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loser of course from a destroyed city. philippines in the us starts in a 20 year long d.w. . ringback this is the w. news and day's top stories. says germany has now passed the 1st phase of the coronavirus pandemic allowing further easing of the lockdown restaurants hotels and more shops can reopen but restrictions will be reimposed if infections spike again. a gas leak at
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a chemical factory in south eastern india has left several people dead and up to a 1000 ill officials said styrene gases from the plant as villages were sleeping hundreds of people have been hospitalised. china's exports unexpectedly rose by 3.5 percent in april despite the ongoing covert 19 pandemic and its destructive effect on the global economy but the outlook for china's exports remains bleak because of a likely global recession. iraq has a new prime minister the former intelligence chief most of all condemning he was sworn in after lawmakers approved his cabinet lineup and in 5 months of political deadlock his government faces an array of problems this is the news from berlin you can follow us on twitter. news and visit our website w dot com. and
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accept from the logbook of captain james cook. wednesday september the 60 we're in the utmost danger i'm sorry convinced that mr stevens chart is incorrect and not mine we turn to the northeast in the belief that this was the best direction in which to clear the codes the night was dark with sunder lightning and rain as day dawned dangerous breakers could be seen on the coast heavy seas swept over the full
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day. with the wind turning more and more in an easterly direction it was going to be able to maintain a slight distance from the reverse what made our situation even more alarming was the loss of the main topsail which was torn off you have no visible contact with the discovery which was saving some distance away to the. may god have mercy on us or. critics lies on the river thames several kilometers downstream from london for centuries it has been the heart of brick you see for he was from here the great naval figures like francis drake james cook and lord nelson set out to conquer the 7 seas and he had to that the english crown waited impatiently for the return of its heroes. even though greenwich now lives in the shadow of the high rise blocks of canary wharf. the name of this london suburb is still
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familiar to sail as the world over the prime meridian which divides the earth into an eastern and a western half runs through greenwich. in 1675 as a christopher wren the architect who designed some poles to feed will build an observatory on a hill in the south of the park make. the building was commissioned by king charles the 1st in order that the tables showing the movements of the celestial bodies and the positions of the fixed stars might be corrected with the greatest possible care and accuracy the aim being to determine lines of language you did see and thus to perfect the art of navigation.
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the problem of the time lane fixing the precise position of a ship in the vast expanse of the ocean say listen been able to work out the degree of latitude ever since antiquity is simply measure the angle between the sun the horizon but what if the horizon was moving up and down the sun was obscured by clouds and how above all to the degree of long it should be ditto. legs that knowledge of the heavens it was thought to provide a solution to the longest huge problem. the 1st astronomer to end a service for the king in the navy was john flamsteed night after night for more than 40 years he studied the stars in the sky over grant which flamsteed recorded his observations in a unique book his atlas cholesky s. was the most precise astronomical one of his day but he too was unable to provide a definitive solution to the process. room of determining long if you did see. what
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was a captain to do on cloudy nights how could he fix his position on days when the moon was changing. the wrong if you problem was to puzzle the seafaring nations for almost another 100 years today the age of satellite navigation night after night a laser beam serves as a reminder of the prime meridian which is an imaginary line that circles the globe from greenwich. queen's house is the oldest building in greenwich park commissioned by queen anne of denmark the wife of james the 1st it was designed by inigo joe. jones is architecture brought the renascence to in. the villas of andres palantir served as a model when inigo jones created this building to the delight of his.
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mathematics in structural picture of divine harmony. in 6089 queen mary the 2nd commissions a christopher wren to draw up fans full royal naval hospital. the architects 1st draft met with disapproval because the thames would no longer being visible from queen's park so man had to go back to the drawing board the result was a building comprised of 2 with the space center providing a clear view of the little queen's house.
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the motto of the royal naval hospital could have been aura at labadee prayed and what the royal chapel was billed as a place where the veterans of the crowns navy might find salvation. the interior of the church was designed by james athenian stuart and william muta. following 851779 they renovated the originally baroque church in classical style. made by samuel greening so. 77 the organ is regarded as the finest in the whole of england today the melody played by the musical director of the maya chapel.
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neutralise hams while mabel hospital looks quite magnificent yet it enjoyed only moderate popularity with its resident men who spent most of their adult life in the spot conditions that existed at sea found it hard in old age to get accustomed to the extravagant opulence of the rock architecture and certainly not on the daily round was marked by military drill and pool food as one old talking planed pillars colonnades unsealing dress goes don't exactly go hand in hand with pickled beef and flattery all that's been watered down. the heart of the naval hospital is the painted hole sabs is a dining it seeks more than 300 that is
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a mark of respect this by office. the painted hole does food justice to its name freshness cover every will make a huge hole and they will all painted by james for him to work on the room for a team he. was paid $6685.00 pounds for his. it's. this is not enough king george the 1st was not prepared to increase for children numeration instead he raised the artist to the stock as the painted hole was suggestions for his masterpiece the acme of the rocking.
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69 the royal naval hospital was closed down veterans of her majesty's navy preferred to spend that declining years in less blended surroundings the building became the royal naval college and itself since then as a training center for naval offices. but back to the problem determining the degree of luggage you caught was it finally solved. visitors will find the onza in the royal observatory at greenwich the puzzle was solved not by a physicist or a ron astronomer but by an ordinary common to from southern england john harrison at the age of 22 john harrison built his 1st chronometer he spent 60 years of his life studying how time could be measured precisely his premise was that if
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a navigator at sea knew the exact time in his home port then from the difference between that time and the time on board ship he could calculate the position of the vessel in degrees latitude and long it cheap. for centuries no one had been able to make a clock that measured the time accurately at sea without being influenced by fluctuations in temperature or humidity oh by the ship's motion and that was john harrison's great achievement. the h 4 is the size of a pocket watch and it represents the sum of harrison skills on a 12 week trial voyage in 761 this little chronometer deviated from greenwich mean time by only 5 seconds. in 1900 for an international conference was held in washington d.c. but which 41 delegates from 25 nations agreed to be clad the line of long beach you
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don't which greenwich leg as the prime meridian in doing so they merely confirmed what had long become standard nautical practice because once harrison's method of determining long get you to gain acceptance mordred more katanga has world wide and set the prime meridian on that chance for 200 years scientists have sought to make navigation at sea more accurate in greenwich. than today as it has done for the last $170.00 is every day of 1300 hours greenwich mean time a red bull slides down from the top of the observatory an optical signal to all captains leaving port to set the ships chronometer. because what held true for captain james cook still applies today any navigator who wants to know the exact
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position of his ship at sea must 1st know precisely what time it is in direct.
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combating the corona pandemic. where does research stand. what are scientists learning. background information and news. our corona update. with 19 special next on d.


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