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this is you debbie in the us live from berlin and british prime minister boris johnson tests positive for corona virus johnson says that he's suffering mild symptoms and will continue to leave the nation's fight against the 10 dead make from quarantine also coming up germany moves to massively expand its testing capacity to fight the spread of the virus the country is already testing a half a 1000000 people a week and that number could double by the end of next month. i'm
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sorry kelly welcome to the program british prime minister boris johnson has the coronavirus he is the highest profile political leader confirmed to have contracted the virus so far the u.k. health minister has also tested positive here's why. boris johnson clapping in front of number 10 downing street on thursday night a symbolic thank you to the health workers in the fight against the corona virus on but no one at the time the british prime minister was already experiencing symptoms of the dizziness on friday he revealed he had tested positive for covert 19. i am working from home i'm so far isolating and that's entirely the right thing to do but be in no doubt that i can continue thanks to the with technology to communicate with whom i talk to him to lead the national fight back against coronavirus
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precautions were already in place the prime minister's daily press briefings were taking place without journalists present their questions delivered via video. and johnson had held his weekly meeting with queen elizabeth via telephone the royal family is already affected on wednesday it was announced that prince charles i contracted the coronavirus we will get through it in the way we're going to get through it is of course by applying the measures only days ago johnson was in parliament answering questions and sharing a bench with senior cabinet members i'm we are. let's go straight to the correspondent charlotte potts who is standing by in london charlotte a critical time for the country at this moment how could this diagnosis now impact the prime minister's ability to govern. well he's saying as we
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just heard that he is now isolating and that he's planning to govern the country via video conference and telephone calls from his home he's saying that he has symptoms but of course he's in the beginning of the illness and in comparison to other world leaders in quarantine such as he actually has the virus with which comes in and most cases with fatigue and exhaustion now if it gets worse we have to say he's 55 and in good health as far as we know so he's not a risk group but if it was to get worse then his designated survivor the man who will step in and govern the country would be foreign secretary dominic robin that was already decided last week as a precaution we have now boris johnson seen in the house of commons we were just watching the video there as recently as wednesday we also have the u.k.'s health minister who has tested positive for corona virus charlotte how high is concern
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right now about contagion. well it is very high boris johnson was somebody who has shook hands with people as long as he could he's been downplaying this virus just a couple of weeks ago he's since stepped up but now with the health secretary also falling ill with a virus several m.p.'s in the house of parliament and boris johnson making his rounds throughout london and downing street for example at his daily press conference with the chief medical officer and the chancellor the one who has. took in extraordinary economic measures over the past week those 2 will have to quarantine right now as well and of course the question arises has the government itself not taken social distancing as serious and is this government in the long term able to function if most of the people are in quarantine of course as
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a precaution but some have already caught the virus and another person has caught the virus in other very high profile cases prince charles who has tested positive for corona virus charlotte is the virus potentially more widespread than people are even aware there. well the fact that the heir to the throne and the prime minister have caught the virus leads to the assumption that the virus is far more widespread as we imagine right now especially here in london the epicenter of the crisis so far we have around $700.00 deaths confirmed but the worst is still to come in the coming weeks that is something that the prime minister has created he reiterated time and time again charlotte potts in london thank you charlie. and here are some more of the latest developments in the corona virus pandemic just a short while ago italian health officials reported nearly
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a 1000 people have died from cove at 19 in the last 24 hours that's the biggest daily number of fatalities since the outbreak began there the total number of confirmed cases has passed half a 1000000 more than 20 with more than $24000.00 deaths a serbian court has sentenced a man to 3 years in jail for flouting self isolation orders serbian state t.v. reported there are 112 people in detention awaiting trials for ignoring orders to stay at home and sweden has banned gatherings of more than 15 lowering it from 500 so far the country has opted for a more relaxed approach to the pandemic by keeping schools restaurants and bars open. well in germany there are over 49000 cases of the infection but the death toll has remained far lower than europe's 2 hardest hit countries italy and spain officials have credited widespread testing with helping to keep germany's mortality rate low but the country's leaders are still urging caution
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like other nations germany has placed strict restrictions on public life to control the spread of covert 19 the chancellor says now is not the time to let up. in germany to public life has come to a new standstill german chancellor angela merkel is asking for patience speaking on the phone from her precautionary quarantine. i would like to stress that right now is not the moment to talk about easing the measures we've put in place when you look at the figures we still have a fast rise of new infections and the aim off to rule is to prevent a health care system from being overstretched you know. mark on. their site. yet germany has so far been spared from spiking death rates these days politicians like to have the man who developed the corona test at their side he says that's down to
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a simple fact. the reason why we have so few fatalities in relation to the number of those infected is down to the extremely high level of laboratory testing we're conducting here in germany extreme filo border gnostic mission and georgia and around 500000 tests per week and as clinics brace themselves for a sudden influx of patients a record 750000000000 rescue package to shield the economy was signed into law according to a leaked interior ministry paper the government is already exploring best and worst case scenarios on the effects of the corona crisis that's before us that even with this paper deals with the question of how this situation which is currently focused on health could have an impact on the security situation which scenarios are possible and what measures would then be necessary to react to that of the votes. germany is increasingly sending the signal it's as ready as it can. but
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no government truly can be it seems berlin already sees itself accused of not showing enough solidarity despite taking in intensive care patients from the city and it's an open question whether europe can emerge from this crisis as strong as it used to be or whether it will be more divided than ever. and that was our chief political editor in berlin south africa has confirmed its 1st 2 coronavirus deaths and the number of cases has risen to more than a 1000 the news comes at the start of a 3 week nationwide lockdown to stop the spread of covert 19 the army has been deployed to help in force the shut down the restrictions ban people from leaving their homes for anything but essential trips. to increase reports from cape town. i'm right now on long street on the cent off cape town usually one of the busiest streets and town but right now as you can see is almost deserted the president
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ordered a lockdown after the corona virus cases slowly kept on increasing in south africa so passing more than 1000 cases today and at the same time today it was reported that 2 people the 1st 2 people have died because of the virus here in the western cape region but let me take you on a ride through cape town to show you how it looks like here at the moment. so you can still see a few people on the road shockingly also dozens of homeless people that i have seen of the president said that the government will take down them will take them off the streets and make sure they will be taken care of seems that has not happened one time essential businesses are still open and allowed to operate supermarkets for example hospitals and people who have to go there are obviously allowed to go but this is it it is not the last to have a walk around the corner it is not allowed to walk your dog or to go out for jogging so very strict measures are taking effect here. this is going to be
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a very difficult time he specially for people living in townships and millions of south africans do live in tallinn ships very often in shacks in very difficult conditions the economy will be hard hit already now every 2nd young person in south africa is on employed so we're arriving in google e 2 now one of the townships in cape town and you can see there still a lot of people on the street moving around that's awesome why bantu state you do is that kind of you won't be able to businessmen need to have an issue it is not want them to stay there indulging in someone that you know i think still it's fine for all of us some people need to go to work and some people actually like to take this seriously because they don't do any one to see him so. we need the. race is real but there was swine flu i mean. i feel like people only relate to it
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when someone in the know gets but the president says these measures are necessary to protect the country's health care system which could otherwise collapse so if the number of cases will continue to increase the way it does at the moment south africa will have a serious problem but people here are hoping that the lockdown will help to flatten the kerf however experts believe it will take at least 2 weeks until we can see a decline in the new cases and this is only the best case scenario. and as countries race to slow the spread of the outbreak young people around the world have been dealing with some historic restrictions on social life with bars beaches pubs and clubs shut many of their favorite gathering spaces are off limits schools are also closed forcing millions of children and teens to stay home our correspondents tell us how young people across the globe are confronting life in
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the age of a pandemic. police in brussels have stepped up efforts in order to stop particular groups of young people from meeting up in parks like this one a recent study has shown that 44 percent almost half of 18 to 21 year olds are not respecting the rules of social distancing here in colombia many young people are using their newly gained spare time to assist those in need and the country's major cities private initiatives are popping up that are calling on young and healthy people to go shopping for the elderly and many are volunteering trying to keep those most at risk safe by getting their groceries their drugs their personal hygiene products and delivering them to their doorstep without any kind of personal contact allowing those most vulnerable to stay at home and themselves to feel a little less helpless in these times i mean. to contain the spread of coronavirus it is these young men and women who are leading from the front line these 100.
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young men and women who are also fighting you classes to the young and the old and also encouraging them socially however that is one of the biggest challenges here in what is being called the world's largest lock down about 1300000000 indians have been after. 21 days since movement is restricted during a log down at some local community level young people are using force to coordinate efforts to ensure that the elderly people of the community is continue getting their essential supplies the party is seriously over. the pubs and clubs are sought and when young people still kept gathering in parks for so-called corona parties one supermarket owner took to facebook warning them that he would no longer sell them alcohol and snacks. no longer selling alcohol and snacks and you can find much more on how young people are grappling with life in the age of the coronavirus on
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our video stream. at our youtube channel. this is. special report and don't forget you can always get all the latest news and information around the clock on our website that's at dot com you can also follow us on social media i'm sorry kelly and you so much for watching and we do hope that you know. combating the pandemic. where does research stand. what are scientists learning. background information in. our daily corona. 19 special next on d w. how does a virus spread. why do we parent and when will all this. just through the technics and weekly radio show is called spectrum if you would like any
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information on the coronavirus or any other science topic you should really check out our podcast you can get it wherever you can get your podcast you can also find us and dot com. science. crowded virus takes its toll. the world economic forum urges companies to work with governments to solve this crisis and trade fairs go virtual to beat the outbreak but leave carpenters and caterers high and dry. and invisible and let's do business the last time this happened was the 2nd world war but instead of producing weapons
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car makers electronics textile factories are switching their production lines for the common good french luxury group which owns you a bit taller and christiane do your is ditching perf you for hand sanitizers italian textiles firm hold leo is supplying the state with thousands of face masks smaller companies in italy are following its lead and us or manufacturers are looking at making medical equipment like ventilators which are also in short supply but retooling production lines is complex and costly for well is hope with all the stimulus announced european equities pushed higher friday u.s. stocks fell with new york the latest state already people to stay home but firstly the british government is taking extraordinary measures it's promising to pay 80 percent of wages in the private sector it's to discourage bosses from firing staff over lost business from the virus the finance minister says they'll be no cap on
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the size of the plan which the government will fund by selling more debt is also allowing companies to hold on to billions of pounds in value added tax over the next few months. let's look at how the virus is making business headlines elsewhere in the world. can no longer pay its bills the german restaurant chain has been forced to close almost all of its locations due to the coronavirus bankruptcy proceedings are expected in the next few weeks the company is hoping for government aid. luxury carmaker bentley will help production in the u.k. for 4 weeks the decision was made to keep employee. dave there are also fears about shortages of parts the british luxury brand is owned by fox barton which is reducing output across europe. the world economic forum is launching a coded action platform the 1st of its kind drawing on its network of business leaders it aims to galvanize the global business community for collective action
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the group is open to all businesses and governments who want to offer their help. study as a he is managing director of the world economic forum thanks for joining us central banks and governments are throwing trillions in stimulus and aid at this pandemic and even then global equities local horrible how can your platform common best is. so what we're trying to do is one be a source of sort of the best synthesized information from various experts and 2nd try to mobilize business and the service off helping solve the sort of health economic and social challenges that are emerging i mean let's be clear the health impact is what comes 1st but we need to start preparing for managing and mitigating a lot of the social economic fallout that is to come you know you are absolutely right about that loss of confidence we asked
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a group of chief economist from across the banking sector the insurance sector and the consumer sector about their views on what the recession and recovery may look like and while a good 30 percent thought that this would be as auto v. shape but as staggered the shape across multiple economies and there for you shape globally there was a good 30 percent that were completely on a certain and a good 5 to 10 percent that actually were thinking this is going to be an l. shape this is going to take a very long time and the reason for that loss of confidence is essentially because there isn't a belief that there is quarter nation between fiscal and monetary policy despite the very large sums that are being talked about that there isn't that coordination at the international level between various governments of the nature that we saw in 2008 and that there isn't really clarity on what are the pathways with which we are
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going to deliver it cash in 2 different households yes the kitchen sink approach but then how do we actually get it into the right hands and then finally there is a belief that employers are particularly prepared right now you know we surveyed our employers and less than 10 percent had ever thought about pandemics as part of their current rest scenarios and less than 50 percent had ever experimented with even part of their. teams working remotely that's of course just the white collar workforce so there is this overall sense of uncertainty and anxiety that you're of course seen across the board so he is a puppet for the loss of confidence there's also a lack of cooperation what makes you think countries and companies are going to start working together when everyone's withdrawing right now people are going local have been bad on exports of mosques for example. as the europe has europe or the u.s. even tried to learn from china's handling of the outbreak because i don't think they have you know a lot of what we're trying to do as sort of there is of course
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a call for push for working closely with various international organizations use the forum sort of platform to push for a lot more of that collaboration but the 2nd thing that needs to happen is in addition to the current sort of emergency there's 2 things that need to happen one business needs to be mobilized a whole lot more to actually help deliver some of these solutions that's a large part of what we're trying to do at the world economic forum particularly when it comes to those health related supplies and the 2nd element is we need to start preparing now for understanding what is going to be the impact of these fiscal policy measures that are being put in place in very different ways in different parts of the world what might be the distortionary effects of that what can be done in terms of corrective measures and very quickly crowdsource from the best experts you know what is the best approach is this about cash transfers directly to households is this about small and medium sized business is this about bailouts of specific industries or some combination of the above and what is that
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optimal combination i think we have to do at this moment in time rely on expertise rely on information and then make that information very very public very quickly quick and to do private businesses on that bailout topic deserve public funds like like boeing for example. you know i think there's a lot of debate on this right now there's quite a bit even before this crisis unfolded there was a lot of views from experts and i could i makes that the situation has gotten to a point where we do need to start thinking about having some sense of better distribution of risks and returns in between the public the public sector and the private sector so i think you're going to start seeing much more of that debate play out as any of these measures go ahead of course different economies have different sort of almost cultural views when it comes to this and i think that's
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going to be a huge part of the factors that are taken into account as well so adios i.e. medical director of the world economic forum thank you very much thank you as public life in germany slows one sec to really hurting is a vents in addition to the concerts and conferences that have been cancelled trade fairs a struggling. for the time being there's still some work for d. for projects building modules for the interior fittings for a museum normally this workshop is a hive of activity $26.00 carpenters and painters usually turn out stands for trade fairs in germany and abroad but those fares have been cancelled or put on hold for now. those parts worth the i t b they came straight back on opened. over there you've got singapore i was also canceled. the whole stand for singapore all scrapped the cancellation of the i.t.v. international tourism fair and other exhibitions means that d.
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for project is only making 15 percent of the sales it made at the same time last year that's only enough work for 4 or 5 employees 2 weeks from now there's nothing on the schedule what happens then. i have no idea at the moment we've applied for short work subsidies we've been authorized to cut back on working hours starting today and we will we started today but we began in the back office and will have to extend it to all areas beginning in april we're hoping that by then the state will be helping us out in a big way. so. exhibition and event cater a veto is also feeling the crisis where normally there would be piles of small snacks and tidbits now all empty a veto founder alexander shot has put most of his staff on home office for the time being the few remaining are working on new concepts for the current landscape. is that we haven't had a lot of socializing lately that means we've obviously had
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a few olders trade fat as conferences meetings being cancelled people are working from home or go from home office they cater is now trying to concentrate on critical employees who cannot work from home and put together lunch boxes for them . in berlin future events are. still in jeopardy officials want to build a hospital that would treat up to $1000.00 corona infected patients on what is now an exhibition ground that's bad news for the event industry and. if there's going to be a hospital it's logistics space now won't be enough room for future trade finance for me that's going to be a massive limitation and so far industry association estimates show that event sector companies have lost 2000000000 euros due to coronavirus related cancellations but that number could still rise significantly. french bookseller's of calling for restrictions to be lifted to allow them to open for at least
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a couple of hours every day they say if online retailers are allowed to keep selling their wares such that they may be in germany has granted bookstores exceptions france's economy minister poor man has pledged to look at the issue saying shops are an essential business. and one sector in which jobs are growing a supermarkets some of the big retailers the rapid sizing for tens of thousands of temp stuff to deal with the panic buying will need lots of people to stop their shelves with toilet paper nice and business with it.
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good enough for come. in the morning she's a student in the afternoon a recorder you learn to tara is taking a camera workshop. in her free time she goes out and reports on ecological issues in her home country south africa it makes me aware and it makes them who wants to take initiative and join us nico africa. next to.
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