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tv   Global 3000  Deutsche Welle  July 1, 2020 8:30am-9:01am CEST

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as now i was a. woman back home who are bound by their duties and social norms and inform them of their basic rights my name is the amount of the homes and they were either. welcome to global 3000 south africa's townships of waging war on illegal garbage dumps we find out. we meet a monk in tokyo who believes that buddha would approve of his openly individual lifestyle. but 1st homophobia is on the rise in poland much of it
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sanctioned by both the state and the church. the stone wall in new york city 51 years ago on the 28th of june 1969 this bar popular with manhattan's gay and lesbian community was raided by police and event which led to days of angry protests against the state in the last persecution of homosexuals today annual gay pride marches take place worldwide in on are of that uprising many countries have now recognized the rights of homosexuals but there's still a long way to go in poland for example homophobia is on the rise. on a road sign designed to name and shame it's a protest against nearly 100 polish towns that have declared themselves free of what they call l g b t ideology. looked up the. post east. photos online to show exactly which
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communities have opted to be l g b t free zones but the filmmaker bartz the chef ski is himself again he travels to the places where people like him aren't welcome would you there but they don't need to use the science to trigger debates over l g b c the photos are emotive designed to make people think about whether these resolutions are necessary or. barge has published a map highlighting the zone where gays and lesbians aren't welcome it covers nearly one 3rd of poland 5 of the country's 16 regions the resolutions passed by the towns aren't actually binding but it's clear there's no room here for rainbow colors. no doubt but if it's a good idea we don't need to generally havior our sexual love normalities. this is a catholic christian area l g b t or whatever you call it is the jungle when we have next huge paedophiles. but
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a few your. homophobia is especially entrenched in poland's conservative south east . but even in brutally warsaw scenes like this one are highly unusual to women holding hands in public. and i gotta are a couple and don't want to hide it but living openly as homosexuals isn't easy even here in the capital stuff. you want to just go we always feel afraid of it. but i think it's women it's a little bit easier for us. we're not safe either. but for men holding hands is completely out of the question and poland. they got married in berlin but in poland they're still considered single homophobia is officially encouraged. yeah i mean i love any and she happens to be a woman and she loves me i'm a woman so that's enough to be
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a 2nd class citizen here we've got to go to there's not every day we have to be brave it's like we have to come out every day again and again and again go. through a man even set his dog on me once. 4 he gave me an evil look and he insulted me. walked them. angry residents in the city of ports shout in protest at a march supporting homosexuals such marches are becoming more common polish society is divided. if any so it was said if they say this in front of me and show it in public that bothers me i don't as long as i don't see it i couldn't care less they just shouldn't do it in public poland will never be a tolerant country just recorded how can i tell a child that 2 men kissing is something normal. 15
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year old young. confronts the protesters he's been hailed as a hero online by those who oppose homosexuality. he says a prayer against what he feels is evil. during these marches there's a significant police presence in. christ died for sin and they're insulting news christ. actually it doesn't matter whether it's here in warsaw or get down in our opinion these kinds of excesses should be banned to bring on a chance to haha is one of the biggest places of catholic pilgrimage in poland. at this gathering pilgrims are praying for their family values to be upheld. homosexuals need to recognise their weakness for you and i think get treated well pray for healing. that's what you should do just those people just want to justify themselves to justify sin and it is
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a sin right so to me defending these people would be justifying sins without them. that a legit sin is embodied by couples like him ilya and i got one is a lawyer the other a journalist they want to live openly as lesbians but it's not always possible. i was in a store recently and i wanted to say that my wife had sent me to go shopping. but then i thought i might live to say my wife. anyone else wouldn't even think about it. they have made one decision. they plan to stay in poland and fight for their rights and for greater tolerance but they say many of their homosexual friends have already given up the fight and left poland behind. and now from next report. we leave poland to meet him in japan he proves that it is
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possible to remain true to oneself even in a launch a conformist society. and he loses just one of his many talents here in the bustling district in tokyo. is known for stressing his stuff. but there's a whole lot more to his story than meets the eye. nobody should be an all of me just because i'm a monk i don't need to hide the fact that i'm l g q however you look at whatever your personality or your job is and what it does but only those who respect themselves are respected by a. month. for him about the universe not the narrowly defined. no matter what your identity is he believes a life filled with light and love is for everyone. she
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more or is a buddhist monk as a child he realized he didn't fit into a neat definition of gender. played with doubts about his identity he sought spiritual guidance. i used to associate monks with traditional images but as i am barked in the learning process that changed i can be who i am one of the higher up monks told me. who does and wants to free all people in the same way just as the moon sheds light on all who look up i mean i started on this. trip and now this monk is fully embraced 2 years combining his spiritual duties with his job as a makeup artist. and it doesn't stop there go to an issue more or is also an l g b t q activist. knowing from childhood what it feels like to not fit in. he
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said like you as a kid i would dress up as a princess i wore my mom's mini skirt around my neck and dance to music from beauty and the beast code it was a girl i used to say now it's good enough the idea of shaving my head was the exact opposite of what i wanted to do other jacket out and there. his parents of all my supported him after completing school in japan he moved to the united states where he studied art he didn't feel he could live authentically in japan fearing he would have to sweep who he really was under the carpet that said in recent times more japanese are starting to question traditional gender stereotypes. and you want to get many people in japan still can't accept it but speaking so openly about your sexuality does help to challenge backward thinking that came with the body of the
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women. they like the fact that he does his own thing on their i may be over 80 but honestly it's high time for your buddy dave. i think affected his skills in new york and los angeles. he's even allowed to do his mother's make up. our us. now is true for a. good play. as a child miss you more could have inherited the position of buddhist priest from his father but it wasn't until his mid twenty's that he had any desire to do so and then he chose to undergo official buddhist training. secure and happy in his individual identity. in the united states and she more was finally free to embrace his love of make up for him it offered a chance to address the full dimension of his identity.
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so that even as a kid i wanted bigger eyes so that's how i got into make up that thought allows you to be a different person. gives you courage and filled you with hope about what is was a book. to create a. new early on that he was different to other people traditional color classifications like blue for boys and pink for girls seemed strange to him he expressed himself through illustrations. someone once told me that homosexuality was natural that made me question why i even exist but the very fact i'm different makes me look like a missing puzzle piece a part of the whole diversity of this kind is just nice. that think that it was. these days as he moves through shibuya he feels free no longer filled with
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shame. this journey toward self-love is the subject of the book he's working on at the moment. but his message of tolerance does not get spread everywhere in japan. but it was. quite interesting i don't think japan is ready to accept this kind of lifestyle but i personally think it's really good that there are people like him. i even want to. make up extraordinary and buddhist priest. for him life is about having the courage to accept who you are. and finding pleasure and meaning in earthly as well as spiritual pursuits. everyone has the right to accept themselves for who they are on our facebook page
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d w women you can find more stories about people who are standing up for their rights and inspiring others to do the say d.w. women gives a voice to women everywhere. our planet is home to around a 1000000000 shape most of them live in asia followed by africa and australia and new zealand one of the most important products our shabby friends give us is their world in 2901100000 tons of refined world were produced globally. the leading produces are australia china the us and new zealand together they make up around 70 percent of the global market and they all boast vast herds of thousands of sheep. germany can't compete with that it's sheep farming industry is on the decline and its herds are getting smaller.
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a flock of sheep blazing in the shade. the 1st lambs of the year have arrived and so shepherd florian pi's has brought his animals to rest in a green patch between warehouses and factories in the industrial ruhr area in western germany. normally he keeps his flock on the move he's one of the few shepherds left in the country. there are around a 1000 professional shepherds left in germany that's not so many really i don't know many young people who want to do this job i'll continue to do it with passion until i have to step down it's certainly a dying profession that nobody wants to do you don't make much money you just don't get rich doing it. the sheep are eventually sold for their meat but municipalities also pay shepherds to have their flocks graze on public land. but
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wool has become a losing business these days sales don't even cover the costs of having the sheep sheared so that some a beautiful merino wool. is mitt romney and i have merino sheep because they still have the best quality wool i get over a euro per kilo. and colleagues of mine who have other breeds get a lot less they get $45.00 to $0.65 per kilo. of some of them don't sell it any more choosing to burn the world or toss it instead. they're going to. his wool goes to china where it's processed and ends up in bedding upholstery carpets and other textile products some of these end up back on the european market where they're sold at high prices that make spaghetti pappa furious as to talent it's totally absurd buyers here purchase the
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wall and send it all the way to china for washing and it sent to paris where it's packaged and suddenly everyone wants it. to give half it is a self-taught tailor. she initially trained to be a dental assistant now she's a businesswoman with a passion for wool she calls her products mosel tweed. fan for having i'm a fan of harris tweed which is also so i wondered whether the wall from the sheep in our region was also suitable for fabric and it turns out that it's very suitable for cloth. and at that point i told myself that i do my best to save local wool one of. the cloth is made in germany soley from wool out of the region she already has about $100.00 metres in stock the company produces vests caps and sport coats from the material. so most of the signs. haven't received support
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from the back in fact spinning around in a globalized textile market producing fabric regionally is difficult the production costs are too high the quantities too low. for wool is processed here died and spun into yarn. moved from german sheep barely plays a role in the international market. because. we get our will from all over the world from new zealand australia and south america also from england. depending on the requirements we have to meet we get our wool from everywhere with one foot in bali on. this mill receives only about 10 tonnes of wool from germany each month compared to the $220.00 tons it gets from new zealand wool from down under is pure and wool from other places it's softer and cheaper too because it's
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produced very efficiently the vatican felt spinning male wants to promote local wool but has no illusions about the future of wool from germany always harder sadly consumers today are not willing to pay higher prices at the retail level they're more interested in getting new products faster they want to see trends in changes in fashion so the cost has to be low it would be nice if people could change their priorities and still. get a proper remains enthusiastic about her wool in fabric it may be expensive but demand from high quality sustainable fashion is growing her mission is to eventually produce quantities approaching 10000 metres of her muzzle tweet. i don't want yes my primary goal is to find imitators kind of i don't want to earn millions and i want satisfied employers and i want to know that i have enough to live on at the end of the month and i'd like everyone in the value chain all those who are helping out to enjoy working with me and feel like they're being paid fairly for
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their contribution to be at least. this weekend global idea as we look at the mountains of trash which are becoming a thorn in the side of pretty much every corner of ops planet in south africa's nelson mandela bank piles of rubbish are a blight on the poorest districts in particular but people that have come up with some great solutions reporter stephanie byrne headed that to find out mall. and on time does agree bamma are grieving for their children the 4 youngsters died at the start of this year while playing at an illegal garbage dump like all the children here do. they live in the township of motherwell your portal is about. the women but their children go clothes and buy toxic substances in the garbage for years local people have been asking the authorities to address the problem and
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manuela posed himself it's so painful we always try to stop other kids from playing on his area but there's no way of keeping the children safe none of the parents can do anything about this place. it's all the municipalities fault was that they failed us even though and. even after our loss they failed to at least what they promised to do. so i'm delighted to be a little. bit. more than a quarter of a century has passed since apartheid ended but the south african government still hasn't managed to equip all the townships with power running water and a functioning waste disposal and sanitation system. the local authorities are aware of the problem but they're chronically underfunded. 2 years ago they declared a war on waste 50 illegal waste dumps were transformed into parks and playgrounds
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like this one. but the spokesman for the municipal authority into bun's he. says local residents also have a role to play. so frank we're having intelligence and where we are. trying so hard is our mess pushing message that that talk to all communities to make them understand that you all know your own neighborhoods you know your neighbor was not. meant. to miss and it's a bad message between us and you want to take care of you or it can work for us if you don't work with us the nearby warmer township home 260000 people offers one example of what can be done here gardener kalani says he will take launched a move freely project with the help of a nonprofit organization he transformed and illegal garbage dump into a vegetable garden the vegetables so well in the neighborhood the income from sales
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allows seaward to employ 5 local men as gardeners. first of all this garden helps to keep the environment clean because people no longer term garbage here but it also helps the community by providing jobs in order for the garden to grow and succeed i need people to help now the garden provides a source of income and food. and winning. a number of commune. based initiatives are working with local people in wal-mart to prevent the township from drowning in brothers. one of them is retreat this social empowerment project works with waste pickers like. to recycle trash he and 60 other residents from wal-mart collect waste from around the township every friday they bring it to the retreat recycling store. every. point which he can then exchange for food
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and other items. found at the project as a way of helping the community. people think that thrown away. but we have a lot of people that live in those away places that live close to tips and places where garbage collectors but they are living conditions for anyone so we're really trying to change that because our. housing is very close to those areas so we want them to be the best areas people are going to live in. retreat gives the waist reclaimers much more than what the commercial recycling firms offer them the project is financed by private donations and the sale of the recyclable waste thanks to retreat collecting recyclables has become a recognized job and providing a modest but vital income that.
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back at the garden in warmer sea was packing up vegetables for $150.00 families the coronavirus pandemic has left many in the township without a source of income so now they're dependent on food aid. the food packages are being funded and distributed by an association called massif one day it's a joint german south african initiative that normally works to assist young people in warmer but offering training programs. the association has also helped see what to develop the garden now during the pandemic it's taking on a new role massif and a social worker valencia twilio says the cooperation within a feeling is a success we as muslims in the field that we need to actually my neutralize the
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people that are in i will call not only to make it's not about just giving people but it's also being part of the bigger picture in the it will be much of a change agent and to making sure that all people at least function at a level with by the actually i'm with the suspected and dignified at the end of. the municipal authorities are supposed to ensure that health and hygiene standards are adhere to in the garden they say they're agriculture department is working to support and monitor urban vegetable gardens. you. see was says they did provide him with garden tools but they have yet to check whether the ground of the former garbage tip and the vegetables planted there contain any toxins. but the war on waste continues the municipal authorities have pledged to invest 7000000 euros in the cause by 2022.
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that's all from global 3000 this week thanks for watching do you have any comments on feedback do write to us global 3000 e.w. dot com and check out our facebook page d w women see you say didn't take cash. sandra's
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spreading ever father across morocco. away sees in the sahara used to sustain prosperity even in the desert. climate change is hastening this terrifying transformation that people here are desperate to find a solution. locos endangered away sees close up. in 30 minutes on d w. i was issued when i arrived here i slept with single people in a room for the 9th and. it was hard i was fair. i even got white hair is that. the german language head nodding off this keeps me and little bunch making to
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entrust the flavor you want to know their story in my lips her fighting and reliable information for migrants i'm. told for is for me. is for. beethoven history. beethoven is for hama. and beethoven is for. beethoven is for everyone. beethoven 2020. 150th anniversary here on. this some note story a stubborn rice farmer from thailand. his problem. is crito no chemicals. his wife thought it was crazy. and i boxed up.
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orders. for tests don't stand. the price of. 3 and he has the final stage production to top it off. successfully. starts to launch 27.
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this is live from broadway and. 1st or rusts in hong kong under beijing's controversial new security law police detained protesters as they cracked down on public displays of pro independence materials under the new law offenders could end up in prison for life. also coming up in germany takes over the european union's presidency at the most challenging time in its history in her final term as chancellor how will it come to define angela merkel's long term legacy.


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