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tv   DW News  Deutsche Welle  July 10, 2020 11:00am-11:16am CEST

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time and space this 3 women shown what better means for them are just 20 more. common g.w. . this is g w news live from berlin thousands defy a ban on mass gatherings in serbia with a sitting protest against the government's coronavirus response the peaceful demonstration follows 2 days of violent clashes. also coming up an antiviral rout over the drug that is proven to help severely ill coronavirus
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patients the u.s. bought up most of the world's supply from disappear but now europe is looking into making its own. involves me prepares to mark 25 years since revenue as a place to rest another 8 victims of europe's worst massacre since world war 2. i'm sara kelly welcome to the program there's been a 3rd night of protest in serbia against the government's handling of the corona virus pandemic that's despite an official ban on gatherings of more than 10 people of the protests started earlier this week after the government proposed a 2nd lockdown due to a sharp spike in covert 1000 cases which some blame on the serbian presence president's decision to hold elections. large protests defy the new ban
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on gatherings in belgrade but they remained largely peaceful thank the preceding 2 nights when rioters attacked the parliament building these are scenes the serbian government hopes have subsided now president alexander called the protesters hooligans while addressing the nation during an official flight to paris. i promise you that we will be able to preserve peace and stability despite the criminal hooligan violent attacks we are all shocked by. surging all our people in belgrade and in other cities not to confront the hooligans themselves we will do that as a state we will do it and we will win. the privilege of. earlier this week had announced that a new coronavirus lockdown would be imposed protests erupted just hours later many serbians accuse the autocratic much itch of being the one who allowed the
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coronavirus crisis to spin out of control in the 1st place in june here prepped the east previously strict measures in order to hold an election that tightened his grip on power since then serbia has experienced a surge in new coronavirus cases of the many i don't have a problem with these measures but i do have a problem with shutting them down just because of the elections and then reimposing them. what is the need our government is simply looking after its own interests the people are just collateral damage not to. call it that is that. serbia went back 5 centuries under president putin. that thousands of people who gathered in belgrade and other serbian cities in defiance of the new ban made it abundantly clear that they have no intention of letting their voices be silenced. and let's get more on that i am joined now by journalists in joseph therese who has been following the protests in the serbian capital belgrade 1st of all just tell us
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about what happened last night. well it was very peaceful protest even some people who were there insisting to make a lie lance but this didn't succeed clearly these groups were called out this provokers from the other protesters who were sitting there and they told them that they are not there to make any while and the protesters want to do so to the police and all story is that they are not while and it's the state who is attacking them all the time and i have to say that this brought this are not anymore about pandemic and they were calling the president of serbia to resign from his position saying that they cannot and his politics anymore tell us a little bit more about what they're asking for because i mean as you've just
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mentioned there are these protests they were 1st sparked by the pandemic measures but now it's about so much more than that is these anti-government rallies really so what do they want. there were in serbia you know all the last 2 years brought this suit against the government but now they are without political leader so forceful position or at the end they even them to want them they say that is the nation will once the government and president to resign because they are feeling under pressure and they don't have. any chance to make a choice in their own and this brought this didn't happen only in belgrade but the last 2 nights they spread out in the city of the nation of assad and in other places they tried to do to say that they don't want anymore out there pratik their leadership so they want the government gone essentially now there's been
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a decision not to impose a weekend curfew in the capital when it relates the coronavirus pandemic and and just out of curiosity is that likely to appease at least some of the protesters perhaps i don't think so they announced another protest to night from 6 o'clock in the they will be there probably even the various decision that not more than 10 people can gather in public space but they are going to be there because they don't want to stop this practice against a precedent and they even tried to send a message last night by cleaning the place after they you know left around 1 o'clock after midnight that's quite polite as far as protests go journalists in just a very joining us with the view from belgrade thank you so much and now let's get an update on the latest developments in the coronavirus pandemic the united states
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has set another record for than 65000 new cases were recorded on thursday the u.s. has most infections of any country. hong kong is to choose all of its schools the site close excuse me all of its schools because of the spike in locally transmitted cases the world health organization is setting up an independent panel to review its handling of the pandemic and bolivia's interim president xi don imus has tested positive for covert 90 brazil's leaders i have all said i know also announced a positive result earlier in the week. all the drug crime disappear is among the 1st is shown to be effective against covert 19 but it could cause an international rao over the us buying up most of the world stock european policymakers are considering compulsory licensing of the drug which would lead to production here in europe we'll hear from a lawmaker proposing that just a moment 1st this report. from disappear is no wonder drug but it
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has shown promising effects in the treatment of people who fall in severely ill with covert 19 originally developed to treat a boat it's attracted interest from countries around the world. last week the european commission gave conditional approval for rem disappear to be used to treat seriously ill covert 900 patients it follows similar moves in india japan and the united states. the company that makes the drugs get an american firm that has faced criticism for agreeing to sell the vast majority of its output to the united states get told d.w. that its face difficulty meeting demand and that it's planning to increase the production of ramdass of beer from the current 190000 boxes per month to $2000000.00. future supplies the company says will be allocated on the basis of the number of new infections in a country. european policy makers have also been threatening to impose compulsory
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licensing on severe this would allow other manufacturers to produce the drug. when the world trade organization rules such a move would be possible in the case of a national emergency and for more on this let's bring in european parliamentarian peter at least who is threatening to introduce compulsory licensing of the covert 1000 treatment meaning it would be produced by others against the will of kelly i'd welcome to the program and thank you so much for joining us why are you taking such a big step and gilliatt insists that they will deliver the job. yeah they will do it well but i'm not sure if it is not you know for the moment in the united in the european union the figures are quite you know but we don't know what's going to happen and work while we have really a lot of hospitals where the outbreaks are huge and that's why i'm not sure if what
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this is going to deliver will be enough and we just adopted the resolution in the european parliament where we say that we call on cooperation and die in the uk so i would guess preferred to be gods themselves words cooperate with companies . outside of us to produce the drug but if not the international law for cease relicensing so it's not something that invents it is for. you know the most is into a food and i think we are in an emergency situation is is this a taste of what we might see when a coronavirus vaccine becomes available. unfortunately yes. we we will probably not have not enough doses of vaccine. when the vaccine is approved so we are speeding up all the measures that unless necessary
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today also in the european parliament we have proof for. new regulation on clinical trials that this technological vaccines carry produced easy. and large scale but we will have a problem and we don't know where the 1st vaccine will be developed if it is united states china europe or wherever and if it's not enough for the hooks we need to make a bed that we have also the option to share an audience and to group produce it in as many places as possible because we cannot afford that about free will exists but we don't use all of the possibilities to produce it at last so then take us through that potential scenario sam vaccine is found in europe do you then support compulsory licensing so that it can also be issued in other countries
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now i'm sure that would not be necessary because we were clear from the beginning you're not with us on the line maybe it's because friends let in conference europe wants to share everything with the rest of the world so i think europe will be ready to share the vaccine and the knowledge of produce the vaccine with or across companies that they're developing vaccine must be reborn or best but they need to share knowledge the problem is when it occurs in china or united states. european parliamentarian and c.d.u. politician peter lisa thank you so much for joining us with that view hugh let's get a quick check now some other stories making news around the world the u.s. supreme court has ruled that prosecutors can seek access to president donald trump's tax records trump had tried to claim immunity from criminal investigations
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but in a separate decision the court has blocked u.s. congress from seeking those tax records for now. voting is underway in singapore's general election and the prime minister has cast his vote following coronavirus safety protocols is long governing people's action party is expected to retain power. now it has been 25 years since the shrub admits a genocide bosnia is marking the anniversary with the burial of 8 more victims identified by d.n.a. samples since 1906 scientists have recovered the remains of thousands of people and on saturday as happens every july 11th relatives of the most recently identified will gather and try benita for a few 8 new model headstones will soon join thousands of others at this grave site in eastern bosnia and family members like facility will finally be able to lay their loved ones to rest after decades of grief.
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there are no words to describe the pain the sorrow you feel when you are looking for your loved ones are in by the barn in mass graves i visited every new found mass graves i've seen the inside of every one of them of. facilis husband and son were among the 8000 bosnian muslims killed in srebrenica in 1905 she's been searching mass graves for their remains ever since after finally finding 2 of her son's leg bones she decided to lay him to rest in 2013 for which to move i wanted him to be next to his father and to be able to come and pray over their graves to know that inside there is at least one of his burdens where's the rest of him grows scattered among mass graves many mass graves are still hidden opened people and identified some of us will die without finding their children. at this year's memorial event her son and husband will be joined by the bodies of 8 new
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bosnian men recently found in mass graves and identified through d.n.a. analysis. usually attended by thousands this year's service has been limited to a small number of relatives due to coronavirus restrictions but the search for victims will continue as more than a 1000 people are still missing their remains scattered across more than $500.00 locations. 25 years since the massacre a somber anniversary. hard on middle and i'm dead welcome to the 2nd season of only. the planet on the brink of disaster we did a long in-depth interview experts about one question how it changes. are insane.

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