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tv   DW News  Deutsche Welle  July 1, 2020 8:00pm-8:15pm CEST

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this is deja news live from berlin the 1st arrests in hong kong and of beijing's controversial new security in all these detained hundreds of protesters as they crackdown on public displays of pro independence and bandits under the new deal with a famous could be jailed for life also coming up the. russians deliver their verdict on the right to make which is proposed constitutional reforms they're wrapping up a weeklong voyage on a plan that could keep the president in power for years to come. and ethiopia
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erupts in anger and violence off to a celebrated singer is shot dead dozens have been killed and restricted by the killing of a child who would dare say a powerful voice for the country's olmo community and. hello i'm kristie wonderwall come to the program police in hong kong have made the 1st arrests since a controversial new security law was imposed by beijing came into force as thousands of people defiled a public back to protest civil authorities responded with was a cabin and tear gas taking hundreds of demonstrators into custody and that the new goal the simple act of publicly displaying a pro independence panel flag has become a criminal offense. despite the new law and a ban on holding marches during the corona pandemic hundreds of protesters showed
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up. after a short warning it just took minutes for the police to roll into action. one protester was arrested for holding the hong kong independence flag dozens more were arrested later at a news conference pro-democracy lawmakers found themselves in a peace sign a situation now not allowed to speak english or address the media. i usually say a few words of english today international community and the media but not my part . because of this all. if i say anything to you. i'll be arrested without a walkout. 2 at aflac ceremony earlier in the day the territory's leaders mocked the 23rd anniversary of its return to chinese control after british rule.
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chief executive carol lam hailed a new law as the most important development since the handover. the purpose of this piece of legislation is not just to punish it is also to deter to deter people from committing such serious of fences as cessation some 30 in a state power terrorist or to the t. s. and so on. at the same time chinese troops are stationed in hong kong held a joint military exercise showing off their military might. and u.s. secretary of state back pair has denounced the new security in all calling it a sad day for the people of hong kong he outlined some measures washington is taking in response to beijing. free hong kong was one of the world's most stable prosperous and dynamic cities now now will be just another communist run city were its people we subject to the party elites wimps. said on friday we implemented
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visa restrictions on those responsible for the hong kong crackdown on monday we announced that we would end defense equipment of dual use technology exports of us original going to the territory we will continue to implement president trump directive to end hong kong special status and we spoke to pro-democracy activists and also to how this 1st day at the new security lol has been for her i feel very frustrated and very upset today because this is the 1st day since the national security law is being passed and there have been arrests on the streets and i feel very upset about the development because the city is now losing is autonomy that has promised and fundamental rights like freedom of assembly freedom of speech and so and also not later as we will be just another chinese mainland city which
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way will last the 1st thing that we have that made us so special in the world as a 1st place. now to some of the stories making news around the world the us has almost the entire world supply of the drug approved to treat covert 19. helps people recover more quickly it's manufactured by giving which has sold almost all of its output for the next 3 months to the u.s. government. and german unemployment rose slightly in june it went up to 6.2 percent as the overall number of new cases continue 240000 workers register themselves as unemployed during the month germany's labor department create its short work scheme which keeps workers on payroll. numbers. and greenpeace activists have covered the headquarters of chancellor angela merkel's policy in black drapes with the picture all the german economy. and the slogan c.d.'s of
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shady deals with the coal industry the protest comes ahead of a vote in germany's parliament on legislation to phase out coal burning by 2038. jimmy has officially taken over the rotating presidency off the e.u. council standing in front of the brandenburg gate foreign minister heikal mas symbolically received the best and from his probation contra posh croatia held the presidency in the 1st 6 months of the. spell at the helm is said to be dominated by the coronavirus pandemic and its economic fallout one of the 1st challenges will be to make sure the block save india financial framework is approved by member states . we want to solve the most important problems that are the basis for completely getting out of the economic downturn into which we go to as a result of the corona pandemic this has to happen in solitary to no one should be
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left behind to give you to everyone needs to do well because only then we would be able to profit from each other we want to ensure that you. it becomes united and it's evil as a united force against a background of competition between the major powers the united states russia and china we will only be able to defend our values or interests in future if we do so as europeans hoped we could and did get us out. in the v.o.p. at least 50 people have been killed in protests his following the fatal shooting of a populist. chantel who was known for songs advocating for the rights of the country's ethnic group smoke was still evident over. the clashes was regarded as a voice against political and economic cooperation and supporters turned out in their thousands after he was killed many of them claim security forces and say he's killing was physically mostly basis. why has the
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death of a single caused so much outrage i put that question to you and that's from a africa. john lewis known for his resistance to song or the song the song much more focused on political operation economy corporation or the almost people and is been really widely celebrated superstar. specially built wasn't worth even 2000. for this new songs we used. to deny the people who are the brothers and finally. produced. a little team to come up with some reform. that is not only. what's
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called an outrage. disagreed of course i. really don't want to. consider formal leader of the listers. oh and curly and also long time. ago get all rights. and others are just really up to use and people. want to from our africa desk now a weeklong referendum on constitutional changes in russia came to a close today its citizens voted on changes including an amendment that would allow prison vladimir putin to run for 30 terms in office and the sentry leave the country until 2036 put in class these ballots today in moscow the amendments have already been approved by russia's parliament but the president has insisted they
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will only process if people in russia. in favor off and. earlier i spoke to our correspondent in the show there in moscow and asked her what was happening where she was. well i'm in the center of moscow at pushkin square where opponents of the these constitutional amendments have called on people to kind of gather for what they say is a public discussion people here have said that these amendments essentially will mean that they hope that russia will have an eternal putin and they said that this whole vote is a farce that's what people here have been telling me that's what the people who called for people to gather here have said as well there aren't that many people here as you might be able to see behind me and that's because the opposition here in russia is very divided and including on this vote some people have said that you should stay home that you should boycott the vote some people have said you should come out and be counted to kind of say that you are against this vote now the
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situation here is pretty calm there is a lot of police at this where they were preparing i guess for more people to come out but the police even have been handing out masks so no arrests taking place here read emphasis as early as we introduced this topic we did mention the fact that the russian parliament already approved these constitutional amendments so why the split why the insistence on having this won't. well yeah they have the parliament has actually already passed the votes and actually you could even by the constitution at bookstores for the past few weeks this is the new constitution which is being approved today so it sort of seemed a bit like a moot point but the president himself has emphasized again and again including in an address to the nation yesterday. that the people have to approve this vote now some people say that in fact. this is all decided and what this really is this kind
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of a referendum on putin himself on whether people approve of him now even had initial exit polls already which show that. 70 percent of people have voted in favor of the amendments according to official figures and that the turnout was quite high as well just over 60 percent. apart from the law we imprison pollution for the terms in office what of the changes on the cards here. well it's actually a big mix of measures and a lot of the measures up for vote in this in these amendments r.'s social guarantees for example on pensions on health care there are also a number of kind of populist very popular measures like for example the new constitution will include a mention of god the new constitution will include an amendment stating that marriage can only be between a man and
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a woman but opponents so the author is have been emphasizing these social guarantees as being really the main thrust of the amendments to improve people's lives but opponents of the amendment say that they're just a pretty populous wrapping paper concealing the main point which is the amendment that could keep your puttin in power until 2036 right that's in the show in moscow thank you very much. while many countries are still fighting to curb the current virus and it's another picture in czech republic people they have been celebrating a perceived end to the current virus crisis they held a massive public dinner party in the capital on tuesday the large crowds gathered on prague's charles bridge and sat down to dine at a gigantic 500 meter table the country has by now eased most restrictions which had been introduced in the early on in the pandemic the czech republic registered field
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and 12000 coronavirus cases and just under 350 ditz. football to be precise by in munich has confirmed the signing of french teenager from. the defender joy by an on a free transfer and could soon be followed by manchester city way into the royce sunday see as a product of b.p. is steve youth academy and has signed a 4 year deal with the bundesliga champions the 18 year old is one of europe's biggest young talents he is known for his versatility and 10 play in more than just the same to back position. and this is news here's a reminder of the top stories this hour hong kong police have used was a challenge to disperse activists protesting against the new security law imposed on the territory by beijing more than 30 a risk was made. and you're watching the news don't forget you can keep up to date
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on our website that steve w dot com follow us on twitter and on instagram news it's been great having your company see the next time of my. 2 brothers exploring new key i just want to leave this village once i'm going to move in we don't even know what it looks like further up the river the. brothers on a journey it seems there are many different worlds on this planet each one.


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