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tv   DW News  Deutsche Welle  July 10, 2020 7:00am-7:16am CEST

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this is news a lot from berlin u.s. president trump lashes out after the supreme court says federal prosecutors and see his tax returns this is sort of. right there if you look you know we've heard. the ruling mean the public will probably not see those tax returns until after the november presidential election a court ruled that the president's immunity against prosecution is not unlimited also coming up thousands defied a ban on mass gatherings in serbia by joining the sit down protest against the
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government's coronavirus restrictions the peaceful demonstration follows 2 days of clashes. and where do the world's wealthiest live a new report follows the money to reveal which countries have the most millionaires and the results might not come as a surprise. i'm told me a lot of boy it's good to have you with us the u.s. supreme court has blocked congress from the president trumps financial records but the ruling allows new york prosecutors to see these tax returns although the documents will probably not be available to the public until after the presidential election in november. michelle pages from a trump tax attorney sent to the new it's one of american politics his biggest secrets how much taxes donald trump paid and to whom does he come to be on the
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money if you have the numbers have ever been made public he's missing financial figures a big issue in 26 dane but maybe he doesn't want the american people all of you watching tonight to know that he's paid nothing in federal taxes so that makes these are a nearly 4 years on the president's financial secrets of ended up in the supreme court and it's delivered a limited victory to trump with a ruling that means his money likely won't be a major issue this election season. the court case petered the trump empire against congress and prosecutors democrats wanted access to company records trump's lawyers i get the opposition wanted to harass not oversee the administration. the court found nancy pelosi wanted too many documents but it didn't dismiss the speaker's request outright. a path that the spin court has laid down is one that is
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clearly achievable by us in the lower court and we will continue to go down that path but the court's decision isn't enough a woman win for the president because the supreme court also says his financial records must be turned over to new york state prosecutors which could mean he could face charges in the future. for certain. satisfies for the bulletin that said it's going to be spent with this is a political witch hunt the likes of which nobody's ever seen before it's a pure witch and it's a hoax. analysts say the court's ruling is a draw for the president. one that leads to the supreme court of the political fry . as the u.s. faces a bruising election season. a washington bureau chief in us paul is following the story for us and she explains what all this means for president trump for his fellow republicans the democratic opposition and older voters it's finally
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here the long awaited ruling on president trump's tax returns the supreme court says trump count fully block their release and that the president is not immune from all investigations a clear sign that checks and balances on this power remain in place but the ruling is complex so here is what it means for the whole tribe the supreme court send 2 key decisions back to lower lower courts. judges said prosecutors have the right to access trump's financial records including his tax returns but further court approval is needed they also ruled lower courts will decide on making the same documents away little to congress all in all it could now take months before the public learns more about trump's business dealings or if he really is as rich as he says and they still might not find out those details and all this ruling is
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a disappointment for democrats eager for damaging information in this campaign year the president gets a reprieve for no which may last until well after the november election. let's take a look at some other stories making news around the world voting is underway in singapore's general election prime minister lee's yang land is long governing party is expected to win social distancing has been follows a the country emerges from a 2 month lockdown. in the democratic republic of congo 3 people have died after violent protests 2 demonstrators were shot dead and a policeman was lynched in clashes over plans to name a new head of the country's election panel the un has condemned the use of force by military police. a jihadist attack in nigeria linked to the so-called islamic state has left at least 35 nigerian soldiers dead the ambush took place in the rest of
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north east where the search for missing soldiers is still ongoing. thousands have demonstrated in athens against a new law restricting street protests of the opposition has called on democratic clashes erupted with some protesters throwing petrol bombs and police using tear gas to disperse them. there's been a night of protest against the new coronavirus lockdown in serbia. a new government ban on gatherings of more than 10 people several 1000 returned to demonstrate outside the parliament building in belgrade most women seated with some carrying. comes after 2 days of violent anti-government rallies protesters are angry after the government proposed a 2nd lockdown due to shops spiking $1000.00 cases which some blame on the serbian president's desire to hold elections. large protests defy the new ban on
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gatherings in belgrade but they remain largely peaceful. unlike the preceding 2 nights when rioters attacked the parliament building and these are scenes the serbian government hopes have subsided now president alexander who church called the protesters hooligans while addressing the nation during an official flight to paris. i promise you that we will be able to preserve peace and stability despite the criminal hooligan violent attacks we are all shocked by. surging all our people in belgrade and in other cities not to confront the hooligans themselves we will do that as a state we will do it and we will win. the privilege. earlier this week had announced that a new coronavirus lockdown would be imposed protests erupted just hours later many serbians accuse the autocratic much itch of being the one who allowed the
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coronavirus crisis to spin out of control in the 1st place in june your breath the east previously strict measures in order to hold an election that tightened his grip on power since then serbia has experienced a surge in new coronavirus cases if they mean i don't have a problem with these measures but i do have a problem with shutting them down just because of the elections and then reimposing them. what he said it our government is simply looking after its own interests the people are just collateral damage. well it was that. serbia went back 5 centuries under president putin. that thousands of people who gathered in belgrade and other serbian cities in defiance of the new ban made it abundantly clear that they have no intention of letting their voices be silenced. let's bring you up to date now with some of the developments in the coronavirus pandemic you mean that is states has now well so passed the mark of 3000000
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confirmed cases the u.s. has set 5 new daily case records in the past 9 days wednesday saw a new record more than 60000 new infections the biggest daily increase so far take us down and other central asian nations are also struggling with a surge in cases pushing the health care systems to breaking point lock downs there were lifted in may and the world health organization has launched an independent coronavirus response panel to review its handling of the pandemic. germany's interior minister and domestic security chief have released a report profiling crime committed in germany last year they conclude that the biggest danger facing the country is right wing extremism. this is curious to threats in germany amount of fault with one area still a particularly high consensus the german interior minister. it's the music
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let me start off with the area of right wing extremism racism and anti-semitism this area is the greatest threat to security in germany. nothing is change that on the contrary the number of offenses the number of people linked to right wing extremist circles and the number of violent far right extremists has increased. to extremist just. a number of. a brutal far right acts made headlines over the last year in 29000 pro migration conservative politician violet and look good was killed and a gunman killed 2 people in an attack on a synagogue in holland in february this year a gunman shot dead 9 people in hama. some 90 percent of anti semitic acts in germany are far right motivated the report lists around $8000.00 more right wing extremists on the radar of german intelligence agents compared to last year that
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spike in numbers in part comes from the authorities putting the so-called good of the party under observation an unofficial grouping of far right politicians. but opposing politicians want the whole party to face scrutiny. lupul is not the entire a 50 but it has spread across the entire area 50 the fuel is deeply rooted within the f.t. which is why it would be important to put the f.t. as a whole under surveillance because there are traces of the few good everywhere. and as far as security is concerned left wing and islamist terrorism remain the 2 other big threats cyber attacks and espionage also play an increased role readiness to commit violence is growing on all sides. this. is as
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a society we must be alone stop the threshold to commit violence has been declining steadily that the number of violent acts has risen exorbitantly and that online we are witnessing the rise of a front of hate and contempt which makes the unspeakable acceptable and paves the way for violent acts in real life. the german interior minister stressed that no previous german government has been as active in its efforts to combat right wing extremism 3 far right groups have been banned they say here alone new special units within the agencies have been founded and a special government committee $100.00 for its findings to the german parliament next spring. why do you think you have the most chance of running into someone with a hoard of gold a new study by the cap gemini consultancy says the united states and japan run top of the list when it comes to ultra high net worth individuals china germany and france and based on further down the list. the hamptons where new york's elite
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resigned those with an address here rank among the country's wealthiest among the locals robert deniro brooke shields and alec baldwin. according to the world wealth report published by consultancy firm cap gemini the united states with its 5900000 millionaires ranked top of the list when it comes to the super rich japan is in 2nd place with 3400000 ultra wealthy individuals further down the list germany china and france. the report's author is included value derived from stocks rental income funds commodities as well as cold hard cash as part of their calculations over the past few years the number of ultra high net worth individuals has risen that said the millionaire club is still
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a pretty exclusive domain those looking from the outside may have to keep dreaming of winning the lottery or like donald duck curry favor with their rich uncle. and here's some use for some of that spare change lamborghini has debuted the new 2500000 euro hybrid sports car the italian carmaker tentatively reopened its factory in at least hard hit him in the region in may with new safety measures to prevent the spread of covert 19 in a move away from the traditional glamorous reveal the model was unveiled online due to the virus but if you're hoping to get your hands on one. all my 900 models have been sold. just my luck you're watching the news remember you can always stay up today on our website d.w. dot com and you can follow us on twitter and instagram at news i'm told me
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a lot of one that's it for me thanks for joining us again. on middle and i'm good welcome to the 2nd season of only good friends of the planet on the brink of disaster we did long in-depth interviews with experts about one question how will it change the focus of the recent.


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