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this is the book for. the smarter birth free book. the but . this is t w news live from berlin to simply not reading isn't open your eyes shows warning about the world isn't prepared to confront the spread of the corona virus as cases searched around the globe from algeria to australia w.h.o. says most countries have not yet done what is needed to keep covert nineteen's in check also coming up to u.s. president donald trump and his 2 day visit to india with no new trade deal but lots
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of luck time in a center of government he describes the nation said between india and america as the most important partnership of the 21st century. and germantown searches for answers after monday's car crash into a combo crate 60 people including many children were injured i was facing charges of attempted murder. casts in focus today at the berlin film festival of women and the politics of power and my colleagues out in essex france got drugs for a lesson from the red carpet. at the villa knowledge a day to filch one korean one american about women struggling to tell their own stories plus dark comedy for the coming of chalion director did you know change your brothers that more coming up.
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i'm nearly finished and welcome the world health organization is warning governments around the world to prepare for the possible arrival of the corona virus so they can respond rapidly if necessary covered 9000 has now infected more than 80000 people the vast majority of cases than china but it's spreading rapidly today the 1st cases were reported in mainland spain switzerland austria and croatia south korea has some of the highest number of confirmed cases outside china with nearly a 1000 people infected and 10 deaths and to live the outbreak is growing fast with 11 people now dead and that's despite drastic measures by the italian authorities to contain the outbreak the 10 towns in the north of the country on complete lockdown troops have been deployed to help police enforce the quarantine thousands of schools and shops have to shut the infection has burgeoned in italy from just
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a handful of cases last friday to nearly 300 now italy's health minister has been hosting emergency talks with ministers from neighboring countries and germany to discuss a joint response he gave this assessment. we shared some important points to strengthen our cooperation and stick together. among the most important point is to keep the borders open. closing borders would be inappropriate disproportionate and wrong that. all countries bordering italy have committed to share and standardize information and to share epidemiological and medical information. as more and more countries report new cases of corona virus fears are growing that it could become
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a global pandemic here's a look at how countries from europe to asia are confronting the threat of covert 90 . over a 1000 holiday makers from a range of countries now shut up in their rooms at turner east coast or a decade palace hotel indefinitely health authorities fear they could have been infected by a fellow guest an italian doctor visiting from italy's lamberti region where several people have died from the virus. yes. he around 7 am and then i see this piece of paper approached under the door of our hotel room and i pick it up and turn on the light and i read that we are under quarantine. we're not allowed to leave our rooms. since then we found dozens is corona and it came from an italian doctor staying in the hotel. police guarding the hotel until everyone staying
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there has been tested for the new virus. us iran has the most coronavirus deaths outside china president hassan rouhani said enemies of the country are conspiring to shut it down by fear mongering about the disease spreading. the head of iran's counter coronavirus taskforce. sweated through a press conference later announcing he had the virus himself he posted an online video saying it quarantined himself at home. and i wanted to inform you that i am coronavirus positive take care of yourselves this virus is a democratic virus it does not differentiate between the rich and the poor or officials and non officials anyone could get it. in the coronavirus hit city of day in south korea around a 1000 people lined up hoping to buy mosques the city's been declared
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a special care zone. hit you go on i do it into a gentle hand you're in desperation. but they had already sold out at 6 am. somebody else or caesar making a mockery of unlucky sister of their nancy i mean the little animal began to grow or the other she ever saw but the authorities are aware of the gravity of the situation here in the capital seoul work is a disinfecting public places like this fitness center with an incubation period of up to 14 days the virus could be lurking unnoticed almost anywhere. you can get more on the coronavirus on our you tube channel or on our website w dot com now for more of the stories making news around the worlds. greek right police have fired tear gas to disperse angry locals on the islands of less
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posts and here residents were seeking to block access to construction sites or new my credit migrant detention centers those are meant to replace temporary camps many residents are worried the new sentence will leave the island's permanently overcrowded. syrian government airstrikes on the rebel controlled. could at least 16 people and struck a school building on tuesday according to opposition activists government forces backed by russia saying steadily as they seek to retake the last rebel held stronghold over a 1000000 people have been displaced by the latest fighting. egypt's former president hosni mubarak has died at the age of 91 he ruled egypt for 30 years and was a key ally of the west who saw him as a guarantor of regional stability but to others he was an autocratic tyrant barak
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was ousted in the 2011 arab spring protests egypt has declared 3 days of mourning. now to india and day 2 of donald trump's visit following talks was prime minister and the runner modi in delhi mr trump said they had made progress on what he called a comprehensive trade deal no details were revealed but the 2 men seemed keen to put the trump mody chemistry on show. at this welcome reception site. indian leaders made sure that the u.s. president would be greeted with a lavish extravaganza and mighty words yes i'm on this relationship the most important partnership of the 21st century. throughout the meeting the tone between the 2 leaders was friendly even loving. we're at a point where our relationship is so special with india it has never been as good
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as it is right now and i think just because the 2 leaders of each country were really we've we feel very strongly about each other while the president and the prime minister seemed at ease with each other the outcome of the talks was meeker both expressed optimism at the prospect of a future trade deal and left it at that. the meeting was overshadowed by violence that erupted in another part of delhi over a new citizenship law claiming several casualties those opposed to the law believe it discriminates against india's muslim citizens the timing of the clashes is an embarrassment for the indian prime minister eager to show a polished picture of his nation. protesters also showed up to object to trump's visits their message to the u.s. leader was clear. in some of the white although new for everyone for the indian people to hear you know possibly here they're not going to say that you would
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welcome india so you're over you're not going to the trumps unaffected by the criticism visits tourist sites between their official engagements the president for leave india with many picturesque memories the deal maker however will go home without a trade deal in his pocket. here in germany the driver of a car which rammed into a crowd as a convo parade has been formally detained on suspicion of attempted murder nearly 60 people were hurt in the incident on monday in the town of folks in the western state of hessen 800 children were among the injured the driver was also among those hospitalized. church bells ringing out in this small town a day after the horrific carnival incident bringing together 1st responders victims and family members. we relive the 5th or 6th ambulance crew on the scene to get out
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straight away and started helping people it was hard to get an overview of what was happening. i'm just here to express my sympathy and also. it was the afternoon of the traditional rose monday carnival parade when the 29 year old local man deliberately drove from a sadie's station wagon into the crowd of revellers 18 children were among the injured people did what they could to help. the shock hits you afterwards when you're on your own again and come back to your family and realize that they weren't affected. and also go to kind of well normally luckily they weren't there it makes you very emotional and. it appears the driver was not drunk but it's not clear whether drugs were involved he was already known to police over other matters no merger 1st yet been established an onlooker was also detained for filming
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victims. by the 1st or 2nd person arrested is being investigated for invasion of privacy through photography better known as rubber necking. the names are new that's the defense carrying up to 2 years punishment. a community united in prayer for the victims they all knew the whole town asking why the rampage happened. now the latest from the berlin film festival my colleagues i mean as if i'm scott roxboro screen tuesday's fields of conversation and sent us this report from the red carpets. at the belly knowledge 2 films about women struggling in a male controlled world eliza hitmen american director has come up with a new film never rarely sometimes always that just picks the story of a 17 year old girl who needs to get an abortion without her parents knowing we see her at the most vulnerable moment in her life but somehow finding the strength to
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pull through and create master hang sung sue is here with a woman who ran a subtle tale about a woman who just might be on the edge of a nervous breakdown it shows that there's more to the film cinema of south korea than just parasite and finally something a little bit different we have the up and coming italian director do of the dimensions are brothers with their film fava laci or bad tales it's a dark comedy and it tells the story of 3 families in the suburbs of italy the men in the family struggling with their masculinity the young people in the family discovering the sexuality the brothers said earlier today that they were considered disturbed as children their twin brothers and if that's true there might be something autobiographical about this story so 3 films a funny sad and also a bit disturbing 3 excellent movies and i think 3 films that could all have a chance of winning some awards at the end of this belin. the tokyo paralympic
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games begin in exactly 6 months as a limp dick and paralympic officials worry about how their events will be affected by the coronavirus tokyo school children hope they will go ahead as planned they have been getting firsthand experience in the challenges of being a paralympic athlete. a fun activity but with a serious message these japanese schoolchildren are experiencing what it is like to be a blind paralympic athlete the event begins in tokyo on august the 25th just over 2 weeks after the olympics some children are wearing masks the coronavirus could spell major problems for the 2 tokyo games but officials say it is too early to consider drastic measures. for now the children are learning all about the paralympics from a blind japanese long jumper. i'm aiming to stand at the top of the podium at the tokyo paralympics i want the gold medal in my hand so excited the last 22
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schools will feature with badminton and taekwondo having been added. much like to go and cheer for our paralympians but i know to be difficult to catch it but at least i want to cheer for them on t.v. even all i can lead. the way was that. 6 months to go and the excitement still outweighs any feeling. up next this hour doc films there is the shot and the i am told i'm hearing from our side. we're. beyond. that. we're all of the stories that. way every takes. running. into nothing.


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