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tv   DW News  Deutsche Welle  March 21, 2020 2:00am-2:16am CET

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place. this is d.w. news line from hurley and as the coronavirus death toll tops 10000 governments around the world take on precision to steps to try and save lives the u.s. states of new york california and illinois till nearly everyone to staghorn that's over 17000000 people only those working in the most essential services are allowed
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to go to work also coming off easily records its highest daily toll from the coronavirus 627 people died on friday in the world's worst affected country. and british prime minister boris johnson tells bars and restaurants to close and not to open again on the weekend that his government promises to guarantee most of the wages of those who were sent home or. i'm tired rate it's good to have a good to have you with us the u.s. state of new york has joined california and illinois and confining nearly all residents to their harms that's over 70000000 people it's a drastic step designed to prevent a run on the hospitals like in the usually the rate of increase in the number of
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cases risks overwhelming new york's hospital system cases in the stage climb to more than 7038 people have sort of died. and here's what new york governor andrew camara had to say about the measures. today we're bringing you to 100 percent of the workforce must stay home. these are non essential services essential services have to continue to function grocery stores need food pharmacies need drugs your internet has to continue to work the water has to turn on when you turn a faucet so there are essential services that will continue to function but 100 percent of the workforce and when i talk about the most drastic action we can take this is the most respect action we can all ride for more let's bring in d w correspondent all of a sound in washington good to see you there nearly 20000000 people living in the
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state of new york how exactly are these drastic measures going to billy be implemented all right it's very populous state and this is an executive order jared so new york governor andrew cuomo as you just mentioned said that the state of new york is facing a situation where it's hospitals are increasingly overwhelmed due to the spread of the corona virus and in order to avoid the spread of virus from further spreading people will have to stay at home starting sunday 8 pm which of course is an interesting time because it's after the weekend and gives people and citizens of new york the time to go about their everyday lives and potentially also spread the virus until then after that non-essential businesses will have to close there are of course the typical exceptions that we've been seeing across other countries and cities that are in a lockdown like supermarkets and pharmacies will remain open but public life as we
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know it will come to a near complete standstill and everyone who's been there knows what that means a century for a city like new york a few days to go as you say a lot of what new york is doing is being done elsewhere already what do people there think about these restrictions that are coming. well a lot of people are scared of course because that means essentially that the situation is not under control and mayor de blasio of new york city called his city the epicenter in the united states all the corona crisis with 5000 cases in the city alone so that lockdown is a very harsh restriction that makes people concerned it's a buzzing city usually nobody who lives there has ever experiences has ever experienced anything like that in their lifetimes but new yorkers will also have to understand the necessity of that step because there are simply too many people on the street and the numbers are still continuing to go up dramatically. so although
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we've got new york we've got california and the illinois individual states and making news here is there any talk of a federal law down. certainly a question to be raised after the numbers continue reese guy rocketing they've doubled in the last 2 days but let's not forget just it's a large country with different situations with regards to the corona virus in different states of course the situation in california and in new york is very different from a state like nebraska so president trump said he doesn't see the necessity of a nationwide lockdown as of now and he leaves those decisions up to the state governors and mayors to find individual answers to their local situation and that's exactly what's happening right now so the state of illinois has followed suit with the city of chicago california yesterday new jersey 6 is expected to announce a lockdown within the next 24 hours our correspondent there in washington all of
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a salad thank you all of. or easily registered the deaths of 627 people from the corona virus on friday it's the highest daily death toll in the country's 4 week epidemic italy is now the world's worst affected country with more than 4000 people losing their lives. took this stretch to the limit. patients gasping for air and keep arriving but there aren't enough beds most of the really sick here in very. early but medics warn young people they to a vulnerable. peacekeeper center of our nation seeing the i.c.u. we have the most severe. if the percent of our patients that are we are 65 years old but they mean yet if you go say is younger than 6.
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years. well if you. is really is racing to get temporary hospitals up and running this one has been opened by a u.s. charity in the northern city of cremona. we came here because our fellow brothers and sisters our italian brothers and sisters are hurting. the horrifying situation in the north is now being replicated in the south here in naples the street through empty but the hospitals are starting to fill up in that awful mother figures basically reflected that of lombardy 2 weeks ago the money for. residents scrub all surfaces they think might be susceptible to contamination. but no matter how much they clean nothing can remove the fear of infection. let's take a look at some of the other headlines from around the world now germany's largest varia has imposed restrictions on movement to curb the spread of the coronavirus
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public life in bavaria will shut down and people there will have to stay home for an initial period of 3 weeks they're almost 20000 people with can fend infections in germany 67 people have died. after netflix online giant you tube says that the wall so reduced its streaming quality in the european union that's to avoid straining the internet as a high number of people watch videos and switch to working from harm some european telcos have reported a spike in dacha traffic in recent days. south korea's military says north korea has fired 2 missiles into the sea of japan it's the 3rd report of rockets 5 by pyongyang this month nuclear negotiations between the u.s. and north korea stoled last year. well the british government has told all palms restaurants and gyms to close in an in an effort to fight the corona virus
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outbreak prime minister boris johnson said venues should close as soon as possible and not reopen until further notice he said the measure was essential to slow the excel or writing spread of the virus the closures also include not cobbs cinemas and theatres effectively closing down public life in the for the foreseeable future . we need never to push down further on that curve of transmission between the us and so following your agreement between all the 4 nations of the united kingdom all the devolved ministrations we are quick to be telling tele cafes pubs bars and restaurants to clues tonight as soon as they reasonably can and not to open to more. correspondent shell auto parts sent us this update from london on the new measures
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announced by the british government boris johnson has always insisted that he's doing the right measures at the right time and now the time has come to close all clubs and bars restaurants and theaters also schools and nurseries have closed door for the foreseeable future today so this comes at a time where london is becoming the new hot spot off corona infections in the u.k. and the death toll is rising at an incredible speed here in the u.k. also at a much faster rate than in italy and we don't know how many people are indeed infected in the u.k. at this point because testing is only being done in the hospitals for very severe cases but as we know now the next step of measures have been taken and it will change life here in the streets of london quite a bit from tomorrow on words as you can see right now lots of people still out here in the streets shilo the parts there well let's have
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a look at some of the corona related developments around the world the world health organization has warned young people that they truly are at risk from the virus the w h o's director general reminded them that court you are not invincible the virus could put you in the hospital for weeks or even killed here haiti has confirmed it's 2 coronavirus cases in response the country is closing old airports seaports schools and factories and cuba has announced it's temporarily banning tourists from entering the country the measure will be in place for at least. in their efforts to track people infected when he's already exposed to the virus some will start using measures which to differing degrees invalid people's privacy israel has been accused of repurchasing technology originally developed to keep tabs on terrorists and using it on ordinary people and not everyone is happy about.
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ambulances with patients infected by the corona virus arriving at a hotel in tel aviv that's been turned into a makeshift school to distribute to. the number of new infections is increasing every day to quite cope with 19 is right now using counted terrorism technology cell phones of quarantined citizens and virus carious can be tracked by israel's gymnastic intelligence agency. the public understands and the public realizes that he's for their own a national hate health. services that for their own safety if any division was walking around in jerusalem and he's fled the isolation we have to find a bus quick as possible a video showing a man being detained by special forces he allegedly fled quarantine the police is also tasked to break up gatherings of more than 10 people which are now back and at
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police headquarters in jerusalem operations are closely monitored the tracking technology can also be used to identify those who are unknowingly in contact with a person carrying the virus and anyone who has had close contact with the covert 900 case will be notified by a text message to go into isolation 'd acting prime minister binyamin netanyahu announced the measures this week and when i should it was removed we will authorize the use of digital tools for a limited period of time of 30 days but israel is a democracy and we must maintain the balance between civil rights and the public's needs. the move has caused a debate in israel over privacy and potential lead off oversight the measures were proved by a caretaker government and parliament had no say in the matter tech experts say israel is walking a fine line as long it is within the law and the data is being protected i
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think it's overall it's a good thing that's being done we're not the 1st to do it. in china and other locations or were doing similar things i think we're just taking it maybe a step up in terms of trying to reduce potential contagion tel aviv under a partial lockdown tens of thousands across the country are in quarantine the rest of the population has now been asked to stay home this is basic privacy that's the problem i guess it's not a problem for fighting the corridor the virus but it's an. to keep using it on different stuff i think if they're using it for the right purpose and not afterwards taking it further away and it's only for corona i think it's a wise thing to do because that's the way everything spreads in the meantime israel's high court has given the government until tuesday to step this parliamentary oversight off the surveillance program. and you're watching t.w.
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news on gyrating belvin before we go bill leave you with some music with concerts around the world scraps for months to come many artists are taking to the internet to host free performances for their fans enjoy. it's cool out. each still tells my story. on the people who planned to be built. to me. i am not too dumb to. be honest with mine.


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