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this is g.w. do's live from berlin tonight an unprecedented push to help europe's economy recover from the pandemic the pain must be to advanced to get there and. it will be pulled by raising christendom to demolish a funding at european level european commission president. unveiling a 750000000000 euro recovery fun every european union country must approve the plan what are the chances of back also coming up tonight while your police on the
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streets in hong kong as the territory's government debates a wall that would make it a crime to insult the chinese national anthem plus kenya's anti corona virus prescription for the homeless a serving of glue and jet fuel every morning for breakfast and t. minus 30 minutes and counting at cape canaveral in florida the crowds have gathered to watch the u.s. launch private enterprise into space. i'm off to our viewers on p.b.s. in the united states and all around the world welcome tonight the european union is considering an unprecedented plan and an unprecedentedly expensive plan to return to normality after the pandemic. european commission president results on the law
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and today unveiled a 750000000000 euro plan to help member states belt's back economically much of it will be funded by common european union debt a new approach proposed by germany and france. described the fund as an ambitious answer to the challenge and she said the european union faces the choice of member states going it alone or responding together. the european union's massive recovery funding plan is aimed at helping member states hardest hit by the pandemic it's early and spain will get the lion's share of the commission president in brussels keen to play out europe's united approach the a must be to invest together in our common good we will be bold by raising unprecedented amounts of funding at european level we will be focused by channeling the funding
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to the new priorities that will shape the future. in practice it's germany and france which are driving the plan and will provide most of the money german chancellor i'm going to merkel for the 1st time accepting joint e.u. debt as part of a mutual recovery strategy. is of course this proposal contains elements of both what was discussed between germany and france as well as elements of the guarantees and loans that were mentioned by 4 other countries. and now we start negotiating with $400.00 a group of northern new you countries known as the frugal for the netherlands led by prime minister mark ritter plus austria denmark and sweden and less keen to hand out money to their southern counterparts with no strings attached. the government and emergency we need an emergency recovery fund to stimulate the economy.
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we believe this should consist of loans without any mutualization of tests for much of the goofy from a stop looking from. some tough talking lies ahead for the recovery plan to come into force agreement must be reached before the autumn. arliss pull in the w.c. political editor mcculloch ochsner good evening to you mccallum we're the largest territory is terribly territory to germany a lot of responsibility is now falling on germany's shoulders for the next 6 months isn't. yes and in fact we saw that amazon vent into previous to territory herself crossing that red line of wanting to allow the european union to take on debt to fund to give out free money to a certain degree so it looks like the german chancellor may have switched camps to
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those southern states that want more support out of brussels with no strings attached taps but this is a clear indication of her upcoming role heading the german e.u. presidency where she wants to leave some more room for negotiation once the individual heads of states trying to get this ready for parliament to approve a grand master plan so one thing is for saw what we heard today is not the final version of what the this will push for in the end yeah and the chance that she has a lot on her plate now with the e.u. presidency will be happening during the final year is she supposed to be in power i mean what will be the key challenges for her. well she thought that the key challenge would be europe's to strategic position to take the also relation to china and the u.s. but also the green deal and instead she got another crisis let's listen to
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a clip how she puts the corona crisis in relation to the foreign policy outlook of the european union eventually near the silk usual i would like the european union to also show global solidarity and take on more responsibility in times of crisis in many places the pandemic will lead to an escalation of existing conflicts and problems that will test the european union's ability to act together in terms of foreign and security policy and take it with you. more and we need to represent the values we stand for within the e.u. solidarity democracy freedom and protection of human dignity also to the outside world oh. your intelligence talking about our values to the outside world sounds like more of a a stateswoman than it does politicians do you think uncle americal will she be able to get her way especially in terms of foreign and security policy. well she
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certainly is trying a very tricky balance indeed she will be very busy holding the salt together within the e.u. the buzzword is solidarity she believes the e.u. could emerge from this crisis stronger at the same time the outside world she was referring to that means china she put those exact values also in relation to china she said there were fundamental differences on those key values of democracy pointing towards hong kong so this will be a very tricky balancing act both within the e.u. and all those interests there but also the e.u. in relation to china and the united states where she made a clear point that the e.u. is not neutral it's a part of the west and america's side even in difficult times still the geo political minefield to say the least cheap political editor macculloch of no thank you the united states has more confirmed coronavirus keyes's than any
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other country in the world with almost 1700000 it's also on the verge of war he another grim milestone is the number of deaths approaches 100000 u.s. president donald trump has been criticized for reacting too slowly to the pandemic some say tallies could have been reduced if he had taken a different course of action. taking the new normal to a new level. churches are closed in the new york borough of queens but that didn't stop these catholic priests from tending to their flock outside. many are in need of solace kovac 19 has exacted a devastating toll in new york nearly a quarter of all deaths in the us so far have been recorded in the state that's nearly 25000 people more than 8 times the number killed on 911 it didn't
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need to be this way says veteran scholar noam chomsky he blames donald trump for the catastrophe as new leadership it's clear out of. the. presidency the word is in the hands of the sociopathic regular mail you know who's interested in nothing but who's a who or what surprisingly chant seen here playing golf on sunday has a different take on the situation. he insists the country's out of the woods and says it's time to move on and open up. all 50 states have begun lifting the lockdowns the relief of many especially during the holiday weekend. each state is easing restrictions at its own pace but concerns are growing that some govern has a pushing to open up too quickly because of the need to rescue the economy this is
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fueling fears of a 2nd wave of infections. you know i'm glad the show will come because you know more credit you don't need these come up big week in st paul way too many people we can't afford it being not usually the people should nice where the regular normal time you can diminish the people you don't want that. many in the u.s. may be happy to be getting back to normal but the virus has not gone away and experts fear this could translate into more infections and more deaths. more deaths are right talk about the situation in the u.s. i'm joined now by jeffrey levy professor of health policy and management at george washington university professors good to have you on the program if we go back to the beginning of march and i think there were just a handful maybe 5 confirmed coronavirus deaths in the u.s. now at the beginning as we approach the beginning of june we're talking about 100 sales and how in the world did it come to this.
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primarily because the federal government was asleep at the switch we had ample warning about this pandemic there were plans on the shelves that career officials had prepared that just needed to be put into place to slow things down to get the testing capacity in place to prepare for social distancing to do all of the things that other countries have done and did expeditiously we were slow we didn't do everything that needed to be done and tens of thousands of people have died on necessarily and what about now i mean i was looking at the latest numbers in the states of virginia north and south carolina and georgia you've got you know increasing cases of code 19 at the same time you've got all the states coming out of lockdown is this the right move at the right time. well different states are
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moving at different paces in terms of removing the so-called lockdown some of the initial phases of. fewer restrictions still require major social distancing most establishment search still closed still requirements to wear masks so it depends on where you live the level of which to do to the degree to which the the lockdown has been lifted the states that have lifted all restrictions are greatly at risk and there's a real danger that we could see a resurgence and some of the places like the state of georgia like the state of florida both cooked their books in other words didn't accurately represent the data about what was happening and then and actually started removing some of these restrictions even though cases were still on the rise most other states have really chosen to wait until there's been a serious plateau and a real diminishment in new cases and deaths that's the appropriate way we can't
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stay locked down forever but we also know that this makes a difference where you say some states cooked the numbers there i mean do you think that the the figures we have for the entire united states are they reliable can we trust them. so overall i would say yes i mean the centers for disease control and prevention which has been much maligned in this and i make does a good job of collecting that kind of data what we know is the reported deaths may well be an understatement less because people are trying to hide the number of deaths and more because people may have died at home with out a chronic virus diagnosis you know we've had a major story and one of the biggest impediments to our response is that we still don't have the testing capacity that other countries have and without the testing capacity not everyone who was sick was a properly diagnosed and those deaths are not necessarily being counted so you know this is definitely an undercount we just don't know by how much so that makes it
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even more tragic it's really probably more than 100000 people who have died yeah that's a sad footnote in all of this as well professor geoffrey levy joining us tonight from george washington university professor we appreciate your time in your insights tonight thank you thank you. well to hong kong where be jeanne is proposing a national security law that many in the territory believe will seriously restrict their freedoms the u.s. secretary of state might pump aoe has dropped a bombshell by saying that the trumpet ministration no longer considers hong kong to be autonomy is from china the statement implying that the u.s. may end to some or all of its special trade and economic relations with the global financial hub and here's what he said just a few hours ago hong kong does not continue to warn treatment under united states laws in the same manner as us laws where pliant hong kong
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before july 997 no reasonable person can assert today that hong kong maintains a high degree of autonomy from china given facts on the ground. that's a quote there from the u.s. secretary of states in hong kong itself police fired pepper pellets at pro-democracy protesters today in arrested more than $300.00 people demonstrators oppose a bill criminalizing disrespect for china's national anthem on kong lawmakers are currently debating that proposed law. thousands of hong kong residents defied police orders and took to the streets demonstrating for their independence and against china's efforts to tighten its grip on the semi autonomous region the protesters were met by a strong police force which fired pellets filled with pepper to disperse the crowds and arrested hundreds one of the residents concerns a bill threatening anyone who disrespects the chinese national anthem with up to 3
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years in prison. i'm worried about the national anthem law i know it will pass in the legislative council because pro stablished that lawmakers have a majority there. i came to hong kong from mainland china when i was young so i know about the darkness of china i'm worried china will impose its standards and its system on hong kong the. protesters want to express their outrage not only against the national anthem law but also against the new national security law imposed by the chinese government the full text of the legislation has yet to be published but it has raised international alarm over freedoms in the city. among cong security chief defended the measures on chinese state television. when it is necessary and important to establish a legal framework and enforcement mechanism for safeguarding national security and
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the hong kong special administrative region at the state level this will be conducive to the long term stability and prosperity of hong kong and also helpful in safeguarding the legitimate rights and freedoms of hong kong residents young and call for action. but that's exactly what the protesters fear hong kong will loose the freedoms and civil liberties secured when the former british colony was handed back to china in 1997 they are meant to remain in place for at least another 2 decades beijing brands the matter and internal chinese. fair but the leader of punk conscript democracy citic party is calling on the international community for help . it. has long be a member of the free well we share the same values we share the same liberty and freedom and now when china is trying to take this away from call we expect the rest of the well speak up for us despite social distancing rules resistance against
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beijing's attempt to tackle its grip on hong kong this growing fiercer protests are likely to continue in the coming days. here's a look now at some of the other stories that are making headlines around the world in the u.s. democratic presidential candidate joe biden has called for greater accountability for police after a black man in the state of minnesota died shortly after being arrested protests have erupted over the death of george florida video emerged showing a white officer kneeling on his neck as you could hear him say that he could not breathe. several regions across india have been hit by a heat wave temperatures reaching a sweltering 47 degrees celsius in the capital delhi today authorities are urging residents to remain indoors and to stay hydrated the un has warned that code that 19 will amplify the health risks of hot weather. advances by forces aligned with libya's interim government have halted
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a year long offensive on tripoli by rival military commander khalifa how far turkey provided support here and help to push back have tars army numerous groups have battled for control of libya since 2014 in a war that has drawn in foreign powers at least 40 civilians have been killed in north eastern congo by suspected islam is militants that's according to human rights groups the attack took place in the territory of it remove the democratic forces militia as killed around 400 people since late 2019 in retaliation for an army offensive against its bases. i want to stay in africa and go to kenya now were a record 123 new coronavirus cases have been confirmed in the most recent 24 hour period that's a big figure for kenya the health minister describing it as staggering almost 1500 cases of covert 19 have been recorded with 55 deaths so far as with everywhere else
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called up in this pandemic it's the poor and the homeless who suffer the most as come on he reports now from nairobi. every day at around 1 pm at least 14 men and boys gather here in kenya's capital nairobi one of them a homeless including 1000 year old crying don't take here and they're all here for lunch to leave a daily by a nonprofit working in the city called homeless of nairobi. despite a covert 1000 outbreak most of them have no masks and when lunch is over they had all for some banter before leaving in different directions in this reality social distancing and staying home and not realistic options. to model does not exist doesn't exist doesn't exist so called read blah blah blah all those things in a little bit it's there and even if it comes in hits one of them and they die they
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used to be the kids they used to people dying. dead was the catalyst to brian's life on the streets he never met his father and when his mother died he left home on the back of a cargo truck which brought him to the city since then this has been his life. walking printing and fishing. i asked him how if a told a covert 1000 pandemic has affected his life. good luck with money tell me don't come near me. are you concerned about the virus. but we just pray that. brian is one out of an estimated 20000 people living on the streets in kenya. each night the country's curfew comes into effect. the homeless seem to disappear.
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they retreat into these dark corners hidden from police officers m.p.'s. we meet a mother with her 6 month old baby we knew we were doing god is the only one keeping us alive she says because even if we are afraid of the virus it's not like we can stay indoors only as a libra nuber brian considers himself lucky to have a roof over his head the organization that provides lunch has rented 2 rooms in this slum for the boys. brian's in this corner and beyond me as he calls his group of friends from the streets take whatever spaces left. my shop on the left is a good time it's better than on the streets i'm free free when i was out there nothing to cover myself but here there's something going on. with no prospect of dinner the boys take the chance to show us the river where they wash it said daring undertaking. somehow that feels
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like it's always right around the corner here. and it's no wonder that the next morning when we meet brian he's having a cocktail of blue and jet fuel for breakfast the blue keeps the hunger way and the jet fuel keeps reality at bay. and so another day begins as the last one ended walking. meeting. wishing. well it was t. minus 10 minutes and counting until the news came just a few moments ago the watch has been delayed the united states was scheduled to launch the 1st privately built rocket today from cape canaveral and to take 2 u.s. astronauts to the international space station but sadly stormy weather at cape canaveral has forced the mission to be post poll since it stopped its own launches back in 2011 the u.s.
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has relied on russia for rides into space and arrangement at the trump administration wants to change. if all goes to plan it will be the dawning of a new era in space travel that the launch of the full k'naan rocket with its manned dragon capsule will end america's dependence some russia for access to space the joint operation between nasa and space x. led by the pay pal and tesla founder even musk should open up much cheaper space travel. you would have never thought you know after we landed it when it's back in 2011 that you know 9 years later we would be where we are in some ways and it's . better than i would have imagined in so many of. the space shuttles used in the past were enormous complex and massively expensive every flight swallowed up half a $1000000000.00 with space x.
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the cost should be somewhere between $60.00 and $90000000.00 the track and capsule is much smaller than a space shuttle and the interior is more sophisticated than this tesla car sent up as dummy cargo joining an earlier test. a successful launch could give space x. a head start in commercial space and travel tourism its rival the boeing starliner end of the test flight early because of a software problem so space x.'s crew being careful not to raise expectations there are just so many technical factors and things that we need to focus on to make sure that we pull this off that our place and history or you know even trying to put our names in the same sentences as the folks who have come before us is it seems premature until until we until we've pulled it off and. if there are problems with the launch rocket the capsule can detach itself and make an emergency
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landing extensive testing has so far yielded positive results. happily the only negative results have been the astronauts tests because of it 19. there's always issues space is hard obviously but we want to hit all the hit all the boxes do everything we need to do to demonstrate that this vehicle is capable of taking ash not up from us soil. as often as nasa will allow us to do so. after a 19 hour flight the astronauts will stay in orbit for a month to back up the international space station hopes for a new era in space travel will be riding with them. and we are just getting the news now that historic launch of 2 u.s. astronauts into space the 1st launch from u.s. soil since 2011 it has been postponed until this coming saturday the postponements
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a result of poor weather along the eastern coast of florida canaveral watching d.w. news after a short break i'll be back to take you through the day tonight we're going to talk about. these 750000000000 euro prescription to cure what ails europe's economy then a more we come back to. how
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does a virus spread. why do we panic and when we're almost true just 3 of the topics from cover and a weekly radio show is called spectrum if you would like any information on the chrono laroche or any other science topic you should really check out our podcast
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so you can get it wherever you get your podcast you can also find us and w dot com look forward slash science. to know that 77 percent of africa are younger than 6 o'clock. got. me and me and you. and you know what external voices. the 77 percent the talk about the issue is that. this is where it comes. to 77 percent this weekend on d w. when the water rises cities will sink into the sea. entire stretches of planet will be abandoned. and the water is trying. to stop its happening faster than
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anticipated. massive great suppose to prevent flooding but they only delay the inevitable. how will we live in the future. 66 meters facing sea levels starts to sit on g.w. . today from a launch pad in florida a space x. falcon rocket was scheduled to take private business to the stars making good on a c.e.o.'s promise to his shareholders well that promise that dream has been delayed due to bad weather the launch now scheduled for next saturday on this side of the atlantic today a 750000000000 euro promise to stop an economy in freefall and astronomical saw to take the european union out of its deepest recession ever for budget spending this guy me truly be the limb.


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