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tv   DW News  Deutsche Welle  May 27, 2020 3:00pm-3:31pm CEST

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oh. this is g.w. news live from berlin and unprecedented push to help europe recover from the economic impact of the coronavirus the e.u. commission on sales a 750000000000 euro recovery fund to help the bloc count back from procession also coming down riot police in hong kong move to stifle protests as the government post a pass a law that would make it a crime to insult the chinese national and. u.s. president trump threatens to shut down the social media networks like twitter after it casts doubt on the credibility of one of his tweets.
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i'm sumi so much scott it's good to have you with us e.u. commission president was enough on the line has announce a plan worth hundreds of billions of euros to help the bloc bounce back from the recession triggered by the coronavirus pandemic the plan calls for a recovery package worth 750000000000 euros which includes grants and loans for every e.u. member state for the line said the fund was an admissions answer to the massive economic crisis facing the bloc she also said that you have the choice of each country going it alone or responding together as a unified continent. the money will be raised by temporary lifting the only resources ceiling to allow the commission to use its very strong credit rating to borrow money on the financial markets this is an urgent and exceptional
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necessity for an urgent and exceptional crisis the next generation e.u. will invest in repairing our social fabric protect our single market help rebalancing balance sheets across your let's bring in our correspondent barbara following the story for us in the process hi barbara tell us more about was what was left on the line has been saying. she has sort of given the details the most important details at least for what this plan and tails for instance we know now that italy which is one of the worst hit countries in europe by the coronavirus is supposed to get about 170000000000 euros for the recovery of its economy spain is in with 140 and then from there it sort of slowly goes down but even germany gets some money back out of this big pot what is new and what really is
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sort of like the historical point here is and also funded line we just heard it said this out again is for the 1st time ever the european commission is supposed to go or wants to go out into the financial markets and raise money its credit rating is of course very good it has this huge budget to sort of lean on as a guarantee in the background and it will then go and sort of make this manjit money that is supposed to help europe out of the crisis and if you look closely into the details of the plan it of course it needs to balance north against south and it needs to balance and therefore we have a part of the money in grants in part of it in loans that need to be paid back even though at a very later point in time and also it's it has to balance east against south we have sort of new front shoes here in europe tensions that didn't used to be there
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before and so some money of course has a bill amounts will go to eastern europe to sort of pacify for instance the polish government which is already up in arms because it might become a net contributor to the next you budget so all this is a very intricate sort of piece of fabric that needs to balance the interests of all the countries and at the same time needs to sort of glue the european union back together which might come unstuck because of the consequences of the coronavirus. that was davies barbara vessel in brussels speaking to us a little while ago and we are expecting commission president was enough on the line to speak at a press conference in around half an hour from now and we'll be going to that live as soon as it gets underway for now those on to some other news in hong kong police have fired pellets at crowds of pro-democracy protesters and arrested some 240 people in the city center riot police had surrounded the legislature building in
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anticipation of protests the territory's pro-democracy demonstrators want to voice their opposition to a bill criminalizing disrespect for china's national anthem which our lawmakers have begun to baiting. and earlier we spoke to tom grundy editor in chief of hong kong free press he's been following the protests and standoff with police. well ahead of us tense standoff at the moment and moment called so about a 2 month old to arrest some of them children in uniform we've seen pepper bowls have to spray been fired by police we understand 3500 officers the quoit in this huge security operation today with alleges they're surrounded by walls of barriers and now it seems we may be descending as we have for the day and so sort of cottonmouth situation between the protesters and the police as monk called the shopping districts of poles a day on the central districts central business district became sort of giant.
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of the police and protesters giving chase but a lot so arrests today with them being loaded on to at least. tom we understand that protesters today are protesting against this national anthem law we don't do know that other countries also criminalize desecrating the flag or the national anthem so why are they out protesting this law today. well the difference is in hong kong if this law is passed as it most certainly well people could face prison or 3 years or a large fine of a mocking the insulting or parodying the national anthem but this comes in tandem with the national security law as well which many here will be an affront to civil liberties and freedoms and freedom of speech so that certain people on the streets because that will be inserted directly into hong kong's many constitution just in the next few months without any legislative oversight tom we see the police there
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just lined up right behind you and president xi jinping said china's going to be stepping up its military preparedness so if these protests continue to ask to turn violent what kind of pushback you think we might see from beijing well the oh the local army garrison chief has also made a similar threats we do hear these things about you know the military in hong kong but the idea of this national lead just national security legislation is that it will empower hong kong itself as well as the national security services who could end up being faced. to prosecute people for succession submission and suppression unfortunately we don't have clear answers as to how exactly they may that may affect the civil liberties and freedoms and core values that we're used to in hong kong as a semi autonomous region and tom where you've been speaking to protesters i mean what are they saying in terms of what they expect from international support.
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well we've seen some support i suppose from donald trump in that he will make a strong statement this week also trying when so i want but just around the corner here i've seen people are feeling overseas countries to intervene but this is one of the things that may become outlawed just in a few months along with mocking the national maybe even calling for an end to one party rule or chief executive. a step down that's a big thing about this law we don't know what it will instill. seeing how these laws are rolled out in the mainland there is concern that we may never know the exact definition of what is allowed and what is not because it's often the only applied in a very vague and all manner. tom grandy editor in chief conferee press reporting there on the streets content you so much let's take a look now at some other stories making news around the world protesters have taken to the streets in the u.s. state of minnesota after a black man died while being detained by police the death of george floyd has drawn
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outrage after a video showed a white officer kneeling on his neck as he cried out that he could not bring. a cease fire between afghan forces and the taliban has ended with reports of renewed fighting the troops and after hundreds of taliban prisoners were released as part of a u.s. deal to cease fire was announced by the taliban for the celebrations at the end of ramadan. medical supplies including masks appliances and building materials have washed up on beaches along australia's east coast the items were from a cargo ship that lost dozens of containers and rough seas over the weekend the singapore flag ship had been good from china to melbourne. spain's royal family has left the country in a minute's silence in honor of those who died of kobe 90 the country started and on president a 10 day period of national mourning nearly 27000 people have died from coronavirus in spain making it one of the world's worst hit countries. and let's take
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a look at some of today's other coronavirus developments of the number of people who have died of cover 1000 has surpassed 350000 that's according to johns hopkins university in the u.s. and the united states accounts for about a 3rd of those deaths thailand has extended its state of emergency last for another month until the end of june the government says the laws are still needed as the country gradually eases restrictions and india's top biomedical research body has backed the use of the anti-malarial drug hydroxy chloroquine as a treatment for corona virus and that comes after the w.h.o. suspended its trial of the drug citing safety concerns. international donors have pledged over 3000000000 euros to support refugees and migrants from venezuela as the coronavirus pandemic worsens their plight more than 5000000 venezuelans have fled the economic chaos under president nicholas my little here's the story of one of those exiles. it's
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a job no one else wants to do grueling dangerous work recovering bodies of covert 9000 victims. used to work as an electrician in his native venezuela before he migrated to peru 2 years ago to escape the dire economic crisis back home in his new job he and his fellow workers from the drug a funeral home collect as many as 10 bodies a day more than 400 since march. here they are picking up the body of a man who committed suicide because he couldn't get treatment after testing positive for the virus to one always worries the dangerous work yes to do might end up harming his family before returning home he always showers and watch this is closed with disinfectant sometimes he gargles with salt water. always afraid afraid to infect my family when i go back home to my children but it's something that has to be faced and i have to continue working to put food on the table. peru has
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over 108000 confirmed covered 9000 cases and over 3000 deaths the 2nd hardest hit country in latin america after brazil the current lockdown conditions are making it even harder for the estimated 850000 then as well when migrants in peru to make ends meet has to keep working and hoping they'll stay healthy for his family including his elderly parents who remained in venezuela. u.s. president donald trump is threatening to shut down social media platforms just one day after twitter labeled one of his tweets as potentially misleading now in response trump is accusing social media platforms of silencing conservative voices and says that republicans will quote strongly regulate to or close them down before we can ever allow this to happen the president deliver that message via twitter where he has more than 80000000 followers.
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and it is joel dahl right has been looking into this for us hi jill so tell us more about these tweets that has the president so angry well this all started on choose day when twitter for the 1st time ever clamped down on misinformation being spread by the president it label 2 of trump's tweets as being unsubstantiated now the background to all of this is that trump is angry at the state of california which wants to use a mail in voting or postal voting for its upcoming elections now trump believes that would unfairly favor his rivals the democrats so we can have a look now at the treat that he sent out originally about all of this on shoes day he claimed in a tweet that mail in ballots would result in electoral strode now we can have a look at what twitter did in response they added this little label to the bottom of his tweet saying get the facts about mail in ballots and that link leads to a web page where you can find clothes that state that there's no evidence to actually back up what he's saying there at the postal voting is in any way prone to
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fraud well today trump has hit back saying that republicans would shut down or regulate social media platforms if they continue as he says to stifle conservative voices now of course we all know that conservative voices a flourishing on social media platforms his none the least joy i want to ask you about twitter's reaction here because it has long been known that donald trump has used this platform also to spread claims that have afterwards been found out to be not true so why is twitter reacting this way now well twitter is getting ready for the upcoming 2020 presidential elections now we know the last elections there are a lot of problems with that misinformation being spread on social media platforms and they want to make sure that doesn't happen again so they're rolling out these new tools and one of them is this tool to label tweets as unsubstantiated and provide facts so this perhaps was the 1st chance they had to try that one out twitter has also been updating its policies and it specifically has a new poll. see that says you cannot mislead people with claims about participation
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in elections so they are following their own rules and we should also note that twitter has also taken action against some other prominent people such as the presidents of brazil and venezuela is the lead in some of their tweets and the boss and very quickly a trump has also made threats here to shut down twitter how worried should twitter be well trump of course uses twitter all the time it's his biggest channel it's unlikely that he's going to want to shut down his biggest voice to his own base we should also note that calls to regulate social media have also come from the other side from the democrats from one of their candidates elizabeth warren so whoever wins the next election perhaps these platforms could be facing some kind of regulation if they don't regulate themselves all right now reporter joel silver thank you so much. now the carmakers rayno nissan and its a b she have unveiled a new cost cutting strategy strategy that's meant to jumpstart business and deepen their 21 year old alliance of 3 auto companies are ruling out any merger but they
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say they will work more closely together and that could cut development costs for new cars by as much as 40 percent some of the factories might close as a result of that synergy. let's get some perspective on the story we have our financial correspondent julie barr standing by for us in frankfurt hi only so we hear the 3 big car makers here working even closer together that's what they say a to cut costs so will this work. remains to be seen i think the biggest. rose that was handed from renault to nissen is the promise by the renault chairman john dominique see now that they were not seeking a merger or a takeover with this one and remember this was a big bone of contention that led to all this tension between the 2 bigger partners in this 3 way alliance and many also speculate it was behind the arrest of carlos cohn the mastermind of this alliance back in japan he's since fled still is
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a scandal but now there is. a concerted intent to pacify all parties and they want to save a lot of money they want to have $1.00 brand responsible for the development of a certain class of vehicle which is to save 40 percent of the costs and say now the chairman says that they're all jointly committed more than ever to move forward they say there were no shared leaping up by about 15 percent on this news at the same time we've seen the french president my juan cole and now saying a big plan to boost the french auto industry i tell us more about the details on that. yes it entails about 8000000000 euros worth of aid. mainly from the state guaranteed loans and he's pegging this to the loans being used for investment in in france within france and he's. trying to incentivize
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consumers in buying french cars e-cards to the tune of 7000 euros plug in hybrids to the 2000 and even combustion engine cars a limited number of them to the tune of 3000 euros rightly parts for us in frankfurt thank you. sports now and the biggest game in any bundesliga season is dortmund against byron munich with other major leagues still on hold because of the pandemic sports fans around the world tuned in to watch as dortmund took on fire needing a win to keep their season alive but it wasn't to be by how their nerves to take home the win. the biggest game of the season had arrived at the 1st fallen star the bye and munich took on the closest challenges for the title in a stadium that would usually be rocking but was instead empty. the match kicked into top gear in the very 1st minute mix up in the by and defense handed early holland a chance to score settling the norwegian striker beat manuel neuer only for jerome
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boateng to clear off the largely. by a responded to that wake up call of the other end surgeon operate when just as close to catch piece take the man in the right place at the right time. it would take something special to break the deadlock and yours you provided exactly that. at breathtaking chit from the midfielder outfoxed dortmund keeper roman burkey who got a hand to the shots but couldn't keep it out of. a disappointing end to the half for him and dortmund who brought on jay sunshine in search of inspiration but it was holland who went close next with an effort the flashlight replays showed the shot deflected off by the tangs are no penalty was given and dawkins hunt for an equaliser continued not me david chester noir but there was
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a sense it wasn't to be that day robert leavened almost settled the time when he slammed a shot against the post. by an inches away from securing a massive win the nerves of the club officials present jangling. but not for much longer when the referee believe for full time it was clear that both teams knew how decisive this result could be. to be realistic by a 7 points ahead as long as nothing goes wrong they'll bring the title higher all the bringer it was a match that came down to the finest of margins. but the outcome is that 10 days after it restarted the bundesliga title race is old but out of a. ok let's return to our top story now you commission president was enough on the lines announced a plan worth hundreds of billions of euros to help member states bounce back from the recession triggered by the coronavirus pandemic the plan includes a 500000000000 euro fund proposed by germany and france based on common e.u.
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debt fund a line said the fund was an ambitious answer to the challenge she also said the european union was facing the choice of each country going it alone all responding together as one continent the money will be raised by temporary lifting the only resources ceiling to allow the commission to use its very strong credit rating to borrow money on the financial markets this is an urgent and exceptional necessity for an urgent and exceptional crisis the next generation e.u. will invest in repairing our social fabric protect our single market help rebalancing balance sheets across europe all right let's bring back barbara vessel in brussels hi barbara so what makes this rescue package so unprecedented.
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it is so unprecedented because for the 1st time in european history the e.u. commission is allowed to go into debt they're allowed to go to the financial markets and say come on we're really very strong we really have a very strong mandate we have guarantees from the mender member states give us the money so this is really the 1st time they're ever having access to the magic money tree 750000000000 it seems a huge sum but if you look of course at the european member states of you look at the total g.d.p. if you look at the ravages that we would experience through the corona crisis it might in reality not even be enough and on the other hand we also know that this is just the beginning of a process this is for underlying wants what she will get in the end is in the head in the hands of the 27 heads of state and government off the european union and
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they will still have to begin to even talk about this as you said it is the beginning of a process and it comes at a time when germany is actually set to take over the rotating you council presidency for 6 months i want to talk about that in a moment 1st let's take a look at what that will be the governor crisis struck in the midst of merkel's preparations for germany's e.u. presidency suddenly forcing her to focus on what she's most known for crisis management. in my view europe the european union is currently facing its biggest challenge since it was founded. europe was already divided before corona struck until 3 months ago but commissions green deal on climate change and finalizing the next budget along with braxton it looked like the hardest issues to overcome this year. now marichal still infamous in europe southern states over her
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handling of the euro and financial crises may face her biggest challenge yet. she will have to pull europe back from the kind of nation state thinking that kicked in as the initial reflex when the corona crisis struck here being europe's longest serving leader who heads its largest economy could help in machall has already started pledging german money for the 1st time accepting joint e.u. debt as part of a joint 500000000000 euro recovery plan with french president mccall she may drop more red lines see you our goal is to see europe emerge from this crisis closer and stronger than before she's a comment whether i'm going to merkel can push europe to take a leap of faith into the future may prove decisive for the stability of the e.u. it will certainly be decisive for her entry into the history books. you know
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barbara at a time of a global pandemic and economic crisis really is a lot of responsibility falling on germany over the next 6 months. and all this responsibility falls squarely on america's shoulder we know that she was in earlier and better years called the leader of the free world not she will have to prove that she can be the leader of the european union in the biggest crisis the union has ever seen and it is so bad because it is an economic crisis that really might tear the fabric of this sort of togetherness off the e.u. apart angle america is of course the most experienced leaders of all she knows the people around the big tables my russell personally some of them she has known over the years she knows how the machinery functions she doe's how compromises made in this very complicated web of a european interest that still it is
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a huge task what speaks for her is it the amazing capacity she has even after all these years in office to sort of outlast everybody else at the table we've been sitting there in the european council building when they get back to meeting person face to face we've been sitting there for nights and you wonder do you feel you were so tired and she was still up and she was still sort of pushing the other people trying to get them to accept a compromise so she really has this tremendous strains and moments of crisis and she will really need every unsoftened if she in the end will be a will want to be able to pull this package pull the so huge e.u. budget over the line plus talk about all the other things that she that are on her plate because we have to struggle think almost forgotten called breck's it that will have to be dealt was in the 2nd half of the year and there of course is the climate problem she can't let that slide the green deal the the transition away
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from this returned to renewable energies away from carbon. from a carbon economy all this are a huge task that a big in themselves and then she has to handle it all at the same time so this might very well turn out to be the very busiest 6 months off for a long time in office jets going to be a challenge for chancellor merkel also for the european commission president it was enough underline and we saw her earlier unveiling that rescue package to european lawmakers she's going to deliver a press conference shortly that we're going to listen in to live what do you think the main message is that we're going to hear from her. the main messages from her are we have to look to the future and we have to save the european union it really is as simple and as basic as that because there are strong forces that are pulling to 2 different sides the we have populists we have the reawakening of nationalist
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feeling in some countries they they dealt was the krona crisis by themselves because the e.u. doesn't have any competence in health issues and they said so where was europe when we needed them so a lot of things went wrong at the beginning off or slow funded lines time in office and now she really has to sort of force and jolt people to to do this big leap forward and it's not going to be easy because it's in the nitty gritty it's about it's in the details who gets how much money will everybody be happy that italy is supposed to get the biggest bite of the corona recovery funds look at to eastern europe there might be envy other people like the frugal 4 and some in the meantime called in the european parliament called them the the good just to call for they don't like the netherlands in austria they don't do want grants they want credit
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only like pay back what you owe so although there is a huge amount of political sort of tension in this and funded line will have to sort of really be very steadfast and try to not get stuff taken away from her to sort of you know really carry this over the line from her part and what's even worse in the end she will have to implement it her commission her civil servants are the ones who will have to sort of then give out the money control the money and that is also going to be a very hard time so huge amount of work to be done just as we're waiting for is enough on the line to get that press conference up and running we're seeing that that's about to get started but while we're waiting you mention the opposition from the frugal for so northern countries who are opposed the idea of sharing debt taking on debt together what do you think she's going to have to say to convince them that this is in their interest. she will of course remind them that also the frugal for particularly for instance the netherlands just to take one example i
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have hugely profited from the european internal market i mean the dutch trucks rolling all across europe there were no borders they could do whatever they wanted they could export their flowers to any corner of the of the continent they really begin logistics export agriculture. these open borders in those this easy access for the dutch economy has been a huge boost so at this point in time she will appeal to my group to the dutch prime minister to say you can't just think of this day you just have to be able to sell this to your people sell it in a positive manner and the main message in all this is it is in your interest so she will tell margaret or you have to go to your people and you have to tell them that it is in their interest that we will still have a.


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