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oh. this is deja vu news live from berlin and thousands of employees tens of millions of viewers but the biggest t.v. network in the philippines is silenced lawmakers have voted against renewing their network which regularly clashed with the president but we go to charity one human rights group calls it a black day for media freedom. also coming up thousands of fire ban on mass
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gatherings in serbia with a sit in protest against the government's coronavirus response to peaceful demonstrations follows 2 days of violent clashes. remembering the victims of this record it's a genocide it 25 years later. i put the men who were taken away even little boys from the age of 8 even 90 year olds. years from survivors of the massacre who will never forget the pain nor the brutality 8000 muslims killed the emissions honk those who lost their loved ones. i'm sumi so much kind of thank you for joining us lawmakers in the philippines have rejected the renewal of a broadcast license for the country's top broadcaster a.v.'s c.d.n. the media group a voice 11000 people and has a. audience of tens of millions of people activists called move
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a political vendetta by lawmakers on behalf of president bradley go to tara to win africa's clashed with the president and will now be off the air indefinitely here is what an a.b.s. c.p.s. worker had to say after the vote. in fact. if you can believe it or you can't believe that he was unprepared on the rover on the ground people whom i knew the market. seems to have been warned. years even before he's a very. very good marker if you think right. let's bring in correspondent ana santos in manila for more on the story hi ana good to see you why wasn't this license renewed well quite simply this was the president settling an old score you only have to look at president that there just passed speeches to see how he has consistently and on several occasions very clearly stated that he will
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block the renewal of the b.s.e. be enfranchised under philippine law broadcasters and utilities are required legislative franchise which can be a only approved by congress now he has threatened many times to block this franchise because he accused the network of not airing political ads that he had paid for joining his campaign so he alleged that the network had swindled swindled him out of some money now this is really very indicative or very characteristic of president mubarak were being very vindictive so today call rest which is filled with detour to allies voted for the non renewal of the a.b.'s franchise i know where does this leave the franchise and also taking a broader look here where does that leave journalism in the philippines. a.b.s.e band is the country's largest broadcaster so it has the widest reach it it's radio
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and t.v. programmes that reach the most remote areas in the country so it is now cutting off millions of people from vital information at a time of a global pandemic like call that 19 it is also cut them off from free entertainment which is also vital during this time of quarantine and on the issue of you know media freedom in the philippines you also have to look at the past actions of the deterrent the government even as early as last month the president sorry journalist maria ressa was convicted of cyber libel and she could face up to 6 years in prison so looking at the track record of this administration they have consistently cracked down on independent media that has been critical of its policies most pacifically the coverage of the brutal drug war so again this is another move on the crackdown on freedom of the press and on civil liberties and can abs fight the
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suspicion. they have limited options right now one of them will be to file for a motion for reconsideration or to file for a brand new franchise altogether either option will take a lot of time and it will also be very bleak considering that again the you know image that franchises are approved by congress and congress is filled with the terrorist allies so it's very bleak now for arabia c.b.s. they continue to broadcast on cable all network and also online but still this does not have the reach of t.v. and radio that is needed right now for information at the time of a pandemic it's very uncertain but today the only thing that was certain is that we don't need to prepare for much of this is martial law 2020 under the detect administration we'll have to leave it there sometimes reporting from manila thank you. there's been
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a 3rd night of protests in serbia against the government's handling of the coronavirus and i make that's despite an official ban on gatherings of more than 10 people the protest started earlier this week after the government proposed a 2nd lockdown due to a sharp spike in covert 1000 cases which some blame on the serbian president's decision to hold elections. large protests defy the new ban on gatherings in belgrade but they remain largely peaceful. unlike the preceding 2 nights when rioters attacked the parliament building and these are scenes the serbian government hopes have subsided now president alexander who church called the protesters hooligans while addressing the nation during an official flight to paris . i promise you that we will be able to preserve peace and stability despite the criminal hooligan violent attacks we are all shocked by. surging all our people in
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belgrade and in other cities not to confront the hooligans themselves we will do that as a state we will do it and we will win. the privilege. earlier this week blue chips had announced that a new coronavirus lockdown would be imposed protests erupted just hours later many serbians accuse the autocratic much itch of being the one who allowed the coronavirus crisis to spin out of control in the 1st place in june here brought the ease previously strict measures in order to hold an election that tightened his grip on power since then serbia has experienced a surge in new coronavirus cases was diminished i don't have a problem with these measures but i do have a problem with shutting them down just because of the elections and then reimposing them. what he said meet our government is simply looking after its own interests the people are just collateral damage. is that.
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serbia went. back 5 centuries under president bush. the thousands of people who gathered in belgrade and other serbian cities in defiance of the new ban made it abundantly clear that they have no intention of letting their voices be silenced. and we can speak now to journalist address the ferrie who's been following the protests it don't thank you for joining us tell us more about what happened in belgrade last night well the process here at the end of the story. were very quiet and comparing to the 1st 2 nights where we could see a lot of weiland but last night people were calling the sit down and they were also. 2 other people who were trying to provoke that this is or there is provoke a sense and they don't want to have why learns during this night also there were
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almost no police officer send or end of the parliament and everything went quiet at the end even brought the stairs started cleaning the streets to send the message that they are not the island once but is the office so offices and the police. curfew that was planned for this weekend in the capital has been called off that was what it sparked some anger originally is that likely to appease some of the protesters. not really if they are going to have another process and we don't know how it's going to go but in serbia there is a long history of brought this people have been brought this thing last 2 years against the precedent of serbia a list on the wall just wall saw appeal today from paris saying that they can drop this soon as they are peaceful but i don't think that they are going to respect the
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band don't get there and they are going to be in the streets again because the brought this anymore or not because of for a cause that night the room they want the precedent and the government to resign protestors they're calling for change journalists address the ferry following the story thank you so much. now for an update on the latest developments in the corona virus pandemic the united states is that another record more than 65000 new cases were recorded on thursday the u.s. has the most infections of any country hong kong is set to close all of its schools because of a spike in locally transmitted cases of the world health organization is setting up an independent panel to review its handling of the pandemic and bolivia's interim president you know on yes has tested positive for coverage 19 brazil's leader terrible sonar also announced a positive result earlier in the week while israel is battling a 2nd wave of covert 1000 infections just last month the country was hailed as an
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example of successful containment now things are so bad that israelis have been left off the list of countries free to travel into the e.u. and tourists are not allowed to enter israel. the new normal 1st register your personal details and take a temperature check before you can enter a cafe in jerusalem student story that the number of coronavirus cases is once again pricing sharply she lost her part time job during the lockdown in march and april now she's facing renewed uncertainty. david i want to fernando de health issues and the economic situation students are getting infected people my age it's not only the over 60 s so it's frightening. and financially i'm still unemployed i still have to pay my rent. and i don't
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and i am telling my men there are only on israel closed its borders and imposed a strict lockdown for several weeks at a cost and employment rose from $4.00 to more than 20 percent but schools and businesses started to reopen in may a few weeks ago it looked like israel never get it its way through the corner pandemic that has changed dramatically special corner wards and hospitals and right through testing centers like this one had to be reopened these testing stations had closed because there was no demand now cars are lining up again experts are discussing what went from the one strategic cooperation. what would happen after that logged on and what we've seen now is the 2nd wave these leaders are resolved or that in action dealing is the fairest way and it's unfortunate because we're one of the few countries which ended the 1st wave with 300 deaths
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fewer infections and we could have revived economy very worried prime minister binyamin netanyahu was widely praised for his handling of the crisis 1st time around that has changed people are worried about a 2nd quake. new restrictions when anstice week including increasing fines for not wearing masks limiting the number of people in public areas and restaurants. it feels like it deja vu for surf done. who had just opened this fish restaurant and if you don't know if you're going to work tomorrow or in the. last. 10 it was very surprising. this time we're more ready for that. but still uncertain very. confusing another prolonged lockdown might still be on the cards
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a dismal prospect for most israelis who thought the worst was over a deal over. you're watching the news still to come on our show part when part defeat for the u.s. president the supreme court takes a way for prosecutors to access donald trump's tax returns but that does not mean that the public will get to see those documents any time soon. that's coming up in just a moment but 1st let's take a look at just some other stories making headlines around the world the european union has unveiled compromise proposals for next 7 year budget council president sean michel presented the plans including a 750000000000 duro coronavirus recovery funds leaders will meet next week to decide whether aid should be distributed to member states as handouts or as loans. or voting is underway in singapore's general election prime minister lee hsien
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loong cast his vote following coronavirus safety protocols his long governing people's action party is expected to retain power. in the democratic republic of congo 3 people have died after violent protests 2 demonstrators were shot dead and a policeman was lynched in clashes over plans to name a new head of the country's election panel the un has condemned the use of force by military police. in the us the supreme court has ruled that president donald trump is not immune from criminal prosecution the decision means that prosecutors can seek access to his tax returns but justices of the conservative majority court also prevented congressional democrats from getting their hands on those returns for now that made the public as unlikely to see them in the near future. sure pages from a truck tax return sent to the new york times by a secret source what did they were feel. it's the issue that never went away donald
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trump's tax affairs. for years after the real estate mogul was elected president the highest court in the u.s. has ruled that trump can no longer keep its financial records secret from an investigation one which he decries when there's a political witch hunt politely which nobody has ever seen before it's a pure witch of the jokes. and recent times most u.s. presidents have made their tax returns public not donald trump the issue featured prominently in the last election campaign. maybe he doesn't want the american people all of you watching tonight to know that he's paid nothing in federal taxes so that makes. sense then trump has failed to mention sleep to keep us finances under wraps arguing that as president he had absolute immunity from criminal proceedings. that document was rejected by the supreme court paving the way for new
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york prosecutors to attend the president's tax returns. but in a 2nd ruling and a blow for democrats just deny congress access to the documents sending the matter back to the lower courts. house speaker nancy pelosi says democrats won't give up the path that the supreme court has laid out is one that is clearly achievable by us in the lower courts and we will continue to go down that path. but that will take time likely until after the election in november for which you're. satisfied from another point and i said it's going to be really hard to work out before the end of the democrats one trump one. how analysts are describing the outcome of this battle and the ongoing fight over trump's tax returns. the loser millions of american voters he will most likely continue
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to stay in the dark this election season. free speech campaigners in russia fear that authorities are extending a crackdown on critics agents have searched the homes and offices of opposition activists who spoke out against constitutional changes that will allow president vladimir putin to extend his time in office protests planned for next week in moscow and st petersburg have been banned. russian investigators searched the offices of m.b.t. media in moscow on thursday the multimedia news outlet is funded by self exiled kremlin opponent may hire khodorkovsky but the journalists working here can only speculate about the reasons behind the rate. in syria it could be about anything some article that someone didn't like. was a bit of a seized our equipment and are refusing to return it. you know it's
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a way to disrupt our work. earlier this week respected journalist eve on safronov was arrested and charged with treason he most recently worked as an advisor to the head of russia's space agency. is accused of spying for an unspecified nato member which he denies the 30 year old faces up to 20 years in jail if convicted. at a closed hearing of court decided he must remain in custody sure will. be useful but we knew the decision by the district court is unfair and in violation of the law we try to lodge an appeal within the legal deadline but. other journalists and former colleagues are shocked that they've protested against for nobs arrest and started a petition demanding the allegations against him be made public they fear there could be a new campaign to silence journalists in russia. national get that i think he
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got in someone's way and now they framed him it's worrying that this is happening in our country is what. protesting his arrest also comes with risks about 25 people were arrested the demonstration ending in a police van. this is all happening at a time when president vladimir putin has cemented his grip on power he cannot remain in office until 2036 after winning a referendum to change the constitution. set everything back to 0 he opened a time window to russia's security service of the. us to. feel even more empowered to settle old scores in this. critical media voices never had it easy in russia but he believes this marks a troubling new milestone which is good all started when the putin regime destroyed the news broadcaster n.t.v.
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and now we are apparently experiencing the final phase of the total destruction of journalism with us using it's impossible to become involved with journalism in russia without being charged locked away for a long time or killed. and so the difficult job of being a journalist in russia is now even more uncertain than before. let's check in on some more headlines now police in seoul have found the body of the city's long time mayor paf one soon after it was reported missing by his daughter police say there was no sign of foul play a former secretary reportedly filed a sexual harassment complaint against pot on wednesday. thousands have demonstrated in athens against a new law restricting street protests that the opposition has called on democratic clashes erupted with some protesters throwing petrol bombs and police using tear gas to disperse the. venice sas tested giant flood barriers aimed at protecting the
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city from searching sea levels a local priest was on hand to blast the structures high tides causing catastrophic flooding last november meanwhile hoteliers in the city are expecting only 15 percent occupancy next month because of the coronavirus crisis. bosnia and herzegovina is marking 25 years since the genocide more than 8000 people were killed in the 1995 massacre united nations secretary general antonio paid tribute to the victims and pledged to never forget that the genocide was the worst atrocities crime on european sorry since the 2nd world war 25 years later we paid 3 visits to the thousands brutally murdered and pledged to never forget them we share the grief of their families including those whose family members are still missing and mostly very few of the survivors. during the genocide
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thousands of bosnian muslims mostly men were killed by sarah before says on saturday like on every july 11th relatives of the most recently identified victims will gather in 70 suffer a funeral here in berlin spoke with 2 survivors of the massacre who will also be marking the day. the sendoff rosa's takes her back to her farm a peaceful life in the hills of spread parineeta until the age of 45. had a happy life but then yugoslavia fell apart serbian forces shelled the town and tried to stuff its residents out now i go to. the mornings where the worst every day is not even 9 am i had children in front of my house begging him they wanted something to eat but we didn't have anything ourselves nothing to warn you some blood not yet. between 93 and 95 the fighting between serb
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forces and bosnian militia intensified the serbs were trying to force the population out of their homes to make their opponents surrender. in july 95 general later convicted of war crimes and genocide and. the separation between life and death began. and said get them approved used them one day put 2 tanks facing each other and people had to walk through then they started charging people old women and children on one side young women on the other fort and entertainment at night. all the men were taken away even little boys from the age of 8 even 90 year olds. was carted so severely you never this did god you know study on is that to us that. an estimated 8000 men and boys were shot in the following days.
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lost his father and spread bernita he often imagines his final moments before he got shot. at the point did you feel hungry that if your 1st. if he was conscious did he think about us his family did anything give him strength we're going to pass. in 2500 mains of his father or a dentist 5 in 3 different mass graves thanks to d.n.a. tests before the burial he insisted on seeing them and recognized his father skull . when you brought him when remains are found they are often already charred and decomposed. about.
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but that makes the teeth stand out more in contrast and i recognized my father smile. for my new father. yeah in july 95 women and children left represents are under the eyes of serving forster's. was amongst them but on her way out she witnessed something she will never be able to forget. as soon put them said those of whatever friends of mine try to escape but the soldiers caught them and drag them back out to the street they wanted everyone to see what happens to those who try to escape they took them and then shot them right in front of me they were like family to me i'm still right most about not so many really be shared family. just like demi clergy she lives with the trauma to this day but still the smell of roses lives on and reminds her of her farm
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a peaceful you've inspired parineeta. and before we go we have some breaking news coming in a turkish court has paved the way for the haga sophia in istanbul to be reconverted back to a mosque now the court and nelda 934 decree that had turned the unesco landmark into a museum several countries had expressed concern before the ruling but the conservative president director typewriter one rejected that criticism as an attack on turkey's sovereignty will have more on that story for you at the top of the hour thank you for watching duty of.
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justice for the victims of the stripper in the. classroom. human rights advocate wants to identify each of the born. this huge undertaking that is still underway 25 years after the infamous massacre
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of bosnia herzegovina. some kids split up. next on to douglas. plato is for me. beethoven is for luke. is for hello glenn. it's for her plato is for the. beethoven is fawaz plato for his forelegs beethoven 2020 the 250th anniversary here on. please. carefully. don't seem. to be.
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discovered to. subscribe to your. documentary. hello and a warm welcome and to focus on here up on liz show and it's great to have your company so far and the corona virus pandemic hasn't affected germany as much as it has many other countries but the danger isn't over yet it's covert 1000 hotspots
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are still popping up in different parts of the country. germany's biggest meat processing company attorney it's had to be shut down because of an outbreak now.


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