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every day. and i watch you 2. this is deed of lean years live from berlin germany and answers new measures for dealing with the coronavirus the country's health minister warns the virus will be here for a long time to come in preparation orders of flu vaccines have been increased to prevent a double whammy viral hit this fall also coming up britain's coronavirus death toll jumps by almost 4500 in one day but is that increase the result of
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a worsening crisis will simply switch in statistics. and india loses an iconic actor to move between bollywood and hollywood and cast has died aged 53. i'm told me a lot of boy it's good to have you with us we begin with a star warning from germany's health minister he says there will be no swift and to the coronavirus and damage as a result germany is introducing new measures for the for dealing with the virus long term including more testing and stocking up on additional flu vaccines to prevent a wave of double infections in the fall. the latest figures from the whole bad call institute provided the clearest picture yet as to how the epidemic has developed in germany the calculations show when and how many people became infected and when key
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steps were taken to slow the virus spread the ban on public gatherings took a while to make a noticeable difference the closing of schools brought infections down considerably . german health minister sponsors the number of registered acute infections in germany has been falling for over 2 weeks and is currently at 37000 but regional differences remain so the government announced that testing will be stepped up even further from nearly half a 1000000 tests last week. we feel it will miss levy will introduce more regular testing in care homes including for 8 symptomatic patients we're also changing some of the rules for tests to get a better overview of the epidemic and we're introducing compulsory reporting of negative test results in the eager to return to. work on an antique over 1000 vaccine in germany has meanwhile taken
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a step forward mind based company biotech says the 1st group of 12 participants had received a trial vaccine on wednesday. but with the progress of infection still unpredictable across europe germany's foreign ministry has decided to extend its global travel ban until mid june foreign minister said that europe needed to find a coordinated approach. over the last 4 weeks we brought 240000 tourists from all over the world back to germany we will not carry out such an operation again this summer which is why a lot will depend on how we get on with fighting the pandemic here and in other countries pardon me because i'm for one so remember the. protesters and pressure groups meanwhile are urging the german government to ease even more of the current restrictions on thursday the state premiers of germany's 16 states will reassess the situation with chancellor angela merkel. now
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reopening economy schools is of course uncharted territory for policymakers in this let's return to the graph we saw in that room. what if we could bring it back up and we see new infections in germany initially rising and only seeming to start falling once the country's schools were shot and it's been mostly downhill since then so doesn't real planning schools polls a big risk as what we asked you w.'s chief political correspondent belinda crane. indeed it does the reason that they are taking this step as part of the overall relaxation of restrictions is that schooling is considered high priority going to school is mandatory here in germany it's an absolute exception that preparing have been homeschooling their kids for the last 6 weeks and there's also concern about the welfare of children especially children from vulnerable families troubled
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families who might be subject to domestic violence also concerned for privileged less privileged children who perhaps don't have access to the digital tools that many teachers have now been using so for all those reasons there is a strong push to get schools back up and running and at the same time all authorities at both state level that's where school policy is handled and also at federal level are saying we will be carefully watching the results of what is essentially an experiment this is a tradeoff and if they see the reproduction rate of the infection increasing once again and frankly it has already been increasing some it's now close to one again meaning that for every person who gets khurana they infect another person if that rate continues to go up when the schools are reopened then you can be certain that measures will be taken probably to at least decrease the number of people who are
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once again attending school. and as we've mentioned their schools are preparing to reopen next week here in germany under the government's plan to begin lifting restrictions schools closed in mid march leaving many families struggling to adjust to the challenge of home schooling now teachers are facing a different challenge bringing lessons back to the classroom while keeping the students safe. this is the astrodome grand elementary school not far from mind. stuff they are getting ready for the children's return to school new physical distancing rules means a maximum of 12 pupils are allowed in the classroom 2. but distancing begins before the children even enter the narrow hallways. i'm going we've made markings out in front of the school where the children were lined up each child was only then be allowed to enter the classroom individually. and we think it will take
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around 2 or 3 minutes to get each child into their seat so will probably take 10 children around 20 or 30 minutes. from sponsors cries from the. new measures mean tabletops and door handles must be thoroughly disinfected daily something the school also has to organize along with making sure there's always enough soap and disinfection liquid available. at the 1st stops of arrived but the school's principal is hoping for more help from the government troops must be on the school needs an adequate supply of facemasks we can't assume each child will always bring his or her own we have to have enough on hand so everyone can wear one and if they receive we have to be able to replace them immediately so. one major challenge for the school staff is how the children will spend their breaks once they're back. i am happy that we can go back to school i can't wait to see my teacher and my friends again but it won't be the same especially during recess.
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my classmates again will be hard because we will have to keep our distance. to not call her mother is not sure that all the children will be able to maintain their distance either. for that reason some parents would prefer to continue home schooling their children. their business or. we all know that it at least until the summer holidays classes will not be the same as before the coronavirus prices. i don't know if it's worth taking the risk for the small amount of learning that is possible under these circumstances. the principal has already been getting calls from worried parents showing understanding in consideration is crucial she live music in a moment i wouldn't require these children to return to school the alternative would be homeschooling but i would like the education ministry to supply clear
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guidelines on how we as teachers should deal with parents who feel this way 5 minutes president at. the school will also have to continue offering childcare services. the principal is concerned but more parents will be needing this service so they can go back to work but maybe he's worried with an increase in the number of children needing care physical distancing will become all the more difficult. brief look at some other stories making headlines around the world. in germany 2 suspected far right extremists have been charged in connection with last summer's killing of a pro migrant politician all to loko was a member of angela merkel's party and had defended her pro refugee policies in his home state of hessen. a fire at a warehouse in south korea has killed at least $38.00 people and left another 10 injured the blaze broke out in the city of engines some 50 kilometers south of the capital seoul an explosion in the basement is believed to have triggered the fire.
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officials say at least one person has been killed and several others injured in the prison riot in syrian's capital freetown a major fire also broke out during the violence the rioting comes 2 days after authorities confirmed an inmate of the prison had tested positive for the corona virus. britain's coronavirus death toll has risen by almost 4500 in one day because health officials are not including deaths outside of hospitals in the count the total number of deaths in the u.k. attribute it to covert 19 now stands at just over $26000.00 and includes people who have died in all settings including nursing and care homes the revision means the u.k. now has the world's highest death toll after the u.s. and israeli. earlier we spoke to correspondents. in london and austin why the u.k.
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has changed the way it's reporting coronavirus deaths well the government came under intense pressure in the last weeks just hearing what was going on in care homes and across the communities that people were dying there but that those deaths were recorded as deaths so finally the government today gave in to that pressure and decided to publish these new numbers and they really paint a more true picture of what is going on inside this country inside the united kingdom how far this virus has spread and how deadly it has been these numbers suggesting that not only vulnerable and older people are affected here and dying but also for example today this death toll included a 14 year old otherwise healthy boy the government has just not done testing outside of the hospitals up to this week which means that those deaths that were not tested positive for cope at 19 in the community or in care homes not
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recorded and officially named as desk so experts nurses and that the care homes care saying that people are dying in the hundreds and thousands and that the numbers are much much higher and the office for national statistics another government body it takes care of the death count here in the united kingdom suggesting even that the u.k. death toll is now at $40000.00 which would of course make it the most effective country in europe. some sad news now and bollywood has lost one of its biggest and brightest stars a fan kept the indian born actor who won international acclaim for his roles in the film slumdog millionaire and life of pi has died at the age of 53 he'd been suffering from a rare form of cancer. in the park and use companion to terrible.
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disappear forever from. the life of pi one of the fun cannes international film highlights in which he plays a shipwreck survivor who spends months on a boat with a tiger called richard parker. face and other box office hits like inferno core staring with tom hanks the indian actor game visibility around the world while keeping both feet on the ground he was very don't you never believe that's. true. the son of a tie a seller started his bollywood career in 1988 in 2009 he starred in slumdog millionaire which came out of nowhere to win 8 academy awards but his life took a tragic turn in 2018 when he was diagnosed with cancer it was
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a very sloppy i mean you were suffering for quite some time. but we were hoping that he would recover and you would be able to see more of the months between the news of his death at only age 53 in a hospital in mumbai has devastated his fans and india's film community he leaves a wife and 2 sons behind i suppose in the end the whole of life becomes an act of letting go. it would always hurts the most. is not taking a moment to say goodbye. now the coronavirus lockdown and france has made it difficult for many to exercise even extreme athletes are having to learn to adjust simoneau game is if we run a who uses we usually scales the most famous buildings in paris but now he's limited to taking 2 roofs that are within 2 kilometers of his apartment a 25 year old says he's noticed that the air is
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a lot fresher now that there is less traffic. you're watching news come to you from berlin there's more news on our website it's d.w. dot com follow us on twitter and instagram as well we at the news told me a lot of fun thanks for joining us. it's a deadly sin. and a whim of nature. into motivates us. and threatens to ruin us and. greed.


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