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called content monitors to take place scrub terrifying images from online platforms . are if a job or starvation wage the strain it is enormous. the cleaners social media's shadow industry starts june 8th on g.w. . the city of a key toss on the amazon river is home to some half a 1000000 people. surrounded by water and rain forest it's the biggest city in the world that can't be accessed by rote. people who can't afford and travel or have too much luggage can only reach the city by boat if i told. that idea once we were stuck for 3 days we had to wait on the ship until the water rose high enough. it made. the peruvian government has plans to
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change that situation the intro via projects involves dredging the amazons tributaries to create a multi national network of deep water highways that can be navigated by big ships all year round but it will improve the transportation of goods but local people will also benefit. but many of the people who live here on skeptical. all too often in the past they've seen promises of development only bring them hot shifts who does the river belong to our journey is full of encounters with magical river spirits but primarily with people for whom life by the river means everything.
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law is a porter he's gonna have to work but it's a back breaking job. where being a sack of rice on your back weighs 50 kilos so that's $100.00 kilos for 2 sacks every day we are not a truck full which adds up to several tons of. logic and his colleagues spend about 3 hours loading and unloading then they have to take a break it takes quite a while to load up a boat this size. we're in the port city of your remark wes this is where the road ends everything that needs transporting to a key toss or even further to brazil has to be packed on to back.
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we had water 3 as an aging cargo ship that also transports passengers. this is the only large boat that will be setting off from your remark was over the next few days. while the workers load the last sacks and boxes of cargo on board the harbor master talks optimistically about the future. if you. will see progress here soon. peruvian and personal and all other boats passing through here will be able to travel in all seasons and with. the harbor master dreams of one day seeing a fully fledged container terminal here that's what the peruvian government is planning although so far there's only a promotional video for you. that you drove here is a sprawling infrastructure project involving the dredging of 3 major tributaries of
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the amazon the aim is to create shipping channels that are at least 56 meters wide and deep enough for larger ships. the other a chinese company is set to begin work soon the initial investments amount to just under $100000000.00 the additional costs for expanding and maintaining harbor facilities along nearly 3000 kilometers of river are nearly impossible to estimate . and expensive system of shipping waterways that will open up new opportunities right now when the water level is low ships can only operate during the day not at night this project will significantly improve transportation lines. but that's all in the future for the time being traitors and passengers are. maine dependent on boats like the eduardo 3. it will take 3 days and 3 nights to make it to a key tops assuming nothing goes wrong. the. same
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pair says the ship's captain he's been saving the amazon for 25 years for him it's not just a job but a calling. for help but i mean i love it navigating your way along these rivers is a real art. i inherited the talent from my father only i'm his only son to have carried on the tradition and i hope the generation after me will continue to make it as i believe have a bit of value of the. day if it means a lot to me. you are good but when i think of which of. these days captain connors doesn't spend much time at the helm you know hands other people to do that job for him. like water salazar who's also been on the job for
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decades sailing on sunshine and waters takes a great deal of experience. with his if you have to be familiar with the river and keep a lookout for shifting sand banks they're really dangerous. if you run into one anything can happen that the ship can capsize. well it was. small about sa at an advantage in the shallow waters pumpin mainly used for shorter distances they're essentially river passes the tickets are expensive and there's a limit on how much nugget you can take on board the for. make frequent stops along the shore seemingly in the middle of nowhere to pick up or drop off passengers. to. israel
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galliano lives in the peruvian capital lima with his children and his wife at the piano the family's going to visit israel's parents who live in the town of lacuna us deep in the amazon israel hasn't been home in 15 years. so if. i'm going to introduce my family to my parents. i want my wife and children to see where it grew up. i want to show them our customs. and what life is like in the amazon. but that they love it that it's lovely here so much nature and no airplay. it's so loud in the city. here you feel much more free i love that. catriona doesn't mean she feels a bit uneasy she's nervous about her 1st meeting with her parents in law but also
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about the water. play this is the 1st time i've been on a boat so i have a bit afraid but i'm sure that we'll write safely. they'll be spending a few weeks in la going us compared to the city it's a different worlds they're welcomed with fresh fruit is rather naturally on his young son seems to be taking it all in his stride it's been a long journey once the backs of loaded the family heads off. meanwhile at the small harbor in la going to us locals await the arrival of the headwaters 3. a snack stand serves up quantised rice with meat and fish wrapped in
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banana leaves it's a popular snack at all times of day. in front of her though if you prepare it today it's still good and tasty for another one or 2 days you eat it cold but. once everyone's eaten it's time for a game of football by the river the players are amateurs but the commentator has the trappings of a pro. over the moment i am but i'm going to all of them while they're all over the going the other goes up oh you gotta go. back home for the eduardo 3 passengers swap stories of the amazon. francisca it'll go away on her way to see her family any key toss she's looking forward to the new refined way on past journeys the boat was often left stranded the woman in
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the hammock next to her is on a special mission and hope she won't fall behind. it the whole thing we're here on behalf of the education ministry to bring mattresses and beds to remote amazon villages. once the ship is docked the porters bring the supplies to knighted by the government on to shore even if no one really seems to have been waiting for them relations between local people and the central government are strained many local people are part of the indigenous community or have indigenous roots they have suffered a long history of persecution and injustice and are still discriminated against. is a member of the ku comma people she's one of the last to still speak the language. in that kind of conduct might be the. mark of the mark of 3 now.
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if they please that means how are you and where you from the admin means the player need to has a visitor today priscilla pinch a is an activist who's committed to preserving to come a culture she fears that the government's new infrastructure projects will do lasting damage. to the new technology and the machines they'll bring and will have a devastating impact that. it will destroy a lot of things. on. the river means life for our son for the animals and the water is everything here. is that with you with the mint but i look and think it's as important as having air to breathe in the hope to be the.
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father who karma people the rivers and lakes of the amazon are central to their culture in the coup karma religion there is another world underwater where their ancestors gather people animal spirits all live together under water for the karma any harm the comes to the rivers and lakes destroys everything. room. because children runs a painting school picture she and her students paint depict the underwater world of the ku karma a world full of myths spirits and colorful creatures. in the end this is about a legend of the parabola. the home to all living beings and the depths of the river . without it there would be no grab for
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and no fish like. the profile is a house. but it's a house that looks like a snake. like a boa. for the comet these creatures of the river are best left undisturbed the massive project would invade their spiritual realm. with the protests against the new water highway also happen very practical dimension just look at the course of the river says cassandra pinching and you'll see the dredging and channeling are a bad idea. since the river here is constantly changing the old people say that as well a small stream will grow larger and split up again it's best not to interfere with
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you still to be the. many leading scientists also have reservations about the project environmental engineer jorge has spent years researching the amazon. he says the network of waterways here has shifted constantly for millions of years. we can't let you know. he didn't even want to be very sure i. want the property or say without more there i want to work they now become more there we've never done. that and they say john. we don't know now he evaluates samples and satellite images and takes measurements of the waterways but it's a time consuming process and he says the government doesn't want to wait for the results of his research but the government's own studies are inadequate our
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commercial interests are simply too powerful basically what i think it is that they lack. that they think they want. to. join that maybe. maybe that. i think. dredging the river at the wrong place could have disastrous consequences he says upset in the ecological balance and in danger in biodiversity. jorge says the eater of year could have benefits in theory by focusing on expanding the use of existing waterways rather than building new roads it could help prevent deforestation but badly implemented the trivia project could be a nightmare. all this isn't relevant to the operators of the eduardo 3 right now
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they just want to transport their cargo as quickly as possible get it unloaded and continue on their way this time the porters were surprisingly quick on she was handing out the mattresses suzanna yai missed the ship's departure but a boat brings her back on board. first some of the most important section of the ship is the kitchen where martin and i as a bureau are in charge the 20 euro ticket includes 3 mails a day. passengers have to bring their own plates and bowls. today the stew is on the menu. for now.
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but for us the job means getting to know the entire amazon region at all the different villages and above all making a lot of new friends. that. the crews of the cargo ships take pride in and knowledge of the rivers and also of the people who live there. a arrival of the add water 3 is always a major event it's not just goods that arrive the ship also brings the latest news gossip and rumors is very limited cellular coverage here so these conversations are also a lifeline for the community. they. put out the poor but we're always on the move we now know practically everyone living by the shore. we've known them forever and we get on really well with everyone.
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but the inequality and the. capt insane paris has mixed feelings about the plans for the river highway. he understands the reservations of the people who are critical of the project but welcomes the idea of progress for him personally the project means he might one day be able to captain bigger and more modern ships up and down the river. they will tell you. that me and i'd like that if. i want to move on and further my career as it were but as you know i'm not happy making do with what i can already do. i want to develop it. is the 2nd night on our journey. in. crowded below deck the mattresses brought along by susana as donations come in handy. but while the passengers get some
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rest down below the crew up on the bridge have to be on high alert. your sporty that is not easy but it's extremely dark with a lot of rain and fog. i plan to be fast in this but now we're behind. but i guess we'll be arriving out at 10 in the nooning. as dawn breaks in the passengers wake up the jungle is now visible again by the shore and a couple of hours later now into also comes into view this is where the man yawn and. and from the river from this point is officially called the amazon. the main road in outer is where the radio come our offices are located the local
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broadcaster is also a popular meeting place and informal community center for indigenous people. the ether of year project is a major topic of conversation as is their own identity. when we make our personal stories public these aren't just personal stories. they're also part of the history shared by our community all the people in our lives it has a huge communicative power and gives us strength. says that strength and courage are 2 things that people here need. my father died 2 years ago at the age of 99. he was one of the last slaves to toil away here during the rubber boom. we were unaware of
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this when we were kids. but when we started listening to the radio and hearing bad stories from other people we asked our parents about their stories and then we heard about things that were really traumatic. from gold to wooden crude oil the history of the exploitation of people and nature along the amazon goes back a long way in peru and the region as a whole then i don't believe that the memories of this suffering are still affecting people today now outer has a high suicide rate is specially among young people. the pain felt by big times in the past is passed on from one generation to the next that's what we believe here the same applies to the inability to talk about bad experiences that might be why so many people today take their own lives. the next morning and a few colleagues head out on to the river to reach the tributaries where the jungle
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comes right up to the water's edge. they conduct research and talk to other activists about their latest findings. among them is filmmaker pedro pinto he's traveling through the amazon region to talk to local people and also using his camera to document environmental pollution . by lakes traction in the area is a major polluter many of the pipelines leak pedro will use his video footage to show that pipeline maintenance and cleanup operations are not working nearly as well as the government claims. here in the middle of my country in peru where confronted with the reality there's nothing other than pollution. there's no drinking water and that makes me afraid. you can dive it
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records here. because you know. pedro accuses the government of putting profit before people in the region he doesn't believe things will be any different with the amazon infrastructure projects. they tell us how things will improve the government says the big ships coming up here from other countries will buy our products but that's not how things will be nobody is going to stop here to buy a fish. it's all this information. the government rejects these accusations saying that the ether of year will also benefit local communities. but the indigenous people will benefit enormously it will help them get around quicker when going to the dr for example. the new infrastructure will make a lot of things easier but we do have to remember that we'll have
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a lot of work explaining the project to people. leonarda and his team believe the government representatives have not been taking them seriously. they want to see respect for mother nature and for their culture and religious beliefs. if you disturb the river you destroy everything. the balance between the world under water and the villages by the river bank is under threat that we live up here our ancestors down below like a family. that. he and his fellow activists realize their protest is unlikely to win over the people in charge but they are determined to continue their resistance. this rap song says the river is our queen it's a declaration of love to their treasured river and of their hope that it will be
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preserved. meanwhile the eduardo 3 is on the final daytime stage of its trip. it started raining again that doesn't bother francisco. all the other passengers who are staying dry. as long as it rains the river will not subside water levels will remain high enough to keep the ship afloat rather than foundering on a sandbank. after 3 days and 3 nights the eduardo 3 reaches a key toss and gets a grand welcome. it's time for the porters to unload all their cargo. captain perez sent his crew have once again mastered the tricky currents even managing to make up time for the brief
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hold up. it's been a fast his trip for quite a while. we've arrived safely the ship is securely mord and nothing bad happened. and that's the most important thing for me. just a few kilometers from the harbor but a world away is the promise of a key toss. the more expensive restaurants are popular with the tourists almost all of them come here by path so they have little feel for the vast expanse of the amazon river and its tributaries. it's lunch time at the pits corral there is a restaurant run by carlos manuel clearly a peruvian with german roots. were not in the know but a lot. of the name comes from the family have talked movie fitzcarraldo. it was
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shot here you know in 1980. it's a film about an eccentric european businessman obsessed with bringing opera to the amazon played by maverick german actor klaus kinski. today ketosis home to people who have built an entire city in the middle of the jungle. home to nearly half a 1000000 people with no roads connecting it to the outside world. he ketosis residents are proud of the boston market square on the show all of the largest river on the planet. is the government's controversial plans go ahead e.g. talks will continue to grow and become the main trading hub between brazil and peru heathrow via project is said to create a new commercial corridor of linking the atlantic with the pacific for china and
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other global players that's an appealing prospect the fight for the. future of the amazon continues for now over captain patas knows for certain is that he will set off again in a few days' time with a ship loaded with congo passengers and stores but i would never we're just regular people going about our work or as soon as our next job comes and we set sail and then we'll be back on the river buffalo most of what will be awful. they've passed their traditions down for centuries the come out people in northwest
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pakistan. they keep their own face and treat men and women as equals to live in harmony with nature. but now the modern world and islam are reaching deeper into their society how will this change the colorful collage culture. in 15 minutes on t.w. . this state of emergency is the normal people around the world are documenting these dramatic times. and they're keeping a corona diary and welcoming us into the lives they let us get as a close and personal as the pandemic will allow. the diary starts many changes on t w. this
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is deja vu news live from berlin nurses on the frontline of the coronavirus pandemic speak out as we mark international nurses day today many say they are still not getting the protection they so desperately need as they risk their own health saving others will find out was also coming out. reopening for business we reports.


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