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i don't know what. the are. 2 series of illegal. the at. this is deja news live from berlin britain's prime minister shuts down his country 1st johnson instructs people to stay home in a bid to stop the spread of coronavirus the lockdown will last at least 3 weeks also coming up a warning from the head of the world health organization. the condom accused accelerating new cases of covert 19 keep rising global even in some places that's
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an abscessed the pace of the w.h.o. says there's still time to change the trajectory of the pandemic. i merely said i must and welcome britain's prime minister has announced a nationwide lockdown to fight covert 19 for stunts and told the british people the government is shutting non-essential shops and services and banning gatherings of more than 2 people that's a lesson that. from this evening i must give the british people a very simple instruction you must stay at home because the critical thing we must do to stop the disease spreading between households. that is why people only be allowed to leave their home for the following very limited purposes. the
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basic necessities as infrequently as possible one form of exercise a day for example. with members of your household any medical need to provide care or to help a vulnerable person and travelling to and from work but only when this is absolutely necessary and can't be done from home. for more on that let's talk to the w.c. a lot of parts in london nationwide locked on also in the u.k. now tell us more about the details well life is about to change prime minister boris johnson asked all people told them to stay home for and they can only leave their home for 4 reasons he set to go to work to help to get medical help if needed to go for exercise in the park once
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a day so those are the reasons that people are able to leave their home otherwise they will be fines and the police will be enforcing those rules another thing that is different in the u.k. from other european countries is that people who are vulnerable and the elderly are told to stay home to self isolate for 12 weeks now starting from today they've been called by their doctors and nurses to tell them to self isolate so there's this kind of for you turn for boris johnson now. well critics have said that boris johnson acted tough heartedly and too late but he himself has always said that he would do the right measures at the right time and now the time has come for that nationwide lockdown he has gradually. introduced stricter measures over time closing pubs and restaurants before the weekend but as
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we've seen this weekend also people were still hitting the beaches hundreds of people were gathering in the parks and the social distancing rules were not at all followed so now has come the time for that national lockdown so a lot of parts in london thank you so much that is the world health organization says the covert $1000.00 virus continues to outpace effort to contain it and that cases of the infection accelerating more than 16000 people around the world have died of the infection here's what the head of the day said just a few hours ago more of the city 100000 cases of corby 19 have now been reported to double. from almost every country in there were that's heartbreaking
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the pundit mckee's accelerating it took 67 days from the 1st reported case to reach the 1st 100000 cases 11 days for the 2nd 100000 cases just 4 days for this. $100000.00 cases here in germany the country's leading public health institution the institute says new data suggests that the rise in corona virus cases might be leveling off here and for now concerns that chancellor angela merkel may have caught the virus has been dispelled. tourist magnets like the brandenburg gate should be buzzing with locals and visitors good luck down may just mean people are after dogs only for essential reasons like going to work shopping or walking the dog. but germany's
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robert institute says there's reason to be cautiously optimistic that the measures are working. for. the indian 2000 we are seeing signs that the exponential growth curve is flattening off slightly but i will only be able to confirm this trend definitively on wednesday. with kind of a but i am optimistic that the measures are already having an effect which is very early because they've only been in place for a week. to find. scenes like these from just last week i think of the past for now anyway chancellor merkel is in quarantine at home she's been tested after contact with an infected doctor that test came back negative but she'll be tested regularly in the coming days meanwhile she's telling where king finance minister all of scholtz will be covering some of her duties of these devices the chancellor has asked me to speak for her in the ponder start on wednesday and we will manage this
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. however i believe that this is a very important sign that this infection can hit every one of us we are very vulnerable as human beings and you know one is protected from this. after today's virtual cabinet meeting the government announced a further financial aid package worth $156000000000.00 euros it's a break with germany's rules on strict budgetary discipline protect strawberry times require extraordinary measures. to the u.s. now the pentagon says it's preparing to deploy field hospitals to new york and seattle to national hotspots of like over 19 outbreak but defense secretary mark. the global pandemic could impact u.s. military readiness new york is america's worst affected city where passion lockdown is in place there say some 800 patients half are hospitalized with
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a virus. and the number of cases nationwide has reached almost 42000 with more than 517 deaths. from on the topic let's not talk to our washington correspondent out of a salad out of a dump truck just gave a press briefing where he stressed again that he would not let the cure be worse than the problem what does that say about his way of dealing with this crisis. well he's contradicting his experts forest of all these also contradicting himself to a certain extent but 1st and foremost he's trying he's afraid to lose his reelection and he even implied that in the press conference when he was praising the strong economy saying that this was all his achievement and that it's now all taken away due to the coronal pandemic that's how he's putting it the problem is the president comes facing here is that the job approval rating have always been quite low except one field and that is the economy now ironically the all the measures put in place
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to fight the coronavirus are bad for the economy so all those lockdowns and stay in place shelter in place orders have essentially one resolved and that is the unemployment is going up in the stock 'd markets are going down and that is all reducing his chances of getting reelected again so what we saw here today is president trump getting slightly nervous the u.s. military will help out with medical equipment is that proof of how desperate the situation is in the u.s. right now. a little pencil we are about that certainly is proved that the health system is increasingly overwhelmed in some cities and in new york city mayor de blasio said that the city could run out of supplies as early as next week so there's a shortage of ventilators of mass and certainly also of hospital beds and particular are in intensive care units and that is where the military could fill in at the same time as politicians are trying to appeal to the to the american public
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to take this virus seriously. that 6 in spite of lockdowns and many cities people were seen in parks and new york's governor andrew cuomo use some very dramatic words to describe the situation and he said that the real crisis in the united states hasn't even started yet. but efforts to advance a trillion dollar rescue off the u.s. economy failed in congress today for the 2nd time why can't democrats and republicans agree on such a basic measure in crisis times it's an ideological divide and that shows again how strained the relationship between republicans and democrats is at this point essential of the democrats are trying to demand that the financial aid that's this cost is used to protect workers and to avoid layoffs and the republicans allegedly are putting the corporations 1st and that is all very
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frustrating for the american public because they look at 2 parties who can't cooperate even in such a dramatic situation like the one we're experiencing right now. out of us out in washington thank you so much. and now to some of the other coronavirus stories making news around the world u.s. president donald trump says he wants to reopen the country for business in weeks rather than months trump was speaking at a daily coronavirus briefing as washington state joint employee imposing sday a total orders across the u.s. . the u.s. navy is sending a hospital ship with 1000 beds to help los angeles deal with a corona virus outbreak the u.s.s. mercy will take non corona patients to relieve the strain on medical facilities a time lapse taken on the streets of rome shows the city mostly empty as the government ordered shutdown to contain the spread of the corona virus continues
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monday was the 2nd straight day that it to leave recorded declines in both new cases and deaths suggesting the spread of covert 19 in the country is slowing down . the finals of the year for champion steak and europa league competitions has been postponed as a result of the coronavirus and demick he found out today that the 2 finals along with the final of the women's champions league competition would be rescheduled due to the ongoing health crisis in europe no new dates were set for the showpiece matches which had been scheduled to take place and mate the european championships have already been delayed until next year and all of europe's major domestic leagues are currently suspended for an uncertain length of time. now here in europe singing from one's balcony has become a popular way to get through self isolation people in germany half and playing and singing beethoven's iconic 9th symphony let's have
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a list. he. was . there are. tremendous or at home practicing without an audience so based on the italian room where they've been playing the ode to joy for several days we thought we'd do the same thing on sunday evening at 6 pm for us and for our neighbors. the result because i really should have been conducting beethoven this week. and i
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can't do that. you get very very sad. about it and so to be a bit more positive just play some music and bring a little more happiness in life bring this in nearly. and a reminder of the top stories we're following for you british prime minister boris johnson has ordered a nationwide lockdown to slow the spread of a new coronavirus he's told residents to stay at home with only a few exceptions. they had of the world health organization says they called 900. 18 but he added we can still change the trajectory of the pandemic more than 16000
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people have died of the infection. you're watching t.v. news from berlin the war coming up the top of the hour and don't forget you can get all the latest news and information around the clock on our website that's the w dot com i'm here he said i was stunned thanks for watching. or. in the light of climate change. africa. what's in store. for the future. tom you can make a speech to get insight. into. how the virus
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spread. why do we panic and when we'll all be. just 3 of the topics and covered and the weekly radio show is called spectrum if you would like to be. information on the crown of irish. science topic you should really check out our podcast so you can get it wherever you can get your parka you can also follow us and. this is deja vu news in berlin germany in isolation mode what to expect from the partial shutdown just ordered by the government and why critics in some countries are demanding the opposite they're calling for controlled herd immunity but what does that mean and what are the implications plus a race against time how the german biotech company again is preparing for
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a run on coronavirus test kits. i'm gonna thank you for joining me on today's covert 19 special the coronavirus is continuing to spread also in germany convincing chancellor merkel that stricter containment measures are necessary until now it had largely been left to the country states and municipalities to curb the contagion and approach that has created a patchwork of rules and guidelines the new measures are to be rolled out nation wide let's hear what the german chancellor announced. we have discussed today how to measure working we have no vaccine and we have no drug against the disease all we have firstly the efforts we are making to prepare our health care system especially hospitals for the expected continued high rise in infections. and secondly our own behavior. that is currently most effective measure.
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the new measures medical and state leaders decided to implement ban gatherings of more than 2 individuals with the exception of families and people who live together in one household now restaurants bars and cafes and other non essential service providers must also close businesses offering food delivery and collection will be allowed to remain open commuting to work helping others and exercising alone outside will still be permissible the measures will initially remain in place for 2 weeks the new measures are one step closer to total lockdown but not there yet and germany's the strategy appears to be to ramp up the strictest of measures in a controlled way as it seeks to limit the spread of the virus and keep the numbers of severe cases manageable for the country's health system. and when other european countries there are also ongoing discussions about what measures to introduce and when some countries are focusing on the best ways to reach what's being called herd
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immunity a critical point in the pandemic when the number of people who have grown immune to the virus automatically limit its spread now for weeks the british government for example avoided implementing restrictions on wider society the goal appeared to be to allow members of the community who are considered less vulnerable to be infected in orders to reach the tipping point of herd immunity sooner but after models showed how badly u.k. hospitals would be overwhelmed in such a scenario and the potentially hundreds of thousands of deaths it would cause priorities have shifted nonetheless british prime minister boris johnson remains hesitant about curfews. point that i think people in judea understand about the timing of these measures you've got to impose these interventions in the spread of the epidemic the moment when they can have the maximum effect and after all when the epidemic is is hope he's pretty tall that's whole movement to to impose.
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curfews and prohibitions on movements and so on and so if you wait until i last until it's the right moment to do it and that's always been there are we being god it's. all right let's bring in our science correspondent garrick williams for more on this hi derek so is now the right time for britain to be implementing these measures are they coming too late well i think that most experts would say for us johnson has gotten something very wrong here starting with the use of the word and to explain the thing as epidemics like when we're seeing don't follow into question or hunches they follow certain statistical projections which is why we're able to model that mathematically the big fallacy with this comment is that from a prevention point of view the time to impose curfews on lock downs is not when large numbers of people are getting the disease it's before ours numbers of people
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begin to get that is that's the only way to slow it down because there's an incubation period new infections and deaths are going to continue to rise for at least 2 to 3 weeks even after stripped social distancing measures have been imposed so we'll only see the consequences of what we do today in 2 to 3 weeks that's one of the lessons that we've learned from china and italy if you wait until numbers shoot up to react with measures then ultimately many more people are going to get the infection and it's going to kill a lot more of their convention this concept of herd immunity can you tell us more about what exactly it means and what role that plays in slowing the spread of the virus. well herd immunity is when so many people in a population are immune to an infection that effectively stops the disease from spreading there are 2 different ways that a person acquires immunity that you catch the disease and you build up an immune response that prevent you from being infected by the same bug in the future where
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you're vaccinated which fools the body into responding like it caught the disease even though it didn't but to return immunity it doesn't matter which of those 2 ways people have developed an immune response what's important is that as the number of people who are immune to the rises in a population it begins to spread more slowly that say that at the beginning of an outbreak when no one has an immune and infected person gives it to 2 other people but once 50 percent of the population has acquired immunity an infected person can only give it to one other person rather than 2 that's because the other one would then they would have given it is already protected because they're immune so rising immunity and the herd in society as a whole puts the brakes on the spread of the disease so are there ways to actually control the process of reaching herd immunity. most researchers i've been talking with to say it's an interesting thought experiment one that you know this idea of controlled herd immunity but it's one that has a couple of very serious flaws 1st we still know very little about about immunity
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to the virus or how long it lasts we assume there's going to be an immune to fact of some kind after someone gets over $1000.00 but we still don't know enough about that it's a it's a major risk to just allow the virus to spread when you don't know whether people could quickly get it a 2nd time then there is the question of how controlled it would all remain you know the point behind social distancing measures is to slow the spread of the disease to flatten the curve and tell you medicines and vaccines and place herd immunity can also be reached with vaccines and they don't kill people if you allow people to catch them by receiving in a controlled setting then some of them are going to die and it's far too easy to imagine a scenario where intentionally allowing people to catch the disease could spiral out of control and bring down the health system so the message most researchers are sending as i think of course we want herd immunity but trying to get it by intentionally allowing people to get sick is going to cost lives probably
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a lot up until you have medications and a vaccine as tough as they are lockdowns and social distancing are better choices what is the latest that you're seeing from researchers in the fight against the virus. well there's a story on that seems that caught my eye surely this weekend's german biotech cure back which we've been hearing a lot about in the news is so confident that its approach is going to were that it announced a few days ago that it's already broken up production of its bits or and a vaccine candidates even though the company is still in very very early testing you know if you recall we've been hearing from top health authorities that it'll take at least 18 months before a vaccine is really baby for widespread use and that's because there are a lot of regulatory hoops to jump through starting with safety issues and you have questions about it thank goodness it just takes time but if you're confident a product there's a good chance of working you can start getting doses while testing is going on they don't work out you wasted time and effort but if you do then you save a lot of valuable time you know as maybe they will see an effective vaccine but you
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know that you're after all that would be an amazing achievement thinkers frost for a cure that and all the other companies out there trying to make it all right that some promising news there are derek williams do you have any sign thank you very much well as we just heard here in germany pharmaceuticals biotech companies are racing to come up with a vaccine for the virus and to think of solutions to take pressure off of the health care system now one german company called key had gayness producing diagnostic tests for coverage 19 and it's had to overhaul its operation in response to the crisis. start ferric here again can barely keep up with demand the biotech company produces molecular diagnostics equipment now including a rapid test for the novel coronavirus production has been ramped up paris. you know it could start side we've increased our output by more than 70 percent in
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a very short space of time. so on we're increasing production to such an extent that instead of producing $1500000.00 tests per month we'll be making $20000000.00 per month by the end of the yeah and that's one test is needed per patient martin we've introduced a 3 shift per day system 7 days a week. the company reacted quickly to the new coronavirus outbreak testing equipment that's been on the market since 2018 has been upgraded and can now diagnose a person for corona virus in just one hour. this rapid test is intended for use in hospitals and of our trees and it was approved for use in europe last week as our spot on busy and this is a global challenge and the situation varies from country to country especially in how quickly they recognize the virus and whether or not they acted quickly to you know asian countries like south korea responded much more quickly than countries
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like the u.s. demand is soaring all over the world and so it's a global challenge to make testing facilities available everywhere staring. he again struck recalled has also piqued the interest of other companies hoping to cash in. u.s. law to quit micah is now set to buy key again for around 10000000000 euros right in the thick of the current crisis. shareholders have to approve the acquisition before it goes ahead. people across europe are being told to stay indoors many countries have severely restricted freedom of movement from parts of the u.s. to argentina the philippines and some countries have even declared a national lockdown in a bid to slow the spread of the virus it's a very different picture in japan though coronavirus infections there have been increasing at a slow rate but experts fear that could suddenly change as the famous cherry
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blossoms start to appear various festivals are still set to go ahead and authorities fear that japan could witness a surge of new cases as people head outdoors to mark the start of spring. right thank you for watching our covert 900 special here on t.w. we have the latest on the pandemic on our website get every dot com we'll be back with you at the top of the hour. bringing not just. challenge is transforming people's lives by installing solar panels in winter mountain communities he's bringing electricity to places that have never had it before it was part of morrocco his energy revolution for the residents of these villages joe and his best son came also
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morocco close up. on doubling. the coal india. charge of keeping cool. conventional air conditioners usually a huge amount of energy. but as miners in delhi have come up with a new span centuries old system gives life. really believe this simple. 60 minutes on d w. what's the secret behind this classic. is if
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a semi. as soon as you hear beethoven lose your mind. or the story behind the music i have for the ages bridges st. pete. cause. beethoven's 9th for the more starts in the night on t.w. . as. the. recent heavy rainfall that's left this mountain road blocked with rubble. of a good to fuck over the oh you make a comment helps clear the way for this challenge a huge rabbit is anxious to get moving he's already meant to be in the nearby
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village installing a set of pal model instead he's stuck here.


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