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tv   DW News  Deutsche Welle  July 8, 2020 11:00pm-11:16pm CEST

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this is. from berlin tonight the sudden and unexpected death of a prime minister the leader of ivory coast ahmed do gone. as dot the death of throwing the upcoming presidential election into disarray. he was the ruling party's candidate aiming to become president also coming up fresh clashes in serbia with the nation in turmoil over the pandemic public anger over plans to reimpose a nationwide walked some say president. political ambition is to
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blame for a surge in new corona virus infection and on the american vision for europe the german chancellor says her aims for the e.u. as germany takes over the presidency of the european council to her main goal to contain and recover from the pandemic. i'm good to have you with us we start with breaking news the prime minister of the ivory coast still madieu gone. has died at the age of $61.00. was also the ruling party's candidate for the presidential election coming up in october his death throws that race into disarray the cause of death has not yet been released but. i just received medical treatment for
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a heart condition in france. joined here at the big table by my colleagues you know you report. so what do these death mean for the ivory coast tonight yet so it's a big shock for i recall certainly because he was only in march so i declared being the presidential candidate for the ruling party and as you said earlier the election coming up this year in october. tomorrow and so all these. him as a candidate as a candidate is because i was president since 2010 has only 2 only 5 years one term and there was a big movement all over africa to restrict these long time standing presidents so he said he couldn't go another time and. he is one of his closest allies so that was his decision that he be president and all these nice planning is now has
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exploded just a day late and he has had health problems we know that he was in france for medical treatment what more do we know about his condition if this was kind of extraordinary because ivory coast is locked down no one and only all the block but he got a special permit to go out so he and the guy has undergone heart surgery transplant . but he said everything was fine and he was only going to check for medical control by the head to put him some sense but he only. being good condition taking his full responsible to say i'm fit i want to go there i want to be our next president and so he got. on well today. meeting and then he went to hospital and diet a couple of minutes later people usually don't expect someone to die from a condition the heart condition that requires stents that's something people get all the time now. good about these deaths result now in
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a new political crisis in the ivory coast it can be like this because the country is really deeply divided that being a civil war which the ivory people call a little bit too nice crease evil and so ivory crisis but it was like a sort of 1000 people died and was facing between the north and the south and then also sata in the south back wall and then there were also some international forces interfering in 2011 everything finished when bill was transferred to i.c.c. you have been convicted there but now he was acquitted but now this appeal so that his party's insist party members may think but perhaps see that sounds if the long term longstanding present what does not there there's a sort of a pall wake him so there might be a time that klesha power struggles come up so everything depends now if there's a quick decision on what will happen next you know who would actually be watching what happens in the next hours guillen from again you preach in your reporting
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thank you anti-government rallies have filled serbia's capital belgrade for the 2nd day with protesters anger over what they see as the government's mishandling of the pandemic that's after a surge included 19 cases after a tease for march earlier in the day protests have turned violent for a 2nd night with demonstrators throwing flares and bottles at police in wired gear president alexander who appears to have bound to public pressure and backtracked on his decision to reintroduce a curfew this weekend critics say the sharp spike in infections was caused by a series of politically motivated decisions by egypt. we want to cross over now to our correspondent each drugs is very who is following the protests in a serbian capital fores egypt good evening to you what we looks like you're standing in the middle of a protest right now tell us what's going on where you walk. yeah the story same
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like last night that you're not shot bombs and tear gas is going on in many streets of belgrade there in front of the parliament but also in small streets the police is fighting to spread the crowd but things change since last 23 hours especially units of serbia are here right now trying to take over the control of the practice. of peace will tilt. in the evening but then practice to stoke the fans and throw stones on the police to intervene but you to help us understand what's going on there are people angry and becoming violent because of this new lockdown or is there something else going on well i have mixed feelings about what is going on because we have nationalistic groups also
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people say they are not happy that the reggie marseilles on the roof just calling him you know ray i'll talk practic president who has been leading for 8 years with serbia but took over the control of media and everything else in this country so they started because of come didn't i but they say now they are unhappy with the situation we know the president has blamed foreign agents when he calls them for this. does he mean what does he mean when he says foreign agents. he didn't specify in which countries he mount about it but he said that any chance and the secret service system the region are trying to the civilized serbia before the negotiations with costa well although in this press conference he said that he will inform this government but he didn't want to answer to a question of pro-government journalists asking. citizens of montenegro and
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russia but he said that this clearly a political contest and not practice against his governance and are you hearing that you draw that there is concern that maybe russia has some type of hand in this chaos this violence that we're seeing. just of them were declared today in the in a press conference that he announced the people that there's going to be pressure because of course although also there's many countries that don't run so they have to develop the state that some weeks ago during a meeting with the head of russian diplomacy said again ramadan that these are expecting that drive more pressure on serbia because of recognition off the independence of course soft yeah that's right to involve the situation with no end
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in sight corresponded you drugs to ferry reporting tonight from belgrade you join thank you. here's a look now at some of the other stories that are making headlines around the world american universities harvard and misuses institute of technology mit are suing the u.s. government over a bar on international students remaining in the country the trump administration has said foreign students must leave if they are attending institutions where classes have been moved online because of the coronavirus pandemic forest fires in eastern ukraine have killed 5 people and destroyed more than 100 homes the blazing gulf villages in a conflict zone where russian backed separatists are active the interior minister said the situation is finally improving after 2 days of fighting the fight. here in europe german chancellor angela merkel has called on the european union to unite and emerge stronger from its greatest ever challenge the coronavirus. merkel
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was in brussels today to mark the beginning of germany's 6 month presidency of the european council with the european union in crisis. masks hand gestures and rather awkward head nodding have taken the place of handshakes german chancellor angela merkel's 1st trip abroad since the corona virus outbreak was marked by new pandemic etiquette as you have confronts an unprecedented threat are already over 100000 european lives have been lost to the virus and alongside growing debt and unemployment the continent to seeing a marked rise in populism. when this in for the pandemic can't be fought with lies and dissent from ation beneath even nor with hatred and agitation factor 9 populism is being shown its limits. by use of the top priority of the german presidency is to ensure that europe emerges from the crisis united by
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just short term stabilisation of europe will not be enough we also want to europe that offers hope in a while but us has no. merkel supports the e.u. commission's proposed joint recovery fund of 750000000000 euros to provide financial help especially to the southern european countries that have been hardest hit the commission president formally the longest serving member of merkel's cabinet feels that such radical steps are necessary we have entered the worst recession since almost 100 years but she faces opposition from the frugal for austria denmark the netherlands and sweden they are reluctant to give away money without strings attached merkel insisted that a compromise was necessary and sooner rather than later i got my eyes on the sea this is our common goal is to find an agreement as soon as possible because the depths of the konami slump urges us to hurry there is no time to lose otherwise the
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weakest will suffer i very much hope that we can reach an agreement this summer and comes along in the negotiations beginning in the coming weeks will determine the economic future of europe. the coronavirus crisis could become deadly for age i.v. patients who rely on lifesaving drugs nearly 40000000 people across the border living with hiv there is no cure for the disease that causes aids but anti-retroviral medications help to manage and control it but they cope with 910 demi is interrupting pharmaceutical supply chains which deliver h i.v. medications and there is a 2nd threat as well hiv patients are often scared to go to the hospital because of the pandemic w.'s adrian creech reports tonight from south africa. to be would have preferred not to come to the creative today because of the coronavirus and to avoid questions from neighbors tim b.
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is not her real name she prefers to remain anonymous. she is a charity causative and wants to make sure her one year old daughter does not become infected. my family knows your friends. know. because they like to call for a little bit build they judge you but it's erroneous not crying because you don't know your future lives would have been too often. so you don't need to charge for. one in 5 mothers in khayelitsha township is age i be positive a few years ago 2 out of every 5 children also had the virus but now the chances of a chevy being passed on that birth i less than 5 percent south africa has made significant progress of the fight against hiv the government pays for the medicines and aid agencies like doctors without borders spoke with education programs in normal times a group of mothers with h i.v.
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meteo once a month to go in a crisis means the meetings have been cancelled elam others to gain from the group stations discussing with p. is and giving also time to discuss with defense and t. doesn't internet that so in. that the group stations are no toughening anymore it's it is the affected post natal clubs the medics know how to the mothers on a one to one basis hiv is still a serious problem. the hospital is much m.t.o. than usual because of covert 19 many patients who voids hospitals and therefore don't have access to their medication experts believe that this could have a strong negative impact on hiv aids but also with tuberculosis patients and the future. tim who knows her medication significantly increases her own life expectancy the hope is that in the future age i.v. in corona will no longer be a danger to her daughter. you're watching t
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