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this is the w.'s life from friday and from cathedral to boston museum now a psychotic sophia is a muslim house of worship but again its presence that changes the country's biggest tourist attraction back into a moments after court gives the go ahead some international critics describe the decision as a provocation for the program. russia and china vetoed the right after just one hour aides to rebel held territory in syria continue aid workers form this fix found disaster. on the philippines of biggest t.v.
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network and loses its forecast license lawmakers from its against renewing a b. and c. b. and strangely 5 years. thanks frequent clashes for the president but they go to church. i'm still gail welcome to the program turkey's president of the white house announced that it's temples world famous the highest saffir will be reopened for muslim worship his declaration about his country's most popular tourist destination comes after turkey's highest administrative court revoked its status as a museum clearing the way for the president's decision dozens of people gathered outside the building to celebrate built in the 6th century as an orthodox christian church it's now a unesco world heritage site greek and agreed. in the russian orthodox church have
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criticised the church and united states and unesco previously argued against any alteration to its status. or present threat of time to want to dress the country not long after the court ruling saying the doors of fear will be open to muslims and no muslims and prayers will start later this month year mint dirt 10 rules we will perform friday prayers all together on july 24th 2020. hindsight fear to worshipping. straight to to istanbul where we joined the dublin correspondent dorian jones welcome dorian so 1st prayers in 2 weeks why is this rededication so important for the president well his speech he made it very clear that this conversion back to a mosque is a central poltroons for muslims in turkey and also much about reclaiming turkey's
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national identity he talked he crow 1st much to sultan man met the man who conquered constantinople and converted the our software into a most quoted in the man's poetry a figure that is very much venerate especially among turkish nationalists who also tellingly he talked about saying he hoped that decision would on lock the handkerchiefs on the people who are suffering from to press feelings and that very much as think knowledge went to the economic malaise that turkey suffering it's an economy that's been hit hard by covert 19 and has resulted in his ruling a.k.p. party vote sliding in opinion polls and this is seen very much as a way of galvanizing both his religious and his nationally base back to support his party and stay with a store here we're going to take a look now at the history of this unesco world heritage site and then come back to you. empires have fall and religions have been replaced the city itself has changed names but the dome of the high us afia has
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withstood it all built in the 6th century as a byzantine church it was for centuries the world's largest christian cathedral almost a millennium later it was converted into an islamic mosque during the autumn an empire but in the 1930 s. it was turned into a museum under the founder of the modern turkish republic ataturk a symbol of the new secular state inclusive of all religions since then it has been a meeting point of many faiths but held by none a place where pope's and presidents have come to pay their respects and marvel at the architecture of. the religion is a tool for president richard type of on he has overseen prayers in the museum and raised its status at local election rallies i also feel he says over the divinity as you know they converted the higher sophia from a mosque to a museum
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a while ago. now we hope to be able to call it a mosque again after the election. with. islamic groups have fought to pray at the highest the fia angering neighboring greece which says the building is part of its author docs christian history unesco has warned turkey its conversion to a mosque could violate the world cultural heritage convention. a flashpoint of religious and national struggle the highest the fear will remain an icon of istanbul. better dorian. talk us through some of the reaction to today's decision. well international reaction has been swift the greek culture ministry described this as a provocation against civilization while the russian orthodox church said that they
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were deeply disappointed by the move and said it could lead to greater divisions and you have to realize that in days before this decision was made both washington and moscow in rare common ground warned unquote not to convert the ice off it to a most other place very much into earth one's hands his agenda he always likes to play the fact that turkey surrounded by enemies is a way of consolidating his nationally support so this criticism will mean not very much to although it has to be said in his speech tonight he did seem to allude to reach out saying that this wasn't seen as an attack on any other people's faith and said that they was determined to respect other people's beliefs and said that the software will be open to all so what happens now while that is the big question particularly is the concern about what will happen to the magnificent mosaic sit to pick christ the virgin mary the by santai and kings consider some of the the world's greatest because under islamic doctrine you cannot
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perform prayers in front of figurative representation now what will happen to them in the past when it was a mosque it was they were all covered over by plaster now it's unclear whether uncle would take such a step and in fact we have been hearing from state news sources that they can use some sort of mapping lighting technology but it hasn't been officially confirmed but this undoubtedly is a big concern going forward given the importance of these these images not only to christians but also to lovers of software so there will be a lot of attention on this and in fact when president obama speaking tonight he said that the conversion will be done very carefully and he warned against people seeking to make controversy out of it so he is aware of the challenges ahead of him or will be looking to july 24th when it finally opens as a mosque. that. stumble. now russia and china have once again vetoed an attempt by the un security council to continue humanitarian aid delivery to rebel held territory in syria
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a friday is the last day that date agencies are allowed to bring food and vital supplies over the turkish border to various are for and aleppo provinces held by rebel groups 13 countries voted in favor of extending this aid but permanent members russia and china oppose a wrap of the resolution humanitarian groups say cutting off again would lead to the deaths of tens of thousands of people. well as our is a program manager for the harasser child protection network that's a partner organization save the children which operates inside syria he told e.w. that this veto what this veto would make for people in northwest syria. brought their borders and across the border relations is the only lifeline for the population in syria we're looking we're talking about as seen many in the bill 115 of which are internally displaced and they're battling every day. and you don't resource and it's more like an infrastructure over there isn't really and the only
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way to get what's needed lifesaving aid is through the orders wrong to anybody to the northwest of syria so this is really alarming for us as early as last night news 1st of all 19 days was full of that and in the northwest in one of her specific so this is the complexity of the situation and the population there is really did land and on guard. now it's time to put aside those political as yours and leave you for years on how you come to get a little so we can save and want to maintain this in this big prison. let's take a look now at some of the other stories making news around the world will start in ethiopia where authours his have arrested 2 suspects in the killing of popular political singer. whose death sparked protests in which order $160.00 people were killed the rest of man are alleged to be the shooter and an accomplice
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a 3rd suspect is still at large. serbia's president alexander has said that efforts by germany and france to use restart talks between his country and kosovo are already paying off and negotiations about normalizing their relations the due to resume on sunday because of declared independence from serbia in 1990. no doubt things underway in singapore where the monk governing people's action parties and calls to retain power is an early sample of ballots or show of the opposition the workers' party gave a parliamentary seats what could be their best ever home and final results are expected on saturday. a lawmakers in the philippines have refused to renew the board cas license of the country's largest t.v. network shutting down a major part of its output. and had clashed repeatedly with president to deter its critical coverage of his government. over. in anger
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from the power of the largest t.v. network in the philippines 11000 strong workforce is now bob from filipino airways . she does. have. a b.s. c.v. and had already ceased broadcasting since my father after their franchise lost since expired and were a whiting a decision from the house of representatives to renew it but after 13 hearings in the palm and the application was rejected by lawmakers who are overwhelmingly allied with president rhodri go to target. it means a network normally viewed by millions is now permanently off the air. the organizations president says he's deeply hurt by the decision all rights groups say is the latest assault on press freedom in a country growing more authoritarian. president.
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accused. against. president deter has attacked abs a.b.n. in the past claiming the network is biased against him but legislators say the decision had nothing to do with the president's attacks claiming a.b.s. a.b.n. was involved in unfair tax avoidance schemes the network has denied these allegations. now as 11000 media workers are plunged into job insecurity the president of a.b.s. c b n hopes the company can find other ways to broadcast news to the public. after nearly a decade of delays venice has successfully tested a new flood barrier system to save the sinking city italian prime minister was on
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hand for the test run of the 6000000000 euro construction but the project may be doomed to fail despite today's success. out of the water they rise like a hidden treasure from the bottom of the ocean but these 7 dave barry has another treasure they are made to protect it a multi-billion euro system designed to protect the lagoon city of venice from high tide it's a project most has seen delays unexpected costs and political corruption within a short we have promised the horrible scenes we've witnessed all the parts of the past. disastrous flooding in november showed how vulnerable then assists these floods were the worst in over 50 years global warming and rising sea levels as well as venice the sinking foundations i'm not likely to improve the situation a fortress of steel is not supposed to protect the lagoon city but despite the photogenic ceremony today it is not expected to be fully functional until next year . it is a project that was born from many controversies and designed to protect venice from
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high water a concrete objective not an imaginary one however visionary it might it seems when it was designed. $984.00 that's when it was designed and it has been under construction since 2003 part of the underwater project is already corroding and experts fear depending on the pace of sea level rise these yellow berry might soon be obsolete. as his daily news life about it his reminder of our top stories turkish president who want to. return to the iconic classic fear it will last despite international objections but that is cold out here today until the 19th century for the crane to stop along the museum. but russia and china have seen her to pose with the u.n. security council to humanitarian aid to millions in syria agreement that currently
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allows aid deliveries to rebel held areas are a good test for that expires on friday. russia's prevented has prevented all to but it's unclear if that will come up. news out the top of the hour on the website as d.w. dot com good to. combating the corona pandemic. where does research stand. what are scientists learning. background information and news. hour carona updates. from the covert 19 special next on.


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