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tv   The Day  Deutsche Welle  March 27, 2020 9:30pm-10:01pm CET

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my father taught me how to ask uncomfortable questions about my country and about books that is what i keep doing to state my mates maddie's to for and i work at. britain's prime minister bars johnson and says he's called the corona virus his health minister is also sick the 2 men at the head of britain's response to the outbreak are now working from home i'm in berlin this is the day. i developed symptoms over the road a virus that's to say a temperature and ate a persistent cough i've also had some mild symptoms of coronavirus i've taken
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a test that has come out positive up old medical advice was tested the test has been positive i am working from home i'm so far isolating themselves self isolating here until next thursday been there done that i can continue thanks to the rebuilding technology to communicate with albright team to lead the national guard against through to the. also coming up spain sees another charbroil is in corona virus deaths frontline doctors and nurses are at breaking point. and if you go home with the images in your head of everything you see here it's very difficult to disconnect is impossible because you also feel helpless and sad that. we begin the day with the news that british prime minister johnson has the coronavirus he's the
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highest profile political leader confirmed to have contracted the infection so far and it comes as the u.k. saw its biggest daily jump in covert 900 deaths 181 people have died in the last 24 hours johnson says his symptoms are mild and plans to coordinate the pandemic response from home quarantine critics say he didn't take the virus threat seriously enough when the outbreak the. boris johnson clapping in front of downing street on thursday night a symbolic thank you to health workers engaged in the fight against the coronavirus unbeknown at the time the british prime minister was already experiencing symptoms of the disease on friday he revealed he had tested positive for 19 i am working from home i'm so feist waiting and that's entirely the right thing to do. but be in no doubt that i can continue thanks to the with technology to communicate
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with all my talk team to lead the national fight back against coronavirus selves the prime minister was long criticised for playing down the threat of the virus this was his opinion of social distancing just 3 weeks ago i was shaking hands can decide that i was at the other night where i think the review the rush if you credit are as a patient so i shook hands with everybody you'll be pleased to know that i continue to shake hands and. that is case numbers rose he found to pressure on the streets of london have been virtually empty since monday when the british government ordered no one to leave the house except for essential reasons the government set about procuring more ventilators and work got underway to turn an exhibition space into a temporary hospital which is expected to provide thousands of beds. boris johnson also began taking more precautions the prime minister's daily press briefing took place without journalists present their questions delivered via video. johnson's
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weekly meeting with queen elizabeth took place via telephone the royal family is already affected on wednesday it was announced that prince charles the heir to the throne that contract of the coronavirus. but johnson continued to meet with senior figures. wednesday he answered questions in parliament sharing a bench with top cabinet members health secretary much has now also tested positive he too is self isolating and says his symptoms of. the question now is how many other members of the british government may have been infected well let's go straight to d.w. correspondent sean out of pots in london charlotte the prime minister has given the news that he has tested positive for corona virus what does this actually mean going forward and especially for the ability her his ability to govern the u.k. at this crucial time. well boris johnson insists that nothing
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changes he's self isolating and downing street at this point and papers documents food whatever he needs is delivered to his doorstep and he says he will govern the country via video conference and telephone calls and the good news is he's showing only mild symptoms so far he's 55 so relatively young and he's in good health as far as we know but of course in comparison to other world leaders that are now in quarantine such as he actually has the virus and we know that corona virus often comes with fatigue and exhaustion so if his symptoms were to get worse then downing street has decided that the foreign secretary would step in and keep continuing the response to the coronavirus and so far we know that at least he is saying good health ok but of course bars johnson was seen in the house of commons as recently as wednesday are there any concerns that other members of staff and
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m.p.'s might have also been exposed to the virus and this of course comes as we know that the u.k.'s health minister has also tested positive charlatan. well frankly boris johnson hasn't been practicing what he preaches social distancing we know as you said the health secretary tested positive and we've now heard that the his medical chief officer so the person who advises the government on the corona response is showing symptoms and self isolating has at home as well as his finance minister and those 4 have been holding press conferences together over the last day so that raises a lot of questions how many people are affected in downing street why hasn't he been practicing social distancing more and of course how effective can the government be going forward in the corona as a response and that all as london and all of the u.k.
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becomes really the epicenter of this corona crisis and the death toll and the number of those infected are rising across the country well sure a lot of pots in london thank you. spaniards are in a state of shock to spiralling number of deaths because of the coronavirus is almost too much to take in at the moment around 5000 people have died and tens of thousands more have been infected the country's health care system often lauded for its efficiency is struggling to cope among medical professionals is for now only tempered by their tireless efforts to deal with the growing number of patients filling the country's hospitals. a burial in hazmat suits. one of thousands of victims of the corona virus outbreak in spain. hospital staff in madrid don't need to see the statistics to know spain does not yet have
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a handle on the epidemic. it has been a deadly week for the country 2nd and daily fatalities only to italy. a shortage of equipment and medical staff has left doctors and nurses overwhelmed amnesty international reports that over 9000 spanish health service workers have become infected with the virus more than any other country. even healthy staff face isolation once they return home careful not to spread the disease to their families. we're having a hard time you feel very lonely and then you go home and you're alone you remember everything you soon during the day and keep thinking and thinking and you can rest . assured that you know that. you go home with the images in your head of everything you see here it's very difficult to disconnect is impossible because you also feel helpless and sad. but their work is not in vain thousands have recovered
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because of their efforts. at this field hospital in madrid 34 year old grass yellow lawn so it's going home. and locally. i can't cope with 19 and i was in this hospital for the last 4 days i have to say that in the beginning i had a really bad time because i had that feeling of not being able to breathe. but thanks to all the support that i've received here all the measures that they have taken it wasn't so hard. for a long so the ordeal is over but for spain the path to recovery is still uncertain . let's bring in quickly she's a global health care expert based in spain london and singapore she joins us from spain eleanor what are you hearing about what's happening in spanish hospitals.
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well absolutely has had this intuition in spain is right now very very difficult we've got more than 64000 people infected we've got nearly 5000 deaths i'm good got 32 spots in spain so we've got my that 8 catalonia and the basque country which have been the worst hit by going to get it right up and house because everybody's traveling to call so what we've had already from a health care professional has is that there's not sufficient i.c.u. bet's there struggling with it even having protective equipment and if they're at all a lot of stress and they're having to make already very difficult decisions i mean you've mentioned that there obviously the situation for medical staff is incredibly difficult for them at the moment and you know you've said that their equipment is an issue is dying one of the main reasons why so many of the percentages so high of medical professionals becoming infected it's exactly the number of health care
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professionals infected right now is over 1500 it which is 15 percent of the daughter of health care professionals infected they don't have the right equipment some of them were reported they don't even have the a book bit masks and also and that additional very important point they're not getting tested which is also a real problem when i mean you know from what you're telling us is probably pretty shocking to people to hear this particularly considering spain's health care system has been lauded you know prior to this crisis would you put it down to poor planning is it a structural issue. so as you know i mean i study has systems and they were always concede that spanned one of the best has systems in the uk it had very low expenditure but very good outcomes but this 2 key issues he had the planet has been very slow but definitely combat with asian countries and also this are stuck to the
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issues so that it did mention that the way government did in 2008 sort of had us going to misquote a.t.'s have it here but all have systems which meant but if you look at it says that the body and human resources which means that now oh i see you mentioned below the average and has good professionals and that is that the number of doctors is also below that you average i think almost partly answered what i what i want to speak to about next which is you know that spain and italy have been hardest hit by this crisis in europe and in particular when we compare the numbers to here in germany could it be down to what you've just been mentioning about austerity or what exactly is it that you believe is. the difference between italy and spain and germany in the sense. that's very good question the 7 every since fest we believe that either he and spain are
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a bit behind many in terms of the demi secondly it started to spread among all the book relations so in spain they really invest tensional homes we had 1500 people visit actual homes and also if we compare with germany it's believed that it's going to been behind and also the infections started among the young couple pollution it's also very important to measure the cultural issues in this part then we need to understand these issues also and it's clear that in spain and italy the families also live much more together people with grandchildren and they're with the parents wives in germany younger people if more separate all the people now we spoke my germany we spoke we spoke about spain now if we look at the stage of the outbreak in spain and italy and we look at the united kingdom what do you think is going to happen there i mean we've seen this news now that bars johnson at the prime minister now has a covert 1000. yes so we compare their response in spain and the u.k.
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what we can see is that the lock down when it was introduced in the u.k. it was late that in state in terms of the number of deaths and the lock them down was introduced but also the measures were not as strict as in spain now we're going to look at that has a sense we also understand that the health system in the u.k. this quite strange we've also had reports that the health care profession has and are being tested and also they don't have the right to that equipment so i am quite a bit worried about that about the effect that this is going to have had a system where they're going to be able to prevent having said that i think something very positive that also spain and the u.k. has that is building next i think we need to agree with it stadiums we need to learn from that they give them our ship manship hospitals and then also hospitals in big stadiums like the one that was that he met ephemera and the one of the
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betting in london but very important i predict that they're going to need to build many more hospitals and it would be good if they said anything it rather late now you have plenty of expertise particularly in asia you said and in places like singapore for example they've been able to halt the spread of the corona virus what is about you know spain italy germany the u.k. or just other countries around the world can learn from places that have been able to deal with it like singapore. yes it's basically end at singapore i would say that it's one of the best examples that other countries in europe can learn from and with singapore the yes to give you an example we had in singapore they had the fest case on the 23rd of january and on that point the 2nd of january so one day before the 1st case they already had passed 4 square all the ministers were working together to provide the for the get funding and the right protocols they also have a special hospital bill for infectious diseases to treat those type of patients and
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then the other hospitals they've got very clear plans on how to add and also the openness dreams every had to be a better sense for that and also very important they've got stuck they've managed to stop for 2 months of all the mass under that if it meant that it's needed and not only that they shed 4 masks per family so people could be bad just in case a somewhat some of the good they did they could protect themselves and one final point that i think all countries need to learn is the fact that the information provided by the government was giving very clear messages so i think in this case. european countries would have to take a lot of lessons from past asian countries. left you know quickly a global health expert based in spain london and singapore thank you so much for joining us. thank you goodnight.
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well here in germany there are over 47000 cases of the infection but the death toll has remained far lower than europe's 2 hardest hit countries italy and spain officials have credited widespread testing with helping to keep germany's mortality rate low but the country's leaders are still urging caution like other nations germany has placed strict restrictions on public life to control the spread of covert 19 the chancellor angela merkel says those measures will stay in place for the foreseeable future. and many to public life has come to a new standstill german chancellor angela merkel is asking for patience speaking on the phone from her precautionary quarantine. i would like to stress that right now is not the moment to talk about easing the measures we've put in place when you look at the figures we still have a fast rise of new infections and the aim ofter all this to prevent our health care system from being overstretched you know. mark on. the
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side. in that. yet germany has so far been spared from spiking death rates these days politicians like to have the man who developed the corona test at their side he says that's down to a simple fact. the reason why we have so few fatalities in relation to the number of those infected is down to the extremely high level of laboratory testing we're conducting here in germany extreme field. and torture and around 500000 tests per week and as clinics brace themselves for a sudden influx of patients a record 750000000000 rescue package to shield the economy was signed into law according to a leaked interior ministry paper the government is already exploring best and worst case scenarios on the effects of the corona crisis that's before us that even with
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of this paper deals with the question of how the situation which is currently focused on health could have an impact on the security situation which scenarios are possible and what measures would then be necessary to react to them for the votes. germany is increasingly sending the signal it's as ready as it can. but no government truly can be it seems already sees itself accused of not showing enough solidarity despite taking in intensive care patients from the city and it's an open question whether europe can emerge from this crisis as strong as it used to be or whether it will be more divided than ever . hong kong's government has banned public gatherings of more than 4 people because of the corona virus meanwhile the chinese territories teenagers are having to study for their graduation exams with their
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schools closed the exams have now been postponed till the end of april so the students have a bit more time to get up to speed but most of them are having to attend classes online and there are doubts about whether that is good enough the 1st one the b.b.c. for this one pro. are. just walk up to see it as a resource it's 11 am and students here is dancing their 1st lesson of the day. is the rest of the world adjusts to online learning the students in hong kong this is the new normal. schools were closed in february no no no after the 1st coronavirus cases here are managed in a student consent 13 this classroom few weeks in just a couple of months jason ha has built up a database of interactive classes only as from scratch the challenges are already emerging some students he says are treating their time and some of the classroom as
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an extra holiday sieges a finding they have little way to influence control a particular worry for those in their final year it's all about their motivation to learn to study for some very good students there would be a good chance for them to stay home law and do the stuff that they appeared before from watching those students i do afraid about their performance if you don't push them. maybe i do worry about ok for the resolve that may not be that. these high school seniors say they're trying their best to keep motivated even the most important exams in their lives. but even before the outbreak students here were already facing one of the mage challenging in memory there huh. he's been under the shadow of months of pro-democracy protests with many young people finding themselves on the front lines of the needn't and that alone was already taking its toll i think this is because it's because we keep this trip out of protests and
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somehow we heard of. us there by the polies so if had to concentrate so we do not have ropey paris which suffered but you know here comes the privacy. of here today except again so many things are stuck in the us these students have learned from one crisis to another it's putting not just their education but even then mental health care when coronavirus cases surged again here authorities delayed the final d.s.e. exams into the end of april but even that may not make up to the challenges faced by the high school class of 2020 and many a warning this is a year they need. as countries work to slow the spread of the outbreak young people around the world have been dealing with some historic restrictions on social life with bars beaches pubs and clubs shut and many of their favorite gatherings spaces are off limits
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schools are also closed forcing millions of children and teens to stay home our correspondents tell us just how young people are confronting life in the age of a pandemic and helping those in need like most people around the world south koreans have reacted to this pandemic in different ways last week and many young people came here to source hong day and entertainment in shopping district popular with young people they were harshly criticized online for gathering at nightclubs and bars other young people i met though were volunteering to see that those less fortunate got some ticket meals and were better protected from the virus i mean. in various to contain the spread of corona via. it is these young men and women who are leading from the front line these 100 stations i money by young men and women who are also offering i do classes to the young and the old and also encouraging them to socially do however that is one of the biggest challenges here here in
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france many young people at 1st didn't seem to take the locked on very seriously one group even had a bad day queue in northern france and had to pay a fine of 1600 euro's but time seemed to have changed young people now organize online operatives and one facebook group with 640000 members even throws a 10 minute online party each day but it's not just about having fun there's a website that brings together people working at hospitals like this one with those who want to help them with child care grocery shopping more than half of the 67000 volunteers are in that teens and twenty's here in the u.s. one of the biggest challenges for the government is to convince the american public to take the coronavirus seriously or at least 15 stay at home orders are issued there are still many people in the parks and on the streets and on social media the hashtag boomer remover is dividing the generations particularly young people show
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little empathy for the elderly who are considered at higher risk. in spite appeals for people to avoid panic buying during the pandemic that's exactly what people have been doing so can be hard to find things like disinfectant plaster flour and especially toilet paper here in german supermarkets but even if you can't get the real stuff you can now get a toilet roll shaped cake the german baker started making the case as a joke and now he's selling 200 a day and helping to keep his 40 staff work. well the day is almost done but the conversation continues online you will find us on twitter either in the news or you can follow me. don't forget to use our hushed i get the day under member whatever happens between now and then tomorrow is another
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day stay healthy take care and by.
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this is detail the news live from berlin italy sets a grim record in its struggle against the coronavirus almost 1000 people have died there in the past 24 hours were diagnosed with the infection that's the highest daily death toll since the outbreak was detected in its meat in february we'll get an update from rome also on the program. u.s. lawmakers passed the biggest stimulus package in modern history some 2 trillion dollars or 3 rushed to states and businesses struggling made to cope with 19 prices the legislation also.


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