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the philippines in the us starts may 20th on w. . this is due to be a news live from berlin new safety precautions at the white house those working for us president donald trump in the works west wing have been ordered to wear face masks this after 2 staff members test positive for a covert 19 sending a number of staff members into quarantine also coming up. there on the front line of the coronavirus pandemic but on today international nurses day many nurses say
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they're still not getting the protection they need as they risk their health and lives. and instead of cash this e.t.n. dispenses rice to indonesians struggling because of the program virus restrictions those restrictions are pushed millions of people deeper into poverty. i'm brian thomas great to have you with us today the crow virus has reached one of the most secure structures in the world the white house people working with us president donald trump have been instructed to wear face masks that after 2 aides tested positive for covert 19 now the virus has so far killed more than 80000 people in the u.s. the new infections at the white house come as the president pressures state
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governors to relax and demick restrictions. a swift change in attitude as the white house scrambles to prevent the corona virus from spreading among employees everyone entering the west wing where the president works must wear a face mask that is almost everyone president donald trump has refrained from wearing a mask in public and private and says he still doesn't see the need. of their certain distance for mayor of there are certain distance from each other they do. in the case of me i'm not that i'm not close to anybody i'd like to be close to these 2 gentlemen they're hardworking great men but they just said frankly let's keep it this way so obviously in my case i'm very far away from everyone the new facemask directive comes after 2 staffers tested positive for coverage 19 katie miller the spokeswoman for vice president mike pence and one of president trump's own valley it's pens is now in south isolation along with 3 other high profile
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members of the government's current virus task force they include leading epidemiologists dr anthony fauci the face of the administration's response officials at the white house say that stouffer's are being tested regularly but employees and reporters working in the west wing have been voicing concerns over their safety the west wing is a very old workspace lots of small offices next to one another some of them don't even have windows the ones that you have windows i'm not even certain they can open the windows or fresh air because of security concerns and everyone is asking each other in these narrow hallways going back and forth multiple meetings every day as officials try to contain the virus within the white house president trump is continuing to urge u.s. states to reopen their economies despite many wondering if it's still too soon.
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earlier we spoke with g.w. correspond stephan simmons about whether the u.s. economy can reopen with all this uncertainty about the spread of the virus that's the key question in across the country how do you restart the economy if you don't know really how widespread the virus is be as soon as you open the country up a little bit local communities open up for business again and states open up for business again. and the numbers are then in the charge after e up north again so there is no and there's a trust issue of course people need to believe that they are safe before they go to work otherwise nobody's going to work and you do not open the economy that so that's the quote. the big problem here for the president and everybody involved with solving this problem stefan seaman's there well among those at the forefront of the struggle to contain the pandemic are nurses and since today's
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international nurses day we're focusing on the sacrifices that they've been making to save lives our next report starts with a look at the woman credited with creating the modern profession florence nightingale today also marks her birth 200 years ago. the original queen of hygiene florence nightingale she revolutionized battlefield medicine during the crimean war when more british soldiers were dying of infections than battle will the principles remain is just exactly the same today as they did you i'm just going to meet you is you need to wash your hands and you need to make sure that the environment is incredibly clean. and. thanks treating patients and the need for ventilation the coronavirus pandemic has overwhelmed hospitals around the world that's led many nurses to protest from peru to washington d.c.
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outside the white house are using our point across the country and we demand to be heard. president from hamburg and all other government that if we demand that you immediately get b.p. to doctor and health care workers on the promise of the damage. if you don't protect that we can't protect our feet. in senegal this nurse says there's a strong sense of duty in the profession. we have no choice from the moment you set out to become a nurse to practice this profession and i think it's a source of pride to be a nurse to be able to help people to be able to help them recover their health. one person who does appreciate nurses street artist banksy whose latest work game changer is on display at a london hospital. and we're joined now by the
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european federation nurses association secretary general told iraq from brussels thanks so much for being with us paul let me thank you and everyone in your profession for all you've been doing during this crisis an estimated 179 health care staff in britain alone have died during this pandemic many of them nurses what's the biggest risk that they're facing in this pandemic. i think that been done it came to us quite suddenly so many member states in the european union including the commission itself was not prepared for this and not such a protection equipment that we need to have in order to go next to the patient to wash the patients and feed the patients to nudge the banks and what's not available so even from people on a crisis in 2014 enough and wrote a report at that time the title last week are not prepared at the next result
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old prepare and then next report you have and make to the end recommendations released government give your nurses your physicians who are from flying who are taking care of the patients that b.p. east the masks to mock the aerials that they need to protect themselves and i think everybody trying to do will get best ok paul that report was a 6 years ago calling for protection equipment what went wrong why did national governments why did the european commission brussels not listen to your call for help. i think in that time to maximum berkshire mid-on help was that preparedness and border crisis you know we had a few noses who came to london to muggeridge who were defected gain from from africa but you know disband that mickey stoically different as
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a totally different scale and do 2 governments by surprise also the next of course the nation you know the commission has no there is still this subsidiarity principle and you know in relation to held governments has always said yes but this is not your responsibility until you have a serious problem and then you miss out on the time so we have always said please make sure that the 16 recommendations that are in that report they are huge to build today and we are not knocking much we just passed the things that we need to do our job properly and to not good or selves at risk using could be very simple to get masks and gloves to the people who need it most paul thank you so very much we have to leave it there thank you for all your work and we'd like to recognize you on this international nurses day people in your profession thank you be
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welcome. well our next report now in an asia suffered 2nd highest death toll from covert 1000 behind china and in the past 6 weeks the partial lockdowns to prevent the spread of the coronavirus of cost more than 2000000 indonesians their jobs now to help its citizens overcome these hard times the government's turning to a novel form of social welfare. this isn't your typical a.t.m. machine instead of cash it pumps out another valuable commodity. for rice. for free. the one and a half kilo rice rations help these residents near jakarta who are struggling to make ends meet because of the coronavirus.
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i was laid off by my company last week and my husband was laid off too without severance pay although it isn't a lot it's still very helpful. those eligible are given special rice a.t.m. cards which they can take to the dispenser to collect their daily ration of rice. every day we prepare one and a half tons of rice for around a 1000 residents multiply that by 2 months we'll continue doing it every day without rist even on weekends we will keep distributing. according to the government the pandemic has set back its efforts to eradicate poverty by an entire decade. restrictions are being eased to allow markets like this one in central java to reopen even though it's still not clear if indonesia's covert 19 curve has been sufficiently flattened what is certain is that
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initiatives like this rice a.t.m. are needed to keep those who are struggling from going hungry. we have some sports is now in football the presidents of spain's top football divisional the go down to 5 june 12th to get the spanish season back up and running as will be the case when german football restarts this weekend. league games could be played behind closed doors controversy regular testing compulsorily compulsory for all players but how german football fares this weekend could have a huge impact on whether other nations do decide to follow suit. real madrid were one of many spanish top flight clubs to restart training this week with league officials planning a return to action as soon as possible time is of the essence to get fit but with strict lockdown regulations still in place that might be easier said than done
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league president have a table that is hopeful the season can resume on june 12th but suggested that could change if infection levels increase across spain the 2nd most affected nation worldwide in terms of confirmed coronavirus cases. i'd like it to be june 12th but we have to be careful it will depend on many factors such as a potential rise in infections factors which don't depend on football but on spanish society spain would become the 2nd of europe's top 5 leagues to restart with the pundits league is scheduled to resume at the weekend as in germany confirmed legal stars will undergo regular testing but the least the chances of on field infection a negligible. it was meted out to $22.00 players on the pitch the most time one would spend within a metre of another is 67 seconds and not face to face for the virus to be transmitted they'd have to be at that proximity for more than 15 minutes and that
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won't happen. but they can think it's going to start. with clubs in desperate need of broadcast revenue players have publicly backed the announcement though rather than fears of infection barcelona defender gerrard piquet stressed the importance of allowing time for players to train to match fitness. and i think we have to keep in mind if we are really ready specially because of the risk of injury. we have to put on a good show but we also have to think of the players. i know how v.a. does but if i can give my opinion a few more days of training wouldn't be bad. one of the other muslims don't know. we have nothing concrete yet in place much could depend on whether the pundits leaders return run smoothly this weekend. let's get your minder now of our top story at this hour staff at the white house have been told they must wear face
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masks after 2 aides tested positive for covert 19 a number of the coronavirus task force members are now in self isolation. this is due to be news live from berlin don't forget there's always more than a website you can also follow us on twitter of course instagram as well i'm brian thomas for the entire news team thanks. comparing the corona pandemic. where does research stand. what are scientists learning.


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