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tv   Kick off  Deutsche Welle  June 30, 2020 5:30pm-6:00pm CEST

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beethoven distrusts. is for the beethoven 202250th anniversary here. mom. it's been a response to remember 9 games $99.00 in the bundesliga the absence of fans means ghost games so would there be some spooky insult.
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fest who would be coach reeling and regretting chances in the relegation battle 2 teams one playoff spots a win for just the dauphine own balin would see them through a. great manhunt to win 3 points against cologne and pray that disloyal would slip up. the 2nd and now the 2 teams fighting for the last champions league spots got back looked to have the advantage be tatted ballin and they get a cup full. of the coups and had to beat minds. would stumble. there were plenty of positions to playful. the results assigned we will show you all the goals highlights the lessons to be and and all the faceoffs starting with
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us is how to. coach marco rosa has transformed la beouf in his debut bundesliga season victory against caps on. the final match day would catapult the falls back into the champions league would start men mock used to them and allison player still out injured a victory was anything but guaranteed. however it took just 7 minutes to break through pinpoint accuracy from christophe cama strength and persistence from brill envelope. and a clinical finish from you and i suppose my cars were in a fighting mood determined to finish the job they have the attacking jets to make up for injured stars this was who fronts 3rd goal in as many games i'm. the hosts swarmed has
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a for the rest of the 1st half and really should have have more to show for us. stendhal was denied on 23 minutes. and below went close on 32 minutes. and then stand that was thwarted once again this time by the post. caster couldn't muster a chance until the 2nd half substitute matthew leckie fired merrily over on 54 minutes. did oppose a sense the whiff of a comeback and the champions league slipping away hatter kept pushing with on a maya testing keep a young. was caught after 78 minutes the hosts sealed the deal picking out and below at the far post was the swiss striker has taken time to settle in
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a blockbuster but he's stepped up his game since returning from an ankle injury time has a did find a consolation goal in injury time when viewed at ibiza bench tapped the full home in what is believed to be the captain's last game for the club was. not disappointed to throw away a clean sheet but they finished 21 victors nevertheless. champions league football returns to gladbach for the 1st time since $26.00 team much of the credit goes to sporting director max has built a strong team on and off the pitch. it's difficult to define unique during a season to come to the champions league this great club. possibilities and if you like the championships in bell's greatest signing has undoubtedly been. the german coach has given a platform to take the game to the next level even if he's humble about his impact
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. those who know me know it's not about me this together and my staff have been welcomed here i have great structures in place and inherited a team that was full of quality and ready to work. the squad is now ready for a well deserved posse that will be big expectations of rosa and his talented team next season but if they can build on this year's accomplishments they'll be turning heads in europe. look at banks triumph disappointment finally the queues and the names heading into the match against minds that a victory on its side might not be enough still only because i'm a determined to put themselves in the best position possible strange then that coach peter bosh left still mankind how that says on the bench. leaving his in
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starting 11 would face however as they stoned into an early league's 90 m. and miri slipped the ball to kevin fun and he latched on to see if she could see i. bush's pressing system created the chums with just 2 minutes on the clock. falling into netting his hands goal of the season. using the shelf and minutes later liam bailey whizzed in a dangerous cross. but. it was a stretch to cut off the fuss by. my suspicion full with themselves but leverkusen were forcing them to shoot from distance. down the last as if it's all 8 minutes was because of the bombs. they were kids in were in control the 2nd goal
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was elusive healy and baumgartner couldn't convert this flowing move just before half time. to get to do their part to qualify for europe the hosts kept driving off to the break. up of the substitute mitchell vines that was barely denied by the post. might seem to have shattered all hope for leverkusen in the 49th minute i'm only for the assistants trying to deny them an equaliser replace confirm john felipe my teacher was in an offside position a warning sign for bush. it was labor couzens turn for premier chose celebrations on 67 minutes most a day of the squirmed away from 2 mites defenders the full baumgartner now found the next but true and this was adjudged to have found jeremy as it used to in the
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build up they are striking out but was increasingly looking like the champions league consolation goal. there was a late scaffold couzin when finances let rip at the cross bok aimed to the resting . a one nil victory for lee. couzin but it wasn't enough with that that was so winning. that sell finished the season on $63.00 points the table would have been enough to qualify for the champions league in each of the last 15 seasons. we couldn't do it we tried our best $63.00 points wasn't enough but if we're sitting here together next year with $63.00 points i think it would be enough for the champions league 3 d. for the champions league champions league spot might be that anyway to hold on to happens chinup leverkusen the season's not saving yet so on saturday they face diane in the gym and cup final and then they return to read action victory that
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would hand them back to a qualification for the champions league of us is on the move that's a possibility an extra chance we've seen this season that we have a good team we will focus 1st on the german cup final and then prepare for a very interesting europa league campaign and. hopefully. leaving his in haven't won anything for almost 30 years a trophy in either competition would soften the blow of missing out on 4th place. thanks. oppenheimer lived in don't mind knowing they had nothing to lose but still plenty to gain their europa league spot was secure but they could still claim 6th place for it to get straight to the group stage commons on the other hand have nothing left to play i think from our it's got his side off to a bright start 8 minutes in and the croatian international soon found the net a 2nd time despite missing nearly half the season through injury come august was
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hoffenheim stop score of this term he completed his hat trick directly after the break. i. managed when the guests received a penalty in the 50th minute from our rich made club history he became. oftentimes 1st player to claim a full goal a hole in one match. and he's the 1st to school full times against a woman instead to 6 years hoffenheim won't need to go through the european qualifying rounds in france to come out and single handedly stopping the run as. they were ready crowned champions last week by an we're not quite in yes the freckle chance we're hungry for more in that final match involves. goals like kingsley come ons fiery finish in the force minutes. for assists to thomas in the lead the league's best provide it with 21 layoffs. no school or
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a swayze should be so cutting into anything useful in this league recounts. last and of course more talent for the goal scoring king robot live under. just a fine and round down sydney a classic 2nd leg of the season by hitting the century mark lynas seals viands 100th goal of the season i need one shows of the league record set by buying them south stacking 970. 9 to get the county stocks clinton. chelsea bound tino phantom made his last appearance for light to come saturday the 24 year old initiated the attack from the off hoping to go out with a bang away at book. teammate failed to finish off the play.
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they risk facing the ballot himself was the one to open the scoring in the 28 minutes back in his 27th of the season and his 16th away go. hypo hellish was not pleased as his side hadn't managed one shot on goal before half time but in the 72nd minute. reacted quickly to philip knox's deflected free kick bringing his side level past. but it was found to have the last laugh coming to light 6 rescue minutes later down a cemented his position as the top scorer and life 6 short history with 95 goals in his 4 seasons. leipzig finished good and will surely miss the germany attack as firepower in the remaining champions league matches in the oldest. arms good luck.
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private's match against shock and might have been that last time playing in the beloved shots. with construction of the new ground on the way. and the stench of mike signs ran riot making it a memorable one even without the fans. gemini international you cut it open the floodgates 20 minutes and scoring his 1st goal from the open places up table. shut his stomach bug like he couldn't wait for them miserable season. meanwhile you an attention he made it to kneel before the great. matches went from bad to worse for shelter and then it's off to swapping sides because he left picking pasta for us did not get. hands of chapel for a month of being successful season for the black forest club by schmidt back to his 1st win this week a brace just before the alamo. to the full have freiburg remained at the
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top of the table throughout an entire season of happy summer sendoff and a great reason to celebrate fish tyson. gonna chill if we can celebrate something together maybe on a posse oh that's. big enough to fit all of us. and spend the evening together. while i shall kill of the missing and miserable club record windless man at 16 games all summer long. waiting lists in 14 matches possible and had already accepted they would be bowing out of the bundesliga i'm steffen bogart's team looks like a relegation side early on against franco's. sebastian voter capitalized on this unfortunate clash in the 9th minute. of the hosts were clearly the better team with andre silva doubling their advantage midway through the 1st half.
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after the break boss just tied the finish looked to have put the game to bed as the school stood for 3 now. but kind of born didn't want to go out with a whimper and put up a late fight mormon to dig up pulled one back scoring his 1st top flight goal in his team's farewell match. sparked even more suspense with spend breaking free in the 75th minute and making it 32. in the end frankfurt earned the win i'm kind of return to the 2nd division after a single season stay in the top flight and who else will join the. look of. the final round also featured 2 teams trying to stave off relegation to sell doffing 16th spot with
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30 points and once mighty veggie braman points in a place down on the west del difference but also with the retiring been disney going legend taping to get across the center of. one. nobody been relegated but who would join them in the drop if desoto if managed to draw braman would still have to win by at least 4 goals to snatch the playoff spot and at least temporary relief. braman have been relegated only once since the bundesliga is inception but the odds were against them facing highly favored. but true to the ups and found they said we believe. at this point and battles coach florian cool felt have little more to go on than face. both teams got off to
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a romping stuff but then you know saku handed braman a lifeline. for braman but midway through the 1st half there was still plenty to play for brandon still needed more goals unless to hold off conceded one of course. the way from home tussling with anyone but good to know had controlled their own destiny knowing a drool would likely see them 3 minutes after braman opened the scoring against cologne however dissolute would need a plan b. . with the visitors failing to clear a corner and bundled the goal over the line in one nail when. one to trade who used to play for braman his biggest goal for that i might just have come in a but. a very happy go to school school for
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my confidence i think one holiday with a. good feeling stronger for the new says. it's i think it's. most important. braman still far from safe with taking no chances just one minute later. brushing the peak between his teeth i'm streaked down the left with. ha ha ha silver cloud i. and the 27 minutes even crew felt he wasn't getting cold when braving the last relegated was starting to look happy for him and rolling now making it 3 just minutes later this time it was fuku converging across from the left wing after a few seconds during the check for offside the goal was given. over him but you didn't really get the feeling that this was do or die for disability it was you know and he looked like he had to school the next one. having already secured
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safety themselves seats think the hosts would be content to sit back. this is a joke went into the breakdown one nailed with a troll still enough to keep them in the relegation playoff spot. meanwhile braman headed into the half time tunnel thinking maybe just maybe there was light at the. time for a big enough time till with the boys that. invented you know the brand and even the lead in school at halftime a new. players as well i don't. you think coach might have wanted to share that information with his players maybe that explains desoto smack of urgency in the 2nd
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tough to. the same game that was given a kiss in space 9 minutes into the 2nd tough and it was looking like doomsday for just a little. and just a minute later and bring in the hunger strike which charging only to. claassen promising to get the potentially pressures for both ratchets up the post. were being overrun and just a further 3 minutes later braman made it 5 mil from osaka oh that's how you fight for survival suddenly the 2nd worst attack in the league couldn't stop scoring columns defense receiving a hammering. on the sloppy back pass from russia and able to cologne to avoid total embarrassment. dominate texas in the 62nd blues. braman one going to let things get close regardless of what happened to distil golf
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and bodying britain's efforts russia battles to setup josh sodje. 61 bream and what was this all season even cloudy all pizarro got involved racing across in his very last bundesliga league outing at 41 years young. meanwhile deciduous was finally showing signs of going dizzy life. with a string of chilled says fails he gets rings. by now just a little fit shot themselves in the foot fall too severely. scrambled for that secret plan. emblematic of a squad proving themselves not to be up to festive snuff deciduous looked stunned when ian stood and final go this time see him and adds and now he the score
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a. loser of a slow was put into 10 things around with to saddam finn last place but his side only managed 15 points in the last 15 matches in the end to fewer than they needed for survival. braman came off the impossible and explosive 61 win to potentially save the season and build up the confidence before facing clyde behind in the playoffs. while also celebrating the one and only cloud e o pizarro. to realize what went on 2 pitches because we all know about the situation before the game we had to do our. homework we did it brilliant i can't find another word for this we did a brilliant gas course today really is really big and. but we also know that this
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is. no guarantee for the for the next games and those where we need to to big finals again and here we need to be prepared for this one of the shell shells dissolute off them have to think about matches for a while. but. those late night has highs and lows and this was an unbelievable low when i'm sure they have a new frame and get to live another day just a little for tangible 2nd edition of to see season's in the top feelings and see a game. one. the. other results on the final match day of an unforgettable amazon season this week so $34.00 goals scored $3.00 per game braman $61.00 win helped extend their bills to
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the largest while by ns food will win and them their 100th goal this season back. congrats to buy in munich on next 31 this week a title and 8 in succession. boring for some but not for office. shut. down there are some players whose clown seems simply counting on. his form or in a box on 4 because i'm not up to a loft of a choice for mr best this term of it right even though i'm still in the seafloor and brian century of goals in all competitions back to the real rounds. this season was all but the title looks familiar and above the rest while glass joined dome and i'm like seeking the top. live acoustic and hoffenheim snag europa
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league. book make the qualifying rounds. show because late season comics is one of the biggest surprises to sort of show this weekend season join kind of blow money in the drop thanks to the relegation playoff game and season goes on and now that seed games. to blame and salvage that playoff spot in the nick of time they're still at risk of being relegated to. a much greater and better of our nor for ended damage in expunge because overstriding a sermon in the league of 2 matches against hide behind a team of no names but one who are eager to make their mark in what would be their debut in the top flight. will they progress past blaming in the upcoming 2 legged. braman
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knows it will be an emotional affair no matter what happens pretty much only it's not my horse out there on venice ok you want to be the bunch we don't focus on kind of a mish beard a guy left us here for to block alex was abusing him on no one up underneath here you know. on and on and so i was about to. go.
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to. sandra's spreading ever father across morocco. away seeds in the sahara used to sustain prosperity even in the deserts. climate change is hastening this terrifying transformation. that people here are desperate to find a solution. morocco's endangered away sees close up. in 30 minutes on t w. there's
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no never. mind i just do not go to day nothing would change you know the banks you know you might. and so was the language of bank money. speaking the truth global news that matters g.w. for minds to know that 77 percent. are younger than 65. cuts me and me and you. and you know what it's time no voice is part. of the 77 percent to talk about the issues. this is where you cut. the 77 percent this weekend on g.w. . like. oh. my god just love was
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good for the russians so. steep the for. so many different walks of life. some are. awfully strong but all of them come straight from the heart just for a cd or even when there's no more delusional marsh book in trucks coming. from the lot to their final resting place the russians w. documentary.
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play. play. play. this is the doubling use live from berlin china passes a controversial new security low. to crackdown on opposition in hong kong pro-democracy activists fear this group deal i'm irreversible blow to the chinese territorial ptolemy also on the program. belgium's king almost apologizes for his country's colonial abuses in.


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