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tv   Kick off  Deutsche Welle  June 23, 2020 9:30am-10:01am CEST

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he runs to. so many different walks of life. some are. awfully strong but all of that comes straight from the heart to its former c.e.o. but it was no more delusion the marsh school in trying to come. from the fruit of the law to their final resting place the russians w. documentary. fire and me in a car champions they made me win over braman sealed their 8 total in
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a row in their 30th over all the big variance domination of german football continues so a bit of a snooze fest otherwise no think again. 3 teams are fighting for the final 2 champions league spots leverkusen wasik and then to plot the. 3rd place like to have the toughest task on that stage 33 they took on 2nd place dortmund. 4th place leverkusen travelled to relent to face off against tara. while glop often 5th got to play it already relegated patter born. the relegation battle is also still chock full of suspense craven our risk of getting relegated for the 1st time in 40 years a win against mines could be a game changer. for just the doors and the relegation play off place everything is still. their game against al gore could make all the difference.
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but let's get the ball rolling with saturday's top match versus dog and. sadly there were no fantasy of team advantage in his final home game for life saying he'll be off to chelsea post-season 53000000 euros making him the most expensive german footballer ever. but his 4 year spell at the club with an impressive $93.00 bullets 2 goals will be cherished and has proved to be some swansong season having already scored a personal best $26.00 golds. but doormen have a clinical striker of their own of course in the shape of hurling hall and here managing to elitist team. but thing assume went a lot smoother for the visitors. to hall and forcing peter glassing into one of
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a series of saves the norwegian young stick a few obvious ellsberg during the winter break and on saturday he made life very uncomfortable for sister team life sick this was his 3rd chance inside the 1st 20 minutes. dortmund were playing a very smart game repeatedly dropping back to 10 lifesaving out of their own half with half an hour played much hummels down through the lap signet field before laying off for you the implant to power down the right wing a square ball to giovanni raina a delicate pass the hole and one was where did you get these youngsters. 17 year old raina and hall and still just $900.00 self 2 teenagers with the coolness of seasoned veterans. young talents are something you the announcement of really needs now at the other end of the departing verna must see just one effort on goal in the 1st half leipsic and usually tailor. front. and
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they didn't look like champions league material at the back either team or van and i exactly saw it in the wall for this free kick from rafael gayle that duckett easily have seen the deficit doubled so far not venice best performance at rb. and it was a similar story in the 2nd half dormant lurking and just waiting to pounce on a toothless leipsic mats hummels out of position but in exactly the right place to put hall of through on goal. classic saved again by classy and also who would wow. that was perhaps a wake up call for the hosts who still needed points to secure 3rd place defender angeleno had a couple of chances as you did not was man finally saw some fight from his side but it was a game over for to learn at least with 20 minutes left less the memorable final home game not helped by another fine showing his dormant counterpart.
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was in hall and somehow managed to bungle the ball over the line and they all count his 13th in the league and goal number 84 for dortmund a new club record. we have a lot of good quality players and when we get the and we get to play good together we know that we will create a lot of chances and. you know it's. amazing when today and and and we knew that lives he was a good team but we're also a good team so we're we're not aggressive enough we we didn't when to do world. really passive against the ball top of the table in december leipsic will now be happy to have effectively qualifying for the champions league dortmund meanwhile are runners up for the 5th time in 8 years consolation comes.
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in a k. a never also have plenty experience coming in 2nd but these days they'd be happy with just a top 4 finish it was a pretty simple prospect for a page of bosh because in basically how to win their final 3 games. after their midweek darby victory over cologne bosh adjusted his math once more. we have to win this raftery games. and now we have to win the last 2. and so the next mission was to prevail at heritable and as so often hopes were on the outs to turn on the magic since the restart has been seemingly scoring at will. and later kids and were soon on the front foot. leon bailey to how that's. who could have done more with facts. about himself set up the next chance with the abby. and then captain for land. still just
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6 minutes played. a quarter of an hour in leon bailey down the left again fall and again. and how that's. all very nice but nothing to show for it. character can play some pretty nice football themselves except they make the most of their chances instead of a meal of them. one nail against the run of play courtesy of materials put in. a penetrating pass from duty looking back you know and sumptuous strike from the brazilian. and once behind leverkusen struggled to catch up with errata. just off be on tech all on his own and only lukash right at sea to keep on that day. and while the pole was apologetic
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leverkusen could be grateful that he hadn't seen flatter me or daddy to in acres of space. after a dominant 1st 15 to 20 minutes it had been a pale display from leverkusen including having outs. in the 2nd half the visitors again got to work on projects champions league but there was no breaking through the kryptonite like carrot of back line. the visitor's defense on the other hand look quite the opposite she on texas morning through the box but it was looking back you know who got to sing i. think energetically on tech could have trundled the ball into the story later kusa never himself but who cares when you're waiting. later concern
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responded but if talis man habits doesn't score who would. and with frustration growing paper boss had no one else to blame but the referee who. did. the forgettable outing for college have sent labor to send and they had no one to blame but themselves supporting of course i mean we came here to women we knew it was a mistake and. there we knew. we were the biggest opponent for ourselves today but those are just tough for jabbers liguria can't afford to make mistakes in the last 2 games and bosh had only one word to sum up the 2 male boss to have. left. suddenly glovebox had the chance to snatch the champions league spot from late because if so why did marco look so nervous when should surely be on the cards
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against the league's weakest team. first always going to plan to hammer hitting the target from a difficult time goal just 5 minutes in but then the game slowed down it was not so palpable instead mitchell levelled in the 54th minute so that things got exciting again. where the already relegated team really about a solid club past champions league ambitions. well not quite it was more of a wake up call for club. then last stimulus failed in the host and they go their chances take backfilling. the captain rose to the occasion and converted from the spot to one and back on track. poles came even closer to that goal of the with was sent off in the 66 minutes that they made their one man advantage count the tears came to a serving army been hit by any with a long shot related sustained to the captain with
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a 2nd goal of the match just like not to gloat but back in the champions league sports. because i want. my own. and now on to the coveted europa league starts against a struggling shank of power play course made sure both sports stay on course for continental competition he set the tone early on playing in the fall amid a confused shelton defense in the 16th minute that was the dutch striker 15th of the season. and he didn't stop there a horse for the 2nd after the break going down but not before picking up paschal to keep for alexander noble. near the one hour mark kevin added a 3rd for the world's shall have only found the net 4 times in their last 7 games
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and it was another painful match to watch for coach david wagner with full support to only one scoring up a storm salvatore made for nailing the 78th minute. in his last how much for the royal blues it was a performance to forget the nergal in summer and he's happy to buy. at least robbie much tonto's solo effort help shall compose one back. but it wasn't much consolation now when listen 15 league matches all hopes of europe. shelter have long dried up but both sports are free to soak it all in having already secured their place in the europa league. it wasn't only shown to the received a spanking on match day 63 times media people have given you will in an early taste of what was to come in 11 minutes. the play starts with a sublime pass from the coverage that was the start of half my running right with
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god. from previous years to sharpshooter coverage extended the lead in the 39th minute his 1st goal and it goes. out of the 3rd just before the break. i need to see twice but the incredibly tight tangle. just when things couldn't get any worse for you and. baumgartner killed off again with the force in the 60 minutes. time well no way to sealing a top 7 finish. something called lone can only dream about at least the match against frankfurt started off well sebastian all the foul shall come only marketed in the box minutes before the break it was a clear penalty. stepped up to the plate and he didn't miss. cullen
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were well on their way to clinch the 3 points but were unable to neuter the eagles pass dawson levelled in 70 seconds to salvage a point for frankfurt. not the ending cologne wanted but it's a result coach mark has been strong to live with they're just happy to stay up. by a no thing or 2 about staying up late already wrapped up their 8th straight title but the hunger to win. haven't changed. it was a rescue mission for his team in front up to 60 minutes. providing assistance. but it was not to win without him school the polish international with goal number 32. wasn't to everyone's liking freiburg blood was talking to boyle.
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given the much needed clothes. and if he. hopes of a comeback was shocked when levin dusty made it 31 before the break his goal this campaign had a new record for foreign players and that's when this league. binah only 4 goals short of scoring 100 in the season something they lost accomplished in 1972. when it rains it pours and i want to get to go there were 4 teams looking for the light of day in the relegation battle braman 2nd from bottom. away at mines in 15th . and 14th. always result in 68
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and the playoff spot. outscored need of the solitary calling to be sure of top flight football next season. dusseldorf were wary of conceding goals late in the game as seen recently against dortmund's although when midweek they grabbed a last gasp equaliser against lights in. the play so much invested to lose the way the. today i am. delighted to. sell what with the dividends before their investment against outsports. to savor i've got off to a seemingly ideal start with ruben henning scoring after just 6 minutes. but what the host celebrated outscored complained and the ref took another look via v.a.r.
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. had conahan deflected the cross with his hand. it took the referee a full 3 minutes to decide no goal. and fortune as luck was to desert them again right afterwards although they only have themselves to blame as flopping on either lesnar won't through their defense to take the lead after 10 minutes. that was his lucky 13th of the season. and with previously just one goal since the restart needle lesnar couldn't have picked a better time to get back into the habit. of own dear dusseldorf. but as so often in recent outings for 2 nerve rows like a phoenix thanks to one high flyer of the wooden having.
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his 15th goal and it just served equaliser and again with his sure fire left foot. in his boss wanted to make sure this one counted do we get the goal this time. $11.00 it was and $11.00 it remained even if both sides showed their mettle. but. yes. both teams were desperate not to lose. caught and came severely close. to a winner after 70 minutes which was the only big chance in a nerve racking 2nd half. hour spork went home with that crucial single point meaning safety from the drop. we have this week it mentality him around we completely deserve to stay young finally the pressure is off and now we can look forward to our holidays.
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i'm more disappointed about the way we played today i think there was one game one game too many fools today i think we have been on the last weeks and months on the extreme pressure. to producing results to staying in. fortuna fight on but still have a decent chance of at least remaining in that playoff spot. and yeah i think both team had not very big chances today so i think the draw was ok so we have to be focused for the next week and we need to win. and the wind was something their biggest rivals down at the bottom were sorely looking for. ahead of them much against mines braman were practically facing their last possible chance to gather their strength and avoid relegation even the thought of 2nd
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division football is too tough to imagine for the club. since the blunders league's inception bring in a spent just one season down below and that was 40 years ago. there after the club had a huge hole of trophies over the years league titles and cups domestic and european . it's a club with big expectations even if the glory days are long gone. but it almost seems braman were capable of shaking the pressure off just 4 minutes. just sergeant mike to given the lead. that was in 9 flexible floor. was. braman remained dominant but the all important goal was not to be despite the best efforts of leonardo brits in court. i. might's were just as determined to stay up. and could have taken the lead here i
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was c c carrying one easy were also coming close just minutes later. i was up. and just before the half hour mark robin quivers on made it one nil. i. was accompanied by a black power salute. braman more now on the back foot with my surging forward and john poor boy it make it to nil for months. was more wizardry from skipper danny lotsa. and. leaving no shelves for you she probably.
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could have put the game to bed by half time were it not for a double safe from public. was i braman knew they had to up the pressure after the break. substitute part by mother. was and 1st book set up raymond's next chance which you have a sucker converted. i really. the cool fills with the more i as braman pushed for a 2nd might look for a counterattack on easy work to came. the pub lenka proved to be britain's best player on the pitch. the last time braman were relegated this 41 year old was just
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a year old could veteran cloudy for sorrow work wonders in the final 10 minutes. unless it was to be another sub who would decide the game. i didn't know some finland is sealing the game late on and his team's survival. and perhaps sealing braman when his defeat. has more time trying to get we are sad because this was a big chance for us and again we fail to put it away. we still have hope if we win everything is possible given a lunch hour now especially. graeme and need to be disposed of while at the same time getting all 3 points in their final game against killer. but before we get ahead of ourselves. first the results from the penalty mismatch
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take secure 2nd spot after beating life while leaving the scene to themselves no favors on the european qualification for after that 31 loss of mind frame and are closer to saying goodbye to the top flight while this team are more than ready to say fellow. media if we fail to secure that promotion to the bonus league the club has gone through quite a rollercoaster ride since the last time they were the top flight 11 years ago at one point they were rock bottom of the 1st division. and nearly went bankrupt. but now the whole city is celebrating. congrats to the 2nd tier champions and welcome back to the bundesliga. to ask. congrats also to buyer non-title number 30 dortmund are
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runners up and like sacre all the mathematically assured of champions league action next season that leaves gladbach and labor comes into a tussle for that final spot. just a full frame of the vat is the big question head of the final match day who will drop directly and who will get to play in the relegation playoffs but we round off this match day with the champions. remember this that was how byron munich celebrated winning the bundesliga championship back in 2019. we are showers along with hugs galore and with the norm after winning the league. those were the days. but this year because of the covert 19 pandemic celebrations were distinctly more
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so than a store at best body bombs no cheering fans an empty stadium. a strange atmosphere to round off an even stranger season without fans it's just not the same. still we've got to say hats off to the record champions for their 8 title in a row and for being the 1st guy star meister or goes to game champions of the bundesliga . but it's not over yet tune in to kick off next week for the big season finale. movement.
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the movement. to. get. more. digital surveillance. journalism critics are under threat. as tougher ship. looks this is china during a coronavirus pandemic. people hope to return to normal. but
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the big. boobs. this is g.w. news coming to you live from berlin and idling in new of the coronavirus in germany regional leaders consider reimposing along after a surge in cases of meat packing factory in the west of the country also coming up to read is the hardest hit country in the middle east so why do so many the rain ians appear to have lost their fear of the bottle and is this preparing the ground .


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