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tv   DW News  Deutsche Welle  May 28, 2020 11:00am-11:16am CEST

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how will we live in the future. 66 mean rising sea levels. on d w. is coming to life from china approves a plan to impose controversial national security legislation on hong kong the move is likely to further inflame tensions in the territory where protests have been escalating in recent days pro-democracy demonstrators fear could spell the end of the city's. also in the program. the
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100000 mark amid criticism that the trump administration could have acted earlier and saved thousands of lives. hello i'm terry martin welcome to the program china has taken another step to increase its control over hong kong and to quell public protests in an overwhelming vote of approval beijing's national people's congress passed a plan giving the chinese government the power to begin imposing new restrictions on hong kong the controversial security law will bypass the territory's own ruling legislature pro-democracy advocates say the law by lates the freedoms promised under hong kong special one country 2 systems stoppers. was cross over to beijing now work correspondent standing by what will beijing's new
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national security law mean for hong kong's future. i spoke to several activists from the pro-democracy movement in hong kong and for them thank. you so afraid the line to beijing is has been compromised sorry fabio hoping maybe we'll bring him back in the program a little later that would have been crushed in beijing well the move by beijing to gain more influence over hong kong is judicial affairs has prompted the strongest acknowledgment yet by german chancellor angela merkel of china's distinct approach to law and civil rights do you claim that you know that you only issue surrounding each china relations are complex enough on their own these complexities compounded by the fact that china isn't just any patna a competitor but a country that is profoundly different in regard to the rule of law freedom
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democracy and human rights. we only need to look at the situation in hong kong and the one country 2 systems policy. however the fact that we have a very fundamental difference is should not be an argument against exchange dialogue and cooperation. i'm joined now by your going to hans hughes foreign policy spokesperson for america's conservative party in the german parliament the bonus talk the talk thank you for joining us what's your take on the security law that china is preparing to impose on hong kong i think the decision of the people's congress and picking from today is harming significantly the cream and between china and the united kingdom concerning the status of hong kong and to the fact that this paper. was ever a decades ago it's part of united nations. notification
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i think this is harming of international law and we have to station states that and we have to mention that. concerning the reality i see. a lot of weakness of the chinese government in doing that because we normally expect that china is going forward in welfare for the people and economic terms also in political and military terms but they are increasing pressure on civil society in china and in hong kong and this shows that probably the chinese government the prime minister's party fear not as secure in their seats then we see them in their seats and this is the most important part from today for me the german government has been criticised for keeping quiet on issues surrounding hong kong are you not concerned that china is violating the rule of law and undermining freedom and democracy as i'm going to america stated today on that topic i think we have to
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you with all our ways and also of the islands and in your paid union and in the transcendental cooperation to make clear that we don't accept this step and that to be see you back in relations to china corner so i think that but i think the best way to reach change in the politics of big government is to find a win win options for both sides for all european union for on one side for example and china on the other side and then also linking that to other questions and i think a european union needs to have a strategy on china the paper on the table from the commission from last year which is very. engaged on that for you to ice i see progress in that field the u.s. has been very outspoken in its criticism of china what is germany's red line that needs to be cross before stronger action is taken sanctions perhaps will be
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considered. i think a sanction policy needs to have a and the objective for that is surrealistic lee reachable and i think also looking to the people in the whole country of china i think we have not to over estimate the rumors in the country in the chinese homeland so to say. concerning that but to hong kong we see the. situation in hong kong but chinese people maybe have other things in mind discover or not and economic difficult times and therefore we have to to to see that the the identity of the chinese government to they want to keep in place but they want to have occurred on the progress economic brokers is linked to cooperation with other continents and other countries and this is the way we have to go with china and we have to make clear that for us. fairy elations. also have to have in mind their business plans and not political
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decisions of a communist party have to set the agenda of economic cooperation and this is what i expect from the european union that should be mentioned on the summit between china and european union china is pursuing its belton road initiative making inroads also into europe do you think that europe is capable of speaking with one voice when it comes to a foreign policy approach to china that would have any effective influence. this is the question of a common strategy looking to those countries of the european union that are economically linked to the bed wrote initiative for china and some of them on this of course because they see that. it's giving money for their project but they have also political topics on the agenda that should be pushed through by doing this economic. ject. by the way i think to have
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a land line between china and europe it's a good idea part of their lead lined it's an enclosed to my constituency and also i was fadia but linking political questions with this doctrine economic project is not there what we can accept and this what needs to be the message of all the 27 european union member states to china when we have this summit in autumn. mr hart thank you for speaking with us that was you're going hot foreign policy spokesperson for i'm going to michael's conservative party in the german parliament the biggest. thank you so much to us where the cove at 9000 death toll has topped 100000 that's more deaths in just 3 months than the number of u.s. military men and women who were killed during 44 years of armed conflict incredible iris fatality rates in the u.s. accounts for nearly a 3rd of all global deaths the trumpet ministration has been criticized for responding too slowly to the pandemic experts say many of the deaths could have
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been prevented. taking the new normal to a new level. churches are closed in the new york borough of queens but that didn't stop these catholic priests from tending to the throne outside. many in need of solace kovac 19 has exacted a devastating toll in new york. nearly a quarter of all deaths in the us so far have been recorded in the state that's nearly 25000 people more than 8 times the number killed on 911 it didn't need to be this way says veteran scholar noam chomsky he blames donald trump for the catastrophe there's no coherent leadership it's a chaotic. presidency the word hurls is in the hands of the sociopathic megalomania you know who's interested in nothing but whose own
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or not surprisingly chum seen here playing golf on sunday has a different take on the situation. he insists the country's out of the woods and says it's time to move on and open up. all 50 states have begun lifting that lockdowns the relief of many especially during the holiday weekend. each state is easing restrictions at its own pace the concerns are growing that some governors a pushing to open up too quickly because of the need to rescue the economy this is fueling fears of a 2nd wave of infections. you know i'm going to be trouble because you know your credit you're going to be scum a big reconstruct the way too many people we can't afford it being usually the people should nice way that regular normal car and you can hear me those are people you don't want that. many in the u.s. may be happy to be getting back to normal but the virus has not gone away and
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experts fear this could translate into more infections and more deaths. stitch up on some of the other stories making headlines around the world today with just 60 minutes to launch the 1st mission from u.s. soil since 2011 to carry american astronauts to space it was called off bad weather calls that lay at the cape canaveral launch pad in florida a rocket is now slated to lift off on saturday. in the u.s. hundreds of people have taken part in demonstrations enraged by wednesday's police killing of a black man in minneapolis minnesota protesters took protests took place in los angeles and for a 2nd day in minneapolis where demonstrators clashed with police the city's mayor has called for criminal charges to be filed against the arresting officer. several regions across india have been hit by a heat wave temperatures reached a sweltering 47.6 degrees celsius in the capital delhi and authorities urged
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residents to remain indoors and stay hydrated the u.n. is warning covered 19 will amplify the health risks of hot weather. soccer news now in the bundesliga european hopefuls are be life's a host to how to berlin on wednesday night in a heated battle that had big implications for both clubs had to took another step toward survival while leipsic inched closer to qualifying for the champions league . heads were knocking early in this one. life 6 tyler adams in hand as mob in platen hot collided going for the ball hit as platen hot looked to get the worst of it. but the defender stayed in the game long enough to curl a fantastic corner that found marco grew huge. grew its time to his run perfectly to give hand to an early lead less than 20
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minutes later life seek return the favor christen kuku the bulls assist leader found lucas costa maya who headed home for the home side to level the score 11. after the break just after the hour mark marcel holliston burke's aggressiveness hurt the home side the life that defender picked up his 2nd yellow and was sent off . down a man didn't stop live sick t.-mo vana to patrick chick who fired towards goal to keep her yars 9 looked at stop did but somehow the boss slipped from his grasp ruled an own goal take it to one week dance and were given a lifeline thanks to leipsic physicality in the 81st mini. newcomer christophe biotic who subbed in minutes earlier converted from the spot to level the school.
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i should have. before the match i shared with amy. i am at the foot for the team and this is the most important. leipzig remain unbeaten since the restart and so does head to berlin behind new head coach bruno la but be. welcomed minds to the german capital knowing they could ill afford a slip up against a side also desperate to avoid relegation the visitors came with a positive attitude and got the reward by a brit there buckaroo out for 13 minutes the 22 year old strike with the home side under pressure before marcus got a chance to level 20 minutes later somehow the scenes parted for the shot to go in the game finished one all. just reminder the top story we're following for you today china's national people's congress has given his approval to drafting
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a new culture personal security law for hong kong. territories legislature and critics fear it will lead to direct repression of any anti establishment activity and. you're watching news from berlin we have more for you coming up our. news information on our web site that's enough. dot com i'm terry martin i'm on twitter team news stream thanks watch. love. go beyond. the stories that matter to. come to. whatever it takes to get the running nut.


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