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this is the news of live from berlin a step towards peace in afghanistan as a 3 day ceasefire with the taliban comes to an end the government freeze around $905.00 of us from prison kabul hopes the move will persuade the insurgents to extend the troops. a job nobody wants to do how one desperate venezuelan migrant turned to the gruesome business of picking up the bodies of the covert 19 dead in tehran. and was this the moment the bundesliga title slipped through dortmund's fingers shook image and by
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a minute after celebrating after notching what could be a decisive victory. i'm told me a lot of both thanks for joining us we start in afghanistan where the government has released 900 taliban fighters from prison their release comes as a 3 day ceasefire to mark the end of not ramadan draws to an end freeing the prisoners as part of a u.s. deal with the taliban and the afghan government hopes it will lead to a reduction in violence and possibly an extension of the troops. these men are among hundreds of prisoners the afghan government has released as part of a 3 day cease fire deal with the taliban and move most here we're not expecting. i spent 6 and a half years and background prison i'm still must be childless it's such
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a surprise it's only when i saw reporters that i realized we're free we have no media access inside the prison i didn't know we'd be free today. before being released prisoners have to sign written pledges not to take up arms again. as per the guidelines of our leaders and based on the agreement we will not return to the battlefield we are committed to the leadership's orders and we will continue our life normally. in the little weasel i didn't get the vehicle. after nearly 19 years of fighting many here hope this ceasefire could mark a turning point as does the afghan government who released these prisoners in an effort to extend peace talks with the taliban. as was hiller the region we request that the ceasefire continues so that the afghan people can rest and that we
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can turn this peace effort that we have made into a process that will pave the way for the release of all prisoners and the forthcoming peace talks. about the weather corpulent. while the stages of these talks remains fragile and any possible outcome still life far in the future this cease fire has given these men a new lease on life. in germany it will be another month of keeping your distance the german government and germany states have agreed to extend social distancing restrictions until june 29th it comes amid debate over how quickly to ease the measures that have helped germany maintain a relatively low death rate in the coronavirus pandemic germany has already started easing lockdown restrictions in times of a summer tourist season but with fears of a 2nd wave of affections many politicians including chancellor angela merkel urging caution. elastic
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a brief look at some other stories making news around the world the 1st same sex weddings have taken place in course that into after a ruling from its supreme court went into effect on choose day that it's a. alexandra. to tie the knot costa rica is the 6th tree in latin america to legalize same sex marriage. ban is holding 10 days of mourning over 1000 victims on the country's public buildings and naval ships will fly at half mast as a mark of respect nearly 27000 people died in spain making it one of the world's worst hit countries. international donors have pledged over 3000000000 euros to support refugees and migrants from venezuela as a coronavirus and demick deepens their plight the pledging conference was hosted by the european union and spain and involved around 50 u.n. agencies and financial institutions well than $5000000.00 venezuelans have fled the
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economic chaos under president nicolas mcdougal is a story of one of those exiles. it's a job no one else wants to do grueling dangerous work recovering bodies of covert 9000 victims. used to work as an electrician in his native venezuela before he migrated to peru 2 years ago to escape the dire economic crisis back home in his new job he and his fellow workers from the drug a funeral home collect as many as 10 bodies a day more than 400 since march. here they are picking up the body of a man who committed suicide because he couldn't get treatment after testing positive for the virus always worries the dangerous work yes to do might end up harming his family before returning home he always showers and washes his clothes with disinfectant sometimes he gargles with salt water. is afraid afraid to my
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family when i go back home to my children but it's something that has to be faced and i have to continue working to put food on the table. peru has over 108000 confirmed. over 1000 cases and over 3000 deaths the 2nd hardest hit country in latin america after brazil the current lockdown conditions are making it even harder for the estimated 850000 venezuelan migrants in peru to make ends meet and has to keep working and hoping they'll stay healthy for his family including his elderly parents who remained in venezuela i'm joined by dint of these. over 3000000000 euros worth of aid expected but there are about 5000000 migrants spread over several countries how is that money going to get to those who are in need. well it's very significant that this is exclusively for
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countries that are receiving but as well and refugees especially those in colombia well or and root which are hosting the most amount of them as well as leaving the country it's significant because it indicates that the venezuelan government is not as trustworthy with funds to even help solve the crisis at home since this migration began a few years ago we have seen a number of cases of c.e.o. focus and mistreatment of venezuelan migrants and that has just gotten worse with the coronavirus to none and now the donations exceeded expectations and most of that money will go to agencies dealing with governance longer fiji crisis mean the united nations agencies like the high commission for refugees but also organizations projects and probably the governments of those countries that are struggling with efforts to attend these refugees and the coronavirus crisis at the same time ok so no money directly to the venezuelan government but how the conditions them in the even before the pandemic things were already tough how are people coping now. well the situation in venezuela is constantly worsening
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especially for refugees returning to venezuela they're not going to government has even accused colombia of infecting retraining but as well as with corona virus to increase common 1000 cases in venezuela that has the region criticism for human rights activist for using returning refugees as a geopolitical scapegoat but returning to venezuela now is just as much of a risk as staying in in the host countries because although we have low numbers of coronavirus cases now there are many things that we have made the humanitarian crisis worse in the past months a shortage of gasoline has high prices of everything from food to medicines there's our water systems have collapsed to the point that i guess has been left dry for the past month and the increasing political scandals are bubbling up into possible . ok and caracas thank you.
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twitter has for the 1st time flagged a tweet from u.s. president donald trump with a fact check warning the social media site recently introduced a warning system that lets users know when a tweet contains misleading or false information and trump had dogs that label until now and what i mean is it has been following the story for us so i mean what trump tweet has caused twitter to take this action trump had been angry with california heavily democratic state that is pushing for mail in ballots for the upcoming election and he tweeted that he believes that it is no way that mail in ballots will be anything less than substantially fraudulent you can see in the bottom left corner of that tweet there is exclamation mark with a warning says and it's a link that says it's going to give you the facts about mail in ballots and that's because there's no evidence behind this claim that mail in ballots actually lead to
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fraudulent elections and then takes you to this page on twitter's website that gives you some facts behind the story and then it gives you links to what twitter considers trustworthy websites like the hill or c.n.n. the washington post with stories that follow up on. voter fraud and mail in ballots so why exactly is twitter doing this right now i'm in people of probably been doing their homework before why why do they make this decision well twitter is actually continuing to develop tools to combat fake news false information on the web sites have been under pressure for a long time to do something about that and they've brought out this tool earlier this month and were maybe a little timid in the beginning to take this tool up against what is perhaps the biggest twitter account right now that's donald trump u.s. president but they finally did it i guess they decided it was the right moment they're also prepared. in for the 2020 election so they probably want to do
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something like this before it gets into the thick of it but no one really knows where twitter is going with this there's a little bit of secrecy behind that but it seems like they're testing a tool basically and how is that going down with twitter users there was a collective cheer among trump's biggest critics that twitter had finally done something against trump because people have been punished for much less than what he has done there was more cautious voices saying why does twitter have to get involved in fact checking when there's plenty of sites that do that already and twitter is just a platform and then trump responded himself you can see that here is this claims twitter is an interfering the 2020 president's re-election they're saying my statements on millen ballads are incorrect based on fact checking by fake news c.n.n. and amazon washington post twitter is completely stifling free speech and i as president will not allow to happen so it's sounds like a threat we want to see if he's going to follow through on out of twitter is going
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to back down so this story is not over yet i mean as if thanks to. the biggest game in anybody's league a season is boosie adult against by and munich and with other major leagues still on hold because of the pandemic the eyes of the world will watching as dortmund needed a win to keep their season alive but as it has so often been the case before by unhealed and have to take home the win. the biggest game of the season had arrived at the 1st fallen star the bye and munich took on the closest challenges for the title in a stadium that would usually be rocking but was instead empty. the match kicked into top gear in the very 1st minute a mix up in the by and defense handed early holland a chance to score matthew winkler's the norwegian striker a big money well neuer only for jerome boateng to clear off the line. by
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responded to that wake up call at the other end surgeon operate went just as close to catch piece take the man in the right place at the right time. it would take something special to break the deadlock and yours you look amish provided exactly that was. a breathtaking chit from the midfielder outfoxed dortmund keeper roman burkey who got a hand to the shots but couldn't keep it out. a disappointing end to the half for him and dortmund brought on jay sun shone in search of inspiration but it was holland who went close next with an effort the flash by replays showed the shot deflected off by the tangs no penalty was given and dortmund's hunt for an equaliser continued knock me down he tested neuer but there was a sense it wasn't to be that day robert leventhal almost settled the time when he slammed the shots against the post. ryan inches away from securing
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a massive win the nerves of the club officials present jangling. but not for much longer when the referee blew for full time it was clear that both teams knew how decisive this result could be. to be realistic by a 7 points ahead as long as nothing goes wrong they'll bring the title higher and all the bring it was a match that came down to the finest of margins. but the outcome is that 10 days after it restarted the bundlers late title race is old but. finally the story of a mountain and a brave boy this video shows a 12 year old who was out hiking with his family and friends you know in northern italy and they noticed it but he was a bad lover couldn't wait to see one. cool calm collected you're watching the news remember to keep up to date with the latest
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news on our web site e.w. dot com tony a lot of thanks for joining. the global corona crisis you can find more information online at e.w. dot com and on t.w. social media channels. i'm doing the crane b. thing in full time. how to handle our new lives.


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