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tv   DW News  Deutsche Welle  June 16, 2020 2:00pm-2:30pm CEST

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there. have been chinese forces along the border. also said. that. all the tension between the 2 sides over the last month this is the 1st incident.
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have been killed in more than 4 decades. for more than $200.00 provisions on the the editor of forbes magazine which focuses on indian military matters and he's also the co-author of a book dragon on our doorstep looking at india's military policies visit china free in sunny bolts nations an eyeball to eyeball contact for over a month now was it only a matter of time before such a deadly clash with dr. no i don't think so because the neither side wanted an escalation and if you seen this clive know fired on them being used it's basically some heated moments which were beyond anybody's control and that this guy that people have died because of greed and stormtrooper clone basically have been lynched you rightly pointed out we know this guy thing inside the other side we don't know but you know we also know that officers of the van gogh may didn't
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really start now they are confabulating and they're trying to diffuse the situation so this war certainly not on the cards at all it is both sides. one can imagine that there'd be a significant pressure on the indian leadership to respond and you've also recently said india has no military options in the dark if that's the case what happens next. yes so you see what happens is that the chinese and already taken a very belligerent posture and they have sort of warned india for the simple reason that what the chinese have in typical numbers of region is their operational base which basically means that they have a lot of soldiers they have equipment they have done the training they have ammunition and they are absolutely ready and you know oriented own so so all the requirements which are it needed for an escalation daddy all the other hard
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unfortunately the indian side have simply built up for not even a guarding role but a policing role show with indian say that they are ready it basically i would say die in somebody that facade has. been blown off for the simple reason it's into the truth that we we are not oriented you know all the things the pluses that the other side has india doesn't which reflects the way he read it very clearly in the tone of the p.-l. e-a in that statement that there's been a difference so i think it's a situation which is very tricky for india what are india's next steps do you see a deescalation happening or absolutely because that neither side wants in war because what will happen is the next step i see the chinese taken taking a more hardened position. you see 0 ad where ever they were really good or lead all give up because i believe we have what do you get that do they get inside the girl
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knowing fully well that whether they have that group that will pray for the base for the indian school create a hobby to add to good things going will be a bit difficult to argue with. so they understand the how to get from the limitation that i know i'll be good i me and they are good military so they're pretty should i expect to be something certainly hard and i expect there to be oscar much more than they would have other ways off editor of forbes magazine province on a thank you very much for speaking to us thank you north korea has confirmed that it's blown up an office that was set up to improve relations with south korea the explosion was captured in surveillance video released by the south's defense ministry in syria will join here's an office was situated in the town of case song just north of the border the attack on the building comes as tension between the 2 sides escalates over the leaflets in campaign john young is
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furious at seoul's failure to stop activists using balloons to drop propaganda over the border into the north. according to north korean state media the demolition of that jointly is on office was ordered by kenya jong this is sort of north korea's leader kim jong un here's our correspondents assessment of the role that kenya jones plays if we look back a couple of months 'd to those rumors that surfaced about the grave illness of leader kim jong un we were talking about who might be the next leader of north korea and of course kim your junks name repeatedly came up i talked to an expert here in the south korean capital and he said if we see her actual and her profile in north korean propaganda increase then that game for the crown
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to be the next leader of north korea would be over and we could you know then conclude that kim. jong is is the likely heir to the north korean leadership. of the insert on now to some of the other stories making news at this moment has opened an investigation into alleged links between a former police chief and people implicated in the mother of prominent journalist. 3 years ago the police you've resigned in january amid accusations that he had bungled the probe into the job of a spy that. the u.s. food and drug administration has revoked its emergency use authorization for hydrox security queen to treat covert 19 the agency says that it is research shows the drug is not effective in treating the disease. it's consulting representatives about how to cut $22000.00 jobs worldwide it's.
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a painful restructuring is in line for a 1000000000 euro rescue package from the german. you're watching news still to come. by suspected neo nazis. in germany. but 1st u.s. president says he's going to cut the number of american troops in germany by nearly 10000 levels of about 35000 he said he was taking the action because berlin had failed to meet its defense spending commitments nato secretary general. says alliance members will need to hold a discussion about how and when a withdrawal take place. present trump and i discussed this issue during a phone call last week and my message will start to the u.s. presence in europe it's good for europe but it's also good for north america and
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united states because the transatlantic bomb is essential to the strength and the success of the alliance the united states in the president has announced what they have announced. but it remains but it's not yet decided how and when. this decision will be implemented and i expect this to be an issue that will be discussed at the upcoming defensemen sterile meeting. and i was spoken with the president. spoke you know there are present is civil to us on this ration and i also spoke with the german defense i mean instead on the 5th they go on called bobber so this is now an ongoing dialogue on d.c. sure. president trump move has shaken nato and especially germany the foreign minister heiko must see as he has received no detailed information about the troop withdrawal. for 70 years tens of thousands of american troops have been stationed
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in germany for europe their presence at bases like spangdahlem guarantor of peace for the us and expression of its military might. on monday donald trump confirmed he would be withdrawing almost $10000.00 of them blaming bare lens failure to meet its 2 percent need to defense spending commitments but he wrongly said it was indebted to the military alliance so germany's delinquent they've been delinquent for years and they own nato billions of dollars and they have to pay it so we're protecting germany and illiquid that doesn't make sense like the u.s. military presence in germany was a reginald a boo work against the soviet threat during the cold war and continues to be a deterrent against potential russian aggression trump decision threatens to further strain the relationship between the 2 allies. germany since its
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serenity since 1900 is a very strong partner and we would like to be handled all saw even and that with the united states this is not the way you treat your close partners. u.s. presidents have long called for germany to increase defense spending but some suspect the latest decision is a reaction to german chancellor angela merkel's refusal to attend the g. 7 summit that was to be hosted by the u.s. president later this month all trump seems to see america will not anybody else has systemic rival. or for the. personality does matter is this is also part of a neo isolationist policy so it's a less about the individuals or the. individuals to matter it is a new self definition of what the american interest seems to be it's not clear if
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trump will be able to push through the troop withdrawal which faces stiff opposition in congress even members of his own party opposed the plan. on turkish troops is following this closely and joins us now from brussels terry nato secretary general yes said the troop withdrawal still needs to be discussed is this not a done deal. well actually the u.s. has the right to do what it wants with its military it doesn't have to discuss these things with nato it doesn't have to negotiate pulling its own troops out of any country but as as we heard in the in the package before it's just not the nice way to do things in an alliance where you want your partners to support your decisions and your partners want to be consulted and this apparently didn't happen before this decision was made in washington. the secretary general stoltenberg appeared to be taken by surprise because you nationally called these reports leaks
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or just media reports so it simply doesn't add to the cohesion of the alliance when any member takes takes unilateral decisions like this and i think many are hoping that this just doesn't happen stoltenberg kept saying it's not known how and when it would happen everyone knows it's difficult to move large numbers of troops it's expensive the u.s. has to figure out what to do with the troops next and how it would replace those capabilities in its own ranks so yeah there were going to be a lot of a lot of discussions about how and when this would happen and it's unclear whether it's finalized the u.s. military is certainly arguing for this not to happen to. the u.s. troops good for your good for the u.s. . broader defense posture. yeah i think it surprises a lot of people to find out that for example the us african command afrikaans is
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located in stuttgart germany not in the u.s. and not in africa but in germany the u.s. does a lot of activities a lot of military activities a lot of operations out of germany instead of the united states it's much closer to the middle east for example where there are a lot of troop movements going on so i think that what nato hopes and what secretary general stolzenberg hopes is that they can convince president trump that it's in his own interest not to take this move and of course it's a nato is interested that there are not fewer american troops on the ground here it is a constant refrain that we hear out of nato headquarters that no matter what trump says on the ground he has actually increased u.s. support for europe if troops leave that that refrain doesn't sound quite as believable so everyone feels more safer with more u.s. troops on the ground in germany and i think that's very much what what the allies are hoping will be the end result no matter what president tom said yesterday the president. redeploying some of these troops from germany east to poland and closer
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to russia how good does due pressure from russia affect me to his relationship with moscow. poland is always very friendly to the united states and has offered to build a new base for example there will be some heavy equipment stored there remember there was this this idea about for trump being established there which of course makes president trump very happy so it's it's not surprising that he would say well maybe we'll just move those troops from the low defense spending germany over to the high defense spending poland it does spend 2 percent of its g.d.p. on defense but there is this agreements between nato and russia that there will not be a permanent positioning of troops very near the russian border and poland is of course a lot closer than germany so that could cause new problems for the nato russia relationship and it said time and time again that the only person who is happy about this announcement from president is let amir putin the president of russia so that may cause new tension but president putin may also be secretly savoring you
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know having another complaint against nato officials believe there for the time being and so much interest. here in germany the trial has begun in front for a suspected new nazi accused of murdering a german politician prosecutors say. was gunned down at his home where you're to go because he stood up for the rights of refugees in germany another man is charged with aiding and abetting the crime. the main defendant stefan he left traces of his d.n.a. at the crime scene he confessed to the killing then later retracted his confession now accuses the 2nd defendant marcus h. of having fired the shot that killed. both are now on trial. the victim or. president of a district council in germany central state of hessen the classic local politician gunned down in front of his house it's believed to be the 1st murder of
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a politician by the far right in federal germany since the founding of the state after world war 2. was an outspoken advocate of germany taking in and integrating refugees and asylum seekers at a town hall meeting in the autumn of 2015 lucas spoke his mind and was booed the soviet you have to stand up for the values you believe in and those who don't share those values can leave this country at any time. you question. also in attendance were volunteer luca's suspected killers both men had long been active in far right circles and had criminal records but stefan he appeared to have broken with his militant past police had stopped tracking his activities mark his age is accused of brooke hearing the murder weapon a 38 caliber rowsley revolver it can be purchased online as long as the official
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regulations are fulfilled the authorities now admit to having made mistakes. the killing wasn't only met with shock and dismay in far right circles and met with explicit approval like at this march by the anti islam organization peggy to in dresden last summer. you didn't talk do you regret lukas killing regret. it's actually a humane reaction what is number you saying that murder is a humane reaction. comes around goes around but he was a trainer to the german people and he told his own countrymen to leave if they disagreed with his refugee policy. past the civil war that the. authorities discovered google searches for the keywords. and shot in the head shortly before and after the murder from several german states and indication of possible accomplices the role of the far right and as you is also under investigation between 200-2007 the group are murdered
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a total of 10 people allegedly vowed to lukas name was on their hit list. many questions remain unanswered the trial is set to include 30 days of hearings which are scheduled to be completed by the end of october. mr in germany where the country has launched its official up to fight the spread of the koran of the technology concerned warnings to users if they've been in close contact with anyone confirmed to have the government hopes it will help short term infection trends but the earth is voluntary and as news found out not all germans trust it. this app is hope to become a game changer in germany's fight against corona it took much longer to develop than expected for security reasons the government says. the covert app uses bluetooth to determine which other smart phones are in the vicinity and for how long if an app you use it tests positive for the corona virus other users who were
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in longer contact with that person get a warning message. all data is anonymised and only stored locally on each individual smartphone health minister a young sponsor stressed that the app is no kill all. but it is still important to observe the rules just keep a distance where face masks and stick to the hygiene rules the key difference is that it can help warn contacts of an infected person much quicker than before. so. there is no obligation to use the corona warning out yet the government hopes that many people will do so. to download the app is one small step for everyone but a leap in fighting the pandemic when they use it can trust in the best data protection possible not. alone according to recent survey only 42
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percent of people in germany intend to download the app. and just this whole coronavirus thing seems very strange to be so i wouldn't be interested in the app for security reasons. and it's too much surveillance is going to. bed like instagram a snap to use all my data anyway so it's the same thing. while the launch of germany's app marks a new approach to fighting covert 19 it appears far from offering an answer to the pandemic. has been you're on top of other developments in the corner about us bend break there are now more than 8000000 phone cases around the world nearly 447000 people have died that's according to the tally by the johns hopkins university in the u.s. new zealand says the test to a new case is of course at 19 ending a $24.00 day run of nor new infections the cases are 2 women who were traveled from the u.k.
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china has reinforced some travel restrictions of the capital be doing as it battles to contain a new outbreak there are 14 year coronavirus cases reported of more than half of them in beijing. it's canals and landmarks to foreign visitors it's a vital step forward for a city so dependent on its tourism industry with more than $300.00 visitors a year for each inhabitant many venetians thinking about how they can learn from the past to save this city's future. venice is legendary waterways without the masses a rare commodity here gondoliers are slowly returning to the cities can now but so far only a few visitors have indulged themselves. usually packed with tourists at this time of the year pizza san marcos seems almost deserted after the coronavirus crisis brought the city to a near standstill venice is gradually opening up to visitors again. but not
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everyone is looking forward to the return of the masses jane demo still sees this as an opportunity for a much needed change she has been advocating for a more sustainable form of tourism one that doesn't put the future of the city at risk the problem with venice is that it's in a strain many fred delicate system and and you can't just do anything you like to venice it needs to be. treated carefully otherwise there wouldn't be any venice left in the future and we need to be responsible about the legacy of venice and think about what venice has given to us other people have a right to get that too she tells us venice has a unique way of life that is threatening to disappear jane the most a wants to risk to engage with the city again spending more time in restaurants and museums and not rushing through in
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a few hours. the city's population has dropped from 175000 after world war 2 to just above 50000 inhabitants now a fraction of the roughly 30000000 visitors who come here every year critics say venice has been suffering from over tourism for too long it has driven out residents were simply made the city unlivable for them the coronavirus crisis now has given venice a break from cruise ships and daytrippers but for an economy almost entirely depending on tourism reinventing itself. great challenge though the last months without guests were difficult for. he still imagines a different future for his city the co-author of the upscale hotel once his guests to enjoy a slow as he calls it a true venetian experience the huge throngs of tourists in the streets could be reduced through better regulation if. there are. too many people that walk is because there is of wrong wrong.
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of the events of the cd because. they're bored in the. same period of the festival of the scene of. the opening of. unity and i mean. we should do. more to organize it. in the 6 months. while many agree venice needs to change the way it handles its visitors the city's tourism counsellor wants to further assess the situation before applying any drastic measures. this is not the museum or. you know some cap city in the world i don't think so many many people speak about the. 50 millions 30000000 man song.
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i want to count. how many people. every day and i know. former resident and activist jenna musto just empty words right now that doesn't seem to be political will at all i think the politicians are too focused on making money out of venice in this short time and by thinking in that way that kind of killing the goose that lays the golden egg with travel restrictions now being lifted all over europe the nations should not take too long to decide what kind of future they see for their city. and the story. of course.
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in the south. and i'll be back.
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playing for mom under pressure. huge protests against the fire german corporation makes. for years studies of a. these materials are damaging the environment. but the manufacturers continue to make huge profit. by europe and the me close up.
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a lot more energy to refute rubbish than to propagate it in the 1st place. if a conspiracy theories can provide comfort you don't like reality can create another . a film about knowledge and belief trust and deception. adovasio of the gold starts july 1st on t w. with beans dying at record rates these beekeepers are protesting against german chemicals giant bale and it too insecticides. we are the victims we provide a huge service to society just like our bees pollinate food crops and this is the thanks with us. for decades studies around.


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