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tv   The Day - News in Review  Deutsche Welle  May 23, 2020 2:02am-2:30am CEST

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china prepares to impose a new security lloyd hong kong beijing says the new legislation targets secessionists and subversives pro-democracy activists and it's the end of hong kong special status within china and the start of direct chinese rule so why has beijing put up with the territories writing for so long i'm filled in and this is the day. that. other activities and security. 'd
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security is. also on the day venezuelan migrants and that battle to feed their families during the coronavirus pandemic. always afraid afraid to affect my family when i go back home to my children but it's something that has to be faced and i have to continue working to put food on the table. china is preparing to impose a new law on hong kong potentially bypassing the territories law makers and banning what beijing calls treatments secession sedition and subversion critics accuse beijing of attempting to kill the city's pro-democracy movement and believe that it will be effectively brought under direct rule beijing says a change is needed to counter threats to national security. beijing's new security
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lore is being met with fierce resistance and hong kong residents and lawmakers in a semi autonomous region are fighting to keep their special freedoms pro-democracy lawmakers were removed from the city's legislative council on friday after protesting what they say was an attempt by beijing to force the bill through without their consent. on kong's chief executive kerry learn seem to be part of the probe aging political establishment says she expects such protests to continue but thinks the new law is necessary there will be protests up all sorts in hong kong as we have seen but the important thing is for the people hong kong to realize that without protection of national security many of the things that we enjoy many of the things that we treasure. will be lost joshua one prominent activist in hong kong the pro-democracy movement says beijing is trying to silence the
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territories critical voices with force and fear. that's the nightmare we must face and we must stand up. and post a national security law i think that's. pretty alternation it's just about. all the communist party of china. some $3000.00 delegates from across the country have gathered for china's political event of the year the national congress and beijing followers the most controversial item on the agenda. beijing has vowed to uphold hong kong special status but says the law is needed in the wake of protests and foreign interference. these activities have seriously challenged fundamental principles of one country 2 systems that have seriously undermined the rule of law threaten the sovereignty security and development and. rest of the country strong
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measures have to be taken according to the law to prevent stop and punish them. hong kong has been semi autonomous since britain returned the territory to china in 1907. special privileges including the right to assembly and free speech were promised under the one country 2 systems agreement. but beijing has long wanted more control over hong kong a similar law was scrapped in 2003 after fierce opposition as was an extradition bill that sparked last year's pro-democracy protests and plunged hong kong into crisis many fear the new bill could spell the end of autonomy in hong kong long before the one country 2 systems agreement is due to expire. let's go through this with and get panned it was a senior editor at the diplomat that's an online news magazine focusing on the asia
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pacific region he's also a weekly columnist for the hong kong based south china morning post welcome to d w why does china need this new law can't it already punish people as it sees fit or send in troops to quell disturbances. at this point i think it's more than about what the law will practically bring to beijing's ability to rule hong kong is more about sending a message to the protesters and the opposition movement this is really about power and i think joshua long's comments i think are very much tops here that beijing is clearly seeking to convey to the protesters in hong kong that really this is going to be the end of one country 2 systems all i think they'll have to interesting challenge and trying to impose this national security law that they say should necessarily affect the economic role that hong kong continues to play but obviously i think the international community is going to have a very different view of what this means for the future of hong kong as a financial help as well and this little has been imposed over the heads of the terraces chief executive carry alarms what does that tell us if anything about how
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she is regarded by beijing well she's effectively you know beijing's up person in hong kong she is there to ensure that coordination between the chinese communist party and and the hong kong leadership remains iron clad and she's done that throughout the protests last year she she managed to hold hold the wall so to speak as hong kong was countering a remarkable public protest for several months a protest in portland i can't win and with a pandemic we witnessed terrible police brutality of the kind will probably continue to get worse as this national security law does find itself fully imposed so i think she's been over watching this the whole time and will continue to do so so this is about as you say china sending a message if this law is passed which he must presume it will be to use do you see any do you anticipate any any reaction any uprising on the island. well so we have
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to ask ourselves why they're doing this now one reason might be that they anticipate because of the pandemic attentional response in the streets of hong kong might be more muted than it might have been otherwise there is also the economic context here that imposing something like this under rosier economic times might have led to a particularly harsh backlash in the markets given that the markets on kong and the hong kong economy have already taken a hit announcing something like this national security law now might allow beijing to make the kinds of changes that sought to make for a long time in a way that mitigates the least amount of damage i'm sure they're expecting a backlash carillon herself. has said that she expects a backlash and i've always suspected it will be but i suspect it will be more limited than it might have been otherwise so in that sense i think beijing has played its hand here rather opportunistically trying to make the most of the pandemic. the united states as i suppose would expect these days has taken the
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opportunity to tweak the dragons tyo in this the u.s. secretary of state has been quick to react to the issued a statement part of which reads the decision to bypass hong kong's well established ledge save processes and ignore the will of the people of hong kong would be a death knell for the high degree of autonomy beijing promised for hong kong so that's a statement from from the secretary of state i wonder. what is so special about hong kong that china has tolerated rising and capitalism in the mid in its communist midst and the united states affords that special trade census. that's right so hong kong was a trade hub before the handover and at the time of handover what's born to remember is that hong kong as a percentage of china's entire g.d.p. was considerably larger it was well into the double digits around 16 to 18 percent of chinese g.d.p. take today it's significantly lower as as china has risen so chinese are the
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chinese economy has grown incredible amount since the handover which means that today hong kong as a total percentage of of china's economic output is a concern was small a smaller proportion. of the u.s. statement from secretary pompei oh tells us a few things 1st of all washington is watching closely and has been watching closely through these protests there have been signs and getting calls from american lawmakers to reconsider hong kong special trade status if beijing does take certain steps it's still an open question whether this national security law will meet that threshold if that change is taken in the united states does reverse hong kong special status it won't be easily reversible and that is quite a major step the united states to take with regard to hong kong certainly will have major or the hong kong's continued salience of in the global economy there are other ways that the united states could react gloating by directing economic sanctions against chinese communist party officials involved in the implementation of the national security law against hong kong or. there are
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a few other steps that the united states to take to sanction individuals as well but i think with us tells us is that this is what happened to the long list of tensions between the u.s. and china today could would present a just a euro so his position ago his position looked unassailable he decentralized a lot of powers to his office his political sorts of been written into the states in particular situations but we've seen since then that damaging and still unresolved a trade war with the united states and now we've got the economy shutting coronavirus pandemic is his position still secure. it's difficult to know as an outsider really chancelor question we'd have to know the internal dynamics of chinese communist party leadership which is a topic that people look to speculate about but frankly very you were outside the inner circle really know what is happening what she and members of the politburo standing committee and folks farther down the communist party food chain i will say however short the year 2020 hasn't gone to plan for shipping has it as it really
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hasn't been the plan for any of us but certainly for for president xi when it comes to the challenge posed by the pandemic i think there is i think there is a willingness to also consider this an opportunity and i think hong kong does demonstrate some of that the phase one trade deal with the trumpet ministration was supposed to be a moment of celebration and relief in january when it was concluded however right after that of course what was an epidemic in the han and who had problems but we became a pandemic the chinese economy like everybody else took a hit and now with the united states winning china and potentially even threatening a trade deal i will sign that things don't look too good at all and there is also the matter of taiwan we just have president signing one inaugurated on on really frankly what's been a remarkable few months for taiwan which is really one global plaudits for its response to the pen demick and its support for other countries trying to battle this is a while so a lot of things haven't gone very well for xi jinping so in that context i'm not particularly surprised to see the chinese communist party lash out of hong kong as
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well it's good talking to you thank you for that panda from the diplomats leisure. despite coronavirus that dominating the airwaves many of the world's crises have continued to largely unnoticed by the outside world thank venezuela for example still in the grip of a political crisis the 2 men claim the presidency and an economic crisis magnified by the plummeting price of its main export oil 5000000 people have fled the country and their plight being made worse by the pandemic it's a job no one else wants to do grueling dangerous work recovering bodies of covert 9000 victims. used to work as an electrician in his native venezuela before he migrated to peru 2 years ago to escape the dire economic crisis back home in his
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new job he and his fellow workers from the funeral home collect as many as 10 bodies a day more than 400 since march. here they are picking up the body of a man who committed suicide because he couldn't get treatment after testing positive for the virus always worries the dangerous work he has to do might end up harming his family before returning home he always showers and wash this is closed with disinfectant sometimes he gargles with salt water. always afraid afraid to thank my family when i go back home to my children but it's something that has to be faced and i have to continue working to put food on the table. peru has over 108000 confirmed covered 9000 cases and over 3000 deaths the 2nd hardest hit country in latin america after brazil the current lockdown conditions are making it even harder for the estimated 850000 venezuelan migrants in peru to make ends meet
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the e.u. and spain are about to hold a donor's conference in solidarity with venezuelan refugees and migrants and countries in the region amid the pandemic. but for now ron has to keep working and hoping he'll stay healthy for his family including his elderly parents who remained in venezuela affiliate program day is the united nations high commissioner for refugees he told d.w. how the pandemic has worsened the situations of venezuelans who fled the country. it has worsened in 2 ways 1st and we heard your very telling the story of the of mr alon it has worsened because of the exposure to the virus that this is for everybody the next wayland's and nationals of the many countries that are hosting them. the problem is that for many dennis wayland's inclusion in the health of responses is difficult they have less taxes they're not us in spite of the
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incredible generosity of course countries and the other day mention is of course economic 80 percent of the 5000000 venezuelans seen in the region live off daily wages very fragile incomes that are the 1st ones to disappearing like that we see it even in richer countries in europe in north america these are the 1st people that lose their livelihoods and this happens a lot to the next wayland's so we have an economic convergence alongside the health law we've been we've been working together with donors to explain 2 things one we have urgent humanitarian needs to be satisfied about one and a half $1000000000.00 for this year so far who we've got very little of that money maybe less than 5 percent we launched the appeal already several months ago but then we also need to mobilize resources to shore up health systems and
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source of safety nets indy's countries this is really more the responsibility of the world bank of the entire american development bank will take bilateral aid entities so it's a 2 track donor conference that will take place on tuesday defers to feed back we were getting from donors is good on both tracks let's hope that at least a substantial part of these needs can be met it will be a crucial signal for countries and communities hosting venezuelans and of an assailant themselves. leaper grandy coronavirus pandemic is for schools around the world to close leaving millions of children without proper access to education it's often worse for children in refugee camps like these that tare county in jordan where $32.00 schools shut down so here's how one family is trying to make sure their 6 children keep up with their studies. ready set go says dad and
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begins to record how soon do it says she learned the letter rain today and lists off word starting with it. how. have. how do you. have. a long walk. the recording is sent to her teacher who is working from home this is how the i-man family 6 children are either learning 5 days a week this is daily life during the pandemic in jordan's zaatari refugee camp the i months can't afford a computer their homework and tests are sent to their teachers via chat groups. let us have a say and not the hardest thing is that all of us 6 children have to share one cell phone so it's in constant use about and that makes it hard to send homework. the jordanian government has also created an education channel providing another
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window to the outside world around 80000 refugees live in the zaatari camp all of its 32 schools have been closed. this is especially tough for argument. and the have a lot more teacher i want to see him i miss my school friends i miss my chair. mr iman cares about his 6 children future and helps them with their learning up to 10 hours a day. 23 groups i rush from group to group and sometimes i have to turn off my cell phone. but i had also finds this period challenging but says one shouldn't give up. and that my message to all girlfriends and girls around the world is that education never stops it
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should always be people's top priority we have to go on education is light education is light and it is their best chance of putting the zaatari refugee camp experience behind them. for palestinians in the west bank life was already complicated enough because of the israeli occupation now the corona virus outbreak it means palestinian authority has imposed a series of lockdown to try and hold the spread of the virus a nighttime curfew to allow the spreading of defat disinfectant this report from the city of nablus. the center of nablus in the west bank after a long string lockdown the palestinian leadership has just extended the emergency laws for the 3rd time the curfew has been lifted but there are still bans on gatherings physical distancing rules are in place too and mask wearing is mandatory . the fine for violation of the mask rule is the equivalent of 25 euros but the
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police and public order office are lenient people don't have that kind of money to spare and officials say collecting fines from them is inhumane. even before the pandemic outbreak more than a quarter of the population was unemployed the lockdown has made the situation far worse and many people in the old town said they won't put up with it any more. conspiracy theories are spreading in a fishbowl there's no coronavirus here and if there is it won't hurt us this virus thing is an invention by the media the. l.f. me dunn is the only shop owner we meet who won't let customers back into his shop yet. people are being allowed out now so i might have 20 or 30 in the shop at once we've decided they have to stay outside and keep their distance. regarded. in health terms it appears that the 5000000 palestinians have so far come through the
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pandemic relatively unscathed according to authorities almost 600 people have tested positive but tests aren't being carried out in every part of the territory in the many densely populated refugee camps such as here and there isn't even a medical practice that's why these young nurses have used their own initiative to set up a contact point for potential patients but they can't do any testing for the coronavirus . 3rd it's more of a right down the names and id numbers of people with possible infections then we call an ambulance when you go home. it's ramadan but the mosques are closed most people have come to terms with that but ramadan means more than fasting and praying it also means spending time with extended family and the community the by their nature family is making preparations
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for breaking the fast. mark on her were all at home because of the coronavirus all the time it's like a beehive one makes the start of the others the main course it's brought us closer together i hope it stays that way only without the coronavirus a bit ripped it out that there really are many beautiful moments too i was afraid we'd quarrel but it seems we make a nice family. the bad on a stick to the rules the parents and 5 children are the core of the family but in normal times they might celebrate if tar the fast breaking with as many as $100.00 normally going to town drink coffee and enjoy the atmosphere but that is strictly forbidden this year. only this vehicle is legitimately out in the streets every evening its spraying disinfectant a new ritual that everyone here would rather do without.
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us today is the un's international day for biological diversity like to introduce you to and from bingo. bob survived to getting tangled in plastic in the caribbean and not to help children learn about the role of a can play in keeping a wildlife safe nice work if you can get it. bob the flamingo is on a special mission. he's famous in curacao and around the world veterinarian or debt deuced saved his life after he got entangled with plastic waste he can no longer fly and his difficulties walking dead has taken him in both names flamingo. i don't look up all the mcguire bob only look like a bob or 2 if you're about once a week oh dad takes him to schools to raise awareness about protections of marine life like. that mostly just to make children fall in love with. using the best of the. debt
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talks to the kids about how trash left lying on the beach can be deadly for wild animals she explains that even big beautiful flamingos like bob can get trapped in the garbage and never get out and. the kids are thrilled with bob and they internalize the message plastic and wildlife don't mix. budgets work schedule is even without power on top of that she helps a lot of sick or injured wild birds she relies on donations to pay for treatment bombs job is to keep another flamengo ody company so that she will be. tain her natural behavior adept will release her back into the wild after 8 months you need to be taking help so they put them back soon to chicago. the time has come for o.t. to be released into the wild or debt invite some kids from the neighborhood to accompany
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her they keep their distance and say farewell. the female flamingo knows exactly where she belongs and soon disappears into her fuck. and bob he'll be swimming in the pool until it's time to get out and be a wildlife ambassador once again. it was goodbye from bob good night from me as the conversation continues online you'll find us on twitter i still don't. feel gail so good use the hash tag that i'm going to.
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