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tv   Drokpa  Deutsche Welle  April 4, 2020 9:15pm-10:01pm CEST

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several others were also injured the alleged attacker was arrested by police nearby . and watching date of the new stuff again you can find extensive coverage of the corona virus as well as any other stories on our website that's d w dot com i'm rebecca rita's in bed and thanks very much for watching. us. we're all set. to go beyond. that. we're all about the stories that matter to. us. whatever it takes. to not running not try. not to be made for minds.
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but the work that we moved 5 times a year we used to use yaks to carry everything but now we use tractor crossing according to knock on.
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beckmann plateau is the source of asia's largest rivers which supply almost half of the world's population with water. and indigenous nomadic people known as the dr have lived in the region for thousands of years. but in recent decades a large tracts of once fertile soil have turned to desert. your work yet you're here because you know old people have told me that it used to be much nicer here. you were there was lots of toll grass. you don't care today there's not much cross left it only on the kit you can fit and you can. carry most of our postures are trying to.
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meet me. or you but there's where you want the tent to be a good one for. going to the. top. of that it's got to be straight to. help you. look out at sliding off. really
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in the. book. we're going to go what would you. do if you come on before the world gives way i'll do it. the. long way with the. conflict going to i'm going. to leave the earth is in. the wrong it won't fit.
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for you but. you and will i know that everybody push hard i don't. go. i'm going there. steady no real good with a little higher. or. how does it look outside. and we've got to tighten it again. we've had these ropes for years. does this go on the woman side. it was you know careful it will hurt. or. well get a book i felt dizzy on the tractor this morning and. a.
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lot of people are they going to break up. the good game i don't want to tom cruise said she wants to divorce her husband because he doesn't respect some drunken me. but some group doesn't want them separate he told him if he respects you that's enough the husband isn't very nice to me even though i help him whenever i can. it's a difficult situation with. tom cruise said i only have my mother and some joke and i owe them respect she said my mother is the best in the world and if my husband doesn't respect her it's not going to work this means more to me than my husband does. she said she can't go on living like this so she wants a divorce. how long have they been married. 8 months right it's
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their decision but a divorce would be sad for the child. i was born and raised here and lived with my mother when she. got. my mother was an orphan. child who told. her step mom and step dad brought her here could a mother who. jumped in here got me they had no children of their own so they raised
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my mother. the gun that there would. my mother married at the age of 16. and gave birth to me when she was 18 and jittery and then you got the judge you could thing i looked on. later my father left us. so my mother took care of me and my sister all by herself. that was not easy to do and. you have got a mayor when i was 9 my mom married sandrock. she grew up around d.x. . raising your taxes all she knows. and she can milk them really fast when they get
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. long when it's warm and there's no wind so it's really fun to melt the axe so she's. it makes me happy. she approached me and. i like to milk the animals especially beautiful yaks like ours. mega. us to wake up to come on get a. lot of. what.
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you're going to. go for might be a little startling the blanket over your head and get up now. how can i get my worked on if you don't help me. when you sleep long enough the sums up what if someone came by and saw that you were still in bed one would think if. they. were going to. need. it most are. going to be.
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the longer it will be able to get in my grandparents' time the soil wasn't completely dried out like it is now but you are no more. that you have me there's more wind these days. and you never know when it's going to rain but when it does rain as less than there used to be got your. book you know. you got going you plateau is turning into a desert and life is harder. you
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gotta go to grandpa yeah. i thought you were good you want your pants again on i'm not here but i hope all all all. i'm a. you. know . you would get high on this i was 18 when i married into this family at 1st i didn't know my husband at all a lot with china and but we got used to each other over time and now we have 2 sons . they both go to school the older one is in the 5th grade the younger one in the
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3rd grade chart. they come here during the summer holidays in june. that's the only time we see them all cut down on a march. on the stove has to look nice from both sides otherwise our guests will notice because you can feel. it it should hide our younger son works hard at school. gillett children but the older one hasn't learnt much there he should come back here and look after the animals. childhood too much because in.
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so called you mother the women here work more than the men do. but they help when we move and they look after the animals the women run the household. well. i want you to know there are 12 families in our group a lot of them are related to each other. they weren't. there and i take care of the sheep for everyone who. don't know.
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me not to go to the government cavers there's pasture land at random after they looked at a map you know burning your mud of their mind on. that lease land borders on a desert you're. going to go down your hole we used to be able to go wherever we wanted on. our animals always found enough to eat and if you will come here. but now we have to share the land with others or don't know that. each group can graze its animals only in specific areas you are numbered. 13 when you give the go it's not a good idea to put limits on grazing land. humor that just turns the place into
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a desert even faster you can make your. flocks also have to stay here in the autumn we can't go anywhere else. in the. then that's when they used to be a naked here i mean a lot about. you it was a big because they know. that you're moving them out as a lot less want to end these days. and you think used to be a not for 50 families going there but today if it doesn't rain there's not enough water for even 12 families so no more time than that a mother. may
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have been a vocal critic and then anything they're going to you know really good and then doing it. again if they get really are good. then they haven't actually gone down. and the next at their beck. and call not open until not open and they're going to cut it and not agree.
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with the group. one. of the important. what you really. want to know. and the only. thing that is going to. matter how much is better sell for in town. i do the 13 you want a pound that's not much why did you so. i needed the money. 16 you won. how many blocks of butter did you have any.
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too much pepper you know. streets.
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are. oh yeah look there's a peacock. it will. come out of there don't run away. if. you. do when i was a child there wasn't much desert land here. no big sand dunes either. you know could today when it's really windy the sand gets into our food.
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you know. when it's in the cheese and in the soup there's sand everywhere. going to the well one. your daughter isn't much help to this. day i mean. she can even cook. he said if you ask her to do something she hasn't got a clue she's just lazy so from. the isn't.
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there. so did. you know. that. it was so. good on. you if.
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you. got. the. game. you will. get done burns much cleaner than charcoal does that burns really well done and it's safe to use to it's just grass and water gets out there 10 young joins us. every family has at least one yak. so these animals are sort of sacred to us and they're ours has light brown fur and she's always around maury in the room or you know. she was born when i was a child. we keep these animals until the day they die on the road and we do that to
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honor the spirits our spiritual guides the llamas and our family the day so much walk when. they are. good because there are real problem they dig holes everywhere and they just freeze up more sand. just having the nature down in the world to do humans you know a few years ago the authorities gave us some poison to kill the peak as. dry as sludge all clear it didn't affect them at all but it killed several of our yaks from that most of these currents when they. saw it also killed some vultures and
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other birds but not the because that's when. you know we don't use poisons anymore so it's not right to kill so many animals. you know. well. i could you know we watch this in the lake over there and. it's dried up. good little tashi that's great sweetheart.
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i'm. going. to. the. loose. he. says he's. going to want to. steal the 1st. syllable he. has to. get through. any good but it is what we've got to preserve baseline for children. going to do we want them to be able to live here. and i'm going to if there's no posture line for animals we know matz one survivor so.
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that what you're going to do is not much we can do to stop the desert from spreading. you know except to convert their side with yak and sheep manure but then it would give me the. you're looking for sand land isn't too deep we can try to keep it under control by spreading manure on it. here mounted on that about hugo but once the wind starts
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creating sand dunes it's on ivan and the desert has won you. know. that it did the gin that they built a gold mine up in the mountains 10 or 15 years ago. well that's a lot of people blame the mine for turning the pasture land into doesn't. get enough after the mine opened we had a drought but lasted for 5 or 6 years thereby on.
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the. making it as a last year we stayed somewhere else. but there wasn't enough grass there for the animals so we came here you know which. way.
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we had to sell a yak so that we could pay to use these pastures during the summer. said you need to to get kinda. savage and so this summer will stay here. to see it king didn't. say the land is divided among several families and the plots are very small. been though yes i think that causes problems for the u.s. . there are fences everywhere. so they can't roam around. with. millions of defenses are bad for the animals yaks and sheep need a lot of space and. they feel better when they can go wherever they want since you had use and you just look.
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over a new one we have just as many yanks as we did last year. and more no less this year they're giving less milk through the non-align it diluted to 2 going day it took years and i mean last year it was 2 buckets of milk a day. ahead of mine and this year it's only one you know again. in the. human humans did so in the desert keep spreading.
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me just show you there may not be any grassland by the time my kids grow up which. she would do you assemble and my daughter wants to keep going to school. but we don't have a lot of money and i need her here and hire them i don't tell about the young. i would do but if school will help to make her life better she should keep going. on. to mom to could you read that for me i don't understand it.
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in honor of the buddha who has attained the highest in latin meant. i didn't go to school until i was 11 going to have been forgotten. how do you pronounce about. jennifer dunn the mother used to stay at home but the authorities will punish kids who don't go to school. so i started going to elementary school the 5th year at. and were during your since i was 13 i've been learning at home and using the t.v. and books that i borrow from people who are drawn to. this praise glorification is based on a mantra a basic mantra that has 21 glorification and. if you. look at it. again
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if you look at. the number i'm not. sure. if you think that if you go. to. church. street if you're going to drop the food will you. just get one and are. you going to continue it was just just make. sure you pull in your food. and i just thought.
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that nobody knows about you or maybe. that's you know. she. got on good to into it when it. is a good life. human too and not for better or for worse we were born to be nomads hit with that you beat your. own we could go wherever we wanted but today we argue with the neighbors about which route we're going to take. and there are lots of other problems. war. me. while they are all. on. me all.
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there's been a huge change in our landscape. there's still blast. she left yeah but it's becoming more and more difficult to live and work here no good me go out with a nobody if you could. pick. it up to. do that. or to. do. it but if. you do it. all. for whoa whoa whoa. whoa whoa whoa. whoa whoa whoa whoa whoa what is going
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on when the military acts are. going up and you're looking at their tongues and lips are inflamed. says in my they won't eat in some families a few animals have died. the priest said that we should make a smoke sacrifice that might help us. they say our country is the highest in the world for us. that's why i have no idea how much more. unfortunately well we are the highest country. you have been
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i thought the roof of the well do you i don't people say that to travel to distant cities you have to cross the ocean. that's a lot of water. to go. along. with. too much time long before in front of the facility thinking along. the lines you can do it with water then to one. day you will not i mean really really really really. really really. good.
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no don't call. these houses were commissioned by the chinese government. each family that settles here receives a grant of 7000 you want to get in the. future not all of them do you have. the families are forced to take out a construction lot of 30250000 yuan. pay no interest for the 1st 5 years. you look they've been building here for 3 years and. then there's the london law
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some of. them. good day my baby was born on august 11th. we had no money so we had to borrow from others. it took us all winter to pay off our debts. on the march and we didn't have enough yaks usually one. which wasn't in the. book actually i wanted to go to school and become a nurse just. before my son was born and i always wanted to learn a profession. to john. trudell
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but if i left now i do miss my son and my mother too much. to come out i don't want to go round them not next year. you know. you're. sort of done that you're facing some major challenges you know. something i haven't realized it yet but this land we're not going to be blessed to be where you.
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seem. to be.
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getting. you need. after. grappling with some tricks. to express his feelings i am not very creative yet but i would love to be considered an artist mandate looking for new perspectives on the door and not to be replaced by a previous camera doing things differently and come to the place where we reflect on society on trying to. come to d w. for. the
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global corona trysts you can find more information online fact g.w. dot com and on t.w. social media channels. i was issued when i arrived here i slept with 6 people in a room cinema it was hard i was fair. i even got white hairs that. learning the german language head me a lot so this gives me a little bush maybe to entrap lives and say you want to know their story in the lights were fighting and reliable information for migrants. clock.
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this is d.w. news line from berlin the coronavirus and them it has a new ground 0 new york city has marked more than 500 deaths in a single day medical supplies are running short and the governor is warning the worst is yet to come also coming up testing the antibodies a lab in germany is working on tests that can tell if a person has already built up an immunity to the corona virus something that could help populations return to a more normal one.


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