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signature. 66.0 c. level street starts to me here on d w. to the fact that. this is d w news live from berlin and unprecedented push to help europe recover from the economic impact of the coronavirus the e.u. commission proposes a 750000000000 euro recovery fund to help the block bounce back from perception. also coming up riot police in hong kong moved to stifle protests as the government moved to pass a law that would make it a crime to insult chinese national anthem. talks on employment around the world is
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surging because of the coronavirus young people are the 1st to bear the brunt of being particularly want. a story and needed a win to survive so was this the moment the bundesliga title slipped through their fingers vironment are celebrating after scoring what could be a decisive victory. i'm serious i was gonna thank you for joining us commission president was a well funded line has announced a plan worth hundreds of billions of euros to help member states bounce back from the recession triggered by the coronavirus pandemic that plan includes a $500000000000.00 euro fund proposed by germany and france based on common e.u. debt a funnel line said the fund is an ambitious answer to the challenge they're facing
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she also said the european union is facing the choice of each country going it alone or responding together as the continent. the money will be raised by temporarily lifting the own resources ceiling to allow the commission to use its very strong credit rating to borrow money on the financial markets this is an urgent and exceptional necessity for an urgent and exceptional crisis the next generation e.u. will invest in repairing our social fabric protect our single market help rebalancing balance sheets across europe. let's bring in our correspondent barbara following the story for us in the process hi barbara tell us more about was what was left on the line has been saying. she has sort of given the details the most important details at least for what this plan and tails for instance we know
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now that italy which is one of the worst hit countries in europe by the coronavirus is supposed to get about 170000000000 euros for the recovery of its economy spain is in with 140 and then from there it sort of slowly goes down but even germany gets some money back out of this big pot what is new and what really is sort of like the his charles point here is and also funded line we just heard it said this out again is for the 1st time ever the european commission is supposed to go or wants to go out into the financial markets and raise money its credit rating is of course very good it has this huge budget to sort of lean on as a guarantee in the background and it will then go and sort of make those men drink money that is supposed to help europe out of the crisis and if you look closely
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into the details of the plan it of course it needs to balance north against south and a needs to balance and therefore we have a part of the money in grants in part off of it in loans that need to be paid back even though at a very later point in time and also it's it has to balance east against south we have sort of new front shoes here in europe tensions that didn't used to be there before and so some money of course sizable amounts will go to eastern europe to sort of pacify for instance the polish government which is already up in arms because it might become in net contributor to the next you budget so all this is a very intricate sort of piece of fabric that needs to balance the interests of all the countries and at the same time needs to sort of glue the european union back together which might come unstuck because of the consequences of the coronavirus barber it is an ambitious plan and it comes at a time where germany will be taking over of the e.u.
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council's rotating presidency in about a little over a month from now i want to talk to you about that in a moment but 1st let's take a look at what that will be. the cover in a crisis struck in the midst of merkel's preparations for germany's e.u. presidency suddenly forcing her to focus on what she's most known for crisis management. in my view europe the european union is currently facing its biggest challenge since it was founded so it europe was already divided before corona struck until 3 months ago the commission's green deal on climate change and finalizing the next budget along with rex it looked like the hardest issues to overcome this year now machall still in for most in europe southern states over her handling of the euro and financial crises may face her biggest challenge yet.
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she will have to pull europe back from the kind of nation state thinking that kicked in as the initial reflex when the corona crisis struck here being europe's longest serving leader who heads its largest economy could help. machall has already started pledging german money for the 1st time accepting joint e.u. debt as part of a joint 500000000000 euro recovery plan with french president mccall she may drop more red lines see you our goal is to see europe emerge from this crisis closer and stronger than before here's a comment whether i'm going to merkel can push europe to take a leap of faith into the future may prove decisive for the stability of the e.u. it will certainly be decisive for her entry into the history books. so barbara this really is a lot of responsibility falling on germany in the next 6 months. absolutely i'm
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going to michael bull really showed that she can be the leader of the european union that she will be capable as the most experienced and knowledgeable european leader that she will be capable of pulling back the union from the brink because there is a certain threat that it might fall apart simply through the economic disaster that is looming on the horizon the e.c.b. the european central bank has just said that they expect the g.d.p. that is the economic strength of europe to fall by economic output of europe to fall by between 8 to 12 percent now this is huge and so they have to counteract that and it will be up to under the market to sort of pull pull all these interests and pull all these conflicts together north and south and east and south and east and of course germany in the middle of this and she will have to be sort of the maker of all those compromises that will have to be found because all these battles
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that will be fought will be about detail and usually in europe when it's about the money old friendship ends and very often common sense and and we know what her main argument will be because she's already used it when she talked. she said it is in our interest she meant germany and she will say this a lot in the coming months it is in our interest and she's going to mean the european union provisional reporting for us there in brussels thank you. now to some other news in hong kong police have fired pellets at crowds of pro-democracy protesters and arrested some 240 people in the city center riot police had surrounded the legislature building in anticipation of protests the territory's pro-democracy demonstrators want to voice their opposition to a bill criminalizing disrespect for china's national anthem which lawmakers have started debating. and earlier i spoke to tom grundy editor in chief of hong kong
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free press he's been following the protests and standoff with police. on a bit of us and standoff at the moment and we're up to about a 240 arrests some of them children in uniform we've seen pepper balls have to spray been fired by police we understand 3500 officers the quoit in this huge security operation today with alleged they're surrounded by worlds of gold barriers and now it seems we may be descending as we have throughout the day in some sort of . situation between the protesters and the police as monk called the shopping districts of polls a day and the central districts central business district became sort of giant. of the police and protesters giving chase but a lot so arrests today with them being unloaded on at least vans in town we understand that protesters today are protesting against this national anthem law
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and we don't do know that other countries also criminalize desecrating the flag or the national anthem so why are they out protesting this law today. well the difference is in hong kong if this law is passed as it most certainly well people could face prison or 3 years or a large fine for mocking the insulting or parodying the national anthem but this comes in tandem with the national security law as well which many here will be an affront to civil liberties and freedoms and freedom of speech so that's something people on the streets because that will be inserted directly into hong kong's many constitution just in the next few months without any legislative oversight tom we see the police there just lined up right behind you and president xi jinping said china is going to be stepping up its military preparedness so if these protests continue to ask to turn violent what kind of pushback you think we might see from
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beijing well the oh the local army garrison chief has also made a similar threats we do hear these things about you know the military in hong kong but the idea of this national lead just national security legislation is that it will empower hong kong itself as well as the national security services you could end up being faced. to prosecute people for succession submission and suppression unfortunately we don't have clear answers as to how exactly they may that may affect the civil liberties freedoms and core values that we're used to in hong kong as a semi autonomous region and tom what you've been seeing the protesters i mean what are they saying in terms of what they expect from international support. well we've seen some support i suppose from donald trump in that it will make a strong statement this week also trying when taiwan but just around the corner here i've seen people are feeling both overseas countries to intervene but this is
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one of the things that may become outlawed just in a few months along with our mocking the national anthem maybe even calling for an end to one party rule for a chief executive to step down that's a big thing about this law we don't know what it will in sale and seeing how these laws are rolled out in the mainland there is concern that we may never know the exact definition of what is allowed and what is not because it's often purposefully applied in a very vague and broad manner all right tom grandy editor in chief press reporting there on the streets thank you so much. now as the coronavirus endemic hits economies around the world unemployment rates are exploding young people are particularly affected workers between the ages of $15.24 are most at risk of losing their jobs that's according to a new study from the international labor organization out today and we met one of those young people in fact that. this was going to be run ins big year she was
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looking forward to graduating from university with a degree and then out into the real world. this is my last year at university and i was supposed to graduate and be happy to be done with the 1st we had the protests and then after that came the coronavirus. called on. the university of baghdad has been closed for a while classes have been impossible for months initially because of student demonstrations against the government but now the pandemic has kept doors closed even longer this has sent students back out onto the streets. the iraqis face a threatened future even if young people had jobs before the coronavirus 4 shutdowns a study from the international labor organization shows that they were the 1st to lose their jobs. last
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year the u.s. unemployment rate was already relatively high at 13.6 percent for workers ages $15.00 to $24.00 now in may 2020 that rate has hit 20 percent. burney and future is uncertain even if the university does open again allowing her to graduate there's no guarantee she will be able to find a job. and for more on the story we can speak to guy ryder he's the director general of the international labor organization the iowa low he joins us from geneva guy good to have you with us here on day w. i want to ask you about what your study shows this a dramatic impact of youth unemployment around the world during this pandemic why is it so often young people who are 1st to lose their jobs. yeah the context is that this pandemic has cost in the 2nd quarter of the year 305000000 full time jobs to be destroyed around the world that's the overall figure but within that as
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you've quite rightly pointed out young people are the 1st and the hardest hit why well even before the pandemic they were in a tough place in labor markets concentrated in secure jobs in the informal economy in many cases and very often in precarious situations and since a pandemic has hit the key figure i think from our latest report is that something more than one out of every 6 young workers people who are in work of now a noun no longer working and those who are still working have lost both working time and lost incomes this is a dramatic situation and young women in particular are being affected overwhelmingly in this case so what policies are needed here to address this. yeah women are getting as in many cases the most the most severe effects of this crisis there are 3 things happening to young people to generalize firstly as we
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just heard in your report from the. education and training is being interrupted people simply no longer able to continue to learn our estimates are our survey wait show should survey work shows that 50 percent of young people think that their completion of education is going to be delayed that's the 1st thing secondly as i have said people in work and losing it and the 3rd effect is that for normal people coming onto the job market right now entering the workforce for the 1st time always a difficult process there's nowhere to go because our economy's a paralyzed they're locked down if you add all of these things together we really do have the risk of a long term what we refer to as a lock down generation because all the evidence shows that if a young person is out of the labor market for a significant period of time a year or more than that the effects live with them throughout their working lives
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it's not just a temporary shock it's a permanent scarring and this will live on not just for a year or 2 it lives on for decades so my view is as we will have to deal with so many competing demands on our attention on our resources as we pull out of this pandemic situation we really have to put young people at the front of the queue for our attention and not leave them at the back and that danger does exist and speaking directly to young people who might be either a job or can't go to college can't get training at the moment what advice you have to them and how to make the best of the situation. yeah that's not an easy question to answer at this point because many of the circumstances lie beyond the hands and the individual initiative of young people nevertheless i think they do have to try to make every effort to complete their learning process is education and their training they have to try to remain connected to the world of work and my view as
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well is they want to make their voices heard i mean they really have to let policymakers know that they are there and they have a claim on our attention and our priorities guy writer director general of the international labor organization thank you very much. you're watching news so they come on our show the job nobody wants to do how one venezuelan migrant ended up picking up the bodies of the cold with 1000 dead in peru. but 1st a look at some other stories making news around the world spain's royal family has led the country in a minute's silence in honor of those who died of covert 19 the country started and on president a 10 day period of national mourning nearly 27000 people have died from the corona virus in spain making it one of the world's worst hit countries. medical supplies
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including masks appliances and building materials have washed up on beaches along australia's east coast the items were from a cargo ship that lost dozens of containers and rough seas over the weekend the singapore flagship was in route from china to melbourne. protesters have taken to the streets in the u.s. state of minnesota after a black man died while being detained by police the death of george floyd has drawn outrage after video showed a white officer kneeling on his neck as he cried out that he could not reach. u.s. president trump has accused twitter of interfering in the u.s. election it comes after the social media network attached a fact check label to 2 of his tweets it is the 1st time twitter is tacked a tweet by trump as unsubstantiated. international donors have pledged over 3000000000 euro support refugees and migrants from venezuela as the coronavirus pandemic worsens their plight more than 5000000 venezuelans have fled the economic chaos under president. here's the story of one of those exiles.
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it's a job no one else wants to do grueling dangerous work recovering bodies of covert 9000 victims. used to work as an electrician in his native venezuela before he migrated to peru 2 years ago to escape the dire economic crisis back home in his new job he and his fellow workers from the p. durango funeral home collect as many as 10 bodies a day more than 400 since march. here they are picking up the body of a man who committed suicide because he couldn't get treatment after testing positive for the virus always worries the dangerous work yes to do might end up harming his family before returning home he always showers and washes his clothes with disinfectant sometimes he gargles with salt water. always afraid afraid to infect my family when i go back home to my children but it's something that has to be faced and i have to continue working to put food on the table. peru has over
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108000 confirmed covered 9000 cases and over 3000 deaths the 2nd hardest hit country in latin america after brazil the current lockdown conditions are making it even harder for the estimated 850000 and then as well when migrants in peru to make ends meet has to keep working and hoping they'll stay healthy for his family including his elderly parents who remained in venezuela. to sports now and the biggest game and the bundesliga season is worse a darkened against byron munich and with other major leagues still on hold because of a pandemic sports fans around the world tuned in to watch dortmund took on bahrain needing a win to keep their season alive but it was not to be byron how their nerve to take on the wind. the biggest game of the season had arrived at the 1st fallen star the buy in munich took on the closest challenges for the title in
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a stadium that would usually be rocking but was instead empty. the match kicked into top gear in the very 1st minutes a mix up in the by and defense handed early holland a chance to score. the norwegian striker a big money well neuer only for jerome boateng to clear off the lie. by responded to that wake up call at the other end says can operate when just as close to cash paycheck the man in the right place at the right time. it would take something special to break the deadlock and yes you have to make provided exactly that. of breathtaking chip from the midfielder outfoxed dortmund keeper roman burkey who got a hand to the shots but couldn't keep it out of. a disappointing end to the half for him and dortmund the proton jake and son joe in search of inspiration but it
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was holland who went close next after the flash by replays showed the shot deflected off by the tangs arm no penalty was given and dawson's hunt for an equaliser continues not many decades tested noir but there was a sense it wasn't to be their day robert leventhal almost settled the time when he slammed a shot against the post. by an inches away from securing a massive win the nerves of the club officials present with jangling. but not for much longer when the referee blew for full time it was clear that both teams knew how decisive this result could be. to be realistic by a 7 points ahead as long as nothing goes wrong they'll bring the title higher and all that brings it was a match that came down to the finest of margins. but the outcome is that 10 days after it restarted the bundesliga title race is all but over. a lima talkie for
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doping sports is with us lima did this game live up to the hype there's a lot of intensity you know even photos because there were no fans it was an empty stadium and as the scoreline also showed it was a very very tight match and chances where fall in few but both sides had them but that moment of genius came from by in munich and you have to see this i mean the difference maker was yahshua to make with this clever chip and if you can see that i know we have it there. and the timing on that was just a prophet and if you look closely enough it seems as if he was anticipating come back to happen and you're probably asking yourself exactly what was he anticipating probably to happen with you it turns out that after the match the guy in players revealed that they were told that don't want to keep woman bookie that has a tendency to step away step off his line just like a few feet wide set right in front of it and that a piece of information i guess you could argue was the difference maker decided
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this match right and byron once and so does this mean that the race for the title is over. you know it's as good as over i hate saying that but it is you know what it is i don't think anybody expected it to be so all those little soon right after the restart but by on right now i mean with 6 games to go they have a 7 point lead and i know the saying you know you never know with football but when was the last time that by and unique you know when they had a 7 point lead you know in the title race so and at the end i also think they're way too disciplined way too experience and way too motivated to screw this up i think something really awful a terrible terrible house to happen for you know what do you think is the bigger takeaway here is that that byron one or that boardman fell short again that's a very it's a tricky question i would say based on this season i would go. with bae and winning again and i say that because next not to forget by and nick at the start of the season they struggled they were not at the top of the table they had
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a coaching change so for me the big story here is about hyundai flake being able to turn by and munich into a winning machine again but of course if you take a look at you know an extended period of time then it is of our daughter mourned falling short again because last season they view what was it around a 7 point lead this season another missed opportunity and the last time anyone other than by and nick that won the goodness of that title was back in 2012 and that was dortmund and the clock that was a very long time ago and i think that doesn't reflect who positively on the league it shows that they have you know compared competitive problem but the conclusion that i would make out of this is that the title race was unpredictable but the outcome as usual always predictable and that's by on winning all right we're going to argue from day to every sports thank you very much. and let's get a reminder of our top stories here in the european union commission has been laying
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out its strategy for dealing with the economic fallout of the coronavirus crisis commission president was the last underline an ounce of 750000000000 euro recovery fund to help member states overcome the recession brought on by the pandemic and right place and not in hong kong have use propellers to break up proto moxy the protests in the city's financial center they come as parliament debates a bill that would criminalize any disrespect to the chinese national and. thanks for watching. good.
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good. good. good. good. good. millington biden is a savior of the forest. he calls $210.00 acres of land in central gonna is all he's recall debating and conserving would be in teaching how to practice sustainable
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forestry is all about training or give them power and people is also while they're doing the same it's cuts all got to have the ladies come fall and be good enough for the. next one g.w. . the global corona crisis you can find more information online that e.w. dot com and on t.w. social media channels. to assume. beethoven's pastoral symphony is the foundation.
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of an international art project. composed their understanding nature. to mark the 252 verse 3 the composer's birth sharing program but you know he's good. beethoven worldwide. history. starts to. d w. hello everyone and welcome to this new edition of eco africa the environment magazine brought to you by channel t.v. here in nigeria and t.v. in uganda and jim these doors have bella and i'm now inside we're coming to you
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