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tv   Business - News  Deutsche Welle  May 7, 2020 1:15am-1:31am CEST

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and finally the iconic german electronic band cuff back has lost one of its founding members phil han schneider died aged 73 after a battle with cancer coughing achieved international fame in the 1970 s. with hits like dust. and trance europe expressed the band's pioneering electronic sounds as crowd said with influencing john rest ranging from hip hop to techno well if you know with the music off the cuff back. in your. own. hey listen up. that's more video game music sounded like 30 years ago. today these tracks take the experience to a doctor level a sense to him talk composer nobu boycotts are. featured in limbo known drug
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use music spent on to cure stops sounds good. video game music on d w. the european union has entered the deepest economic recession in its history the e.u. commission says the block's economy is expected to contract by a massive 7.4 percent this year because of the coronavirus. also coming up as germany clears the way to ease more restrictions we take stock of how the lock down
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intact at the countries of the rural economy to. back up your business i want to get jones and berlin good to have you with us all economies around the world are grappling with the fallout from coronavirus lockdown measures in germany the all important manufacturing sector is among those hardest hit new figures show industrial orders in march fell by more than 15 percent the lowest level in 3 decades this is demands of those at home and abroad plunged as a result of the pandemic are things also look bad for the rest of the e.u. on wednesday the bloc released its spring forecast for 2020 it makes for grim reading with the expected contraction for the year set to comfortably be the biggest ever after more than 2 months of lockdown romans are slowly getting used to spending a little money in their neighborhoods again citizens and many other e.u. countries are taking similarly tentative steps towards normality but the economic damage already done across the 27 country block by covert 19 has been severe.
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economic. growth around. and. and the result of all that the e.u. forecasts that its economy will fall by a massive 7.4 percent in 2020 the worst fall since the e.u. was founded in 19581 employment in the e.u. is forecast to rise by nearly 2 percent up to 9 percent for 2020. while the
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impact will be felt across the continent some countries will be hit harder than others italy and spain 2 of the worst hit contraries are forecast to suffer contractions of around 9.5 percent each more than france and germany they used 2 biggest economies it's not all bad news at least e.u. officials said they expect the economy to slowly recover in the 2nd half of 2020 before a sharp bounce back and 2021 but for those gradually emerging from lockdowns that probably still feels a long way off. over those in germany's tourism sector the travel restrictions cannot be east soon enough the hits to revenue is expected to cost around $24000000000.00 euros is a look at how the recent weeks have impacted germany's rural economy. it is a children's paradise without the children. a relaxing retreat longing for tired
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periods. and animal lovers dream unfulfilled. for more than 2 months no. one hour from berlin has been closed to guests and the coronavirus lock down is costing them thousands of euros every week. we hung financial we have a huge losses every month we have no literally 0 earnings anymore only outgoings because the horses still need to be careful they need to eat that costs money we have high fixed costs for the houses. on a hit once the government to relax the restrictions for businesses like cars she says guests can keep a safe distance in her rental homes and it apart unlike in hotels lunchables than her in some states have started to at least developed a concept for reopening and we really hope that we will be allowed to open up for us as far as though. we really wish for that in the
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farmyard yet more reverence of the knock on effects of the pandemic. faria port says come to pedicure the horses he's also losing money as customers avoid expensive work like fitting iron horse shoes. and pia one of the farms for employees who's been placed on leave but she still comes every day just. because the animals a did to my heart when it comes to the animals i'm susceptible to blackmail i know that if i don't do it then nobody will. at this nearby dairy farm it's a different story it's not just the newborn calves who are enjoying their milk the farmer says that since the coronavirus hit more and more customers are now coming direct to fill up their milk bottles. it worth more than 4 and up with tourists have disappeared completely but people who would normally go to the
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supermarket don't want to go to the shops anymore. that they are coming to the farm to buy the products directly where they are produced in your part of your call. back in the race to half garden corner frank is preparing the hammocks for the summer season. free to take a brief pause before the busier times that hopefully lie ahead. and over to the us now which seems to be in a hurry to emerge from the lock down a son wanted to soon others can't wait to get back to business and score to a standing by now he of course keeps an eye on the market out be it from a safe distance against which group is wall street belonging to the impatient ones all those who caution. most people clearly would love to see the economy reopening slowly again but they're also very well aware of the risks but actually one topic that as cynical as it might sound is really
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getting does cross get discussed quite heavily right now is liability is so what happens if a business is reopened and the employees get sick of what happens if customers catch the virus so who's liable and that is an issue that is not fully solved yet we have some examples for example in the producing industry where it's up to the employees to make sure that they're safe but what investors on wall street do not want to see is that after the corona wave we might see a litigation wave right and refinance what do we know about the economic impact so far well it's quite shocking what we're seeing right now especially here on wednesday when we got their monthly numbers for april for the private sector more than 20000000 jobs got lost just in the months of april the worst month
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so far had been february of 2009 when 830000 people lost their jobs now more than $20000000.00 so truly shocking numbers now on thursday we will get the weekly numbers for the unemployment claims and then on friday we will get the big jobs numbers from the labor department for the month of april but it's quite obvious they won't be pretty gentle caught in new york thank you so much for this update. and alpha brief look at some other business stories making the news around the welt . american car manufacturer g.m. aims to restart most of its north american production on may the 18th it's also reported a stronger than expected quarterly profit despite the u.s. lock down the automaker had previously suspended its 2020 profit outlook because of the pandemic. the united states has told the world trade
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organization it's no longer offering tax breaks to airspace draw and boeing an ounce meant comes after the w t o upheld in the e.u. complaint which claimed the subsidies violated global trade rules disputes could have led to billions of dollars in punitive measures. economic activity in russia has plunged 33 percent due to the country's lockdown measures which were imposed in late march president vladimir putin has want to lock down could be expanded as the corona virus continues to spread throughout the country. now lockdown measures are hurting economies around the globe but they're especially painful for those living in poorer countries like many in latin america in peru construction workers took to the streets today demanding government aid now while most people stick to the lockdown rules they're increasingly worried about how to make ends meet.
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here in lima people and those strangers to disease control 19 years ago peru suffered a cholera epidemic that harrowing experience means most peruvians are prepared to adhere to the current lockdown regulations but they won't be able to afford to for too long. or look at me do i can't stay at home where am i supposed to get money for food i have a family to feed. the government has recommended that people buy enough groceries for a month and then stay at home but few can actually do that most simply can't afford to do so much shopping in one go many peruvians have informal jobs they're paid on a daily basis. it's a similar picture across south america the tough regulations are pushing the very poorest in particular further towards the brink now some are starting to push back
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in so much air in colombia for example several families have occupied this residential complex. most of us street sellers because of the pandemic we're not earning anything and can't pay our rent. so landlords are throwing us out of our homes. the squatters see their action as an appeal to the government to increase its support for the poor some countries have now implemented aid programs for the needy because of fears of social unrest. from me and the business team here in berlin for more to check out our website at a d w dot com business that asked thanks for joining and to stay healthy. he
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spent his whole working life toiling at a minus who now is 45. and penniless. just hours orderly just get an order in order mary. gearin can turn any one minor after another contract black lung disease . or worse a more cases they'll ever have an in out of states. leaving their victims to fend
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for themselves and global 3000. next d.w. are. entering the conflict zone with tim sebastian it's not as if scientists honeymooning for a long time about the polemics but the politicians didn't seem to take much notice lack of preparation is now becoming my guest this week from brussels is the european commission of the whole affair as young handsome why do you believe he'll get it so wrong conflict zone. in 60 minutes fantine w. europe and the end of world war 2. may 1945 brought an end to the destruction suffering and death. and to mark a new beginning of european cooperation. d.w.m.
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celebrates the 75th anniversary of. the end of the 2nd floor a mandate on t.w. . the global corona crisis you can find more information online in fact d.w. dot com and on t.w. social media channels. global 3000 thanks for joining us in guatemala gang warfare casts a shadow of a daily life what does that mean for young people dreaming of a better future. a few months ago mozambique.


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