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tv   DW News  Deutsche Welle  March 27, 2020 1:00pm-1:31pm CET

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uh oh. beethoven's 9th symphony for the world starts in tonight on t.w. . to write a book that. this is due to be a news live from berlin the coronavirus and britain's prime minister boris johnson johnson says he is only suffering mild symptoms and will continue to lead the nation's fight against the tend to make some quarantine also coming up south africa's police enforce the country's new 3 week coronavirus lockdown the country's 1st 2 deaths from the fires have been announced and
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a berlin basketball club turns its locker room into a t.v. studio to help kids activate trick self isolation. i'm sorry kelly welcome to the program british prime minister boris johnson has reveals that he has been infected by the corona virus on thursday night johnson joins the nation in applauding workers in the national health service after receiving the positive test results he posted a video in which he said that he will be isolating himself but that he will continue to lead the nation's response to the pandemic. hi folks i want to bring you up to speed to something that's happening today which is that i'm develop tomorrow symptoms over the coronavirus that's. say a temperature and
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a persistent cough and on the advice of the chief medical officer i've taken a test that has come out positive so are working from home i'm so far isolated. let's get more we are got joined by our correspondent barrett mask in london so big that we have it there britain's prime minister infected by the coronavirus what does this mean now going forward especially when it comes to his ability to govern at this crucial time for the country well yes sara we've just had in the message that you played from boris johnson that he is aiming to continue to lead the country and lead to fight against coronavirus but we do know that if he does become unwell then it would be the foreign secretary domenic rob who would take over but at the moment we don't see any signs of this just yet but we're probably also at the beginning of the prime minister is suffering from the virus so he's saying he has mild symptoms at the moment so he can probably still continue to
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the country but if he should deteriorate then it would be for and secretary dominic rob taking over he's also saying that he's a south isolates you what we don't know is whether he's still living together with his fiancee who is several months pregnant and of course the advice is that women who are pregnant she'd be very very careful not not protecting themselves from the virus. we're looking at pictures here we know boris johnson was seen in the house of commons as recently as wednesday farragut are there concerns that other members of parliament staff also that they might have been exposed now to this virus. well yes of cause those concerns will be and have already been raised in westminster over the last weeks when the virus was accelerating especially in london and there were several m.p.'s who had said we should really not see it
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anymore we should go home and we should not be all cooped up in the really quite narrow chamber of the house of commons however in the last weeks m.p.'s had spaced out more only if you were president for example at the last prime minister's questions on monday when normally the house of commons is very packed so they have already started isolating in to satine extent but critics will say that should have happened much earlier in order to just prevent more m.p.'s than going out into their constituencies and spreading the virus further and this is not the only high profile case in addition to john's we also have prince charles there in the u.k. who has also tested positive for the corona virus is the virus potentially more widespread and people are aware there. that would be the suspicion officially i think it's just over $11000.00 cases the have been confirmed in the u.k. . i think most people will by now knows someone who has contracted the virus know
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someone past nearly and many people off frankly quite frightened about how widespread this already years and how it could be developing over the next day. working on the assumption that the peak is going to hit especially in london and the next couple of weeks the peak of the coronavirus crisis bald we also know that hospitals already and especially in london already overstretched so even though it's a very sunny day and the mood on the cephas might be quite good for londoners and for people in the u.k. underneath i think a lot of people are frankly quite scared to get mass and want and thank you bear again. it's confirmed its 1st 2 coronavirus deaths as the number of cases rises to more than a 1000 the news comes at the start of a 3 week nationwide lockdown to stop the spread of the virus the military has been
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deployed to help enforce measures that include restrictions on people leaving their homes for anything but essential trips alcohol sales and dog walking have also been banned. and correspondent ben crease is in cape town and i asked him what it's like there on day one of the lockdown few can see behind me it is empty i'm on normally one of the busiest streets in the center of cape town on long street and there's almost nobody everybody is forced to stay at home as the sign says right behind me this is the order for the next 3 weeks and it will be enforced according to the president and his ministers nobody is allowed to leave the houses only for sensual services if you go to a supermarket for example but you're not allowed not even alone to walk around to go for jogging to walk your dog this is all forbidden so it's 3 very tough weeks ahead for south africa but it is necessary and necessary step the president says
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looking at the numbers how they're growing they have reached more than 1000 corner cases today. correspondent advent creased there in cape town the united states has more confirmed cases of corona virus than any other country including china almost 86000 people in the u.s. have become infected and nearly 1300 have died the crisis has hit the american economy hard fuelling a record surge in unemployment claims and the country's biggest city new york is struggling through. these desperate days in new york with more than 3 and a half 1000 new cases in the last day alone medical facilities a critically overstretched a long line of worried people wait outside this hospital in the borough of queens just to be tested for the virus. almost any scenario that is realistic will overwhelm the capacity of the current health care
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system. that's why the authorities a drastic lee stepping up their response this hospital in manhattan is setting up a makeshift morgue getting ready for a wave of deaths or more that's creepy. trickle. down a temporary mark. i don't know if it is awful it's awful or i'm scared to be here that's why i am i was we were nomads. but determined president donald trump insists the battle will be won we are waging war in this virus using every financial scientific medical pharmaceutical and military resource to halt its spread and protect our citizens i know that we will achieve victory and quickly returned to the path of exceptional health safety and prosperity for all of our citizens other emergency measures include this 1000 bed u.s. navy hospital ship due to arrive in new york harbor on monday to ease the pressure
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on the city's own hospitals normally packed times square is now eerily deserts it with no tourists in town and do your because he didn't the government ban on working and socializing in public. a city already in fear knows that the worst is still to come. when the presidents of the u.s. and china appear to have resolved their feud meantime over which of their countries started the coronavirus pandemic after president trump talked about the chinese virus as he called it china's foreign ministry suggested that it had been brought to china by the u.s. military now presidents and she have spoken on the phone and they have agreed to work together to fight the pen to make. also the chinese province of who by where the coronavirus pandemic began has reported no new cases since lifting its
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lockdown and reopening its borders on wednesday but a team at the london school of hygiene and tropical medicine has warned that the capital will hon which remains under lockdown for another 2 weeks that an overly hasty we lack station of restrictions there could increase the chances of a new wave of infections at the people who buy get out and about again they are counting the cost of the lock down. opening the fortress the ancient fortifications at the heart of ching shu city a usually buzzing with tourists particularly now in spring but even though people are free to go out than before there's not much going on and that's creating the next worry for those living and working there. who will not you know why the 1st half of the year is the season for flower blossoms many people come out to
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see the flowers they take photos and have fun the 1st half of this year is supposed to be the peak tourism season but the coronavirus will definitely have a big impact on us. the city's in who by province now a by word for the pandemic. just look there are so few people those from outside will not come here for a holiday you know now by is the hardest hit area and no one dares to come yet when they know you're from who by they all keep away from you they're scared. she said she'd spent the equivalent of 2 months rent on food for her stall but that she wasn't able to sell its own even eat it herself during the looked down. and it had all gone rotten. or deny i had a relatively smooth opening today some girls bought 6 corn cobs for me at once.
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this is the 1st business for me this year it's good because there aren't many people around after the outbreak this is big money for a small business owner with. the hope is that the streets will quickly fill up again with people and that the hardships in jewett during the days of fortress gin show will soon be history. and here are some more of the latest developments in the corona virus pandemic 3 months into the outbreak and the total number of confirmed cases has passed half a 1000000 with more than 24000 deaths spain has seen a record one day rise in face how it is with 769 people dying in 24 hours the death toll is now more than 4800 indonesia south africa and russia have all passed 1000 confirmed cases that mark meantime in russia the government has ordered all cafes and restaurants to close for a week. after barcelona is to cut the wages of players and staff to save money
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during spain's coronavirus crisis it's not yet clear how the big cuts will be but are still players did reject a suggested cut of up to 70 percent earlier this week other leading spanish clubs are expected to follow suit meanwhile barcelona has offered its facilities to the capital and government's health department to hope with the crisis. people everywhere are finding creative ways to learn or to keep fit under the restrictions imposed during the coronavirus pandemic here in germany the country's biggest basketball club albacore len has been helping kids who are stuck at home to do both more and more are turning to alba's sport lesson every morning. the 10 year old levy is at home alone just know schools closed in berlin last week but that doesn't mean he has to miss out on lessons. beth this is not.
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best to throw the ball from your wrist so that it flies in a good curve to make it go forward from behind your back means we bend our wrist and try to throw the ball over our but. sports lesson runs on every working day from the players' dressing room with 120 coaches at the club know what they're doing how to quickly develop the know how of a professional film company what with their dressing room being turned into a t.v. studio 5 days a week will be moved. close to their. form 'd of. service. or starting also for college. and some low. everybody knows that the online lessons have had millions of clicks alba berlin are
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succeeding in the digital world if not on the basketball court levy seems quite happy with it despite having to stay at home. shows by i don't know how i hope to keep it going it's really exciting and you can learn a lot about basketball chow. this is it is live from berlin up next our special bringing you up to date on all that is happening. thanks for watching. combating the pandemic. where does research stand. what are scientists learning. background information and. our daily update. next on d.w.
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. how does a virus spread. and when we'll. just through the. radio show is called spectrum if you would like any information on the prong of virus or any other science topic you should really check out our podcast so you can get it wherever you get your podcast you can also find us at. science. on trees. a simple message yes a simple solution we're not sure and certainly not all countries have been employing it the fight against corona virus has multiple fronts testing tracing infection
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chains racing to create vaccines and treatments or seeing what already exists and what could be adapted to treat the novel coronavirus how should countries prioritize. i'm gentle on and those are the kinds of questions we want to answer in the t.w. 900 special it's the same one scientists and government officials have a grappled with since the beginning of the outbreak now back to the message to test test and test south korea was one of the countries which followed the world health organization's advice most diligently and managed to flatten the curve here's how south korea did it. in hospital has created a new system for testing patients suspected of suffering from the corona virus coded 19 after an initial consultation patients enter a booth to have samples taken and talked to a medical technician using an intercom. so myung hee had developed
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a fever and other cold like symptoms and decided to get a test just to be safe. if you don't know that you have it pandemics parents even if you're a little anxious it's good to have a test at 1st i was scared when i heard about it but it wasn't as painful as i thought and it was actually kind of interesting. out of. the blue the sort of the brainchild of dr kim saying gil designs were quickly put in service on march 10th the booth helped medical workers process patients 10 times faster than the traditional procedure. prior to the introduction of this system patients were treated in large negative pressure reams which take a long time to sterilize them ventilate it's inefficient and doctors and nurses have to meet people face to face and we're nervous about exposure and tie it this physical separation is safe and enables examinations. dozens of
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hospitals in south korea and abroad have expressed interest in implementing a booth testing system although these prototypes are not scaled for manufacturing dr kim has shared his know how. testing has been a key pillar to south korea's response to the corona virus outbreak seeking to flatten the curve and reduce the number of new cases without implementing a complete lockdown test kits manufactured here have been exploited to other countries to strengthen their response to the pandemic. drive through testing has also been an innovative way south korea has battled the corona virus outbreak despite fewer coronavirus cases in south korea in recent days medical in turn part john sue argues for rapid testing. the number of confirmed persons is gradually decreasing. the most important thing
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to get rid of the epidemic is to identify the suspect to patients as soon as possible and have them self isolate overseed necessary treatment if you have even a little fifi all suspected symptoms it's recommended that you go to the hospital and get tested it will conduct it with some. after examining thousands of patients drive through and booth testing have only uncovered a few cases of the coronavirus but they have offered a lot of reassurance to a nervous population. joining me now is al edwards he is a professor and immunologist at the university of reading in the u.k. . now south korea's method seems to be working so why aren't all affected countries doing mass testing if they can. it's a really good question i think that the video you just saw gives you some glimpses as to why testing itself is a very valuable tool but it's quite labor intensive and it has to be done really
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carefully because if you do testing in a way that isn't properly and safely controlled there is a risk that you can also spread the virus or put your health workers at risk when they take those samples so it's a delicate balance and it needs a lot of manpower well because of the complexity of this task we can imagine that not all countries are able to enroll this kind of mass testing what would you recommend for those countries so i think the most important thing is to spread the resource you have wisely so what's really important is to 1st of all prioritize people who are in hospital and also health care workers because these are the most vulnerable people and also the most exposed people and by prioritizing the use of your testing results and by using that smartly as possible even if you have limited testing results it's still incredibly value and it gives you so much
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data and so much information about what's going on. what about home testing kits could they help at all yes there's a number of different technologies and tools out there. these can even be a simple i have one here at this little plastic that could potentially be used at home this kind of technology is going to be incredibly useful but it does have to be used very carefully so when you do a lab test you have the best possible accuracy if you do a home test they're not quite as accurate but they're more convenient so you have to make sure that you use the best possible science and medical practice to use these tests effectively rather than just using them without proper consideration. now testing is of course one issue but how much of an issue is for example global access to vaccines and treatments going to be are we in danger of seeing
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a 1st come 1st serve the prochoice which could prioritize rich countries for example yeah and i think that's already happening to a degree with testing even the better off countries are getting 1st access to testing technology and unfortunately i could see the same thing happen with their opie's there's some really good news and some positive news which is that people seem to be incredibly open to sharing the information they have about improved treatments and that's vital so everybody has that knowledge but whether we can see the same sharing of resources i'm not so sure about whether that resource in terms of ventilators or when vaccines start to be manufactured whether people will share them around i'm not sure whether that's going to happen we'll have to see. information sharing as well as resource sharing it's going to be vital thank you very much al edward he is a professor and immunologist at the university of reading in the u.k. thanks for your insights now vaccines seem to
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interest many of you as you've been sending us your questions in the last few days our science correspondent derek williams has some answers for you take a look. why will it take so long to come up with a vaccine the problem with developing any pharmaceutical product is that it has to go through an exhaustive testing process with the vaccine you 1st have to identify good potential candidates and that when astonishingly quickly this time within weeks of identifying the virus and sequencing its genome researchers begin talking about candidates but that's just the start you next have to test your candidate for safety usually you do it 1st in animals and then in increasingly large groups of humans but only after a candidate has proven safety developers usually begin looking at actually how effective it is so that even if and when you're a candidate fulfills all of those criteria you still have to ramp up production to manufacture hundreds of millions or even billions of doses now there are ways to
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speed the entire process up a little bit for example by by running some of those trials in parallel rather than one after the other but that approach has drawbacks to and that's why most experts usually predict that we won't have a vaccine ready to distribute on a wide scale for at least a year and a half. why do people talk so much about the vaccine is it medication more important. medications are of course important for limiting the impact of the virus on patients around the world but long term to defeat the disease we need what's called herd immunity and the best way to get that is through vaccines if we don't develop vaccines experts currently estimate that between 50 and 70 percent of us would have to get covert 19 before herd immunity kicked in and stop the pandemic naturally but along the way it could potentially kill millions of people so
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a vaccine offers a safe alternative to achieving immunity in a large percentage of the population and. prevention is really. worth a pound of cure that's why although treatments are very important long term that scenes are even more so is that research on how existing drugs affect 19. a range of potential drugs that might one day help treat kovac 19 are being trialled around the world but we don't really have many results for any of them so far the world health organization is looking at 3 candidates in particular that have shown some promise 1st it's examining the effects of a stablished anti-malarial drug song coronavirus symptoms that each other sponsor trials are also ongoing for combinations of antivirals that have already been approved for treating h i v and finally one of the most promising substances is a compound called rendez if here it was originally developed as
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a potential treatment for ebola but it didn't work out for that disease as well as hoped retrospective testing however showed that it did affect replication in the summers virus so hopes are high that it might also effect that pathogens close relative to new coronavirus the best thing about all of these candidates is that most or all of the development has already been done for them so production could be ramped up quickly if they did prove effective and these clinical trials we should know soon if any of them work. before we let you go we step away from the sobering world of tests and vaccines to indulge in lighter fare one restaurant in hanoi has created the corona burger so far only available in vietnam but it looks set to take off the world wide it's a beef burger in a green tea stand by her shaped by the restaurant owner is there lighted with his
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creation he says business is good i know hopefully remind customers to wash their hands before eating. and there are swiss confectioner's reminding us of the season but also of the times but chocolate easter bunnies a decorated with little face masks. and that was our d w covert 900 special for more do check out our social media channels i'm john elder thank you for watching and stay healthy everyone. what keeps us in shape what makes us see. my name is dr carson because i talk to me they can. watch them at work. and they discuss what you can do to go ahead. stay choose and let's all
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fertility treatments new advances in reproductive medicine. and here's your host dr custom hello and welcome to in.


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