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this is g w news live from berlin and thousands defy a ban on mass gatherings in serbia where the sit in protest against the government's coronavirus response to the peaceful demonstration follows 2 days of violent clash. also coming up coronavirus testing stations in israel that were once shut down because they were being used are now running full tilt of the country it was a model for us and them for spots but no more. prepares to mark 25 years
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since rubbernecks as a place to rest another 8 victims of europe's borscht massacre since world war 2. and. the british actor turned full time activist in our nature has helped to push the black live matter given to a few levels but she wants to go much further because she says black men and women now of course. i'm sumi so must kind of thank you for joining us there's been a fervent night of protests in serbia against the government's handling of the coronavirus endemic that is despite an official ban on gatherings of more than 10 people the protest started earlier this week after the government proposed a 2nd lockdown due to
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a sharp spike in covert 1000 cases which some blame on the serbian president's decision to hold elections. large protests defy the new ban on gatherings in belgrade but they remain largely peaceful. unlike the preceding 2 nights when rioters attacked the parliament building and these are scenes the serbian government hopes have subsided now president alexander who church called the protesters hooligans while addressing the nation during an official flight to paris . i promise you that we will be able to preserve peace and stability despite the criminal hooligan violent attacks we are all shocked by. surging all our people in belgrade and in other cities not to confront the hooligans themselves we will do that as a state we will do it and we will win. the privilege. earlier this week blue chips had announced that a new coronavirus lockdown would be imposed protests erupted just hours later many
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serbians accuse the autocratic who church of being the one who allowed the coronavirus crisis to spin out of control in the 1st place in june here brought the east previously strict measures in order to hold an election that tightened his grip on power since then serbia has experienced a surge in new coronavirus cases was the main issue i don't have a problem with these measures but i do have a problem with shutting them down just because of the elections and then reimposing them. what he said it our government is simply looking after its own interests the people are just collateral damage and i did. call it that is that. serbia went back 5 centuries under president bush. that thousands of people who gathered in belgrade and other serbian cities in defiance of the new ban made it abundantly clear that they have no intention of letting their voices be silenced.
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and we can speak now to journalist it to us a fairy who's been following the protests it joe thank you for joining us tell us more about what happened in belgrade last night. well in the process sue could hear the end of the story. very quiet and comparing to the 1st 2 nights and very we could see a lot of violence but last night people were calling to sit down and they were also tallying 2 other people who were trying to provoke that this is or there's provocation some they don't want to have while unstring this night also there were almost no police officer sin or end of the parliament and everything went quiet at the end even brought the stor started cleaning the streets to send the message that they are not the wyland once but is the author so officers and the police. curfew
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that was planned for this weekend in the capital has been called off that was what it sparked some anger originally is that likely to appease some of the protesters. not really they are going to have another process and we don't know how it's going to go but in serbia there's a long history of brought this people have been protesting last 2 years against the precedent of serbia oleksandr which is wall saw appeal today from paris saying that they can drop this this soon as they are peaceful but i don't think that they are going to respect the band who don't get there and they are going to be in the streets again because the protests anymore are not because of that night the end they want the precedent and the government to resign if you're as we've heard this really is about much more than the government's response to the
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coronavirus pandemic these have turned into anti-government rallies so what exactly do protesters want to see here is it really that the government steps down. or yes and also during the election campaign and before some opposition parties were calling for boycott saying that it's not possible to have elections in under this circumstances president would just sponsor old small staub the media and the they said that the is going to steal the elections and it was dry from you know the european union to bring the sides together to make some reforms but at the end they didn't succeed so many people in serbia are saying that they are angry at the system right now because which is has been leading for the last 8 years and they want some changes and some more them across the protestors they're calling for
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change journalists interest a fairy a following this story thank you so much thank you now to another country enduring a 2nd wave of covert 1000 infections israel just last month the country was hailed as an example of successful containment now things are so bad that israelis have been left off the list of countries free to travel into the e.u. and tourists are not allowed to enter israel then you know move per stratus to your personal details and take a temperature attack before you can enter a cafe into recent student of undef nice stories that the number of coronavirus cases is once again prizing choppy she lost her part time job during the lockdown in march and april now she's facing renewed uncertainty and none from down on the town with david i want freedom to have issues and the economic situation students
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are getting infected people my age it's not only the over sixty's so it's frightening. and financially i'm still unemployed i still have to pay my rent. and i am telling my men there. early on israel closed its borders and imposed a strict lockdown for several weeks at a cost and employment rose from $4.00 to more than 20 percent but schools and businesses started to reopen in may a few weeks ago it looked like israel never get it its way quite well through the corner pandemic that has changed dramatically special corner wards and hospitals and right through testing centers like this one had to be reopened these testing stations had closed because there was no demand now cars are lining up again experts are discussing what went wrong there were no strategic purpose. what would happen after that logged on and what we've seen now is the 2nd wave is
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late is a result of that in action doing is the fairest way and it's unfortunate because we're one of the few countries which ended the 1st wave with 300 deaths fewer infections and we could have revived economy very worried prime minister binyamin netanyahu was widely praised for his handling of the crisis 1st time around that has changed people are worried about just 2nd crave. new restrictions when ounce this week including increasing fines for not wearing masks limiting the number of people in public areas and restaurants. it feels like a deja vu for shift a little bit who had just opened this fish restaurant and if you don't know if you're going to work tomorrow or in the. tap and it was very
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surprising. this time we are more ready for that. but still uncertain very. confusing another prolonged lock down might still be on the cards a dismal prospect for most israelis who thought the worst was already over. let's get an update now on some other coronavirus developments the u.s. has set another record more than 65000 new cases were recorded on thursday the u.s. says most infections of any country hong kong is to close all of its schools because of a spike in locally transmitted cases the world health organization is setting up an independent panel to review its handling of the pandemic and bolivia's interim president to nina and yes has tested positive for cocaine 1000 brazil's leader jarboe sonar also announced a positive result earlier this week here in europe the e.u.
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has just unveiled a compromised proposals for its next 7 year budget ahead of a summit of e.u. leaders next week you council president child michelle was present at the proposals which include an unprecedented 750000000000 euro coronavirus recovery fund member states have been haggling over whether aid from the fund should be disbursed as grants or as loans a solution. to force building blocks of loans in graeme's i propose to preserve the balance between the loans guarantees and grooms to vote overburdening member states we set higher level of that this also can put the future of this new markets phones to present more for mentation in disparities. let's bring in data views 1000000 us dollars and brussels following the story hi mary now what is the main message that the show michelle was sending with this proposal. so i mean
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michelle presented our proposed bit of a smaller budgets for the next 7 years but when it comes to the recovery fund he wants to stick to just 750000000000 euros a mix of grants and loans as we just heard what is different now or what to different in this proposal is that the loans will have to be paid back earlier and what is interesting also is that he proposed concrete measures like for example tax on plastic waste or and digital levy and this money could be used by the e.u. itself to pay back loans earlier marina looking ahead to the crucial summit of the e.u. leaders next week how likely does it look that the member states will sign on to this while looking at this big e.u. recovery fund that is likely to being set up michelle proposed that a big part of it will be paid out in grants to member states that are suffering
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mostly member states that are suffering a lot from the crisis that means that don't have to pay it back this is not a new proposal it has been on the table for a while now the thing is that frugal countries are so-called frugal countries from the north of europe and also austria strongly opposed this idea they really want a scheme based on lawns and they want that the money that is paid out to other member states is also tied to economical reforms in these countries and michelle i that you leaders stress the cravats of the crisis she said that grants are really important in this recovery scheme because if some countries suffer in the u. this also affects the single market and that means that all you countries are affected marina strauss reporting from brussels thank you. now to some other stories making headlines around the world the u.s. supreme court has ruled that prosecutors can seek access to president donald
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trump's tax records trungpa tried to claim immunity from criminal investigations but in a separate decision the court to block 2 u.s. congress from seeking those tax records for now. voting is under way in singapore's general election prime minister levy and long cast his vote following coronavirus safety protocols as long governing people's action party is expected to retain power. lawmakers have voted to close down the biggest t.v. network in the philippines the president rightly go to tear to head off and threatened a.t.'s c.d.n. over its critical coverage of his administration the station is one of the philippines main news providers watchdogs have condemned the shutdown as a major blow to media freedom. to west africa now where government opponents in mali are stepping up pressure for a change and and to jihadist violence mass protests have seen tens of thousands take to the streets in recent weeks the demonstrators are calling for president
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ibrahim boubacar to resign violence waged by islamic extremists and ethnic conflict and forced many people to flee their homes more protests are scheduled in the capital bamako by campaigners frustrated by mali struggling economy the slow pace of political reform and widespread corruption. these people have fled a conflict that is tearing apart somalis countryside setting herdsman and farmers against each other a question of survival and prejudice this camp has become home to fuller herdsman mostly muslims they came with what cattle they could rescue the families of victims of tit for tat attacks between their people and the doggone farmers hundreds have been killed on both sides and the hatred runs deep. there was a dispute before the people sorted out but now the evil in our midst has reached
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the village children of their own parents can no longer control them the young people have taken up long. also the soldiers don't draw distinctions anymore they see every single foolish child as a jihadi. the prejudice that makes people see children as jihad is because of their muslim background is widespread extremists exploit the mistrust and hatred for their own ends this camp looks the same but it's in the dogan parts of town. they've been caught in the other side of the same spiral of violence . the lost everything when attackers came to her farm. they killed 10 people in a single day then the next day they killed 5. on the 3rd day they came back into our livestock cattle go it's everything. in the night war.
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many in mali are more concerned with the government they see is corrupt and incapable of fixing the weak economy tens of thousands have demonstrated for better conditions as well as an end to the conflict muslim cleric mahmoud dicko is a leading member of the opposition. this is exactly what we have denounced we can't be complacent about the government leaders who got us into this situation. it has to stop. the head of state is mainly responsible for. mahmoud dicko will play a key role in supporting international efforts to bring peace to mali the french army and u.n. troops need his help. for more on the story we can speak now to
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he's a west africa researcher with the human rights group amnesty international and he joins us from the car good to have you with us what does president catered need to do to end these protests. thank you very much for having me it in your studio i think there needs to be some recording about the party that you started elections happen in money and the 1st year of the current wave of protests that would have been the witnessing for months while many of the m.p.'s that were. were in various circumstances and this was what if they took by france which an import of mine and this has generated along with many of the issues that you just show in your report such as the violence in such a month so there needs to be. a dialogue among money and parties and some concessions on not only from the president but also from the opposition about their demands for his resignation in order to move the process hold him on now will these protests really have been searching i want to ask you about the in ma ma ma dicko
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he used to be a supporter of the president why is he now leading the movement against him. so. people have been a supporter of the president back in 2000 in sochi when he was elected but over the past over the past few years there has been a growing distance between them. due to the circumstances in the country such as the violence is a poor economic performance but also with a poor administration so this has the gap between them have been widening for a time and the current violence in the central money and the lack of dialogue for a long time between the government and the mamma has been and say your government and the armed groups in the north has been something that the human much more difficult has proposed and so since a year no we have seen a growing distance and the. decor and the government of money especially when hope to move the peace process forward these protests come at
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a time when we're in the midst of a global pandemic what role is that playing in all of this. so upon them it has played a marginal role in the current waiver process because but into back in that important when you 20 there were protests against some of the measures that were taken to fight against the. curbs upon the big money such as the as the core of your debts would set up in the many many again maybe a few days of money which is going. to violence must protest and do some writing and therefore some of the for instance but. i'm going against the measures taken by the government to fight against a punt on them in court if we see anger towards the handling of the legislative elections and the situation of the country to need to the. series of that we have seen that for 4 months now this money from amnesty international thank you very much for your insights thank you very much.
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bosnia and herzegovina is marking 25 years since the genocide on saturday as happens on every july 11th there will be a funeral and burial of 8 more victims identified by d.n.a. samples they will join more than 8000 others killed and 1995 massacre 8 headstones will soon join thousands of others at this grave site east of bosnia and family members like for zillah will finally be able to lay their loved ones to rest after decades of grief. there are no words to describe the pain the sorrow you feel when you are looking for your loved ones are in by a barn in mass graves by visited every new found mass grave i've seen the inside of every one of them off. facilis husband and son were among the 8000 bosnian muslims
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killed in srebrenica in 1905 she's been searching mass graves for their remains ever since after finally finding 2 of her sons leg bones she decided to lay him to rest in 2013. i wanted him to be next to his father and to be able to come and pray over their graves to know that inside there is at least one of his burns where's the rest of him grows scattered among mass graves many mass graves are still hidden opened people and identified some others will die without finding their children. at this year's memorial event her son and husband will be joined by the bodies of 8 new bosnian men recently found in mass graves and identified through d.n.a. analysis usually attended by thousands this year's service has been limited to a small number of relatives due to coronavirus restrictions but the search for victims will continue as more than a 1000 people are still missing their remains scattered across more than 500
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locations. anti-racism campaigners in the u.s. have staged an eye catching protest in new york activists painted the words black lives matter in giant letters on the street outside trump tower in manhattan york's mayor bill de blasio and the veteran civil rights activist the reverend al sharpton led the action similar murals have been painted near the white house and elsewhere in the u.s. the black lives matter movement is also gaining momentum around the world in britain one of its leaders is a young actor who says she wants to reach as many people as possible but they are spots. being heard in this way is a new experience for him on. the 29 year old is actually an actor but in recent weeks has become one of the leaders of the anti racist movement in britain. oh i don't want these protests to be unproductive i don't want to just be marching on
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the roads and screaming but that's not so we need to be productive in the things that we're facing because we now have a voice. that several 1000 protesters gather in london every weekend by. all means that say you should always. britain's racism is subtle says. it starts school just stop blacks are made portrayed as slaves and the old empire is glorified points it's i live. there well education is a big one i mean we're trying to. let the u.k. learn about its own history. and actually you know have some black history in the curriculum so we're stereotypes a lot has been you always there are times when you hear times of being in a way it's a very it's not we can articulate also of the same way people can come and articulate themselves and not everyone agrees david kotkin the spot of the bricks of the lines and a member of the london assembly he's curious about the protests his father is
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jamaican. proud of protection history. this is one of the best countries in the world to be a black person to be an ethnic minority a person of color there is equal opportunities for everyone there's equality under the law based freedom and liberties. a manhattan has a different perspective reisa slurs have always been a part of her life even in her local community she says. of being called the n. word before. i've been. your tractor for a black woman and you get a mixture of a skirt for things. for a money agency that sizzles apart from other more radical activists who want to abolish the police she would like to serious forms that appeal to the majority of people for example the introduction of courageous to ensure relatives of minority groups take up positions specially to shift every 5 years they have opposed to that they have to meet and gives confidence to those of the younger generation to barge
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into those industries because they have the representatives and they have all the top line with them that is to say. prime minister boris johnson recently launched a commission on racial inequality. it's a 1st step says imagination but until the changes are written into law she is getting up that way. oh. now stargazers in the northern hemisphere are enjoying a rare treat at the moment a comet visible to the naked eye a comet has been given the nickname neo weiss that's for the telescope which scientists used to spot it 1st at the moment it's only visible in the early hours of the morning before sunrise but after july 12th it will start appearing after sunset has come it can be seen from earth every 7000 years. let's get a reminder now of our top story on g.w. thousands of people in belgrade defied a ban on mass gatherings for the protests against the serbian government so
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coronavirus for stocks the peaceful demonstration followed 2 days of violent clashes. thank you for watching it if you go to website d.i.v. dot com for all the latest news and information around the clock it's good to have you with us.
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to. point a. clear position the international perspective seen. with corona infection surging in the u.s. president trying to claims 99 percent of all cases are harmless america's struggle with the virus threatens to. spiral out of control corona in the us trumps down fall that's our topic on to the point to the point. in 60 minutes
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on the t w. in the. climate change. it seems to be. one of the years do they have their future. dot com megacity. get. close to. this news so no story a stubborn rice farmer from thailand. has problems past. his credo no chemicals his wife thought it was crazy. and. step.
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forward. cuts don't stand a chance. truman successfully. took a cavalry. starts to lead to something. a culprit state tug of war over a covert 19 treatment could spark an international route between the us and e.u. . and so on the drugs just. the irish have come under fire before for their lax corporate tax laws now and irish that will be in charge of the euro zone's economic effect. and you've hygiene rules for the cruise industry to get the massive line is out of joke and back on to the high seats. and let's do business are
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