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tv   [untitled]    March 20, 2020 8:45pm-9:15pm CET

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yes by burning natural gas. the use of recycled c o 2 means that they save huge amount of the fossil fuel the greenhouses are the one who benefits maybe even the most they can replace the use of environment polluting natural gas by taking shoot to from industry so they are saving the of i meant saving a little bit. and they can use on top of that more c o 2 to grow even better tomatoes and better at the flowers. the roots grow is no longer need a combustion plant to produce c o 2. that means they can concentrate more on that cool business. my family started 40 years ago and you start that they've been a small company and me grow a big big guy and now we produce in one year about 40000000 stems. the company is booming thanks to carbon dioxide commercial greenhouse gardens
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realized this problem gas can also be a valuable resource. now what a great idea to reuse you'd see i keep it out of the atmosphere well here's another one this time from san diego an invasive weed has been spreading fast and of course in chaos there but some farmers a found a way to turn this past into an assett for this senegalese farmer clarinets weeds has become a lifeline. to the g.m. . plant in order to provide his village with a precious commodity feel. we make time for charcoal we also use it for the roofs of our houses and enclosures for the animals . it feels like payback years ago the invasive weed crept into his field and those of many farmers on the banks of the
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senegal river leaving them helped. cultivate rice over there on the other side and mennonites to have to stop growing rice in these fields because of typhon. not. right. now she knows he can turn the weed into a year round. after joining a cooperative run by women in a nearby village and once the bundles are dried gian takes them to the top of a charcoal processing plant and the women take over. first the toughest role is burnt and then makes one arabica before being pressed in the palace the women child out 5 or 6 times a week of this clean burning fuel. i don't have the time for plants has changed the women's lives alone before women didn't also not other than fetching root cooking
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for the household and taking care of the children now we work we run so money and we enjoy ourselves and this project we feel is right. on if. in wrong's makeshift market tougher chalker pallets sell for 15 years cents a bag down daisy is convinced now and i stopped by regular charcoal she appreciates a products that is always available for women it catches fire easily and doesn't stop hurting i've used it for 2 years style and i tell my friends to buy 2 which is difficult to find especially in the rainy season you can find it. would discuss because villages in this region of cut down almost all the trees were used as fuel tifa is a sustainable answer for cooking in a place where electricity and gas out of reach for most senegal doesn't any use tougher for charcoal it turns out the weed is a perfect material for
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a cooling waterproof roof to. abraham was racking his brains to think of a senegalese alternative to the catch reefs he had seen in europe the answer was right and there is no use. if you were deliberately i never heard of typhon so i put in my suitcase and took it to friends to show them the said it was possible and so it started to. send a bill to school and homes for ms touched and has overseen training for local artisans to take the method back to the villages around 15 men have become traditional factions through the program. alone but in myanmar grandmother group yeah probably ritual cost less than traditional stroll and it also allows you to circulate in the hot season our bodies are going through russia. must go our trash rules the last 20 or 30 years the british. entrepreneur.
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in a region threatened by climate change and ravaged by different station cooking on top of the charcoal under its hard for relief has given the village a sustainable means of tackling serious problems for as long as tough a thrives along senegal's largest river rule people can take this nuisance plant into that own hands and build their future with it. it's amazing but almost a 1000000000 people still don't have access to reliable supply of electricity that means they have a hard time lighting their homes starving using all charging their phones all the internet and so on are improve the quality of life. a dumb and without a center in a just to subsidize many homes in africa need a new home all the solutions daylight is a global social enterprise that makes us the products that are changing lives in
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kenya let's take a look. at radio. charging station. these are all now standard features in favor karim homes but many other households in the area still rely on kerosene lamps which are dangerous and on healthy. favor karim regenerates or electricity from solar panels she has a small home grid. she had the panels installed after seeing some on a neighbor's house when i think. it's a big change before we were paying $55.00 shillings a day for electricity we'd have power for a while and then it would be cut off the avoid but with a solar panel that's when we pay 55 shillings days on. end so we have enough light to get the children ready all morning it's on all the time. now we've got to.
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creamy and her husband are paying for the solar energy system in installments every month they use a mobile phone to transfer of the equivalent of 15 euros in 8 months it will be paid off. although more than 70 percent of kenyans have access to electricity and 70 rural areas like here and his job though only 40 percent. to close the gap a company called d.l. ice has set up stores around kenya that sells solar products for homes and small businesses. esther new york runs one of the stores she sells everything from lamps to t.v.'s and solar home systems. today one of her technicians is going to install a system on the outskirts of could jato. john as a local pastor he's decided to equip his new home with the solar energy system. and the technician explains how it works it can be installed in just a few hours. by contrast getting connected to the public grid can take months and
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in just 2 years we'll have the environmentally friendly system paid off. believe electricity. is 10 percent the rate. so this one. is the quickest to me of getting to the light it up to 30 is not permissible something. new. in the video i need from the front of the town sometimes we can miss it when my work not. the lights kenyan offices are located in nairobi co-founder ned toes and has come from the u.s. to discuss future strategies for africa the social entrepreneur is now focusing on helping people who have recently lost access to energy sources it is an injustice that you have 1300000000 people in the world who still burn kerosene for lighting
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when the light bulb was invented more than 100 years ago this doesn't make sense and we set a goal of getting 100000000 people off kerosene by 2020 and we've actually achieve that goal as january 2020. technologies like mobile banking have made it easy for d. like to establish itself in kenya it's the world's 2nd biggest market for solar energy after india. chosen and his colleagues are now hoping to expand into other markets in africa so we're seeing a real change in awareness in general in the public sector with governments around what distributed solar energy can do and how if we're going to provide universal energy access solar is going to be a critical part of that equation. favor careen the small solar grid means that she no longer has to buy electricity tokens on her children have enough like to see one they're drawing the clean energy source even power as a security light in her front yard it helps deter thieves that nice. in the
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evenings we leave the outside light on and all our things are say even if we leave the washing outside because when the lights on people can't tell if we're at home or not. access to solar power has made her family's life a lot easier and unlike other sources the sun's energy will always be there. that's a very cool indeed bringing electricity to people living in remote areas i hope you've enjoyed these. sadly it is a time for me to say goodbye i am sunda to hear him come follow in gun death and of course i look forward to seeing you once again very soon. thanks for watching i hope you enjoy the show as well i'm now today we signing off from lagos nigeria.
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the global corona crisis you can find more information online in fact e.w. dot com and on t.w. social media channels. good use crime fighters are back again africa's most successful radio drama series continues this season the stories focus on hate speech cholera prevention and
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sustainable production. all of the sos are available online and of course you can share and discuss on africa's facebook page and other social media platforms for. crime fighters to mindanao. each stun guns my story. of the people me builds me dedicated mainlines to maek and not to dumb to. come up to see. listen closely and i will tell you about those who are good to me on the island of those who moved down going . i'm not too dumb to come here i am on to my city days for centuries and accompanied my country through its finest albums until the day i mean
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a vanished. from the i'm still not too dumb to post. april 8th. ringback
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this is g w news live from berlin tonight as the coronavirus death toll talks 10000 unprecedented steps to save lives and to save livelihoods the u.k. government promising to guarantee most wages of people who are sent home that's as prime minister boris johnson tells pubs and restaurants to close now and not to open again tomorrow as the virus infects more people here in europe doctors and nurses they won't be able to stay healthy will go to spain where concert is growing that the health care system there will not be able to cope and in italy the epicenter of the pandemic a near total lockdown is not slowing the spread of the virus.
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gough to our viewers on p.b.s. in the united states and all around the world welcome well the week is ending with more and more shutdowns around the globe the british government has announced that it. ordering all pubs restaurants and gyms to close in an effort to fight the corona virus outbreak prime minister boris johnson says venue's should close as soon as possible and not reopen until further notice he says it's essential to slowing the spread of the virus the closures also include nightclubs cinemas and theatres effectively pulling the plug on public life in the u.k. for the foreseeable future. let's take a listen to what prime minister boris johnson said earlier today we need to push down further on that because of transmission between the us and so
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following your agreement between all the 4 nations of the united kingdom all the devolved ministrations we are collectively telling tele cafes pubs and restaurants to close tonight as soon as they reasonably can and not to open all right for more i'm joined by our correspondent to a lot of parts she is reporting from the streets of london live while she still can get even see you so long as we just heard johnson has announced further restrictions on social life in the country is a nationwide lockdown on the way. well it just seemed quiet in evitable now boris johnson has always insisted that he's doing the right measures at the right time and now the time has come to close all clubs and bars restaurants and theater as also schools and nurseries have closed
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door for the foreseeable future today so this comes at a time where london is becoming the new at a much faster rate than in italy and we don't know how many people are indeed infected in the u.k. at this point because testing is only being done in the hospitals for very severe cases but as we know now the next step of measures have been taken and it will change life here in the streets of london quite a bit from tomorrow on where it's as you can see right now lots of people still out here in the streets it's a stark difference to what you would see in berlin right now we know that in other parts of the world is growing londoners how are they reacting. well life has quieted down in the past couple of weeks here and today the mood was quite somber on the streets some people actually in a quite a panic mode you have to say i went to a couple of supermarkets in the morning and already at 10 am nearly all the shelves
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units were emptied no fresh milk for the day anymore and that early in the morning hours and i think that is what london us a most worried about at this point the food supply even though of course the government is insisting there will be enough for everybody and the other victoria of london us is the national health system can it cope or not when the infections are on the rise in are people worried about losing their jobs sherlock's i mean nobody worried about the economic impact of all of this. i mean the economic impact on the city on london on the all of the u.k. is just tremendous just to give you an example of the 6 big airports here in london have said in a joint statement that they might close their doors indefinitely in the next couple of weeks of the government can't help out with more money but lots of work because
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of course tonight concerns about where this salary is coming from the government though insists that on a huge economic package extraordinary measures s. and the and the rest of europe and they will pay up to 80 percent of those salaries it says all right you know use for a lot of parts joining us tonight from london to thank you for fears are growing in spain that the health care system there will not be able to cope much longer it's the worst affected european country after italy and doctors and nurses say they are approaching their limits correspondent john philip schultz has this report. doctors and other health care workers sprains new heroes their work has never been as crucial as it is now over time emergency measures and preparations for worst case scenarios of the art of the day staff are too overwhelmed to speak to the media eventually we managed to reach a spanish doctor by telephone who's working across the board and from. many of our
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allies you and your colleagues feeling at the moment. we're trying to reverse. some of the same people side it's a little. better when it's not. just the way things are not all i think they should all oh really. i just tried to walk my dog for gunships what each of us do enough see she said i'm the general she. said it's that 1st step so it's i think. i think to take the measures for a. live audience question this is the association of spanish emergency physicians warns that thousands of lives up threatens the current lockdown measures
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aren't abates spain only has 5000 beds in intensive care units many institutions have been privatized in recent yes but due to the current emergency they are now partially back under state control. every evening at 8 o'clock sharp the people i spray take to get by police to the people thank you thank you it's a ritual they hope they get medical workers to do to help them get through these difficult things. well the european country worst hit by 19 is italy more than 4000 people have now died from the virus there infections have surged past 47000 in the northern region of lombardi's so many people have died that simmons harries are filling up. racing against time to provide more intensive care beds here in rome the newly built columbus covert to unit is already taking patients and more dedicated hospitals are on the way officials fear the dire
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situation in italy's north could soon start heading south on thursday italy's search pos china as the country with the most coronavirus did a milestone month with grim images of army trucks transporting coffins from the worst hit region of lombardy as the death toll mounts those trying to help the living are struggling to cope. where working in a state of very high stress and tension psychological stress has gone through the roof unfortunately we can't contain the situation in mumbai. there's a high level of contagion and we're not even counting the dead anymore. and the lockdown means patients are having to fight for their lives without emotional support. your. greatest problem which is emerging these days i would say is that the patients can't be visited by their relatives and often die on the wrong.
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with italy's corona crisis exploding china has sent medical teams and equipment to help but the chinese red cross says their hard won advice is not being hated here in the city of mobile which is in the hardest a region you don't have a very strict lockdown policy. the public transport is still working and people are still moving around and you're still having dinners and parties and hotels and you're not wearing masks. italian streets empty but that's fear they'll soon be felt with mon ami trucks carrying bodies. in the united states new york has joined california and joining are confining nearly all residents to their homes $60000000.00 people in total a drastic step designed to prevent a run on the hospitals like we have seen in italy the rate of increase in the
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number of cases risks overwhelming new york's hospital system that was the word today from governor andrew cuomo as cases in the state climbed to more than 7000 and the death toll there reached 38 is part of what cuomo had to say earlier today today we're bringing it to 100 percent of the workforce must stay home. these are non essential services essential services have to continue to function grocery stores need food pharmacies need drugs your internet has to continue to work the water has to turn on when you turn a faucet so there are essential services that will continue to function but 100 percent of the workforce and when i talk about the most drastic action we can take this is the most drastic action we can take it was new york governor cuomo speaking earlier today let's take the story now to washington d.c.
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our correspondent alexander phenomena is standing by good evening to you alexandra so you know you have to wonder how is the city that never sleeps how is it going to implement these drastic measures. they knew it city as well as to rest of new york state being put on post that's how governor cuomo described today making clear that the measure is on no at all there are not helpful hints there are mandatory and that means if one of the non-essential businesses decides to open they will be forced to close or find the other question is what's about individuals who are violating the new regulations komo said today that the distance doesn't plan to find them so it will be interesting how the thirty's will responds to people who are gathering outside or even you know trying to play a basketball game a basketball game amid all the viruses well how are people in new york or are they
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responding to these measures that are being forced upon them by their political leaders well i think that the reason for governor cuomo to introduce those new measures is that anything else that they tried has not worked so far and we have to say that and now we are seeing the numbers that the number of confirmed cases here in new york state are going up at a press taking pace so they need to do something about that and we have to say that the governor himself has been praised for his leadership and more and more people in new york city and new york state appeared to be staying at home when you just look at the pictures of times square on or over places debt seem to be deserted right now and only wonder how likely is it really will see other major u.s.
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cities forward the lead of new york city. well i think it's likely that we will see more states following us example and imposing introducing can you measure this governor cuomo told us today that he has been working with governor is in the region governor connecticut's delaware of new jersey to coordinate efforts to combat that pandemic however some governments are complaining they it's they need more helpful from the federal government that's the trump administration's response to slow and that what is needed right now is cold but to determine its response from the white house and that something as they say what they are still waiting for. a listener for a moment with the latest from washington tonight alexandra thank you well here's
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a look now at how the global coronavirus crisis is affecting business after netflix online joined you tube says it will also reduce its streaming quality in the european union that is to avoid streaming the internet as a high number of people switch to tell a working and watching videos at home some european telecom providers have reported the spike in data traffic this week german economy minister peter all of my are wants to loosen antitrust laws to allow greater cooperation between retail businesses in the fight against the virus the german magazine der spiegel quotes all of myers saying that the government is willing to allow closer cooperation between the food industry and retail sector to secure supplies here in germany. the luxury carmaker bentley will hold its car production in the u.k. for 4 weeks the decision was made to keep employees safe also due to the pandemic
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there is growing uncertainty regarding parts supply the british luxury brand is owned by box wagon that german company announced its own shutdowns earlier this week. u.s. stock markets have fallen once again rounding off their worst week of losses since the 2008 financial crisis the dow and the s. and p. $500.00 both falling more than 4 percent in friday's session cutting back gains made earlier in the day meanwhile lawmakers in washington d.c. are rushing to assemble a 2nd bailout package to lessen the pandemic pain now china also seems set to unleash trillions of.


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