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tv   Business - News  DW  April 4, 2020 4:02am-4:16am CEST

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do you also feel like banging your head into the wall sometimes stay in bed forever just cry plainly freakouts because the bad news about corona seems to have no way these are tough times you switch on the news or look at your favorite website and it's not a pretty picture more dead every day infections on the rise johns hopkins now counts more than 1000000 cases worldwide healthcare systems reaching their limits hope countries in lockdown friends and families are cutting off contact with each other. and it doesn't end their businesses are facing bankruptcy workers are losing their jobs it's all pretty scary stuff so how can we get through these challenging times without feeling helpless and depressed today will talk about how to get on
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top of the situation that feels very much like nothing is in our own hands this is either you news with our special coverage of the covenant in pandemic in berlin. so a coronavirus does to the body is quite well known by now and more research is underway but what does it do to our soul fear of infection the isolation worries about loved ones who are dressed walk can we do to not be overwhelmed by panic let's bring in the modern. neuroscientists and her field of research really is bad news and what it does with our brain and how does this barrage of bad news that we're seeing right now influence our perception of this pandemic. well 1st of all it tilts the perception in a certain direction because as you already mentioned most of the news actually negative so we get the idea that the votes out there is even more negative and even more challenging than it is so what that does to our brain is really create
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a continuous chronic stress response so we continuously in this situation where we think we either have to fight or run on the side of flight response and what that does to our perception and also to our decision making abilities is county and of the senate and what we know also thought is that it definitely hinders long term decisions that are focusing on long term care and. the virus is a threat we can all see or feel is similar to radiation does that give the fear another dimension. yes certainly because of course if we see something like a wave coming towards us we can run and what we see unless also especially in many countries that the virus flows and present in the beginning people of a very relaxed about it because it was far away and something we know about reception humans is that. spoken openly is quite bad so when we don't see
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something we actually count grasp it because our brains are not optimized for that so it's leading needs to be local it needs to be immediate and it needs to hurt people for us in order to act and of course that creates really a challenging situation because then it also comes into effect is what i mentioned before it creates this continuous stress response which in this our problem solving abilities. really help old people not only more of risk they are also body for more isolated than younger people and now even family can visit what does that do to the elderly and how can we help keep their spirits up. now well maybe also sing something more hopeful because then this is a very negative note in general is what it can also create and also especially to the end of the people is a sense of community because once we all understood that this is really a risk situation and this is really
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a danger that is out they even though we can't really see it it or see it it can create this common sense of shared responsibility and that's what we see all over the world and also as we got to the elderly there people actually take more time take more care not only to the people we know and our own family members who might be isolated and feel lonely it but also to strange us because we now is what we consider psychologically and one group we act together against this virus that is the global threat. news outlets are often criticized for focusing on the bad news all the time like all journalists we here at the w are guilty as charged but just reporting on a happy promise in kittens is not really an option either so what can we the media do. yeah i was already kind of hinting at that because that's really a unique chance for what we call constructive or solution oriented join in this these days because now we have this idea of this understanding that we are all in
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this together and people all over the world ask what now and that's really the key that's a additional question that is introduced by construct defense additional antic reporting into joining us and into the journalistic thinking and that's for example lots of journalists are practicing now these days because the people come to watch them and they have this birds to get onsets to all that questions and needs to understand the situation and i see this really all over the world now and we just need to focus on it even more the people who select a news they consume but also of course all the jonas that are covering this global pandemic trying to heed your advise in order that thank you very much for this import. thank you but it's not just the news that can give you the blues we are social creatures so having to live in self isolation can be pretty stressful in itself our reporter
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hugh della talked to research on who observe koren times people during the 2003 sars epidemic. in 2003 a previously unknown virus caused the severe acute respiratory syndrome known as sars more than 8000 people were infected and thousands were quarantined. remus direct conducted research into the mental health of people during best songs aren't. and what we found was that there was a higher percentage of people. p.t.s.d. the and the crash. happened. during the summer as a result so what we found when we talk about p.t.s.d. what we know is that people feel. well what is the. angry
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frustrated it they feel there is a lack of control how can you explain the fact. so i think my heart is most dramatic sentence ok so that's what they're starting to experience is the fact that it's a true that and people when they were sort of thinking about the fact that they might have developed star or in this particular. virus you're thinking about and i'm going to make it when i. ought to have a heart oh you know i have a longer harder agree it is this this is coming. although the current coronavirus pandemic is also throwing up such a thing as there are differences now too and some of these could even have a positive effect on people's mental health. and they are going to have a sense of community so what we see now is there are so many people in isolation
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but people don't feel they're the only ones you know there is a lot more communication as well now we have to. ologies the other thing that's happened this time which is very different from sars is that there is a lot of psychological support what are they seeing people can do if they find themselves while in isolation and keep in touch with family or friends by using technology they will provide you a tremendous amount of support the other thing is setting out a routine and routine helps in harming one's here's an anxiety. even though the world might seem grim at the moment we should remember that there are still things we can do for ourselves and for others not so everything is beyond our control. not a man who has managed to stay in control and stay calm all through this crisis he's
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a biologist a science journalist and our resident corona expert he ws derek williams with us again to answer questions that you sent to us. since the 5 or. 10000 stuck there isn't much work out there yet looking at which animals could carry the disease or might even get sick from it one study published by a chinese team earlier this week claims the virus replicates poorly in a range of domesticated animals among them dogs pigs chickens and ducks but that cats and ferrets showed some susceptibility and could also pass it along to each other that work still has to be confirmed it's not a surprise though if it's correct because a number of coronaviruses are known to cause
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a range of illnesses in livestock and poultry. no take for. them to stop infection it turns out that it's a pretty tricky question to answer and like so much else we don't know for sure yet when it comes to catching any viral disease the length of time you remain infectious differs depending on the virus and we aren't sure how long that period it is for sars cove to however a study carried out here in germany indicates very high it loads a virus in cuba 1000 patients peaked about 4 days after symptoms began and dropped steadily from there the researchers recommended release though only 10 days after symptoms began and then only if detectable levels of the virus had dropped dramatically. if the virus attacks the lung well this
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also affects about the role. it's clear that if your respiratory system is affected by an illness then it's going to have knock on effects throughout the body not least for your heart of course but. also mounting evidence that the corona virus might directly affect the heart as well or it might have an indirect effect there are also indications that the virus can directly damage the kidneys in some cases though that's apparently more rare but for the majority of patients especially patients with milder cases the disease begins and ends in the lungs. keep the questions for him coming on all you tube channel by facebook or twitter and that was all covert 19 special i'm on the pandemic to check out all social media channels and our website is t w dot com which has dedicated code 19 pages in 30 which. is a news update in half an hour this is t
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w news station. i'm doing great big thing in all the time. how to handle lies in times of the koran a pandemic d.w. reporter. just like everyone else and she's looking for answers and thankfully with the help of any. thank you bruce is not life as we know it. in this together. like dusty birds muddy tires and drums we deliver urgent lifesaving boxes we give our everything to reach those who need us the most every box feeding their futures. boxes for the fall hope of lifesaving food and if so much more
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a number of european scientists have been trying to find out whether testosterone is really as bad as its reputation.


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