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tv   DW News  Deutsche Welle  July 11, 2020 5:00am-5:16am CEST

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this is news live from berlin serbia's fury shows no sign of cooling clashes erupt on the 4th night of anti government demonstrations in belgrade with protesters trying to enter parliament also coming out. lifesaving aid to syria holds pits and human rights groups russia and china veto security council efforts to continue sending food and supplies to civilians in rebel held territory in syria workers warn this will spell disaster for millions. just so is
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a free man after person president from commuted the sentence of his former aide could face prison for lying to congress. welcome to the program clashes between police and demonstrators have broken out in the serbian capital belgrade on a 4th of successive nights of protest defying a ban on mass gatherings the protests started earlier this week as a response to coronavirus restrictions has been mounting of what the protesters say is an autocratic state. why toward anger on the barricades as bill great again boils over. a group of demonstrators attempts to enter the national assembly police are briefly forced onto the back foot before mustering for a counter offensive. it's become
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a protest movement i'm squarely at the government one that has brought the would stun rest of this southern european country into decades nights of street battles with the place hardening attitudes among protest as many feel they have no will tend to have for to keep coming out against the authorities. will last completely all institutions there's no maze you know parliaments there's just one party in it and all so when you. get situation down today. what's left it's only the street protests began on tuesday prompted by government coronavirus curfew that since main abandoned but people are still turning out. the government says scenes like this threaten to goodison are rising in fiction right on a visit to france the president pleaded with those on the streets to see razan what
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a mobile you would be by him digging papal please keep your health safe you're not going to take power by force you need to come to power at the ballot box. that demonstrate his anger has been fueled by sense that serbia is turning away from democracy has just been re-elected in a poll boycotted by the opposition just weeks later the serbian president's funds are out in the streets in a struggle for power with an eye on certain outcome. a weakened curfew in the capital had been called off by the government and here i asked journalist joseph ferry in belgrade why that did not piece the protesters because there's say it's not anymore about the curfew or anything similar they want the best governance. there is in the future because they say serbia being on their control.
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that would just for last 8 years and they say that there is no freedom of media and they cannot choose what kind of life they want because the precedent that's controlling everything in this country so they say they will not stop the brought this event tonight it's on the function the decision of the government or not the gathering more than people but they still went in the streets of belgrade as you say these protests have involved of old into antigovernment protests how much of a stretch to president and his posse is this we don't know yet because so president bush just lost the elections in june 21st he did win the elections with more than 60 percent. violence was 1st done in the streets even though the pressure brought to have been taking place in belgrade last 2 years but before they
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were are gone i think but by the opposition leaders and all these groups don't have a leader and they say that many different groups but what joins them if i do against precedent which journalist interests here in belgrade this speaking to me and. now some of the protesters have also been angered by talks hosted by germany and france mentioned normalized relations between serbia and neighboring kosovo some nationalist groups have accused president of treason for negotiating with kosovo albanians on friday which said the talks were already paying off and acknowledged that serbia faces persistence to its claim to sovereignty of the cost of a cost of educating dependents from serbia in 2000 and. russia and china have again vetoed an attempt by the un security council to continue humanitarian aid deliveries to rebel held territories in syria friday was the last
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day that aid agencies were allowed to bring food and vital supplies over the turkish border to rebel held areas in it live and aleppo provinces so she in countries voted in favor of extending the aids but permanent members russia and china opposed that resolution humanitarian groups say cutting off the edge could spell disaster for millions of civilians. there at home deliveries a lifesaver for the footie families who found shelter here on the turkish border. they fled homes destroyed by asterix very few of them have enough money for food they'd be lost without help from outside. yet it obama it's one thing to be bombarded by fighter jets but to be locked in without food is much worse it's a slow bloodless death were. almost 3000000 people a northwest syria depend on food aid like this. trucks bring it over the border
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between turkey and didn't the last rebel stronghold in syria. without approval from the syrian regime protected by the un resolution. jimmy for families here the situation is virtually impossible that. they have nothing besides these 8 deliveries. if they stop and it will be a catastrophe. i'm sure of that with us a little bit since in the. famine is a few different is a cause off and that's the coronavirus pandemic spreads in the region medical supplies an unneeded here in northwestern syria and 6. kevin kennedy is the un's regional humanitarian coordinator for the crisis in syria he told you that this veto on cross border means for people in the country's northwest you know of the people there 2700000 people are displaced many a move 2345 times in the course of the war. many about
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a 1000000 have are living in these tent cities very poor hygiene course sanitation little to no education for the children and they really need all the assistance we can provide and it just struggled to provide even in the best of circumstances were the cost poor assistance from the u.n. to be lost this would be a. local water of these people had let me be clear un's work in in syria along with our non-governmental organization we work with is to syrians wherever they live government area non-government area that really makes no difference to us and provides the people who need it but the people in northwest syria or the most vulnerable and they are very totally reliant on the aid comes across the border so the border were to be closed to you and shipments we remain people among their it would be catastrophic. let's now take a look at some other stories making news around the world. singapore prime minister
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lee hsien loong say says his long governing people's action party is on course to retain power after friday's election but it's supported drops to just over 60 percent there are celebrations among the opposition workers party which show its number of seats in parliament. more than 150 police officers in minneapolis have filed for disability claims off the reasons protests rounding the death of george forward lawyers for the officers said many had been struggling with stress disorders for years and blamed a lack of support from the city for the departures. u.s. prosecutors have filed a new 6 count indictment against maxwell former girlfriend and longtime associate of late financier jeffrey epstein maxwell has been charged with recruiting and grooming underage girls to epstein could sexually abuse than she is seeking bail
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citing the risk of contracting cover 19 to the way. u.s. president has commuted the prison sentences of his longtime friends and for my road just. has just appeared with his supporters to celebrate the president's decision he wasn't used to begin his 40 months precedes him on tuesday off to be and can convicted of lying to congress and witness tampering in june the investigation into alleged russian interference in the 2016 presidential run. for more i'm joined by a reporter to listen why is donald trump doing this well today's action shouldn't come as any surprise to anyone who's really been following the stone case i mean stoller was of course convicted of obstruction of justice witness tampering and lying to congress in connections are investigating and that looked into possible connections between the election campaign of donald trump and the russian government now that is of course something that trump has long maintained was an
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illegitimate investigation you know he phrased it as a partisan witch hunt and a hoax which is part of the reason he said that stone should never have actually face trial in the united states now that is of course something that a jury of roger jones peers disagreed with which is why he was sentenced to just over 3 years in prison what's interesting about today's actions from donald trump is actually that he didn't show choose the pardon stone instead he commuted his sentence which means in the eyes of the criminal justice system of america roger stone is still a convicted criminal but i commuted his sentence trump has managed to keep his promise and is keeping him out of jail what reaction have we had from democrats today well if you ask most the democrats the united states today is not a good day for the american justice system now they have long accused both the justice department under trump and trump himself of having a heavy handed approach in actually getting involved in a bevy of different criminal cases in order to keep his associates and aides and
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i'm allies out of prison they've also accused him of using the power of. to make sure that political allies remain out of prison and don't actually see a day of jail time in a bunch of different cases for the reason that adam schiff one prominent democrat actually said that today trump has again made it clear that there are 2 systems of justice in america one for donald trump's criminal friends and one for everyone else so again we're seeing the sharp political divide coming out in the united states once again how will this have an effect on the trump campaign for reelection . to be absolutely honest you know donald trump is facing a large uphill fight to stay in the white house he's really down in the polls but i don't see this really hurting him among independents or democrats because i mean let's face it if they're not going to vote for dollar trump in the fall it's for a bevy of different reasons it's not because he's keeping roger stone out of prison when it comes to his base i actually see this plane quite well because many people
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actually voted for dollar trump because they were expecting a more forceful approach to politics and been facing month after month of bad news in recent memory so i you know i see this actually playing to his base where this allows him to set the agenda again in kind of say you know i'm returning to the old form of back you know as he was and 20172800 so i don't see him see this hurting him in the long term thank you and so it's and you know you do w. reports and thank you. now after nearly a decade of delays venice has successfully tested and you flood various system meant to save the sinking city italian prime minister just just a concierge was on hand for the test run of the 6000000000 euro construction project and maybe do just fail despite friday's success. out of the water. from the bottom of the ocean but these. are not the treasure they're made to protect
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a multi-billion euro system designed to protect them against city of venice from high times. project most has seen delays unexpected costs and political corruption within a short we have promised the horrible scenes we've witnessed all the parts of the past. disastrous flooding in november showed how vulnerable than assists these floods were the worst in over 50 years global warming and rising sea levels as well as venice the sinking foundations i'm not likely to improve the situation a fortress of steel is not supposed to protect the lagoon city but despite the photogenic ceremony today it is not expected to be fully functional until next year . it is a project that was born from many controversies and designed to protect venice from high water a concrete objective not an imaginary one how as a visionary it might it seems when it was designed. $984.00 that's when it was designed and it has been under construction since 2003 now part
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of the underwater project is already corroding and experts fear depending on the pace of sea level rise these yellow berry s might soon be obsolete. you're watching news live from i'll be back at the top of the out with the headlines from the team here and thanks for watching. what secrets lie behind. discover new adventures in 360 degree. and explore fascinating world heritage sites. p.w. world heritage 360 get me out now. w's crime fighters are back africa's most successful radio drama series continue. this season this.


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