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this is deja vu news live from berlin a massive spike in corona virus infections in serbia followed by talk of a new lockdown now an explosion of violence and police on the retreat protesters say the president is using the pandemic for political gain also coming out of global hunger a crisis that's dramatically worse than because of coke at 19 the humanitarian group oxfam says the pandemics knock on effects are more widespread than the virus itself. and in china a wave of human rights lawyers were arrested 5 years ago now some are being
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released we meet one street lawyer who is getting his life back together so he can fight for rights again. and who believes in europe 19 nation body of countries using the euro currency the frontrunner for the job is spain's not here kind of you know she would be the 1st woman to run the euro group this in the biggest crisis off the time. i'm sumi so misconduct thank you for joining us anti-government rallies have filled the streets of serbia's capital belgrade for a 2nd day and night protesters are angry over what they see as the government's mishandling of the corona virus pandemic critics say the sharp spike in cases is the fault of serbia's president who lifted an earlier lock down to allow for elections authorities are expected to reimpose a partial ban on gatherings today. pandemic frustrations
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bubble over on the streets of belgrade chaos erupted as thousands of protesters battles with police and try to storm the parliament they're angry over the president's handling of the coronavirus. the main reason we are here is to support the protesters during these abnormal times when the country is falling apart. cases have spiked across the balkan country in recent weeks serbia recorded its highest scope at 1000 death toll on tuesday it forced president alexander to take action announcing a weekend curfew belgrade the protesters have pushed him to backtrack. i considered it but the crisis team thinks there's still hope to slow the spread so we may introduce harsher measures but without introducing
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a curfew. that hasn't been enough to keep the peace as police and demonstrators face off with flares fireworks and tear gas. demonstrators say they want to return to normal and for the president to resign. let's get some analysis on the story now we have with us is the southeast europe expert for the german institute for international and security affairs thank you for joining us how do you explain why we've seen such violence in serbia over the government's handling of the pandemic. the reason is not only that there mix is a deeply divided society in which the president mr which holds all power so the brokenness are cute because of that but then he but they go much deeper this is side i think is fed up with the hubris of the president who split
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off like you get close to shrivel bases for his rule actually he is something like the german president a good government and the prime minister should run the country she whole has all the reins of the power in his hands so it's a protest against 8 years of suppression to move to freedom of the press of the freedom of the media and it's this in a way shows that the serbian society is the gringo for much much the pretty violent than ever before what about the state of the pen demick in serbia i mean the number of corona virus cases there has exploded recently why do you think that is well i'm not a medical expert but one member of the team who of the government team who is handling the pandemic said this morning that the situation is extremely dangerous that slowly the authorities saw them losing control over the spread of that when they make it and there are many people said that simply off to having one of the
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strictest look don't see in europe the government decided to open up the society in just in time for elections and this election is reinstated mr pritchett so a lot of people think that this was premature and that the only purpose for this will still have to candy and the full power well if you look at president richard his response he's blamed foreign agents for these violent riots what did he need by that. well all of the quotes at the end of the day when they're confronted with an uprising try to find the culprits so it's in the mystical position and the foreign agents issue trouble today to paris for another round of negotiations about the kosovo issue so the government's reasoning is that it is the most serious for mr it's by foreign powers to be can his position and of the of the negotiations in paris lots of little hooks in a phobia and especially steering the negative emotions towards the west has been
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a trademark of this government since it came into power and recent remember that mr which is and the present coalition government is actually the same group of people who are junior who until say partners there are joint executives during the rule of the ultra press sublimity lotion it so they're using coal to learnt in their youth they're now become a little bit of turncoats talking european but behaving in a very despotic way we'll have to leave it there to shun values from the german institute for international and security affairs thank you for sharing your insights with us today let's take a look now at some other coronavirus developments of the us has crossed a new high water mark in the pandemic the country has registered more than 3000000 cases of covered 19 the highest number of any country wednesday saw the biggest daily increase in cases so far 5000000 australians are back in lockdown as
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melbourne grapples with a spike of new covered 1000 cases the restrictions will be in effect in australia 2nd largest city for the next 6 weeks. the humanitarian group oxfam is warning that the coronavirus is worsening the hunger crisis in the poorest parts of the world oxfam says as many as 12000 people a day could die from hunger linked to the fallout from the pandemic the organization's new study shows the disruption to food supplies and falling aid funding could push well over 100000000 people a to the brink of starvation this year middle income countries like india south africa and brazil are especially at risk. let's get more on the story now we're joined by matthew trust scott is the head of humanitarian policy at oxfam international matthew it's good to have you with us on d w your organization is saying the knock on effects of the pandemic are more widespread than the virus itself why is that. well so we're looking at
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an additional $121000000.00 people potentially pushed to the brink of starvation by the social and economic fallout of this pandemic and what we have to look at is this is it's it's a link to a system so when we're looking at these numbers we look at the same time as the biggest food and drink companies paid out over $18000000000.00 to shareholders so we have a dramatically unequal food system and we also have a number of people who are on the edge of starvation already due to things like conflict due to things like climate change do things like fated to invest in agro economies and this now with the additional burden of covert and and difficulties moving difficulties accessing markets and difficulties with commitments and really do push those people to the edge matthew can you tell us more about those difficulties these driving factors though is it mainly the fact that for example some supplies have been disrupted. food supply disruption is is a big part of it but also another part of it is a lot of people who are on the edge already so we look at about 60 percent of
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people who are already in an informal economies and they don't have the social safety nets to fall back on so a number of the countries where food crises who are already on the edge now when people aren't able to get to their markets when this closures when people doing day labor on table to get their daily wages that then pushes them to a point where they have no savings to fall back on it really comes back to the system that we're working in and also of course following international humanitarian aid which is a major concern your organization says in its report that it's middle income countries like india south africa and brazil that are especially at risk why is that. well so that you have sort of the that the typical crises that one would look at so yemen afghanistan etc where you know yemen remittances have dropped by 80 percent but a lot of the other countries haven't really been worked out and as you mentioned india south africa brazil south africa for instance you had the pleasure of street few vendors few to the lockdowns but that was approximately a half a 1000000 people that were employed in that and they provided food and nutrition to
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about 70 percent of the townships so when you have these lockdowns when you have these people losing their income that then has a knock on effect when they're supporting other people when entire economies around that collapse and if there's no back up this is no social support for them if there's no government funding which of course those governments are trying to develop but it needs to be quicker that there really pushes us people into a point where where they can come back from it and the same when you look at the small scale farmers if they aren't able to get off if they aren't able to harvest if they aren't able to bring in their crops that's going to affect them for years because they don't then have the money to pay for new seeds to prepare their farms for the next year in these countries that are particularly at risk and also struggling to control the pandemic what can be done to make sure that people are not going hungry. well i think this does a few different things we can do oversee the 1st step is we we need to dramatically increase our humanitarian funding so when we look at the amount paid to for instance those 8 companies that i mentioned earlier that's more than 3 times what's even being asked for in humanitarian funding by the u.n. and the u.n.
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appeals only been about 2724 percent funded so in total they're asking for just over $7000000000.00 now that sounds like quite a lot but when you look at the usa for instance this paid over $500000000.00 to save itself and industry $7000000000.00 for $7000000000.00 for urgent humanitarian aid really isn't all that much but beyond that so that's the immediate steps the next steps we need to take is to address the unequal system that we've got we need to develop proper social protection medicines so that when people do need their incomes due to systems like this there's something this is cash there's social support to protect them and there's also access to things like health care and going forward we have to build a safer system we have to build one of the robust and stable to respond to things like climate change which is going to bring further hunger crises we need things like better local ceasefires so the people in conflict zones are still able to meet their daily needs matthew truscott head of humanitarian policy at oxfam international thank you very much for joining us thank you dozens of
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people have been killed as landslides and floodwaters ripped through southwest japan hundreds of thousands of people have been ordered to evacuate their homes rescuers are searching for survivors but japan's meteorological agency is warning that heavy rains will continue to batter the region in the coming days. flooding and mudslides have devastated this region normally renowned for its hot springs and scenic mountain trails a popular tourist destination transformed into a wasteland local residents hotel workers and visitors or have been caught up in the aftermath of the massive downpours. the land just crumbled more than i ever thought it could. be rocks were falling into the valley and the river also sounded different. you know. and i have never seen so much rain it just kept falling on and on. japan's weather agency has ordered the evacuation of nearly half
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a 1000000 people but moving into shelters is not compulsory and many of choosing to stay put perhaps because of fears over the coronavirus again emergency units are carrying out search and rescue missions in various areas we will continue to do our utmost for the disaster prioritizing people's lives. the authorities are warning that more widespread heavy rain is likely to fall in the next 3 days for the destruction and loss of life look highly likely. to china now where some of the 300 lawyers and activists arrested in the 2015 crackdown are being released they pushed back against president xi jinping has moved to tighten restrictions on free speech but they were arrested and sentenced force a version of power we hear now from one lawyer just out of prison who is rebuilding his life as well as desire to support rights. a family really
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united one turned john a prominent human rights lawyer was released from prison 2 months ago he's one of more than 200 lawyers who were detained in 2015 when china's government started an unprecedented crackdown on lawyers. issue one of the you know you felt when you lose something important and then you get it back i cannot find the right words for this feeling it feels like something exceptionally precious but there is also the fear that i might lose him again. hypothesis special . one gendang spent almost 5 years behind bars many things are new to him this app that recognizes the names of plants. before a whole where you could now i've been released i feel drawn to nature i often go
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out to enjoy it that's how i started paying attention to plants i want to know their names. during these years because i'm whose name also took a toll on his wife. and it was our job until these people came to my house and blocks the entrance. presidential would you be when i tried to open the door a man told me if you come out i will kill you. china's government was taking their revenge on the compelling on his behalf his son to enter and also witnessed the only scene yes. you know you're 7 already take my sword and fight against them. this is what i really want to do put out a 6 hour. long turn john was taken without warning after that his wife did not hear anything about him until his trial was announced more than 3 years later and indefinitely i am very tense very nervous i could not sleep. on december
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26th of 20181 trend john was charged with state subversion a serious offense and chandra levy was hoping to get a glimpse of him in court but again state security had gathered in front of the homes to which you would see down the nervous i've been in the situation often but every time it's different. this doctor there were this is not about the rights of relatives this case is about state secrets here so you're going to have the hard. part off my you. know the families trying to put these experiences behind them will take time for them to get back to move life. after my release my son and i were very affectionate with each other at least on the surface but the estrangement is quite obvious. when i tell him
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something he opposes me he rebels this gives me a headache i feel embarrassed but i wanted to become closer to each other. right now i want to enjoy it has a lot of time to spend with his family with origins have revoked his lawyers license with use already planning to appeal and to sue the government for it's wrong. now to some other news from around the world australia has suspended an extradition agreement with hong kong after china imposed a national security law giving it sweeping new powers their prime minister scott morrison said australia would also extend visas for skilled workers from hong kong and wants to lure hong kong businesses to the country. a key witness in the impeachment trial of u.s. president donald trump has resigned from the military lieutenant colonel alexander vinland said he'd been bullied and refused promotion since testifying against trump
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hit a lot of german and g.o.c. watch claiming it did not comply with safety rules last month the vessel was used to rescue more than 200 people stranded at sea in april italy banned migrant rescue ships from docking at its ports because of the coronavirus endemic. the euro group will vote for a new president today the group brings together the 19 finance ministers of the nations that share the euro currency the vote comes in the midst of one of the most severe economic crises in the euro group's history the spanish candidate not yet as a front runner and could become the 1st woman to have the body. yes sam says she can navigate breathless brocker see with her eyes closed. a 51 year old spanish economist spent more than a decade in top civil service at the e.u. commission before being appointed to a top job and spends government intervention 18 i met some my conscience an honor
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to live a leaf of feel the obligations of the position of economy minister. then you is described as tough and as always being perfectly prepared traits for which even political rivals pay respect since she's not a member of any party she's considered the moderate voice within spain's socialist government she the person that can be to some extent used by the borg or mean as a way of sending say no it's to foreign investors in the sense that you know having this way showing we've far left the good to some extent you know send the wrong signers to foreign ministers in 2020 she was promoted to deputy prime minister a crucial role that includes managing the economic repercussions of the covert 19 crisis which hit spain especially hard look at the most we see it changing trend from the end of the lock down this changing trend can be seen in
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a number of indicators the most relevant in my opinion is job creation as you know this backing and your recovery scheme that is spaced on grounds northern countries are checking her with a critical eye so she's trying to stress that everyone is in the same boat she was playing that card of basically trying to con be all their countries that aren't that spain and italy that out where they problems as well are and i think that this is you know i think this was a smart woman this was a wise venue has always been a woman among many man she now is the only woman in the euro croup and it is likely that this is just another stepping stone in her career. you're watching the news still to come on our show the new look of dance in berlin the footwork and grace of the what's gone so well for the sake of social distance.
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but 1st enjoy. many rightwing extremism has been identified as the biggest danger the country faces today germany's interior minister presented an intelligence report detailing crimes committed in 29 t. he said. this area is the greatest threat to security in germany. nothing has changed there on the contrary the number of offenses the number of people linked to right wing extremist circles and the number of violent far right extremists has increased further. used. let's bring in dave use kate brady with more on the story hi kate the interior minister there was very clear that right wing extremism is the biggest threat in germany right now and it's also on the rise what do the latest figures show well what this report shows is that 2019 saw a 10 percent increase in the number 0 for right extremist cases here in germany up
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to more than 22000 and at the same time the report also lists some 32000 far right extremists now as well that's an 8000 an increase of 8000 people on last year's report not being largely attributed to the fact that thousands of supporters of the far right extremist wing of the a.f.p. the alternative for germany party now also being listed as part of that group they've been under surveillance now since 2019 but one specific aspect of far right extremism that is they hope for a really emphasized in that press conference today was that of anti semitism here in germany which he described as a disgrace for germany she also talked about a left wing extremism kate what does the report show there. well what we've seen that according to the report is an increase of 40 percent in the number of cases of leftist extremism here in germany which seems as well that the threshold for
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violence violent crimes by leftist extremists seems to be on the rise too and at the same time security all storage fees intelligence agencies are keeping an eye as well on several platforms which last year was the place where several confession les's were posted as well in the wake of several violent leftist extremist cases here. and kate what are the political implications of this report. well as a whole the point is out himself today the under no of the government has so much been done to tackle this issue of extremism here in germany that certainly is already the case there's been special commission set of especially for tackling for rights extremism and we are expecting to see more measures taken in the coming year that said the report has highlighted that one of the biggest challenges now facing
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intelligence agencies and politicians as well is how to deal with these small groups and individual offenders here in germany and we saw evidence of that both last year in the killing of the pro migration conservative politician to luka and also that attempted anti semitic attack in color which left 2 people dead and of course there was also that deadly shooting in her mouth as well earlier this year that right wing extremist shooting so there's still a lot to digest here in germany and i'm sure there will be more action taken in the months ahead jaipur the reporting for us good to talk to you. here in berlin dance venues are legendary for now though night clubs are shuttered due to the coronavirus pandemic but dance schools are not the ones that teach a face to face and to waist type of dance of course there are strict social distancing rules in place to keep the students safe. teenagers go to
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dance classes to learn the steps but also to get to know each other they mustn't overstep the mark dancing has to be contactless with 3 meters of social distancing . so how can that work. as it was the very few she has to memorize a lot more so that she can follow me. and you have to work on the technique yourself because you haven't got a partner to show you how to do things or tell you what to do you know and i'm fiercely give. these solo dances i'm making the best of the situation even though to an outsider it can seem a bit soulless. trance and i much prefer dancing with a partner it's easier to chast and you get to know each other so much better than
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even nothing i can. bring to the endangering teacher is convinced that even dancing in a distanced form like this is worth it for the moment. they can they feel like they're friends they share a joke together have a look at each other really i promise them when something goes wrong they laugh about it it's all part of the fantasy only they can get close enough and in any case this is not a long term solution we all know that most get through it most of us have. the next class is for to some. but there's no flashing of the rules. these couples have known each other for years. they conduct freely but they still must stick to the distance markets. or even in times of crisis dancing is one of life's essential see. it in. the. thanks for watching together you for backed up being our.
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commitment. to.
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the for. justice for the victims of the stripper in the. classroom because. these human rights advocate wants to identify each of the houses the ones. this undertaking is still underway 25 years after the infamous massacre of bosnia herzegovina focus on the. next doubling. enter the conflict zone confronting the powerful 4 months to go to the presidential elections in america so no trump is sinking in the polls and now is former national
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security adviser says he is fit to be 1st in the. anyway job also is my guest this week from washington how much damage trump folks going to america and the rest of the. conflicts. in 60 minutes. are they friends say wanted to be with you if you try to see the board which it was literally a bullfight i'm on the phone you say you know or are they and i mean he's going to do is to finish the fuse seal with a border seal which you could go with but he's using the water he's going to go give them to my dad or sir roger daltry and sunday mirror i were to part documentary analyzes the difficult relationship between russia and the u.s. and between their presidents how does their rivalry and their dangerous mutual
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admiration affect the rest of the. prism bullies trump and putin starts august 3rd on d w. hello and a warm welcome and to focus on your up show and it's great to have your company so far the coronavirus and they make hasn't affected germany as much as it has many other countries but the danger isn't over yet.


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