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tv   DW News  Deutsche Welle  April 29, 2020 11:00pm-11:15pm CEST

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this is g w news. tonight a warning from germany there will be no quick and easy end to the corona virus pandemic germany's health minister today said the country and the world will be dealing with the virus for a long time to come in preparation orders of flu vaccines have been increased to prevent a double whammy viral hit this fall also coming out britain's coronavirus death toll jumps by almost 4500 in one day but is that increase the result of
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a worsening crisis or simply a switch in statistics and india loses an iconic actor who straddled bollywood and hollywood irrfan khan has died at the age of 53. i'm off it's good to have you with us we begin with a stark warning about when the coronavirus pandemic will become history germany's health minister today said the country faces a long haul before approaching any end to the outbreak as a result germany is buying more flu vaccines than usual to prevent a wave of double infections in the fall. the latest figures from the whole bad call institute provided the clearest picture yet as to how the epidemic has developed in
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germany the calculations show when and how many people became infected and when key steps were taken to slow the virus spread the ban on public gatherings took a while to make a noticeable difference the closing of schools brought infections down considerably german health minister spans as the number of registered acute infections in germany has been falling for over 2 weeks and is currently at 37000 but regional differences remain so the government announced that testing will be stepped up even further from nearly half a 1000000 tests last week. will introduce more regular testing in care homes including for asymptomatic patients we're also changing some of the rules for tests to get a better overview of the epidemic and we're introducing compulsory reporting of negative test results you got to return to. work on an antique over
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1000 vaccine in germany has meanwhile taken a step forward minds based company biotech says the 1st group of 12 participants had received a trial vaccine on wednesday. but with the progress of infection still unpredictable across europe germany's foreign ministry has decided to extend its global travel ban until mid june foreign minister said the curate needed to find a coordinated approach. and did let's hear what from over the last 4 weeks we brought 240000 tourists from all over the well back to germany we will not carry out such an operation again this summer which is why a lot will depend on how we got talking with fighting the pandemic here and another country's prime to me because i'm from but once i'm in i'm a member i take it. protest is on pressure groups meanwhile the german government to ease even more of the current restrictions on thursday the state
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premiers of germany's 16 states will reassess the situation with chancellor angela merkel. are let's talk a little bit more about the vat tend to do that i'm joined by our chief political correspondent melinda crean she's here in berlin good evening to you melinda let's take a look again at that graph that we just saw in that report let's pull it up again if we could what we see here are new infections in germany and italy rising and only seem to start falling once the country's schools were shot and it's been mostly downhill since then so the launch of seems to tell is that reopening schools would be a big risk is that the case. yes and i think the authorities are very much aware of that but it is a priority amongst the different measures of relaxing restrictions for one very simple reason surely attendance is mandatory here in germany schools require each
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of those pupils are required to go to school by law and learning at home under the supervision of parents is the absolute exception here in this country so there has been a push to get schools reopened and also for 2 other reasons 1st of all a lot of concern about the effects on pupils being socially isolated particularly kids from vulnerable or troubled families where there may be domestic violence also kids who might have access to digital technologies that are now being used by some teachers for home schooling and finally the burden on parents who are perhaps trying to do work from home and at the same time take care of kids so for all those reasons a priority on reopening schools and at the same time a clear knowledge that it could be a risk so the authorities at both federal and state level have made it clear they are going to be watching that number of how the infection spreads and if it goes up they will be reconsidering this and other measures that relaxation yeah we hope it
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doesn't come to that let's talk a little bit about the vaccine trials that we just heard about and every poor people will see that story and of course they're going to ask does that mean we can all live forward to giving our coded 19 banks a nation's. i wish it were that simple the fact is there's a lot of really exciting innovation going on right now in terms of this search for a vaccine but the head of the w.h.o. warned this evening that this is going to be a difficult past and a path it's going to take a while and he said it's not guaranteed that we're going to get a vaccine at all a couple of reasons for that 1st of all the tests tests will have to proceed very cautiously because there is no treatment or remedy for hope it at the moment therefore if people get seriously ill in the process of testing the vaccine the test will have to be stopped secondly even if vaccines look promising in theory
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they may prove ineffective in practice from past experience with coronaviruses it's pretty clear that people who get them often the immune system forgets that it's had the contagion and essentially resets as if it had never had an experience with your mouth and so that may indicate that it's going to be hard to come up with a long term effect in that scene and then finally even if that scene is there ramping up production is going to take quite some time so no we probably are not going to all be able up forward to a vaccine anytime soon yeah painful as it is to hear that it is the truth tonight w.g. political correspondent linda gray melinda thank you. well here's a quick look now at some of the other stories that are making headlines around the world a fire at a warehouse in south korea has killed at least 30 people and left another 10 injured the blaze broke out in the city of homs some 50 kilometers south of the
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capital so an explosion in the basement is believed to have triggered the fire in germany 2 suspected far right extremists have been charged in connection with last summer's killing of a pro migrant politician valter luka was a member of chancellor angela merkel's c.d.u. party and he had defended the chancers pro refugee policies in his home state of hessen. officials say at least one person has been killed and several others injured in a prison riot in sierra leone's capital freetown a major fire also broke out during the violence the rioting comes 2 days after authorities confirmed an inmate at the prison it tested positive for the coronavirus brazil's president also nado has withdrawn his pick to head up the country's federal police it comes after a supreme court judge blocked the appointment over and alleged conflict of interest wilson had picked a family friend for the post. britain's
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coronavirus death toll has risen by almost 4500 in one day because health officials are now including non-hospital deaths in that tally the total number of deaths in the u.k. attributed to code but 19 l. stands at just over 26000 and that includes people who have died in all settings including nursing homes and care homes the revision means that the u.k. has europe's 2nd highest number of deaths in this pandemic behind. our let's take this now to our correspondents auto parts in london good evening to you as well 1st of all why has the u.k. changed its counting methodology. well the government came under intense pressure in the last weeks just hearing what was going on in care homes and across the communities that people were dying there but that those deaths recorded deaths so finally the government today gave in to that
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pressure and decided to publish these new numbers and they really paint a more true picture of what is going on inside that this country incite the united kingdom how far this virus has really spread and how deadly it has been these numbers suggesting that not only vulnerable and older people are affected here and dying but also for example today this death toll included a 14 year old otherwise healthy boy well that's very disturbing you know given the spread testing in the u.k. there must be worries that the real figure is much higher yeah and those worries they are justifiable we have to say because the government has just not done testing outside of the hospitals up to this week which means that those deaths that were not tested positive for cope at 19 in the community or in
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care homes not recorded and officially named as death so experts know that the care homes saying that people are dying in the hundreds and thousands and that the numbers are much much higher and the office for national statistics another government body takes care of the death count here in the united kingdom suggesting even that the u.k. death toll is now at $40000.00 which would of course make it the most affected country in europe. so much. news of new life the prime minister has announced that he has just become a father again tell us about. he became a father today to a healthy baby boy mother and baby a healthy kerry simmons his fiance a gay boy and a lot and in hospital this morning we don't know more about the circumstances there
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but boris johnson was president and we saw really a beginning joyful prime minister returning to work to downing street after the delivery and the 2 of them of course had a very tough time in the past months when i was johnson being himself treated in intensive care with covert 19 and his highly pregnancy on say self isolating and herself showing symptoms of the virus now they're both recovered they have that healthy baby boy has 6 kids and he is planning he says to take some paternity leave later on this year as he should be for ever heard anyone call him. before. in london thank you. well some sad news tonight bollywood has lost one of its biggest and brightest stars your fun come on the indian born actor who won international acclaim for his roles in the films slumdog millionaire and life of pi has died he'd been suffering from a rare form of cancer. in the
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park a much use companion the terrible would. disappear forever from the way. the life of pi one of their fun cannes international film highlights in which he plays a shipwreck survivor who spends months on a boat with a tiger called richard pucca. face and other box office hits like unfun oh cool staring with tom hanks the indian actor game visibility around the world while keeping both feet on the ground he was very don't you never believe that's. true. the son of a tie a seller started his body what career in 1988 in 2009 he starred in slumdog millionaire which came out of nowhere to win 8 academy awards but his life
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took a tragic turn in 2018 when he was diagnosed with cancer because of a selfie i mean you were suffering for quite some time. but we both hoping that you would recover and you would be able to see more of the months between the news of his death at only age 53 in a hospital in mumbai has devastated his fans and india's film community he leaves a wife and 2 sons behind. i suppose in the end the whole of life becomes an act of letting go. but it always hurts the most. is not taking a moment to say good bye. bye was locked down in france has made it difficult for many to exercise even extreme athletes well they're having to learn to adjust. no gear is a free runner who usually scales the most famous buildings in paris but now he's
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limited to taking 2 routes that are within 2 kilometers of his apartment 25 year old says he's noticed the air is now a lot fresher with less traffic. there. what is up next with his fresh business news he'll be right back stick around for that. corona trysts you can find more information online at g.w. dot com and on to media channels.


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