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tv   Business - News  Deutsche Welle  May 28, 2020 5:15am-5:31am CEST

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since 1000 words of the so-called girl that collection remains a mystery. after more than 8 years of research the suspicion that most of the paintings were stolen remains. you're watching news remember to keep it here for all the latest or check out our website t w dot com and follow us on twitter and instagram at u.w. news i'm going to look for more news at the top of the hour thanks for watching. in the height of climate change. for cosmic. what's in store. for the future. come for the major cities to go inside click counter.
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to. look even beethoven's pastoral symphony is the foundation of an international art project. to mark the 50th anniversary of the composer's 1st beethoven more a quiet. street project starts june 4th on t.w. . the fear of creating a lockdown generation unemployment around the world is surging because of the coronavirus and the international labor organization says young people are particularly vulnerable also the e.u. and builds its gigantic economic aid package but member states disagree on key issues. and we'll introduce you to
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a mayor in the east of germany who single handedly wants to solve the digital dhamma of this town. i'm chris colfer in berlin welcome to the program with the coronavirus pandemic hitting economies around the world the figures of financial aid packages are skyrocketing nevertheless unemployment figures are also surging and a new study from the international labor organization suggests young people are particularly affected workers between the ages of 15 to 24 are most at risk of losing their jobs we met one of those young people and back that. this was going to be rainy and big here she was looking forward to graduating from university with a degree and then out into the real world. this is my last year at university and i was supposed to graduate and be happy to be done. but 1st we had the protests and then after that came the coronavirus.
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the university of baghdad has been closed for a while classes have been impossible for months initially because of student demonstrations against the government but now the pandemic has kept doors closed even longer this has sent students back out onto the streets. yeah rocky's face a threatened future even if young people had jobs before the coronavirus for shutdowns a study from the international labor organization shows that they were the 1st to lose their chops. last year the u.s. unemployment rate was already relatively high at 13.6 percent for workers ages $15.00 to $24.00 now in may 2020 that rate has hit 20 percent. burney ins future is uncertain even if the university does open again allowing her
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to graduate there's no guarantee she will be able to find a job. earlier we spoke to the director general of the international labor organization guy ryder and he explained why job losses at a young age can be particularly difficult. all the evidence shows that if a young person is out of the labor market for a significant period of time a year or more than that the effects live with them throughout their working lives it's not just a temporary shock it's a permanent scarring and this will live on not just for a year or 2 it lives on for decades so my view is as we will have to deal with so many competing demands on our attention on our resources as we pull out of this pandemic situation we really have to put young people at the front of the queue for our attention and not leave them at the back and that danger does exist. the director general of the international labor organization guy ryder speaking this
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hong kong is no longer autonomous from china that was the assessment of the u.s. secretary of state mind pompei o in a report to the u.s. congress on wednesday from a superhero's move is the 1st sign of jeopardy for the region's special's trade status with the united states which has been shielded from a recent trade war between the united states and china it comes after china announced moves to bypass hong kong's legislature and intervene directly in security measures which has sparked protests in the area. european commission president or the left on the line has unveiled 8750000000000 euro plan to help member states bounce back from the recession triggered by the coronavirus and them much of it will be funded by common e.u. debt a new approach for both by germany and france. the european
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union's massive recovery funding plan is aimed at helping member states hardest hit by the pandemic it's early and spain will get the lion's share. the commission president in brussels keen to play out europe's united approach the aim must be to invest together in our common good we will be bold by raising unprecedented amounts of funding at european level we will be focused by channeling the funding to the new priorities that will shape the future. in practice it's germany and france which are driving the plan and will provide most of the money german chancellor angela merkel for the 1st time accepting joint e.u. debt as part of a mutual recovery strategy. is of course this proposal contains elements of both
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what was discussed between germany and france as well as elements of the guarantees and loans that were mentioned by 4 other countries. and now we start negotiating with $400.00 a group of northern e.u. countries known as the frugal for the netherlands led by prime minister mark ritter plus austria denmark and sweden and less keen to hand out money to their southern counterparts with no strings attached. i can see the younger moves an emergency we need an emergency recovery fund to stimulate the economy well. we believe this should consist of loans without any mutualization of tents for my shop if it makes hope looking for. some tough talking lies ahead for the recovery plan to come into force agreement must be reached before the autumn. let's take a look now at some of the other business stories making headlines around the world
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yes at a time when company h.b.o. is launching its own streaming service following in the footsteps of disney apple and amazon h.b.o. max is betting its own productions can put pressure on the competition including game of thrones and terminal. boeing is set to cut $12000.00 jobs in the united states the majority will be through terminations and the rest through voluntary redundancy the move follows plans announced by the plane maker in april to cut 10 percent of its workforce. only son and mitsubishi have unveiled a new cost cutting strategy is designed to salvage their 21 year old alliance the 3 car makers ruled out any merger but will share their production more systematically this which could cut development costs for new models by 40 percent. germany is recognized for many things around the world beer cars meat dishes well
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germany is infant nestle known for is the lack of solid mobile web coverage the government has been saying they're working on it but keeps having a hard time with telecoms companies which say and some spares the populated regions it's just not worth it a mayor in a small town in saxony now has taken it upon himself to get his city on line. to spoil castle is located high above the city of the same name in southeast germany 4 and a half 1000 people live there surrounded by meadows and forests know about what is the mayor. whenever he walks through the city people always bring up the same problem. and it's happening it's been a mobile phone network disconnects when you move around the connection breaks down regularly even sitting in your apartment and we're not going to be connected to the fiber optic network anytime soon listen to help. the mayor has been fighting for
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high speed internet for years even loading the city's home page takes forever neither mobile nor cable providers want to supply a just book the distance between districts is simply too far and there are too few customers get tied up by as some people have a 30 megabit connection but there are districts that have almost nothing where they're still in the kilobit range but it's different everywhere and we want to build the glass fiber network which we're now starting to do installing fiber optic connections in every home and apartment a gigabit network. high speed internet the city can hardly wait and then the other one of the biggest employers are now goes to build futuristic furniture kitchens and bathrooms they use a material that feels and looks like stone but it's as easy to build with as wood orders come in from around the world but the company's internet connection is too slow for day to day business. does it i have to bundle several telephone lines to
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get an acceptable situation that makes work possible a problem our clients are located in london in dubai and scattered around the world so we have to transfer large volumes of data with. struggling to get access to high speed internet in the 21st century would be unthinkable in asia and even other european countries. and we now see it as a disadvantage of our location our customers usually have a great internet connection which often leads to the expectation that we can keep up the pace during video conferences and. it's unlike any other project seen in germany a mayor taking on the task of supplying an entire city with high speed internet. mayor noise hour is pleased that the ongoing pandemic has paved the way for the european union support package worth billions. as financial aid programs are vital
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we have to invest a sum of $6000000.00 euros our regular municipal budget is 6.5000090 percent of which is already planned in if we do the math it clearly wouldn't be possible. in 2 years at the latest the mayor wants to have high speed internet across the city just the promise of a faster connection is already attracting companies and creatives alike. and that wraps up our show as usual you can find more business stories on our website this do w. dot com we're also on facebook and twitter i'm chris colfer and bill in for me and the entire team thanks for watching beck and mark.
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conflicts. despite the coronavirus time demick. pushed hard for a presidential election in may in the expectation that it would win my guest this week from coast to stomach tachyons keep pushing me pete from the rule of law and justice o'connor was his government guilty of trying to put politics aside people's
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love. conflicts. yes. on difficult. even to enter the european union indeed that's what the turkish government told refugees before the coronavirus gunned down. the us in the family from afghanistan and many others took it out it's was. the stance of a painful journey that is still unknown to most of. the world. in 60 minutes on t.w. . invention. but can it conquer the major issues of our society. the season of founders not only. begun
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to post these modern day heroes in. inspirational people take on the challenges of the world with the unique idea. of the postman with this entrepreneurial mind you look at those 2 problems and make them one solution to a new season of founders family. starts june 13th. on t.w. . if there is a fun day or a catastrophe what a waiter the rules can be changed you were so desperate to win once you every politician who is looking for for success does this for it to win yes the e.u. commission says the new law undermines the judicial independence of fogies judges this is double standards i kind of bet the president will be reelected.


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