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since her inner tucker. started to mention so. this is g.w. newsline for lent serbia bans mass gatherings after protests against the proposed new lock down turn oddly violence breaks out in valgrind putting police on the bridge street protesters say the president is using the pandemic for political gain . also coming up as a tourist destination turned into a flood ravaged place less sensitive and rising water
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a plan survives to chill toxins with more rain on the way almost half a 1000000 people to try to back away. plus racism right wing extremism and anti-semitism germany's top security threats these are the findings from a government report on increasingly to do acts of violence to germany's domestic security she says to see a new front on the content. i'm assuming someone's gonna it's good to have you with us serbia has banned a mass gatherings of more than 10 people after anti-government rallies filled the streets of serbia's capital belgrade for a 2nd day and night protesters are angry after the government proposed another lockdown due to a sharp spike in cases some critics claim this 2nd wave on serbia's president who lifted and earlier lock down to allow elections. pandemic
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frustrations buffalo for on the streets of belgrade chaos erupted as thousands of protesters battled with police and trying to storm the parliament there angry over the president's handling of the coronavirus pandemic balsa redoubtable the main reason we're here is to support the protests that are happening during these abnormal times when the country is falling apart. cases have spiked across the balkan country in recent weeks serbia recorded this highest code with 19 death toll on kids day president alexander who checked originally announced a weekend curfew for belgrade but now his government says it won't re impose a lockdown. but no one is quite sure whether that will be enough to appease the demonstrators and keep the peace. let's get some analysis on the story
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now we have with us he's the southeast europe expert for the german institute for international and security affairs thank you for joining us how do you explain why we've seen such violence in serbia over the government's handling of the pandemic. the reason is not only that there mix is a deeply divided society in which the president mr which holds all power so broke this partly because of the put them in but they go much deeper this is a side to you i think is fed up with the hubris of the president who splits off like you get closer to shrivel bases for his rule actually here's something like the german president a good government and think prime minister should run the country she hold has all the reins of the power in his hands so it's a protest against 8 years of suppression of the freedom of the press of the freedom
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of the media and it's this in a way shows that the serbian society is at the brink of a much much the pretty violent than ever before what about the state of the pen demick in serbia i mean the number of coronavirus cases there has exploded recently why do you think that is well i'm not a medical expert but one member of the team who of the government team who is handling the pandemic said this morning that the situation is extremely dangerous that slowly the authorities losing control over the spread of the when they make it and there are many people say that simply off to having one of the strictest look don't see in europe the government decided to open up their society just in time for elections and these elections reinstated mr richard so a lot of people think that this was premature and that the only purpose for this will still have to candy and the full power will have to leave it there does john
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bell yes from the german institute for international and security affairs thank you for sharing your insights with us today. let's check in now on some of the latest coronavirus developments the u.s. has passed 3000000 cases when say some more than 60000 new infections the biggest daily increase so far kurdistan and other central asian nations are struggling with a search in cases pushing health care system so the breaking point lock downs there were lifted in may authorities have imposed a new 6 week lockdown on australia's 2nd largest city in melbourne after a resurgence of the virus there the measure affects some 5000000 residents and dozens of people have been killed as landslides and floodwaters ripped through southwestern pan hundreds of thousands of people have been ordered to evacuate their homes rescuers are searching for survivors but japan's meteorological agency is warning that heavy rains will continue to batter the region in the coming days.
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flooding and mudslides have devastated this region normally renowned for its hot springs and scenic mountain trails a popular tourist destination transformed into a wasteland local residents hotel workers and visitors or have been caught up in the aftermath of the massive downpours. to learn just crumbled more than i ever thought it could. be rocks befalling into the valley and the river also sounded different over the going on to have never seen so much rain it just kept falling on monday. japan's weather agency has ordered the evacuation of nearly half a 1000000 people but moving into shelters is not compulsory and many of choosing to stay put perhaps because of fears over the coronavirus again going will claim urgency units are carrying out search and rescue missions in various areas we will continue to do our utmost for the disaster prioritizing people's lives.
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the authorities are warning that more widespread heavy rain is likely to fall in the next 3 days for the destruction and loss of life look highly likely. now to some other stories making headlines around the world australia has suspended an extradition agreement with hong kong after china imposed the news national security law giving it a sweeping new powers their prime minister scott morrison said australia would also extend visas for skilled workers from hong kong and wants to lure hong kong businesses to the country with a search is currently underway in seoul laughter the mayor of the south korean capital went missing early thursday he disappeared after leaving a phone message that his family said sounded like a final will souls' metropolitan government confirmed that the mayor it failed to appear for duties at city hall. surgeons at a hospital in rome successfully separated twins who had been can join at the back
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of their heads the 2 year old sisters are said to be recovering well the rare surgery was aided by a 3 d. augmented reality map of their skulls and brains. and italian authorities have seized a migrant rescue boat operated by the german n.g.o.s sea watch claiming it did not comply with safety rules last month the vessel was used to rescue more than 200 people stranded at sea in april italy banned migrant rescue ships from docking at its ports because of the corona virus pandemic. the german interior minister and the domestic security chief has released a report profiling crime committed in germany last year they say rightwing extremism is the biggest danger of the country faces. the security threats in germany are manifold with one area still a particularly high concern says the german interior minister. let me start off with the area of right wing extremism racism and anti semitism
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this area is the greatest threat to security in germany. nothing is change that on the contrary the number of offenses the number of people linked to rightwing extremist circles and the number of violent far right extremists has increased further. extremist just. a number of particularly brutal far right acts made headlines over the last year in 29000 pro migration conservative politician via term look who was killed and a gunman killed 2 people in an attack on a synagogue and. in february this year a gunman shot dead 9 people in hama. some 90 percent of anti semitic acts in germany a far right motivated the report lists around $8000.00 more right wing extremists on the radar of german intelligence agents compared to last year. that spike in
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numbers in part comes from the authorities putting the so-called good of the party under observation an unofficial grouping of far right politicians. but opposing politicians want the whole party to face scrutiny. lubell is not the entire a 50 but it has spread across the entire array of the fuel is deeply rooted within the f.d.a. which is why it would be important to put the f.d.a. as a whole under surveillance because there are traces of the frugal everywhere. and as far as security is concerned left wing and islamist terrorism remain the 2 other big threats cyber attacks and espionage also play an increased role readiness to commit violence is growing on all sides. as a society we must be alarmed that the threshold to commit violence has been
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declining steadily that the number of violent acts as risen exorbitantly and that online we are witnessing the rise of a front of hate and contempt which makes the unspeakable acceptable and paves the way for violent acts in real life. the german interior minister stressed that no previous german government has been as active in its efforts to combat right wing extremism 3 far right groups have been banned they say here alone new special units within the agencies have been founded and a special government committee will hand over its findings to the german parliament next spring. researchers estimate that here in germany there are about a 1000000 people who have african heritage many say that facing racism is part of everyday life today because my own miller met 2 younger listeners who spoke about their experience. dancing as an us david hobby
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but that was not why she stood out in school. because she was one of their a few black pupils at her school in southern germany when a file of a pretty much all my friends were white i didn't look like they did and didn't do the same things at home that they did and in a way i always had the feeling i had 2 identities and i had to read just depending on who i happened to be hanging out with dancing gave her a feeling of belonging because when she danced it didn't matter what color her skin was but in everyday life people make comments to put her in a box she says. the losses are things like a what's your university or what she were a high school these things make it hard to feel at home because you don't look like the others and you don't have your roots here. in addition to her studies anna has a job as a social worker she supervises a group home for youngsters with mental disabilities. so when i get on the subway
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train sometimes i feel the looks like get in a certain tension for example that someone holds their bag a little closer or somebody will scrutinize your hair or your hands you just never know is it admiration like wow what beautiful hair she's got or is it discussed you never know. because sony is a billionaire as well she will start sociology studies this fall she's very close to her mother realized very early on that her daughter was treated differently from white children and. she took ballet lessons like any go she wanted to dance ballet in a pink tutu in jump around and she came out of the trial. lesson totally dejected she was 3 years old and she said mom or i don't want to be brown anymore moments like these spurred into action she started a playgroup for german children so at least once a month her daughter would have the feeling of not being the only black child just
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process must look at racism can really be hurtful many people want to hear about these experiences they might think oh well it's once a month no it's every day when you go out every day if you don't get a job or an apartment you applied for is not always for racist reasons of course but that's always one of the 1st things you wonder could so many hopes that the current debate about racism which change society's perception of people of color not just short term but the long term to all major league soccer has returned to competitive action for the 1st time in 4 months with a powerful protest against racism before their match interim i am me and orlando city players fell silent for 8 minutes and 46 seconds the same amount of time that george floyd spent under the knee of former minneapolis police officer shot in the match was held inside it by all secure bubble at the disney white world of sports complex it marked the 1st north american professional men's league to return to
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action since pandemic lockdowns began. you're watching d.w. news coming up next our covert night special how the pandemic is making it harder for hiv patients to get life saving medication chris colfer has that story coming up in one minute don't go away. combating the corona pandemic. where does research stand. what are scientists learning. background information and news. hour carona updates. covert 19 special next on d w.


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