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tv   DW News  Deutsche Welle  July 10, 2020 1:00pm-1:31pm CEST

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this is deja vu news live from berlin thousands defy a ban on mass gatherings in serbia with a sitting protest against the government's coronavirus response to the peaceful demonstrations follows 2 days of violent clashes. also coming up coronavirus testing stations in israel that were once shut down because they were being used are now running full tilt of the country it was
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a model for its pandemic response. to the membranes of victims of the structure and he said genocide 25 years later. i was a man were taken away even little boys from the age of 8 even 19 year olds. to be years from survivors of the massacre who will never forget the pain or the brutality a 1000 words long chill the images onto those who lost their loved ones. i'm simply so much going to thank you for joining us there's been a 3rd night of protests in serbia against the government's handling of the coronavirus had to make demonstrators gathered outside parliament after the government suggested it would really impose a lockdown to tackle a search and cope with 1000 cases some blame that surge on the president's decision to hold elections. and we can speak now to journalist
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a fairy who's been following the protests intro thank you for joining us tell us more about what happened in belgrade last night. well in the process could theory at the end of the story. were very quiet and comparing to the 1st 2 nights and very we could see a lot of weiland but last night people were calling to sit down and they were also. 2 other people who were trying to provoke that this is order to provoke a chanson they don't want to have while and during this night also there were almost no police officers sin or end of the parliament and everything went quite at the end even brought the stor started cleaning the streets to send the message that they are not the island once but is the office so offices and the police. curfew
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that was planned for this weekend in the capital has been called off that was what it sparked some anger originally is that likely to appease some of the protesters. not really they are going to have another process and we don't know how it's going to go but in serbia there are some long history of brought this people have been protesting last 2 years against the precedent of serbia oleksandr which is wall saw appeal today from paris saying that they can drop this this soon as they are peaceful but i don't think that they are going to respect the bantu don't get there and they are going to be in the streets again because the protests and more are not because of that night the end they want the president and the government to resign it or as we've heard this really is about much more than the government's response
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to the coronavirus pandemic these have turned into anti-government rallies so what exactly do protesters want to see here is it really that the government steps down . yes and also during the election campaign and before some opposition parties were calling for a boycott saying that it's not possible to have elections in under this circumstances as president would just sponsor old small state of the media and the they said that the is going to steal the elections and it was dry from the universe european union to bring the sides together to make some reforms but at the end they didn't succeed so many people in serbia are saying that they are angry at the system right now because which is has been leading for the last 8 years and they want some chains and some more them across the protesters they're calling for
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change journalists interest a fairy a following the story thank you so much thank you as we heard there police in the serbian capital bound grade have been accused of beating protesters following one of those demonstrations one of the people tracking developments is this have to go to a do to each of the orthodox or be in church he is now based in germany but he's still influential in his home country where he was once a peace activist. when he can paint he can relax 2 years ago bishop gregorian became the spiritual leader of some 800000 orthodox serbians in germany he lives and works in the city often sent off. for the 1st impression the church makes is important the colors need to be friendly and shouldn't be anything dark or frightening. life is frightening enough already right now especially in serbia their videos show protesters being beaten by the police that.
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the man is already on conscious the police will probably shuffle him aside. they just let him live there on the grounds. the 53 year old and his staff are following the events in belgrade closely where night after night thousands have protested against their government but when the police runs over someone i wonder after they forgot these are humans. but as michelle misled troy. a camera on his computer use a sword after a guest on serbian television one of the most popular clergymen in serbia urged him to go into politics he doesn't want to know he's calling for peace in the ninety's as a students he let demonstrations against them president slobodan milosevic. protesting milosevic he did not show his sticks tauriel ways as he did later but we were also
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attacked as anti serbia ends. with. the bishop sympathizes with the current protesters but he can also understand law enforcement and he knows each side alone cannot solve the problems in serbia but if they would join forces they could influence the government. me we are the foundation of society. and we demand to invent you through the politicians take over the poles responsibility the speed you know of course well his prayers for peace to her. right now they are his own hope. let's get an update now on the latest developments in the corona virus have demick the us has set another record more than 65000 new cases were recorded on thursday
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the us has the most infections of any country hong kong is going to close all of its schools because of a spike in locally transmitted cases of the world health organization is setting up an independent panel to review its handling of the pandemic and bolivia's interim president you know on yes has tested positive recovered 19 brazil's leader jarboe sonar also announced a positive result earlier this week. here in europe the e.u. has just unveiled a compromise proposals for its next 7 year budget ahead of a summit of leaders next week e.u. council president chavez shell presented the proposals which include an unprecedented 750000000000 euro coronavirus recovery fund member states have been haggling over whether aid from the fund should be disbursed as grants or as loan q force building blocks loans in graeme's i propose to preserve the balance between the loans during teaspoon grains to
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a vote overburdening member states we set higher level of that this is also key to the future of this new market and to present mentation in disparities. let's bring in data views 1000000 us dollars and brussels following the story hi mary now what is the main message that michelle was sending with this proposal. so me michelle percentage are proposed a bit of a smaller your budget for the next 7 years but when it comes to the recovery fund he wants to stick to 750000000000 euros a mix of grants and loans as we just heard what is different now or what to stiffer and in this proposal is that loans will have to be paid back earlier and what is interesting also is that he proposed concrete measures like for example tax on plastic waste or and digital levy and this money could be used by the e.u.
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itself to pay back the loans earlier. i'm really looking ahead to the crucial summit of the e.u. leaders next week how likely does it look that the member states will sign on to this. while looking at this big e.u. recovery fund that is likely to being set up michelle proposed that a big part of it will be paid out in grants to member states that are suffering or mostly member states that are suffering a lot from the crisis that means that don't have to pay it back this is not a new proposal that has been on the table for a while now the thing is that frugal countries are so-called frugal countries from the north of europe and also austria strongly opposed this idea they really want a scheme based on lawns and they want that the money that is paid out to other member states is also tied to economical reforms in these countries and michel like i that you leaders stress the cravat e of the crisis you said that grants are really important in this recovery scheme
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because if some countries suffer in the u. this also affects a single market and that means that all your countries are affected marina strauss reporting from brussels thank you. israel is battling a 2nd wave of covert $1000.00 infections just last month the country was hailed as an example of successful containment now things are so bad that israelis have been left off the list of countries free to travel into the e.u. and tourists are not allowed to enter israel the new normal 1st register your personal details and take a temperature check before you can enter a cafe in jerusalem student shonda fanie is spurious that the number of coronavirus cases is once again pricing sharply she lost her part time job during the lockdown in march and april now she's facing renewed uncertainty.
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david i want to frame the health issues and the economic situation students are getting infected people my age it's not only the over sixty's so it's frightening and financially i'm still unemployed i still have to pay my rent. and i'm telling mom and. early on israel closed its borders and imposed a strict lockdown for several weeks at a cost unemployment rose from $4.00 to more than 20 percent but schools and businesses started to reopen in may a few weeks ago it looked like israel never get it its way quite well through the koran a pandemic that has changed dramatically special carona wards and hospitals and right through testing centers like this one had to be reopened these testing stations had closed because there was no demand now cars are lining up again experts are discussing what went wrong there were no strategic.
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what would happen after that logged on and what we've seen now is a 2nd wave is lead is a result of that in action doing this is the fairest way and it's unfortunate because we're one of the few countries which ended the 1st wave with $300.00. fewer infections and we could have revived the economy very worried prime minister binyamin netanyahu was widely praised for his handling of the crisis 1st time around that has changed people are worried about just 2nd quake. new restrictions when anstice week including increasing fines for not wearing masks limiting the number of people in public areas and restaurants. it feels like a deja vu for surf done. who had just opened this fish restaurant in town at the if
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you don't know if you're going to work tomorrow or not. it happened it was very surprising. this time we're more ready for that. but still uncertain very. confusing another prolonged lockdown might still be on the cards a dismal prospect for most israelis who thought the worst was already over. let's take a look now at some other stories making news around the world the u.s. supreme court has ruled that prosecutors can seek access to the president on the terms tax records trump a try to claim immunity from criminal investigations but in a separate decision the court blocked the u.s. congress from seeing those tax records for now. voting is underway in singapore's general election prime minister john cast his vote following the coronavirus safety protocols in place his long governing people's action party is expected to retain
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power. lawmakers have voted to close down the biggest t.v. network in the philippines president but we're going to tear to head often threatened a.b.s.e b.n. over its critical coverage of his administration the station was one of the philippines main news providers watchdogs have condemned the shutdown as a major blow to media freedom. it has been 25 years since its rubber needs a genocide when thousands of bosnian muslims mostly men were killed by christian serb forces on saturday as happens every july 11th relatives of the most recently identified victims will gather instructor needs for a funeral here in berlin you spoke with 2 survivors of the massacre who will also be marking the day. to send off roses takes her back to her foma peaceful life in the hills of spread parineeta until the age of 45. had a happy life then. fell apart serbian forces shelled the town and tried
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to stuff its residents out now i go to. the mornings were the worst every day and not even 9 am i had children in front of my house begging they wanted something to eat but we didn't have anything ourselves nothing. blood not yet. between 93 and 95 the fighting would. when serb forces and bosnian militias intensified the serbs were trying to force the population out of their homes to make their opponents surrender. in july of 95 general right gone largely later convicted of war crimes and genocide and roots rubber meets the separation between life and death began. as that got them abroad used them one day put 2 tanks facing each other and people had to walk through then they started charging people old women and children on one side young women on the other fort and
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entertainment at night. all the men were taken away even little boys from the age of 8 even 90 year olds was scottish so really it never does they've got enough study on. an estimated 8000 men and boys were shot in the following days. lost his father and spread bernita he often imagines his final moments before he got shot. did he feel hungry did he feel firstly. if he was conscious did he think about us his family did anything give him strength we're going to pause. in 2005 the remains of his father were dented fired
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in 3 different mass graves thanks to d.n.a. tests before the burial he insisted on seeing them and recognised his father skull . when you got him when remains are found they are often already charred and decomposed on the previous and. about was all man. but that makes the teeth stand out more in contrast and i recognized my father smile or baseless him for many of the theater. in july 95 women and children left for every litter under the eyes of serbian forces. was amongst them but on her way out she witnessed something she will never be able to forget assume put them some those of whatever friends of mine try to escape but the soldiers caught them and drag them back to the street they wanted everyone to
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see what happens to those who try to escape they took them and then shot them right in front of me they were like family to me. as the violence that i've not seen me believe we should family. just like demi kludged she lives with the trauma to this day but still the smell of roses lives on and reminds her of her farm a peaceful youth inspired printed. as we said 25 years have now passed since this reverend if the genocide earlier i spoke to valerie hopkins she is the southeast europe correspondent for the financial times and i asked her what the ceremonies mean for remembrance and reconciliation tomorrow the remains of 9 people who were found last year and identified and matched to people who are looking for their missing family members will be buried at the memorial center in qatari and it's the chinese 5th anniversary of course and
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it would have been in quite a big occasion for the entire country and the entire community to to mark this day with people returning from all over the world but because of khurana i think it's going to be an even more sober accuser and a much more people day for people without their community to celebrate and i think it will be particularly painful for those families of their 1700 people whose bodies have still not been found. now to some other news from around the world police in seoul have found the body of the city's long time mayor paf one soon after he was reported missing by his daughter police say there was no sign of foul play a former secretary reportedly filed a sexual harassment complaint against pop on wednesday. and in congo 3 people have died after violent protests 2 demonstrators were shot dead and a policeman was lynched in clashes over plans to name a new head of the country's election panel the un has condemned the use of force by
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military police. in mali government opponents are stepping up pressure for change and an end to jihadist violence mass protests have seen tens of thousands take to the streets in recent weeks the demonstrators are calling for president ibrahim hooper car to resign violence and waged by islamic extremists and ethnic conflict a forced many people to flee their homes more protests are scheduled in the capital bamako by campaigners who are frustrated by mali struggling economy the slow pace of political reform and widespread corruption. these people have fled a conflict that is tearing apart somalis countryside setting herdsman and farmers against each other a question of survival and prejudice this camp has become home to fuller herdsman mostly muslims they came with what cattle they could rescue the families of victims of tit for tat attacks between their people and the doggone farmers hundreds have
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been killed on both sides and the hatred runs deep. there was a dispute before the people sorted out but now the evil in our midst has reached the village and children of their own parents can no longer control them the young people have taken up arms also the soldiers don't draw distinctions anymore they see every single foolish child as a jihadi. the prejudice that makes people see children as jihad is because of their muslim background is widespread extremists exploit the mistrust and hatred for their own ends this camp looks the same but it's in the dogan parts of town. they've been caught in the other side of the same spiral of violence . they lost everything when attackers came to her
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farm. they killed 10 people in a single day then the next day they killed 5. on the 3rd day they came back and took our limestone cattle go it's everything. in the night. many in mali are more concerned with the government they see as corrupt and incapable of fixing the weak economy tens of thousands have demonstrated for better conditions as well as an end to the conflict muslim cleric mahmoud dicko is a leading member of the opposition. this is exactly what we have denounced we can't be complacent about the government leaders who got us into this situation. it has to stop. the head of state is mainly responsible for. mahmoud dicko will play
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a key role in supporting international efforts to bring peace to mali the french army and u.n. troops need his help. for more on the story we can speak now to he's a west africa researcher with the human rights group amnesty international and he joins us from the car good to have you with us what does president catered need to do to end these protests. thank you very much for having me it in your studio i think there needs to be. a recording about the past to get started and actions happen in money and the 1st year of the current wave of protests that would have been the witnessing for months but many of the m.p.'s that. were in various circumstances and this was when they took the you know persecution import of money and this has generated along with many of the issues that you just feel in your report such as the violence in such a month so there needs to be. a dialogue among young parties and from politicians
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not only from the president but also from the opposition of order the months for his resignation in order to move the process forward in mind now with these protests really have been searching i want to ask you about the in ma ma ma d. kosher used to be a supporter of the president why is he now leading the movement against him. so. people has been a supporter of the president and back in 2000 in sochi when he was elected but over the past over the past few years there has been a growing distance between them all. due to the circumstances in the country such as the violence or support economic performance or whether it's with the poor administration so this has the gap between them has been widening for a time and the current environment in the central money and the lack of dialogue for a long time between the government and the moment has been and the your government and the armed groups in the north has been something that in my momma dicko has
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opposed and so since a year no we have seen a growing distance. between the decor and the government of man especially when told to move the peace process forward these protests come at a time when we're in the midst of a global pandemic what role is that playing and all of us. so a pandemic has played a marginal role in the current wave of protests because back in to talk back in april 20th 20 there were protests against some of the measures that were taken to fight against the. curbs upon them in money such as the secret of your debts was set up in many i mean even many of these are for money which is going to lead to violence to mass protests and to some writing and leading towards it there for some of the for distance but this anger against a measure stricken by the government to fight against a punt on them in cornish with the anger towards the handling of the legislative
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elections and the situation of the country to lead to these series of. 4 months now. from amnesty international thank you very much for your insights thank you very much. and that is your news update at this hour thank you very much for watching t.v. news. from
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the point of a strong opinion clear position on the international perspective such. with corona infection surging in the u.s. president truck claims 99 percent of all cases are harmless america's struggle with the virus threatens to spiral out of control corona in the u.s.
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troops downfall that's our topic on to the point to the point. up next a comedy double you are. in good shape it is the. broad east liver is our name it's about. that gets rid of many talks of. the consumption of alcohol the fruit can pick nits home. by causing fatty liver and cirrhosis so how can you protect your liver. good should. be 60 minutes long d.w. . like. oh. my god says love was sued for the russians so. it runs deep. so
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many different walks of life. some are. oddly tried but all of them come straight from the heart to its former c.e.o. even when there's no more delusional. in trying to come up. from the finish of the log on to their final resting place the russians on g.w. documentary. with corona searching in the us president trump claims 99 percent of all cases are totally harmless this despite record infection rates and more covert deaths than in any other country in the world america struggle with the virus threatens to spiral out of control the president used his independence day speech to heap praise on his own crisis management but it seems that many americans don't quite see it that way
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with the economy in freefall and society deeply polarized a record 69 percent say the country is on.


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