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for themselves in a society designed to keep them invisible. you're watching day doubly news from perth then up next on international women's day sports law looks at the countries where women a finally conquering football this morning is coming up at the top of the out for now but i'm asked me how it on behalf of all the team here in berlin thanks watching. things were forced into a nameless mass. their bodies your tools and. the history of the slave trade is africa's history. to reach for power in traffic plummeted and entire continent into chaos and violence. this is the
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journey back into the history of slavery. i think we will truly be making progress when we all accept the history of slavery as all of our history. our documentary series slavery routes starts march 9th on d w. 2 there's a ton of stuff such as finest love. stories friends lose the love is not up for debate anymore. you can love it you can hate it isn't even say it's not their fault but that's not going to
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change a thing if the kids safe. t.v. viewership has never been higher standards than to get packed up. and brands are starting to invest in the untapped market trends and we split 50 percent of the population. tell you florence you know whereas just on the bandwagon and thanks to some countries like england have gone all the way with a massive movement. other countries a fairly started to stagnate are now starting to follow suit. so even i don't know the names of those who call the future and i'm going to tell you why before you figure out why that is going to go test england and germany as they clash at wembley in front of a sellout crowd. europe's historic power germany versus the continent's new gold standard england in $25.00 total clashes england's only managed to beat germany
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wants this game however isn't even about the result it's about the record crowd of over 77000 people who packed up england's football town. to watch a women's friendly the biggest ever crowd to see the linus's on home soil a true testament to how far women's football is come and a look at where it's going. it be in the right attendance and of any woman is what we came over as a mock safe person and so i think now we put this out. there for the league and we see women in the women's game continues to grow both domestically and internationally yet it's all. games they played at wembley 70 i $77.00 posts found some funds out there to support yeah. like high level. and. no money in the game people who train and price
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a week in the evenings. and then you look at now we're fully professional to understand where we're going we 1st need to go back to see how we got here. germany and england have a lot of history between them women's football has actually been banned in both countries yes band since their start in 1902 the german national team has won literally everything there is to win multiple times. the boon to sligo was once considered the best league in the world responsible for producing some of the best talent in the women's football go 100 there's always a good side. as. guns feel good. on don't know. about been most knocked isn't but i'm chuffed oughtn't. to thailand's i was and for her to live.
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does is hard to monitor fire. boss tekken very is a former national team player herself a pioneer oh and after helping germany win their 1st title she of squad received 50 said england on the other hand not so much. 3rd place in the 2015 world cup a champions league title for arsenal no 7 and a league that left a lot to be desired that's about that but times change and past results are one thing but off the pitch and moving forward the president paints a very different picture so do you think we could see a game this big with this many people organizing in germany you. know it's certainly fraught to mention at the moment because we don't look at the stadium school and birthday really wish it as well as we're going to start taking the moment go through a. period should be either of us steve. performance
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. as is if you go in. one for government for one side to. the statements. that f a dumb us cell is the woman's top like in england it's 12 fully professional teams are required to offer their players pro contracts and have you think unlike in germany each team is affiliated with and backed by a professional man's club. in $2900.00 fireplace the biggest investment and u.k. women's sport history when they became the title sponsor of the f.a. w s l in a multi-million pound deal without a doubt the fact that bach is now on board has prompted all the big brands to get involved we've seen big brands like reserve roll out huge coppins i think is when
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the t.v. right deals here which will start to be negotiated over next year also will be even more competitive than ever before and of yourself is already in an 11 territories and it was bound to be. kind of wants a piece of the find out would definitely a point where brands want to be involved from a p.r. perspective but i think yes they are saying in the value of it commercially. chelsea and manchester city are 2 recognizable clubs who sit atop the w s l table a clash between the 2 filled chelsea's ground capacity and attracted national and international media as well as various football social media outlets. to us our games are streamed on the f.a. player with no geo blocking providing convenient world wide access to the league in england the b.b.c. even has its own show dedicated to women's football but nobody watches woman's football. oh they don't know women's football weekly highlights show on b.b.c.
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. peaks around 1000000 every week and that's very similar to the popular british or much of the dead subs the equivalent for women really impressive turnout and you know the 3000 mean all season it was in reaching the figure so the shows on the women's world cup did for the women's football in this country but the quality isn't that good well actually all the investment has led to improvement and the quality is greatly improved that's a fact in terms of the game is really good quality in tents or seats to the best teams in england a good metric to measure improvement is the number of passes per game and number that increases for better teams in the 200-1000 women's world cup the average number of passes was 83750 in 2015 that's a 10 percent increase a bigger jump than any other competition in the same period. i think. actually shows where women's football should go catcher and berger is one of many
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internationals who've made their way to england's top flight to play as pros she hails from germany and knows the women's football scene well in both countries. for a very long time german elite was one of the really in in the world i would say and now as you can see. came from nuffin now a big german legend and i don't mean legend lightly because she actually has won everything you can win in football after years of bride she's now back in germany. with the credit is that. it could look like you know now that we had a lot of men's team won and was. like showing off on to me about maybe you screaming. and the young players to lift from it i think we are very fortune.
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both what you know by the big brands like baucus who are really driving the women scared that the media also pops play and frankly don't we are studs a kind of open to all that. continues. is now player coach at rb likes it where they have big ambitions for building their women's team to compete in the bundesliga and internationally just like their men squad. saying the same but i think we have a see you alike who's likely to supporting women's football and. you want us to clone you want us to play in the business. so i think this is a really good commitment it was planned to come in and the team and get it as. good as possible and also play for myself to. have to team the growth of the region so obviously the best players are going to choose the best leagues and given the
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current investments in the huge buzz around football in england that means more people want to play in the ws self and less people want to play in the bundesliga. this can be seen in a number of players that each league sent to 2019 women's world cup. like. if. a player have or can choose between. playing and assume western united i mean of course western united sounds much more interesting than maybe a suicide because you can also be a professional player ok so i'm not trying to compare women so ball to men's football nobody's saying that we want to play in leagues with men or against them but man so-called does have a big role to play in pushing women serve all 4 would maybe have to get more men to get into the bundesliga because like you said the force may be more interesting to watch. because they have a much more. long tradition. commitment so you
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don't want to claw. coupons are ya vermont's a phone from spiraling last new i phone wanted hello from so on and this and countless reports you've got the prospects of winning the 1st ever domestic travel in this country the much does that for spencer of making history so you. get your statement you mentioned. they wanted manchester city actually with the team to drive the changes in this country because although all the women super league being created in 2010 saw years later as much as the city giant did joins with if you all really kind to construct the box for women's football so all that are on the side in the debate celts have a purpose built ground so it's very much their home. i think also there's this idea of manchester city being the 1st club to award all of the list professional
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contract so they were treated to full time professionals so they're going to share in the environment with the likes of pep guardiola and the rest of his side which i think is a huge step of the top 12 richest club in the world every single one has a women's team we can look at the number of players in the league who still might not have a big deal for example and in the men's game that would be totally unheard of so there is still a long way to go all but what and saying is that especially in england the positive the fact that the visibility the investment and the support is having on the women's game is starting to cause others to take notice and follow suit and that is definitely a good thing. and if you're still not convinced it's not when they drew it anyway to watch footy on sunday with a significant other or better yet if you want to kick the ball around with or stop fighting in.
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the forces with you i don't want. not to hijack. the official lightsaber tournament in france the world's chennai's show what they're made of. may the force be with them. it's. just. he's lived with death transforms 30 here in. russia he was forced into hiding and survived countless attacks but he's not afraid anymore. a great writer speaks about using humor as a weapon. in the power of the painting soundman rushed. in 45 minutes on. what secrets lie behind.
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discover new adventures in 360 degree. and explore fascinating world heritage sites of the. w world heritage 360 getting up now. fighting like a shot if you can find out more about lightsaber fencing events like this one later in the show. hello and welcome to another fun filled edition of your own max with me your host meghan lee here's a look at what else we've got coming.


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