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tv   DW News  Deutsche Welle  May 27, 2020 8:00pm-8:15pm CEST

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this is a line from. the must be. together. with. president. unveils a 750000000 euro becomes a fund to help from recession and she speaks to. the present.
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government to. make it a crime to insult the chinese national i. mean fear of the coronavirus away. not. welcome to the program european commission president. has unveiled a 750000000000 euro plan to help member states from the recession triggered by the coronavirus pandemic much of it will be funded by common a huge debt a new approach proposed by germany and france to describe the fund. so the challenge and said the european union face a choice of member states going it alone or responding to. the
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european union's massive recovery funding plan is aimed at helping member states hardest hit by the pandemic italy and spain will get the lion's share the commission president and brussels keen to play out europe's united approach the a must be to invest together in our common good we will be bold by raising unprecedented amounts of funding at european level we will be focused by channeling the funding to the new priorities that will shape the future. in practice it's germany and france which are driving the plan and will provide most of the money german chancellor angela merkel for the 1st time accepting joint e.u. debt as part of a mutual recovery strategy. is of course this proposal contains elements of both
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what was discussed between germany and france as well as elements of the guarantees and loans that were mentioned by 4 other countries. and now we start negotiating with $400.00 a group of northern e.u. countries known as the frugal for the netherlands led by prime minister mark ritter plus austria denmark and sweden are less keen to hand out money to their southern counterparts with no strings attached. country government and emergency we need an emergency recovery fund to stimulate the economy. we believe this should consist of loans without any mutualization of tetes for much of the information hot looking for. some tough talking lies ahead for the recovery plan to come into force agreement must be reached before the autumn. or they don't do brussels correspondent go matters quarter where they're sort of
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found alive after a news conference. madam president you have the big member states france and germany on your side for your recovery fund how are you going to convince the smaller member states particularly in the north that this is the right plan to move forward i spoke to every head of state or government during the last weeks and it is important that we should keep in mind every member state is affected by the economic crisis so it's in our common interest that we rapidly come out of the crisis and that we invest in our european priorities and for that next generation e.u. the recovery fund is important. but with money that's where mainly we're friendship and so what's your message to those who have been critical or skeptical of the idea or to hand out grounds i think during the crisis we saw how easy the the single market can be heavily hampered and damaged when for example the different economies
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shut down. so the opposite is necessary for our single market that we open up again and that we cover fast and that we have the integration of the single market repaired rapidly. no member state is able to do that on on its own they are all integrated and dependent on each other which is good because it increased the living standards in the prosperity. of all member states and therefore it's in our common interest to get the economy back on its feet we need for that grants because the european budget consists of grants but there will also be a share of loans now you have a number of ideas how to get the money back emission trading or digital tax but to put it mildly these are ideas that haven't been exactly popular with member states the fact that we have an unprecedented situation and that the commission is raising
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money at the market that has to be indeed paid back over a long period. increases the awareness that it is a good solution to pay that money partly back to new own resources now it's a matter of negotiations with the different member states but as we have a completely new situation it is worse to go new ways thanks very much thank you. oh let's take a look at some of the other stories making news around the world will start in the united states where a democratic presidential candidate joe biden has called for greater accountability for police after a black man in the state of minnesota died shortly after being arrested for tests have erupted over the death of george floyd a video emerged of a white officer kneeling on his neck as he said he couldn't break. advances by forces aligned with libya's interim government have halted
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a year long offensive on tripoli by rival military command me for half the turkey provided support and pushing back after hours army various factions are vying for control of libya's in 2014 in a war that strong and foreign powers. several regions across india have been hit by heat wave temperatures reached 47.6 celsius in the capital delhi and. residents to remain indoors and stay hydrated the un has warned that covered 95 the health risks of. police in hong kong have fired pallets of pro-democracy protesters and arrested more than 300 people in the city center demonstrators are opposing a bill criminalizing disrespect for china's national anthem lawmakers are debating the changes now. thousands of hong kong residence defied police orders and took to the streets demonstrating for their independence and against china's efforts to
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tighten its grip on the semi autonomous region the protesters were met by a strong police force which fired pellets filled with pepper to disperse the crowds and arrested hundreds one of the residents concerned a bill threatening anyone who disrespect the chinese national anthem with up to 3 years in prison. i'm worried about the national anthem law i know it will pass in the legislative council because pro stablished that lawmakers have a majority there. i came to hong kong from mainland china when i was young so i know about the darkness of china i'm worried china will impose its standards and its system on hong kong. protesters want to express their outrage not only against the national anthem law but also against the new national security law imposed by the chinese government the full text of the legislation has yet to be published but it has raised international alarm over freedoms in the city. among cong security chief
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defended the measures on chinese state television. and it is necessary and important to establish a legal framework and enforcement mechanism for safeguarding national security and the hong kong special administrative region at the state level this will be conducive to the long term stability and prosperity of hong kong and also helpful in safeguarding the legitimate rights and freedoms of hong kong residents young and call for action. but that's exactly what the protesters fear hong kong will loose the freedoms and civil liberties security when the former british colony was handed back to china in 1997 they are meant to remain in place for at least another 2 decades beijing brands the matter and internal china. the fair but the leader of punk const pro-democracy civic party is calling on the international community for help. hong kong has long be
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a member of the free world we share the same values we share the same liberty and freedom and now when china is trying to take this away from hong kong we expect the rest of the world will speak up for us despite social distancing rules resistance against beijing's attempt to tackle its grip on hong kong is growing fiercer protests are likely to continue in the coming days. tom grundy is editor in chief of the hong kong free press website we asked him what sort of pushback we're likely to see from beijing if these protests escalate. when we hear these murmurings sometimes of military intervention in fact the there is a garrison in hong kong of the pair lay but it seems that this at this nuclear option of inserting these laws into hong kong's basic law will enable the local authorities and even some security agents from the mainland to to enforce this it seems perhaps at 1st to be targeted and pro independence of the kurds and perhaps
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front line protesters but the fear is it may expand to n.g.o.s even media like us or or even mainstream democrats and then possibly cross-tab richmond figures who who might not be falling in line but certainly we've got some key dates coming up 10 of the massacre anniversary pro-democracy protests due on july 1st song sure there will be further protests in the next couple of months before this law kicks in. tom grundy from the hong kong free press now if you can you were to record 123 new coronavirus cases happening to you in the most recent 24 hour recording period that's a big figure for county health minister described it a staggering almost 1500 cases of covered 19 have been because it was 55 deaths so far as we have everyone else caught up in this pandemic it's the poor and homeless who suffer most as if you're on your reports from nairobi every
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day at around 1 pm at least 40 men and boys gather here in kenya capital nairobi one of them a homeless including 1000 year old crying. and they're all here for lunch deliver daily by a nonprofit working in the city called homeless of nairobi. despite the coded 1000 outbreak most of them have no masks and my lunch is over they huddle for some banter before leaving in different directions in this reality social distancing or staying home and not realistic options. does not exist does not exist or doesn't exist so blah blah blah all those things you know it's there and even if it comes and hits one of them and they die. the kids they used to be will die. this was the catalyst to brian's life on the streets he never met his father and
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when his mother died he left home on the back of a cargo truck which brought him to the city since then this has been his life walking greeting and fishing. i asked him how if a told a covert 1000 pandemic has affected his life. with money tell me don't come near me. are you concerned about the virus. but we just press on that. brian is one out of an estimated 20000 people living on the streets in kenya. but each night the country's curfew comes into effect. the homeless seem to disappear thanks they retreat into these dark corners hidden from police officers and p.s. . we meet a mother with her 6 month old baby. god is the only one keeping us alive she says
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because even if we are afraid of the virus it's not like we can stay indoors only as a liberal news brian considers himself lucky to have a roof over his head the organization that provides lunch has rented 2 rooms in the slum for the boys. brian sleeps in this corner and the army as he calls his group of friends from the streets take whatever spaces left. my shop on the left is good it's better than on the streets i was really free when i was out there nothing to cover myself but. something. with no prospect of dinner the boys take the chance to show us a river where they wash. it said daring undertaking. somehow death feels like it's always right around the corner here. it's no wonder that the next morning when we meet brian he's having a cocktail of blue and jet fuel for breakfast the blue keeps the hunger. and the
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jet fuel keeps reality at bay. and so another day begins as the last one ended walking greeting. wishing. and said we'll have more for you at the top. i'm going to. love. sex. oh. please all that. all of the stories that. underlie. whatever it takes. you are running around try.


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