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good to get out of the. room. this is the news live from berlin a step towards peace in afghanistan as a 3 day ceasefire with the taliban comes to an end the government three's around $900.00 fighters from the present kabul hopes the move will persuade the insurgents to extend the troops. in germany another month of social distancing while some restrictions remain others are being eased in time for the some on tourism season. and a job nobody wants to do how one desperate venezuelan migrants turned to the buso
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business of picking up the bodies of the coal that 19 dead in terror rule. i'm told me a lot of bull welcome to the program we begin in afghanistan where the government has released 900 taliban fighters from prison their release comes as a day a 3 day ceasefire to mark the end of ramadan draws to an end freeing the prisoners as part of a u.s. deal with the taliban and the afghan government hopes it will lead to a reduction in violence and possibly an extension of the truce. that these men are among hundreds of prisoners the afghan government has released as part of a 3 day cease fire deal with the taliban and move most here we're not expecting. i spent 6 and a half years in background prison i'm still almost speechless it's such
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a surprise it's only when i saw reporters that i realized we're free we have no media access inside the prison i didn't know we'd be freed today. before being released prisoners had to sign written pledges not to take up arms again. as per the guidelines of our leaders and based on the agreement we will not return to the battlefield we are committed to the leadership's orders and we will continue our life normally. in the little weasel i didn't get the real go. after nearly 19 years of fighting many here hope this ceasefire could mark a turning point as does the afghan government who released these prisoners in an effort to extend peace talks with the taliban. as was hiller the region we request that the ceasefire continues so that the afghan people can rest and that we
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can turn this peace effort that we have made into a process that will pave the way for the release of all prisoners and the forthcoming peace talks. about the weather. while the stages of these talks remains fragile and any possible outcome still life far in the future this cease fire has given these men a new lease on life. here in germany we've got another month of keeping our distance the german government and germany 16 states have agreed to extend social distancing restrictions until june 29th that comes amid a debate over how quickly to ease the measures that have helped the country maintain a relatively low death rate in the coronavirus pandemic germany has already reduced some restrictions just in time for summer tourism. it's quiet at the daily farmer's market in potsdam a small city near berlin social distancing is no problem on days like these you
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report on tuesdays and wednesdays it's pretty empty but fridays and saturdays are very very busy the queue goes back from my stand right back to where the cars are parked everyone 1.5 metres apart people do people stick to that yes yes they do the big debate is over easing the corona restrictions gradually and steadily as the central government once or allowing regional states like to enjoy the freedom to loosen up more rapidly if they want. and the only need in my view to reinjure is moving too quickly all the states should get together and agree on a strategy on a united way forward in a minute because quite often and i had his hand and companies at 1st i thought it was good that there was a joint approach but now there are regions where there are hardly any new infections and i think there should be regional differences. in.
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the eastern states have to reengineer is loosening the restrictions social distancing will not be enforced next month because the premier says there's no longer any justification for infringing people's rights. no one and 239 known cases of infection are not a legal basis on which to say to more than 2000000 residents we will be knocking on your door and asking whether there are too many people drinking coffee together in your house if you mentioned some coffee. but the premier of bavaria is warning against making dangerous assumptions be a cloud corona for anyone who thinks corona is over is being naive since we don't know exactly how the science is going to develop the sensible course of action. manes the same staying calm and prudent and acting on a step by step basis should it. that caution gets
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a mixed response in potsdam but polls show 3 quarters of germans agree with the measured approach being taken by bavaria and in berlin. well let's take a look now at some other stories making news around the world spain is holding 10 days of mourning for covert 19 victims flags on the country's public buildings and naval ships will fly at half mast as a mark of respect nearly 27000 people died in spain making it one of the world's worst hit countries. hundreds of riot police in hong kong have surrounded the legislature building in anticipation of protests the territory's pro-democracy protesters have voice their opposition to a bill which lawmakers are currently debating that's aimed at criminalizing disrespect for china's national anthem. greek doctors are traverse ing the country's islands to test residents for covert 19 they're hoping to bolster testing
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capabilities there before tourists begin to arrive greece will open up its borders to international travelers on june 15th. the 1st same sex weddings have taken place in costa rica after a ruling from the supreme court went into effect on tuesday. and alexandra was the 1st couple to tie the knot costa rica is the 6th country in latin america to legalize same sex marriage. international donors have pledged over 3000000000 euros to support refugees and migrants from venezuela as the coronavirus and demick deepens their plight the pledging conference was hosted by the european union and spain and involved around 50 u.n. agencies and financial institutions more than 5000000 venezuelans have fled the economic chaos and the president nicolas maduro here's a story of one of those exiles. it's a job no one else wants to do grueling dangerous work recovering bodies of covered
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9000 victims drawn from native used to work as an electrician in his native venezuela before he migrated to peru 2 years ago to escape the dire economic crisis . back home in his new job he and his fellow workers from the funeral home collect as many as 10 bodies a day more than 400 since march. here they are picking up the body of a man who committed suicide because he couldn't get treatment after testing positive for the virus john always worries the dangerous work e.-s. to do might end up harming his family before returning home he always showers and washes his clothes with disinfectant sometimes he gargles with salt water. always afraid afraid to affect my family when i go back home to my children but it's something that has to be faced and i have to continue working to put food on the table. peru has over 108000 confirmed covered 9000 cases and over 3000 deaths the 2nd hardest hit country in latin america after
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brazil the current lock down conditions are making it even harder for the estimated 850000 venezuelan migrants in peru to make ends meet and has to keep working and hoping they'll stay healthy for his family including his elderly parents who remained in venezuela. over 3000000000 euros worth of aid expected but there are about 5000000 migrants spread over several countries how is that money going to get to those who are in need. well it's very significant that this aid package is exclusively for countries that are receiving but as well and refugees especially those in colombia well or in peru which are hosting the most amount of venezuelans leaving the country which it's significant because it indicates that the venezuelan government is not as trustworthy with funds to even help solve the crisis at home since this
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migration began a few years ago we have seen a number of cases of 0 folk and mistreatment of venezuelan migrants and that has just gotten worse with the coronavirus pandemic now the donations exceeded expectations and most of that money will go to agencies dealing with that as long as fiji crisis may need united nations agencies like the high commission for refugees but also organizations projects and probably the governments of those countries that are struggling with efforts to attend these refugees and the coronavirus crisis at the same term ok so no money directly to the venezuelan government but how are the conditions that meant it be even before the pandemic things were already tough how are people coping now that the situation in venezuela is constantly worsening especially for refugees returning to venezuela they're not going to government has he been accused colombia of infecting returning but as well as with coronavirus to increase coman 1000 cases in venezuela that has in the
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region criticism for human rights activists for using returning refugees as geopolitical scapegoats but returning to venezuela now is just as much of a risk and staying in in the host countries because although we have low numbers of coronavirus cases now there are many things that we have made the humanitarian crisis worse in the past months a shortage of gasoline has high prices in everything from food to medicines there's a water systems have collapsed to the point that i guess has been left dry for the past month and the increasing political scandals are bubbling up into possible. ok last question lanka and caracas thank you. football now and the biggest game in any blunders league a season is brucia dortmund against byron unity with other major leagues still on hold because of the pandemic the eyes of the world were watching as dortmund needed a win to keep their season alive but as it has so often been the case before by and
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held their nerve to take home the win. the biggest game of the season had arrived at the 1st fallen star the buy in munich took on the closest challenges for the title in a stadium that would usually be rocking but was instead empty. the match kicked into top gear in the very 1st minute a mix up in the by and defense handed early holland a chance to score settling the norwegian striker beat manual neuer only for jerome boateng to clear off the line. by responded to that wake up call at the other end says can operate when just as close to catch piece check the man in the right place at the right time. it would take something special to break the deadlock and yes you can make provided exactly that was. a breathtaking chip from the midfielder outfoxed dortmund keeper roman burkey who got
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a hand to the shots but couldn't keep it out. a disappointing end to the half for him and dortmund who brought on jay consentual in search of inspiration but it was holland who went close next with the flash wide replays showed the shot there flicked it off by a tangle no penalty was given and don't mince hunt for an equaliser continued not me during test dinoire but there was a sense it wasn't to be that day robert leavened almost settled the time when he slammed the shots against the post. ryan inches away from securing a massive win the nerves of the club officials present jangling. but not for much longer when the referee briefer from time it was clear that both teams knew how decisive this result could be. to be realistic by a 7 points ahead as long as nothing goes wrong they'll bring the title higher and all the bring it was
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a match that came down to the finest of margins but the outcome is that 10 days after it restarted the bundesliga title race is all over. finally the story of a mountain bear and a brave boy this video shows 12 year old girl who was out hiking with his family in trentino in northern italy when they noticed a bear behind in the brush as his companions gave him quiet instructions asunder keeps calm and keeps walking slowly down the mountain he told italian media that he was a bad lover and couldn't wait to see one. don't forget you can always get the news on the go just download from google play a from the app store that'll give you access to all the latest news from around the world as well as push notifications for any breaking news and if you're part of a pretty good news story you can use the d.w. app to send us photos and videos of what's happening.
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