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she painted me. play and. i dance in a school daze who look at me. play my and say. i am an unsolvable bridge player the secret of. starts john 3rd d. w. . place to. place. this village elders have great issues on their minds. they're holding a crisis means you have to discuss whether their village has a future or not it's
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a good look at where we've got a large part of our village has already been swallowed by sound because. soon the ranch will disappear but if you go there you can you can see how the palm trees are dying because of drought and the sand keeps on coming in we can claim . the desert is relentlessly encroaching on the other races which like so many others in morocco is at risk of disappearing place . because. we have come to her meat and has learned a smaller race a settlement in southeastern iraq. the sahara desert starts right
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behind the village. in the morning we mitali mst by as in spelling of his pick up. by grew up here in honey and wants to show us what is happening here. we are company halim and an acquaintance to the editor of the settlement with the palm groves and farmer's fields are located. palin says that there's practically nothing left of the green oasis of his childhood. not really could play them i mean the desert is quickly moving in from all sides on the away susan hammett was from the east of the west and. one sees a night from monitors that allow you to gauge the pace of climate change.
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when we arrive in the palm groves the weather suddenly deteriorates a sense storm blows up. that has become the new normal here less and less rain and more and more sandstorms and soil erosion. this is what the oasis of her meat looks like now. it is sinking in deserts and. the impact of climate change has long been clear here.
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when the weather has settled halim and his acquaintance after doing any get straight to her. i think. they want a fellow one of the dead poetry its word is well suited to making furniture at the 11th. but make it less lethal because over the problem for the next 3 stop producing dates long ago. they were very risque. the punks have fallen victim to the encroaching sand dunes. we are paying our last respects to this palm tree it's like burying someone look around we're in a graveyard. putting this palm tree to a good use is the least we can do for a 2nd to last it was it. up there carter wants to make
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a table from the word for farmers in the region it's becoming increasingly difficult to make a living from agriculture and they're being forced to diversify or change jobs completely. life has also changed fundamentally. his father used to plant pantries here and could live well from the abundant day to harvest. now a few decades later his son sees him self as an activist who wants to draw attention to the dramatic changes in this region. why does this great god exist the answer is quite simple it's the lack of water. shortages are being caused by climate change. this is exonerating the process of disaster declaration that is if you go 30 years ago there were date. trees.
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there are a lot of important activities going on here things are. a few 100 metres further on there is an abandoned pump the remains of a failed project years ago water was pumped into a tank from deep in the ground the idea was to use the water to irrigate the airways. making the. commitment of. the government funded the project would bumblebee but the extreme heat and increasing numbers of sandstorms made the tank dry out leaving behind only salt deposits. what has happened here is not an exception 2 thirds of all over a season morocco have disappeared over the last 100 years.
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a few kilometers away nicely old village past. the fortified cruiser with its adobe walls dates back many centuries. in the maze of alleyways limits bellies like now when one of its pier remaining residents. he says that only about 10 families still live here. both of those have been. in the past it used to be home to more than 1000 people but most have moved away. sand has crept into all of the
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houses pale i use is one of the few who is prepared to try and stand in the way of that. well now. i can only keep on saying it our problems stem from a lack of water from the nearby river dried out quite a long time ago for a moment and as a result many people have left the village even the well of the moscow has run out of water it's the younger people in particular are attracted to the big cities such as much cash casablanca and rock but only a small number remain but the key key feel you spoke of you don't nothing can stop the sun. it is getting into the caste back into our villages. drought is the reason why people can't live here anymore can't lead contented everyday lives. the problem is forcing them to leave the disease in.
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the desert is on the much thanks to the rising temperatures decreasing rainfall and powerful storms it will ultimately take this class. for the better part of it they're going to look for that well. we leave her meds and drive some 50 kilometers through arid lands to the east where helen wants to show us the proper places. thanks the 1st thing we hear is a sound that we haven't heard for a long time. water flows out into a channel pumped up from a great depth by so the power plant.
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it's used to escape the every since. thank you and this is what a healthy away says looks like a veritable forest of palm trees. thanks to the precious water is quickly distributed by the firm as a location channel that's closed thanks. alex a question for them to confuse you i mean what palin says and the way since it's like a paradise it provides shade and coalesce for the fertile fields close to 2000000 americans still live in such oases between the atlas mountains and the sahara desert sands of the populate government is a true ecosystem it functions on 3 different levels likely that with you date palms
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provide shade for the fruit trees and maintain provide shade for the vegetables with your money ship docks i feel it is all based on the knowledge of our ancestors got the fear ignition systems heat up water or to start the part of the day used to be an ideal crop for the region this should really sweet fruit is not very hard to grow but it does me 2 things heat and force at. its. full this green oasis a well had to be told 100 meters down into the ground causing its own problems. groundwater levels are increasingly dropping and the water that's drawn to the surface is salty as can be seen from the like deposits on the drainage ditches in the long term that's poison for the oasis stuff. back in honeyed. perhaps 7000 people still live here the one time away
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settlement keeps on shrinking. at the edge of the village there's a dried up riverbed the river drug used to run here one of the longest rivers in morocco. but since the dam was built in the high atlas mountains hardly any water flows south. the markings on the bridge are a reminder of better times now that there is little rainfall to this region is becoming less and less hospitable to humans. it's mainly the old people who have stayed behind like the farmer but hardy. the 61 year old has 11 children from his 3 wives. most of
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his children have left the region. were this new. almost 40 percent of all moroccans according to research are considering leaving the country climate change is a driver for migration. there isn't any work here anymore at least nothing that provides a living. will of the young people go to the cities to look for work our children have also gone. they visitors maybe once a year because here you really can't earn anything. it is a simple life. money transfers from their grown up children helps to keep them afloat. things were better in the past when they were able to sell their dates as far afield as marrakesh. and
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to be you know when our oasis was still green we had everything we needed and we lived very well we could grow all kinds of vegetables and we kept sheep but that's impossible now. will sites have the sand dunes the hurdy tenses small vegetable garden it's all he has left. he is a subsistence farmer living from hand to mouth when he grows here is purely for his family's consumption. but the family doesn't know how long his garden will still bear fruit it all hinges on one thing water. has this well but drawing water is becoming more and more difficult and he's having to dig deeper and deeper.
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there's less and less water by the day a little while ago we had to go 9 metres down to reach it now it's 16 metres and even there there's not enough water. but look how the sand is threatening us it wants to encroach everywhere that's why i'm planting bushes like this to stop the sand from finding its way into our garden home. well. you know what. but hardy is fighting a losing battle. sand dunes now stand right outside his house and a handful of pantries are all that's left to remind him of the oasis.
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in bygone times desert caravans used to stop off here on their way to timbuktu more recently it has attracted droves of tourists from all around the world. runs a small cafe in the center of the village which has become a meeting place for visitors and locals to a certain extent it has become a little oasis in its own right with espresso and internet access. also acts as a tourist guide offering group tours in the sahara the region is a favorite destination among more adventurous travelers with the races drying up some people have turned to desert tourism as an alternative source of income.
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next to the map are a few limbs father a highly regarded tribal chief and the young king mohammed the 6th the old photos evoke a time when water was not a problem in the oases. limas came to discuss the problem with scientist mary m. 10 after. the trained chemist works as a climate research at the max planck institute in mind and at the university of casablanca. one study that she's worked on predicts that summer temperatures in north africa will rise twice as much as the global average. the hot desert climate is worse in the future and especially in the summer increase.
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also about 2 to 3 degrees. in the mine tomorrow. by 2050 up to 7 degrees in the worst scenario by the end of the century. satellite images captured by the european earth monitoring program copernicus show the oasis of honey surrounded by desert. and animation shows how the vegetation has been changing over the last few years and fluctuations in rainfall and humidity. the higher temperature means that there will be maariv operation from the soil less specific patient also less water in the site and the combination of both will increase the stocks on each of the songs actually which has a huge impact on the crop output activity and there's additional dynamics in the sort of comparable productivity control over. 35 percent or 6.
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is aware of this vicious circle he has experienced the encroaching desert sands 1st hand. and the afternoon musicians gather outside his cafe. honeymoon has organized to smoke a youth orchestra in the village to have. you know. some friendships of prevention . together with the young people he wants to help preserve the local culture that includes the hypnotically rhythmic no one music. and the new young look. back.
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to the. keep. control heritage that we want to preserve. we would like to train young people to play modern music also to preserve our traditions. because they are threatened by today's consumerism but also by climate change as it leads to migration. in our music is believed to have its roots in sub-saharan africa a legacy of the black slaves transported along the transfer and trade routes. with we head south still home to morocco as remaining traditional nomad communities but
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their future too is at risk from climate change. after just a few kilometers a limb stops by a tree. he shows us the skeleton of a young candle which probably starve to death. and it's far from being the only one camels and dromedaries are extremely frugal creatures but even for them it's more and more difficult to find sufficient feed. to move really this is part of our new reality camel hats represent riches when 23 or 10 of camels die and the nomads lose a large part of their wealth so their traditional way of life is disappearing
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before their eyes. they carry on through a barren stony landscape until we reach a chain of mountains and a large herd of camel. you know yes. yes yes yes. there is a dried up riverbed and a little vegetation with the animals can graze. the camels are being looked after by young men like me. their owners used to be known but they settled nearby long ago.
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so. i think most of us how many tells that finding places where the camels can graze remains difficult often they have no choice but to buy fodder for the animals . the lives of the camel drivers and herders are being transformed. maidana t. has left its mark here to. more than 60 percent of morocco's nomads have already given up their nomadic lifestyles. this is partly down to the draw of modern comforts but it's also a result of climate change. the camel drivers spend the night in the open they don't have a tent. they are perhaps only $20000.00 traditional nomads left in
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morocco and with every passing year their numbers continue to do and i'm going to surf. and it's sad obviously going to stop well actually we grew up here in the sahara. but what we were used to no longer exists. i only feel good when my animals feel good i look well you are in. a little bit. and so climate change is threatening an entire culture. so. i thought one last look at the oasis settlement of how meat is long. on the outskirts the village elders hold regular meetings in the shade of the perms they meet a yield of day is a symbol for the problems of this endangered oasis. listening
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to these men it becomes clear how creeping environmental changes linked to global warming have slowly undermined the foundations on which these people's lives have been built. the climate crisis has become an everyday reality 100 thank. you as the drought increases in severity it'll make things more and more difficult you can see how the palm trees are dying off how the desert is encroaching more and more and making the situation worse and worse and that's why most people have moved away and only a few people like us have stayed on. this a because of yes people have left because they couldn't bear it. and not having any water. i have a well with a motorized pump. but to keep it running i have to do what i can cover those costs
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with farming that's why we definitely need help. many of the wells are 20 meters deep but some people are drilling down a 100 meters to get water but what comes out of those wells salty water but there's no point irrigating the fields with salt water it's useless. because of. the weight of the whale for the moment. a limb demonstrates the water parks and innovation from the netherlands. is seedling is placed inside the biodegradable container and then planted into the soil. then the water box is filled up with water. with its own little individual water tank each plant has a better chance of surviving. the people here desperately hope that these trees will act as a barrier to hold back the desert. it's
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their last ditch attempt to defend their fields and gardens against the sahara. just a few kilometers away are the deans of x. a garda they are the highest in morocco and attract many tourists. useful though they may be these growing genes are also a force of nature to be reckoned with.
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playing than to swallow a few 1000000000 and with the premise of a song going on we have the most beautiful sand dunes here and. they have become a big tourist attraction if you report that helped us when things started going downhill with the land. you see fast the desert is both a friend and an enemy it's rich but fragile at the same touch the fragile move of. finding the right balance is crucial pulling still holds out hope that humans and the deficit can continue to co-exist. play . golf india.
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coming. to india there's increasing tension between humans and. normal family friends damage whatever we can be a bit of a lot more of that and the only warning system is supposed to prevent escalation and lives on the outside that's. going to. play in 30 minutes on the tell you. why subscribe to d w books you meet your favorite writer seems i like to see myself as the kid style in the strange grown up world do you know where your books are new to.
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oh but. this is deja vu to slide from our land the 1st arrests in hong kong under beijing's controversial new security law police used water cannon and detained dozens of protesters as they cracked down on public displays of crow and attendance materials under the new law offenders could end up in prison for life. also coming up germany takes over the european union's presidency at the
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most challenging time in its history in her final term as chancellor how will it come to define angela merkel's long term legacy.


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