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this is g.w. news coming to you live from berlin a controversial new bill sparks fresh pro-democracy demonstrations in hong kong riot police moved to stifle protests as the government pushes to pass the law that would make it a crime to insult the chinese national anthem we'll hear from a member of hong kong's legislative council also on the show a 3 day ceasefire with the taliban and has afghanistan's government freeze hundreds of fighters from prison it urges the militants to extend the troops. here in germany another month of social distancing while some coronavirus restrictions are
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being eased in time for the summer tourism season people will still have to keep their distance. was this the moment the bundesliga title slipped through the door guns thinkers just were to meet and find munich are celebrating after notching what could be a decisive victory. hello i'm terry martin welcome to the program in hong kong police have fired pepper pellets to disperse crowds of protesters in the city center hundreds of riot police have surrounded the legislature building in anticipation of protests territories pro-democracy protesters want to boyce their opposition to a bill criminalizing disrespect for china's national anthem which lawmakers are currently to bait. more now let's go straight over to alvin young he's
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a member of hong kong's legislative council and leader of the pro-democracy civic party thanks for being with us mr young where do you stand on the proposed national anthem lol hello terry thank you for having me simply speaking the democratic camp is united in opposition to this controversial national anthem law we see that you do not regulate people and legally restrict people from respecting a national anthem or even a country you earn your respect you do not make laws to make people to respect you ok law on the national anthem is one thing that beijing is preparing to impose a sweeping national security law on hong kong with far reaching implications what impact do you think that will have. on the cuts hong kong's legislature. doesn't go through the hong kong legislature and in fact beijing simply to what
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impose is an accurate way to talk about to say because beijing doesn't consult hong kong people they just say you have to take it and more importantly this controversial national security law will undermine hong kong's high degree of autonomy and also to freedom that guarantees hong kong's success if beijing is determined to exert more control over hong kong is there are really anything you can do to stop it. well in practice perhaps it's very difficult to stop beijing from imposing such a controversial piece of legislation on hong kong but on the out of hand hong kong people would not stop fighting not simply say compromise i say come and take it. over the past year we witness thousands and thousands of hong kong people talk to the streets in opposition to the debt controversial extradition extradition bill
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and this year when it comes to national security people are equally angry about it and obviously people would take their chances to voice out and more importantly hong kong is no ordinary city of china this is an international financial help and we are doing everything we can to tell the rest of the well so that the rest of the well understand and stand with hong kong and worse just seeing some pictures of some police on the streets clashing with protesters to some degree we're hearing that there is a massive police presence in hong kong they're surrounding parliament stopping and searching people even using pepper pellets how concerned are you about a total police crackdown in hong kong extremely we have according to reports over $3500.00 policemen august street on duty today i personally witness account as police officers in food uniform
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and uniforms surrounding the legislate legislative council building but come on this is the people politicians in theory and they are trying to stop people from getting close to deposit that was sort of pop what sort of government or parliaments it steadies so when they are trying to pass this national anthem law and try to earn people's respect they have basically doing something to the complete opposite. how confident are you that other countries will come to hong kong's aid given china's importance on the international stage at the end of the day is up to each and every country and their people. you would speak up for hong kong this is not only about interests i know a lot of countries including germany have a lot of people living in hong kong you have your investments see there but not only it up hong kong has long be
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a member of the free well we share the same values we share the same liberty and freedom and now when china is trying to take this away from hong kong we expect the rest of the well speak up for us mr ewing thank you very much for talking with us today that was in your own a member of hong kong's legislative council and leader of the civic party thank you . now let's take a look at some other stories making headlines around the world today u.s. president donald trump has accused twitter of interfering in the u.s. election this comes after the social media network attached a fact check label to 2 of donald trump's tweets it's the 1st time twitter has tagged a tweet by the president as of unsubstantiated. spain's holding 10 days of mourning for coping 1000 victims flags on the country's public buildings and naval ships will fly. as a mark of respect nearly 27000 people died in spain making it one of the worst hit
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countries. and greek doctors are traversing the country's islands to test residents for cope at 19 they are hoping to bolster testing capabilities there before tourists begin to arrive greece will open its borders to international travelers on june 15th. a cease fire between afghan forces and the taliban has ended with reports of renewed fighting on wednesday morning the end of the 3 day cease fire on tuesday night came after hundreds of taliban prisoners were released as part of a us deal with the insurgent group the ceasefire was announced by the taliban for the ied celebrations at the end of ramadan. these men are among hundreds of prisoners the afghan government has released as part of a 3 day cease fire deal with the taliban and the movement's 10 we're not expecting . i spent 6 and a half years in background prison i'm still most speechless it's such
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a surprise it's anyone esle reporters that i realised with free we have no media access inside the prison i didn't know we'd be freed today. before being released prisoners have to sign written pledges not to take up arms again. as per the guidelines of our leaders and based on the agreement we will not return to the battlefield we are committed to the leadership's orders and we will continue our life normally. but if they looked up to you in the least i didn't get the vehicle. after nearly 19 years of fighting many here hope this ceasefire could mark a turning point as does the afghan government who released these prisoners in an effort to extend peace talks with the taliban. as was healed over the ridge we request that the ceasefire continues so that the afghan people can rest and that we
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can turn this peace effort that we have made into a process that will pave the way for the release of all prisoners and the forthcoming peace talks. about the weather corpulent you know. while the stages of these talks remains fragile and any possible outcome still life far in the future this cease fire has given these men a new lease on life. or for more now let's cross straight over to kabul where correspondent ali latif is covering events for us on the ground there tell us what's the status of the cease fire now that this prisoner release has happened. so it seems as if the ceasefire is holding there were a couple of instances in the east of the country implemented by both sides of the conflict but so far it seems as if it's holding but one thing is i was recently in mind on that province in the east and i saw that you know there were convoys
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release taliban prisoners coming down the road you know with flowers and cameras and you know 1012 cars at a time welcoming them back and what was really interesting is that on the road from the provincial capital to the districts where usually there's very little security forces presence especially out on the road itself with their vehicles and with the actual police and military you saw that this time not not only were the convoys passing by but that there were military humvees and that there were police forces stopped on the road ready in case anything happened but so far it seems as if you know the talabani is making sure that their prisoners get it get back safely without being hot and cross fire and without risking anything and i think that the government is being overly cautious to make sure that you know their worst fear of these people returning to battle a doesn't come true. which is a sprucing release mean for the peace process in afghanistan because there's
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a lot riding on the negotiations underway currently between the taliban and the afghan government. it's actually a very big deal because what we're seeing is that the taliban has reacted very positively their representative in doha their spokesman in doha sent out you know a statement saying that they're happy with what the other side is doing which is a very different use of terminology in their reference to the kabul government they also assured that they would start releasing more of the government prisoners in considerable amounts they said so the hope is that because the fall of on you know implemented this cease fire themselves after a very bloody month of april the hope is that this prisoner release will give some confidence of the toll of on and it will also give them confidence of the government that these fighters won't return to the battlefield and that you know finally these in travel on talks can become much more of a reality and they can move towards actually holding them ali thank you so much for
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bringing us up to date that was correspondent there in kabul there watching t.v. news still to come the job nobody wants to do how one venezuelan migrant ended up picking up the bodies of the coded 19 dead in a room. here in germany the federal government and the 16 states have agreed to extend social distancing restrictions until june 29th this comes amid a debate over how quickly to ease the measures that have helped the country maintain a relatively low death rate in the coronavirus pandemic germany is already reduced some restrictions just in time for the summer tourist season. it's quiet at the daily farmer's market in potsdam a small city near berlin social distancing is no problem on days like these you report on tuesdays and wednesdays it's pretty empty but fridays and saturdays are
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very very busy the queue goes back from my stand right back to where the cars are parked everyone 1.5 metres apart people do people stick to that yes yes they do the big debate is over easing the corona restrictions gradually and steadily as the central government once or allowing regional states like to enjoy the freedom to loosen up more rapidly if they want. and need in my view to ranger is moving too quickly all the states should get together and agree on a strategy on a united way forward in a minute because try to and i had his hand on companies at 1st i thought it was good that there was a joint approach but now there are regions where there are hardly any new infections and i think there should be regional differences. with russia in. the eastern states of to reinjure is loosening the restrictions social distancing
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will not be enforced next month because the premier says there's no longer any justification for infringing people's rights. 239 known cases of infection are not a legal basis on which to say to more than 2000000 residents we will be knocking on your door and asking whether there are too many people drinking coffee together in your house if you mention some coffee. but the premier of varia is warning against making dangerous assumptions to cloud corona for anyone who thinks corona is over is being naive since we don't know exactly how the science is going to develop the sensible course of action. it's the same staying calm and prudent and acting on a step by step basis should shoot him. that caution gets a mixed response in parts but polls show 3 quarters of germans agree with the
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measured approach being taken by bavaria and in berlin germany takes over the e.u. council's rotating presidency in a little over a month from now the expectations leveled veteran chancellor angela merkel couldn't be greater in addition to some already ambitious goals including the conclusion of a break to deal with the u.k. and a 7 year e.u. budget plan the new council president now faces a whole set of new challenges to the blocs unity the corona crisis struck in the midst of mccall's preparations for germany's e.u. presidency suddenly forcing her to focus on what she's most known for crisis management. in my view europe the european union is currently facing its biggest challenge since it was founded in. europe was already divided before corona struck until 3 months ago the commission's green deal on climate change and
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finalizing the next budget along with graphics it looked like the hardest issues to overcome this year now medical infamous in europe southern states over her handling of the euro and financial crises may face her biggest challenge yet. she will have to pull europe back from the kind of nation state thinking that kicked in as the initial reflex when the corona crisis struck here being europe's longest serving leader who heads its largest economy could help you has to put something into the basket into the package to say look you know if we do that you also have to do something and i guess that's a movie or a major star for getting consensus machall has already started pledging german money for the 1st time accepting joint e.u. debt as part of a joint 500000000000 euro recovery plan with french president in manama call she
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may drop more red lines our goal is to see europe emerge from this crisis closer and stronger than before. these are calmed a tall order set to define i'm going to machall final term as german chancellor. shouldn't really try to find out that she can't leave the political arena with having a major 'd consensus in europe for the next steps that we take whether i'm going to merkel can push europe to take a leap of faith into the future may prove decisive for the stability of the e.u. it will certainly be decisive for her entry into the history books. japan is emerging from credible iris lockdown with only relatively mild effects but the economy is taking a big hit the e.u. and japan have pledged to work more closely in restarting cross border trade in goods and services that will come as music to the ears for businesses in japan.
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japan has had some of the world's most relaxed lock down measures it was not until the 7th of april that japan declared a state of emergency the government didn't even enforce a general lockdown citizens were only asked to. at home this week shops opened again even for many japanese japan is moving too quickly. but i hate god. i think lifting emergency measures came a bit early but many won't survive if companies and shops don't reopen fast. enough. the abbaye government is in a hurry although the coronavirus pandemic in japan has been relatively mild with only $850.00 deaths it has caused the world's 3rd largest economy to slide into a recession in the 1st quarter and. looking at the g.d.p.
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days or from january to march we think the coronavirus measures such as social distancing had an impact on the public. in the 2nd quarter the damage from the code crisis will worsen experts expect an economic slump of 20 to 30 percent this year to get the country back on its feet tokyo's implementing whopping stimulus packages worth nearly 2 trillion dollars but the japanese are no strangers to stimulus packages and there are questions whether the world's most indebted country can afford that kind of spending. international donors have pledged over 3000000000 euros to support refugees and migrants from venice walen as the coronavirus and demick worsens their plight pledging conference was hosted by the european union in spain and involved around 50 u.n. agencies and financial institutions or than 5000000 venezuelans have fled the economic chaos under president nicolas maduro here's the story of one of those
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who've been excellent. it's a job no one else wants to do grueling dangerous work recovering bodies of covert 9000 victims. used to work as an electrician in his native venezuela before he migrated to peru 2 years ago to escape the dire economic crisis back home in his new job he and his fellow workers from the funeral home collect as many as 10 bodies a day more than 400 since march. here they are picking up the body of a man who committed suicide because he couldn't get treatment after testing positive for the virus john always worries the dangerous work yes to do might end up harming his family before returning home he always showers and wash this is closed with disinfectant sometimes he gargles with salt water. i'm always afraid afraid to infect my family when i go back home to my children but it's something that has to be faced and i have to continue working to put food on the table. peru
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has over 108000 confirmed covered 9000 cases and over 3000 deaths the 2nd hardest hit country in latin america after brazil the current lock down conditions are making it even harder for the estimated 850000 venezuelan migrants in peru to make ends meet and has to keep working and hoping they'll stay healthy for his family including his elderly parents who remained in venezuela. football del the biggest game in anybody's league season is up and against by in munich and with other major leagues still on hold because of the pandemic the eyes of the world were watching as needed a win to keep their season alive as it has so often been the case before by and held their nerve to take the win. the biggest game of the season had
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arrived at the 1st fallen star the buy in munich took on the closest challenges for the title in a stadium that would usually be rocking but was instead empty. the match kicked into top gear in the very 1st minute a mix up in the by and defense handed early holland a chance to score passing the norwegian striker a big neuer only for jerome but saying to clear off the line. by i responded to that wake up call at the other end surgeon operate went just as close to catch piece take the man in the right place at the right time. it would take something special to break the deadlock and yours you look amish provided exactly that. at breathtaking chip from the midfielder outfoxed dortmund keeper roman burkey who got a hand to the shots but couldn't keep it out. a disappointing end to the half for
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him and dortmund who brought on jane sun shone in search of inspiration but it was holland who went close next with the flash by replays showed the shot deflected off but things that are no penalty was given until this hunt for an equaliser continue not me debbie tested noir but there was a sense it wasn't to be their day robert leavened almost settled the time when he slammed the shots against the post. why and inches away from securing a massive win the nerves of the club officials present jangling. but not for much longer when the referee believe for full time it was clear that both teams knew how decisive this result could be. to be realistic by a 7 points ahead as long as nothing goes wrong they'll bring the title higher and all the bring it was a match that came down to the finest of margins. but the outcome is that 10 days
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after it restarted the bundesliga title race is old but. well for more what all this means a limit is here from d.w. sports limited see you so did the game live up to all the hype. as a scoreline shows it was a one match it was very very close and quite the intensity even though the atmosphere the fans were not fair chances of course on both sides but the difference maker was this clever chip yahshua kimmie and the timing was just perfect on that and if you look closely enough it seems as if he was almost anticipating for that to happen for that exact moment and it turns out he was terry because after the match the buy in play is set that they were told by the coaching staff that don't miss goalkeeper roman bookie has a tendency to stand off his line to send a few feet right in front of it and that's exactly how it played out they use that opportunity is a little knowledge can go
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a long way as for what can i say you know the last they have chances but they lack that finishing touch in the opponent's area so does this victory for bond mean that the race for the title is over i mean i hate to say it but it's as good as over we didn't expect it so soon after the restart but with 6 games to go you have by and then it now with this 7 point lead and i know you never know with football but when was the last stand that by an unique view a title like that you know having a 7 point lead from me to just way to experience the way to motivate it and way too disciplined for that to happen so what's the main story line here was the bigger story line is it by on winning again or is losing it from the ghost games in the current owners fund i'd say that based on this season alone i would say it's about by and munich winning again and that's because. we have to remember that they had
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a very poor straught they struggled early in the campaign they were not at the top of the table they had a coaching change so for me the big story is huns the fake taking over and turning by and unique into a winning machine again but if we went to look over an extended period of time then of course it's falling short again last season a blue what was it a 9 point lead this season another missed opportunity and the last time any other team outside of by and then make that one the win if you got titles back in 2012 and that was a daughter went under you're going club so what does this say about that that you know we have a competitive problem and i'll go the last 2 seasons we had a very exciting title race the conclusion remains the title race was unpredictable but the outcome is always predictable. thank you so much surely we're talking from d.w. sport. if you're watching t.v. news just remember you can always keep up to date with all that is news and
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information on our website that's at t w dot com you can also call us on twitter and instagram at t w news i'm terry martin you'll find me on twitter at t.m. news stream thanks for watching. boy. oh boy.
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nearly 1000000 people killed in just 100 days. where one does younger generation did not experience a 994 genocide but. it's a consequence of. learning to overcome the psychological trauma one step at a time and from the mines up a long road to reconciliation the close off. next on d.w. . saeco india. it's the most basic human
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love. but more than 800000000 people worldwide don't have access to a reliable source of clean water. displacing a lot of crisis. a deep dive into new solutions to protect the most important resource on earth. in 60 minutes on t.w. . when the water rises cities will sink into the sea. entire stretches of land will be abandoned. when the water struggles. to be stopped it's happening faster than anticipated. masses bricklayers are supposed
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to prevent flooding but they only delayed the inevitable. how will we live in the future. 66 mean rising sea levels for the stars june 5th on g.w. . these young people in rwanda are lined up outside a stadium in the capital kigali but they're not here to see a football match or a music concert. they are here to remember the victims of the 1994 genocide when hutu extremists smoldered hundreds of thousands of tutsi.


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