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tv   DW News  Deutsche Welle  February 25, 2020 11:00am-11:31am CET

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d w. this is d w news live from berlin and a car plows into a carnival parade here in germany entering dozens of people 18 of them children the driver isn't custody and facing charges of attempted homicide we'll go live to our correspondent also coming up u.s. president donald trump says progress has been made on what he calls a comprehensive trade deal with india prime minister duran drumgold he calls relations between their 2 countries the most important partnership of the 21st
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century and the world health organization warns that more people more excuse me more must be done to prepare for a potential coronavirus pandemic this as italy becomes the frontline of europe's battle to contain the disease. and his critics are hailing the deal to verdict of course displaced movie mogul harvey weinstein it's no longer a business as usual in the united states this is the age of a pallet of women and you cannot intimidate them anymore. but will weinstein's conviction for sex crimes are sure in a new era of perspective entertainment industry. i'm sara kelly welcome to the program we begin in germany where police are investigating an incident in which a 29 year old man drove a car into a crowd at
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a carnival parade it happened in the town of folk mohsen in the western state of has so police say that 52 people were injured 18 of them children some of the injured are in a serious condition. the driver was also injured he was arrested at the scene and faces several charges including attempted homicide police believe that he acted intentionally but his motive for maine's unclear. to celebrate carnival the rules monday parade however turned into a scene of horror when a 29 year old man drove into the crowd causing mayhem his actions apparently deliberate. drove right into the crowd at full speed i had the feeling he kept accelerating people flew up into the air like paper a few seconds of deathly silence and then they all started screaming. i mean my classmate was driven into he has an injured foot and a concussion you know. dozens were injured some seriously and several children were
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among those heart police say the suspect is a local man whom they plan to interview as soon as his conditions permit begin for her not assuming an attack but we do think it was an intentional act we don't yet know the background of the investigation isn't far enough along to say anything about a potential motive cases state premier appeared moved. 5 days after the terrorist attack in hama of course it's in the back of everyone's mind my god not again but my advice is that we remain calm doesn't help anyone if we all start speculating wildly police canceled all carnival parade state wide following the incident authorities have set up an information hotline an appeal to eyewitnesses to send them photos and videos and not to post them anywhere else. reporter emmanuelle a chase is in full mars and she joins us now emmanuel what's happening where you
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are. well as you can see behind me forensics are still working on this scene there at the scene there here industries where driver that man drove into a crowd yesterday he injured around 50 people firefighters say are still police cars and police officers here investigating so the car has been removed earlier on today but for instance i see working here on the scene what more do we know about those who have been injured. well 52 people in total have been injured including 18 children as 35 people remain in hospital of course what's particularly shocking to hear today and that's what people have been telling me this morning is that the driver of peace to have over really driven into a crowd with many children what we heard in the report that there was 1st
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a silence and then people started crying shouting that is something that people hear this morning in folks martin book martin harbin repeating to me that something that really shocked them to violence the intensity of i just happened and one of the big questions is what the strivers motive could have possibly have been do we have any further information on that front. on that front we have no further information we know that he's a 2029 year old man who is from. fork mohsen and he's been taken to hospital because he sustained he sustained some injuries he seemed unable to speak so authorities cannot interview him i have to question him at the moment to us as to his. soon as he will be able to do so he will be questioned apparently he doesn't have an extremist background but he's known to police for coercion the for trespassing and for verbal abuse but otherwise his
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motivation remains unclear and we have to remember that just 5 days ago there was an attack and handled that attack being being investigated as having. terrorist leanings how worried are germans about security right now in the country. well it's a pretty big issue right now i know so you've just reminded it that happens just 5 days after the hano attack and again in this state of hessen so here the people are really still under the shock of children have been apparently targeted that's what i witnessed eyewitnesses have been saying this morning for these hasn't confirmed that but the fact that a 2nd attack happened he saw an amount of time east really worrying population not only here in folks' mohsen but as so many as a whole correspondent emmanuelle a taste thank you. u.s.
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president donald trump has been talking trade with prime minister narendra modi on the 2nd day of his visit to india the talks were part of a busy day in the indian capital delhi 2 leaders both business leaders and official representatives and took part in the usual ceremonies for such occasions talks on trade had been dragging and the president had said that he didn't expect much of a result but after talks he said that progress. what he called a comprehensive trade deal had been made. of take a listen to what modi and trump up and say. by the name of president. contribution and then i'll be leaving you with on i believe has to this level i have been invaluable to our fans i am i to judge them how many during our discussions today are supposed to be we had a. productive exchange on every important aspect of. it we're at
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a point where our relationship is so special with india it has never been as good as it is right now and i think that's because the 2 leaders of each country really we fully feel very strongly about each other and we have we have done something that's very unique and we've made some wonderful deals for each of our countries once again we want to thank you and the entire nation of india for honoring the united states with its outstanding welcome and i'm pleased to say that the u.s. indian partnership is now truly stronger than ever before p.w. correspondence and if on the cars on the line now for us in delhi sonia we just heard president trump saying that the relationship is better than ever before our bilateral relations as we've just heard now want to improve footing. well sara what we've seen over these 2 days is a lot of personal chemistry and a lot of energy is a phrase from all the interim for each other the indian media is calling this a bromance but it really remains to be seen whether that will be the conflict into
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some kind of big bang deal and what importantly what the concrete results especially create the feud i mean president tom has to be optimistic about getting a great deal though though he really has not put any details which remember the 2 sides have really wrangling for months to narrow differences on a whole host of great issues that have been complicated by tatters so the facts even frankly make a remote possibility but you know one area where they have made a lot of progress is to say and you know that the 2 today announced creep 1000000000 dollar defense to the supply of compost but the indian army as the mv and defense of the one area where they have been that ties in the operations possibly driven by strategic interests on create i pick with an expected expected cookie talks we may see some limited agreements but you know it's going to be seen whether that would be to a more extent to create agreement at the end stage and more broadly sonia how has the president's visit been received there. whatsoever to be honest his visit today
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in delhi has been eclipsed by news of deadly violence in north easterly and rioting which is killed 7 people including a policeman aged about a 100 people and this week we're hearing at the clash and supporters and opponents of a controversial sort of the tip law that these government passed last year which critics say discriminates against muslims and undermine the good secular tradition we've seen some really disturbing images about from the looting or because of being set alight so this is coming the timing of this incident does come of you know has come as somewhat of an embarrassment to prime minister that it will be as the host donald trump and the violence and some kid some sense of take the spotlight away from the. family car in delhi thank you sonia. let's get a quick check of some other stories making news around the world floods in the indonesian capital jakarta have paralyzed parts of the city and cut power many residents have been evacuated the latest inundation comes less than 2 months after
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almost 70 people died in some of the city's worst flooding in years. violent clashes in haiti's capital port au prince have led to the city being put on lockdown anti-government protesters blocked streets with stones and burning tires after police attacks the army headquarters to demand better working conditions the impoverished caribbean island has been struggling with a prolonged economic and political crisis. a court in china has sentenced bookseller we mean high to 10 years in jail on charges of illegally sending intelligence abroad he's a chinese born citizen of sweden owning a hunk kong publishing house that sold titles banned in mainland china his supporters say that he is a victim of people little persecution. the world health organization has warned that more must be done to prepare for a potential coronavirus pandemic but says that it can still be prevented more than $80000.00 people have now been infected worldwide most of the cases are in china
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where more than 2 and a half 1000 people have died south korea now has the 2nd highest number of cases at just under 900 officials they're saying that the infection rate is rising fast there are also hotspots in japan and iran and now in italy where the government has taken drastic measures to contain the virus police checkpoints queues outside pharmacies. and empty supermarket shelves these images from northern italy are all to familia as europe gains a new front line in the battle against the coronavirus. life has come to a standstill for 50000 residents in 11 italian towns which have been placed on lockdown as authorities try to contain new virus cases so. we know that we may be infected and that we may already have contracted the corona virus. and we wait for these days to pass by the day. in jordan even though.
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the famed venice convolute is cut short and some milan fashion week runway shows closed their doors. but the world health organization stopped short of labeling the illness a pandemic on monday saying the virus can still be contained. for the moment we're not regional see the uncle to look over the spread of this by this. you can see a lot of just you see here this is there is this virus part of the petition out through to me tires are we there yet from our system of the market the e.u. has pledged 230000000 euros to support the fight against the virus we stress that. for the moment. w.h.r. has not advised changing up imposing restrictions on other travel or trade
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italians could continue to face restrictions on them movements however with the prime minister warning residents could be in 4 weeks of lockdown. joining us now from milan italy is bound riegert and bernd i'd like to begin by asking you what measures authorities there have been put in place in order to prevent the spread of this virus. but the city is 2nd biggest city of italy milan this very empty now because all schools are closed universities are closed shops restaurants and also offices some of them are closed and there are less tourists. behind me in front of the famous devote more the main landmark site here in milan and that's due to the fact that people are very cautious they stay inside they avoid. many people and also the italian
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government is asking people to stay inside and it's not only in milan it's also in venice and hold of a long body and been able to go and almost 30000000 people are affected that daily life routine is a little bit disrupted you know the trains not running roads are blocked and it's difficult to get to work and to get back also the metro is empty here with which i have never seen in milan and also the buses so that the city is pretty much affected and some people are very modest but most of them seem to be tourists who have lost but there are less tourists here and it's not just isolated to the north of the country now. yeah this is not a fresh case of a corona infection in thailand or more in sicily in the very south of italy and that is new and also a very sad because this infection was caused by a tourist from a long body who went to sicily so this spread is going on and now some. regions in
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the south the north not to send anymore italians from the north to the thaws so they want to divide between the north and the south but the italian government is so far not able and willing to do that but tensions are running high between the south and the north now and talk with us a little bit more about the economic impact that this has been having for the entire. economy. the stock exchange in experienced a black monday yesterday a slight of 6 percent and nobody knows what will happen today and estimates by economic experts know that the italian economy of a shrink by 0.5 or one percent in the 1st half of this year and that means it will even slide into recession that means less taxes for the state and also more debt maybe public that and all the consequences that would follow so this is
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a huge impact and many people also say it is only a coronavirus it's only in. it don't overdo the measures don't kill the economy and bring the whole country to a grinding halt corresponded back to reagan in milan thank you. so. you're watching news still to come on the program if you worry that you are hooked on social media berlin's international film festival has just the movie for you a french production delete history poses the question aren't we all being held hostage by social media. but 1st in new york jury has handed down what's being called the most anticipated verdict of the me 2 era how they were produced the harvey weinstein has been found guilty of rape and sexual assault in a trial that centered on testimony by 2 women his lawyer says that he will appeal the verdict which carries a jail term of up to 25 years the time's up foundation formed in the wake of the
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weinstein accusations said that a new era of justice has begun. it was his last day of freedom for the moment the 12 jurors found harvey weinstein guilty of 2 of the 5 charges against him the jury found the former hollywood producer guilty of rape and sexual assault. 2 years ago production assistant mimi haley accused weinstein of having forcibly performed oral sex on the women have the right to say no. and now we can know regardless of the circumstances. and i told her i've you know jessica man accused of going steen of rape here the jury found him guilty of 3rd degree rape and determine that he didn't use physical force but did not obtain mom's consent. rape is rape whether each committed by a stranger in a dark alley or by an intimate. you know working relationship migrating up
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weinstein's defense lawyer resolved to fight back and cited his poor health. and medical condition it did work ok we're going to be fighting and dealing with ok it will be filed but on appeal. thank you everybody. sentencing is set for march 11th weinstein is currently in hospital after reportedly complaining of chest pains following the verdict. let's get more on the verdict we're joined here in the studio by sophie charlotte rieger founder of the feminist film blog called the film lioness in english welcome to the program and thank you for joining us what was your 1st reaction when you heard this verdict well on a very personal level my 1st reaction was very positive that there is relieved and with a lot of hope that things will change for the better is it as big a victory for the need movement as people have hopes you think well i think i don't think we can tell that right now like. but definitely it is a small victory on
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a longer pass because it shows us that the victims voices the survive as voices have been heard and they have been taken seriously and that's a very very important thing just as much as to see legal consequences for a perpetrator you know the importance of this for you know those survivors of assault harassment victims especially in the entertainment industry cannot be overemphasized but in your opinion do you think that this really sets the industry up for real change i hope so i hope that it encourages people to speak up and not only people who are affected by abuse or harassment but also people witnessing these things but i think we mustn't forget that identifying these sects as such is one of the issues that we're still tackling so what we have to do now is to educate people on how to recognize what is an act of sexual harassment for example and how does a play into power structures so this is the way that we need to go still so what
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would then be your suggestion in terms of how to carry that out well to educate people who make just the people who are in power but also everyone working in the industry basically and how to identify this kind of situations and what you can do to support people who suffer from this do you think that we have more trials ahead now in the years to come in the wake of the harvey weinstein hope so but i think to fully answer those questions we have to wait for the final sentence also and we thank you so much for joining us here on the program to share your perspective so if you share the reader founder of the feminist film blog called the film lioness we appreciate. the 70th birthday an international film festival is in full swing and one film showing out of the competition is hillary a u.s. documentary about the former 1st lady and hilary herself was in berlin walking the red carpet for the screening where she was met by fans and critics the film looks at clinton's life from her upbringing in chicago all the way to her failed bid to
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become the 1st female president of the united states. in competition for the golden bear meantime is the french drama delete history it also premiered last night and looks at a very contemporary issue data theft and cyber bully no no no i was in there was a preview. and i didn't make love with you marie says to the man on the phone but she had done a lot of listening and a cell phone camera were involved 6 people who we think is actually read through social but it was. really isn't the only one caught in the trap of the brave new social media world that taunts daughter is being bullied online. but who is the sort of because taxi driver christine only receives bad reviews and has to buy positive ones in south asia by the internet of course. the 3 are determined to fight for their rights against us tech giants that seem like an invincible opponent
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. i. actually got that data is valuable is the gold of today and we just let us be rolled with it what's happening here is systematic 50 supposed to pre-judge all. the film team or in fighting spirit stew and fine french tradition at the press conference they demonstrative lee showed their support for france's yellow vest protest. it may sound highly political but delete history has turned out to be a captivating comedy about 3 skinny characters who go all the way to silicon valley but ultimately find happiness on their own doorstep entirely analog no signal and definitely no cell phone. to the board as they get now and there was a rare monday night game this week with i talked to frankfurt supporters again expressing their own happiness about the scheduling their team took on you know in berlin and it turned into a monday to forget for the hosts. an empty stand in
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frankfurt many bonds as they get fans continue to boycott popular monday matches but others turned up with the legal ready deciding to scrap them from august next year. both sides tried and failed to liven up the atmosphere in the 1st half no little break in this mid table clash. it was a different story early in the 2nd half with you know in pouncing on some dreadful frankfurt defending i suppose to anderson with his 9th league goal frankfurt won't want to see this again everyone leaving it to each other and anderson having an easy finish. with regard to touch but only on 2nd goal is up for debate more comedy defending from frankfurt evan and dick accredited with the own goal. out of the blue frankfurt pulled one back on 79 minutes andre silver with a back heel just to the fans who had come along. to want it finished go
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above frankfurt on a well on the way to staying up in their debut season frankfurt european pushes could tailed their fans really don't like mondays. this is news and these are our top stories german police are investigating after a car plowed into a crowd celebrating carnival in the western town of plaza dozens of people including 18 children were injured and some are in a serious condition the car's driver was arrested at the scene but so far his motive for names unclear. and new york former movie mogul harvey weinstein has been found guilty of rape and sexual assault he was acquitted of other more serious charges white seemed faces up to 25 years in prison his lawyers say that he will kill her. the world health organization is warning that more must be done to prepare for
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a potential coronavirus pandemic where the. 80000 people have now been infected worldwide most of them in china there are also hotspots in south korea japan iran and italy. u.s. president donald trump says that he is optimistic about the prospects of a trade deal with india he's been holding talks with prime minister director modi tour in his 2 day visit to the country. this is you know if you just from berlin for more follow us on twitter or visit our website dot com coming up next it is indeed have you business news as stock markets panic over coronavirus chinese factories are reopening and people are going back to work we have the latest on the global crisis all that more coming up with chris colfer. and don't forget you can always get the w. views on the go on our web site that's at g.w. dot com you can also follow us on social media where are all the major platforms
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i'm sorry kelly in berlin thank you so much for sharing this part of your take a good. job.
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well having a child with flowers massive attack on a bunch of fuzzy. comma time color space dust storm. 62 w.
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. c. j. any surprises. something is going to be in the footsteps of the great. concerns. the place st. mary much alive. in germany. where exactly. our culture history. travel. extremely worth a visit. have fun in pyongyang. the capital city of north korea is reinventing itself but only
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a few people can enjoy the benefits of. an insidious reward system coerces people into loyalty towards the british even. those who don't make it into the fun metropolis live in poverty. in pyongyang starts february 20th on w. . the. global stock markets are down as the new coronavirus reaches europe and threatens supply chains latest on how german manufacturers are trying to brace themselves for more disruptions also coming up as u.s. president trump wraps up his visit to india trade talks between the world's 2 biggest democracies. good to have you with us the new coronavirus has reached europe and it is spreading italy.


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