of interpretation of the times when it comes to islamic phobia and generally about religion we need to be even more matter of fact here and create new debates such that muslims can feel more at home in this country than they could and can during these days and hours the german
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islamic conference should put this high on its agenda and also amounted to and support that in the long run and in a sustained way the 3rd demand is there is additional progress against islamophobia so far there have only been programs of the family ministry in the context off of the sentiment isn't islamophobia just as an overall catalog of measures that this will not be sufficient they also need programs that just looking. after is not a phobia for me and racism against muslim is the every day just to mention of muslims must be counted decidedly. and awareness must be created of the fact that muslims are citizens of the country and. the majority of them are born here and socialised here and that they are citizens with equal rights in this country for example from anonymized job application procedure could be part of that but also
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when his campaign's in schools for the concerns of the muslims is an important to give an example here. in the schools muslim pupils on discriminated against be it in the elementary school and also and. higher grades it's often the case that the parents of the pupils are invited in order to convince that such that the q.b. builds a data into the overall picture this is not promoting diversity in our society muslims too must have the right to be different in those things and concerns which are often potent so that there are muslims as a societal play is to be integrated in the society this is the 4th point we want to state in our catalog of demands this is something that also concerns the federal states but also the german federal level muslim institutions.
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must finally. be accepted to ask contact parties with regards to muslim concern for the poor things like a large scale welfare structure that also concern the muslims as a fair amount and arm she finally saw the islamic theology and islamic religion that's widespread but it must be evolved out across the nation this is important to create emancipation or not or at least however we would like to talk about security and this is the last point we're demanding it goes without saying of course was she a few ships and it is about protecting both of which you both muslims and mosques do not need to police men in front of every mosque but what we need is an awareness raising campaign for the operatives and better contacts to each other such that in the event of danger one can respond quickly. resolving
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a problem. requires 1st of all to recognise a problem and this also means that things must be named or we have islamophobia and there's also and the muslim racism and germany just like anti-semitism and from the face of the. must get to them or pays off is an acknowledgement of the problem to be able to join to find solutions for this thank you very much mr he's achieved youngest them in on no yesterday we were in high now and. had the chance to see on side what impacts these atrocious deeds had i want to prefer it to we've been listening and hearing from member presented as of some of germany's the biggest a muslim organizations primarily from the one of the community leaders zachary all took asking for the government to act highlighting the need to address islamophobia did obvious political correspondent hans braun's you listened as well what what jumped out at you. but i think the major points are points that have been
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reemphasize again and again in the pasta and in the light of these attacks have become current again and again one part is that many muslims and germany have the feeling that they are not really being acknowledged that they're not being acknowledged as citizens in germany that their problems are not being acknowledged that their names sometimes are not even mentioned the spokesperson here said that the victims of this attack have not yet been named and that would have been an opportunity to show that these are citizens of this country with names that would. associate them as muslims most likely he thought that that was a missed opportunity and then he gave a list of demands from was the mogen as ations ranging from further efforts by the states to integrate. muslims in society to educate the society as
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a whole on a muslim theology and ways of life and also questions of security also going full for the protection for mosque sorensen's and especially when as amongst the security services amongst the police for instance that is them a phobia is something that is current that is very learned in germany and that islamic organizations islamic institutions need protection in the same way that for instance jewish and situations and jews need protection let's talk more about that we've got i think we've heard from the interior minister for say hoffer who talked precisely about this and rethinking security and measures the sick listening will continue taught you know no use to. run out unequivocally a terror attack with a racist motivation of people after the mad fighter lipka the attack against the synagogue in holland this is the fed right wing terrorist attack in germany in just
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a few months. more not. site since the end as you know the rampage in munich a trail of blood has been left by right wing extremism in our country smyth and to this day so obviously the interior minister highlighting that this country's going to rethink security but how feasible is that i mean we just heard also from the the communities representative you can't put a police officer at every mosques door concho why not i think the possibility exists amongst full force synagogues for instance this kind of protection is the rule in germany. certainly you could say that for every friday prayer for instance there should be some form of security it might even just be a private security company employed by or cold by the various associations or something like that certainly a more visible security protecting his domenech institutions certainly would give
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both the islamic citizens in germany and a great a feeling of security and also in fact increased security make it more difficult to attack such as a tree house this attack did take place at a mosque they say took place at a shop bar where people go to relax and socialize i'm just wondering is it mission impossible basically unless. politicians decide to have a more civil discourse a more inclusive discourse about islam and about muslims muslim citizens of this country of course you're absolutely right in that these kind of measures of security at mosques or whatever obviously you can't put a soldier or a policeman at every bar but that would certainly increase the feeling of security and to be a demonstration on the side of the state that it is prepared to put more effort into this to put more resources into this but the core of this problem obviously is
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xenophobia is this. feeling amongst certain parts of society that people that have may have been here for generations but bad german names in some sense do not belong in the society and that is these this poison of racism this poison of hate that i'm going to medical the chances of the interior minister the president of germany all of significant political ins have been talking about in the last day or 2 saying that that is something that is the core of it that has to be fought in conclusion mr sale for interior minister say hoffer described the far right threats as zari high i mean that just sends a chill down your bone does that mean they have no hold over it control over it they're not on top of this this threat i think one has to say that the german authorities have in the process a 2 or 3 years ago not taken the threat from the righteous very seriously there have been many allegations about this many critics much criticism about this but
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they have woken up to the fact that something is happening there and was if by himself is saying for himself personally in some sense is that within the last year we've had 3 incidents of right wing extremist murder cases in germany and that isn't unusual a very unusual increase in the number in the severity of these kinds of attacks and i think now the realization amongst the authorities has grown that something needs to be done again about this in fact the government has in recent weeks decided to increase the personnel both in the federal police and in the domestic intelligence services increase a person of about 700 offices and you going to deal exactly with that threat with right wing threats i think the realization of my so thought is that something is going on there and that this needs to be fought is really coming to the full. political correspondent thank you so much as always thank you. and you will find
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lots more reports and analysis on the terrorist attack in hono you can head to our website at www dot com and of course we are also on twitter handle is the news and we have a you tube channel rather you can find us there as well when i tell you now about some of the other stories making news around the world. european leaders are in brussels for a 2nd day of talks on the next joint e.u. budget after they failed to make headway on thursday the u.k.'s departure from the e.u. has left the block's budget with a massive gap member states are struggling to agree over funds for climate investments farm subsidies and border security. libya's renegade military leader huffed are has said he won't or he would accept a cease fire if turkish and syrian mercenaries leave the country in an interview with russian media he also demanded that turkey stop arming libya's internationally
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or rather the un recognized government this week or tripoli suspended un hosted ceasefire talks after huffed us forces shelled the capital's ports. the taliban is set to begin observing a week long period of reduced violence in afghanistan the measure designed to show the militants commitment to peace ok off on saturday if the agreement holds it could pave the way to finalizing a peace deal between the insurgents and the u.s. . china has reported an uptick in corona virus cases with more than 400 new infections in chinese prisons alone well globally the viral outbreak has infected some 76000 people and killed more than 2000 while south korea's reported cases nearly doubled on friday to more than 200 most of the new cases are members of
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a religious sect the outbreak makes south korea the worst affected country outside china. meanwhile on the other side excuse me of the world there have been violent clashes in ukraine over fears that evacuees arriving in the country from china were infected with the coronavirus. the. fears over the spread of the corona virus trigger an eruption of violence thousands of kilometers from china. efforts to quarantine more than 70 people evacuated from move on plunged east ukrainian town into chaos hundreds of protesters clashed with riot police into the night. i never went back and that was it the fonts you afraid of being infected it just spread all over the world even to egypt but those countries can't be compared with ours then why didn't they prepare and organize to somewhere else not in our village that you don't get around them nothing on him
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would get more of the hospitals on the just the 2 i sleeping here. we don't want to come an isolation zone exclusion zone only we're going to live here and we don't want this to become a new rule han for people to quit your job to move on you know we're going to file interrupted outside the facility where the evacuees and now under quarantine. locals tried to block the road the lighting fires and pelting the arriving buses with starnes. 6 authorities say the 45 ukrainians and 27 foreign nationals on board had been screened twice for the virus before being allowed to fly she told the new book you know when you put it in the militias or call paula back to the people who are at the hospital the healthy the more you can stop most of that there are no reasons to say that they are ill which is almost as acute churchills by logistical measures on the way to accommodate people comfortably and it is luck of
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the border blue because for the interstate system the prime minister has tried to assure low course they have nothing to worry about iraq now for the whole of the border the health minister has agreed to stay with these people in this hospital want to demonstrate that there is no threat to your craniums for several offices and civilians were injured in the violence. you're watching the news thanks for watching up next is in good shape living with a disability. in
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good shape. how do people cope with the blame with physical disability. we'll talk some more leading are not good liars despite their disabilities. and they do their work a great strength. imagination and lots of humor. good
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