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does their rivalry and their dangerous neutral admiration affect the rest of the. prison bullies. starts august 3rd on d w. this is. lifesaving aid to syria the un roadblock russia and china security council efforts to continue sending food and supplies to civilians in rebel held territory aid workers warned this will spell disaster for millions also coming up. is a free man after u.s. president. commuted the sentence of his former aide he had to face prison for lying
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to congress. and shows no sign of cooling. on a 4th night of government demonstrations in belgrade with protesters trying to enter parliament. a michael good to have you with us russia and china have again vetoed an attempt by the u.n. security council to continue to manage a deliveries to rebel held territory in syria. friday was the last day that aid agencies were allowed to bring food and vital supplies over the turkish border to rebel held areas in it live and aleppo provinces 13 countries voted in favor of extending the aid but permanent members russia and china opposed this resolution
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humanitarian groups say cutting off the aid could spell disaster for millions of civilians. the food deliveries a lifesaver for the food the families who found shelter hand on the turkish border . they fled homes destroyed by asterix very few of them have enough money for food they'd be lost without help from outside. it's one thing to be bombarded by fighter jets and to be locked in without food is much worse it's a slow bloodless death were. almost 3000000 people in northwest syria depend on food aid like this. trucks bring it over the border between turkey and didn't have the last rebel stronghold in syria. without approval from the syrian regime protected by a un resolution. for families here the situation is virtually
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impossible that. they have nothing besides these 8 deliveries. if they stop it will be a catastrophe. some are sure of that with us a little bit since in the. famine. never is a cutoff and as the coronavirus pandemic spreads in the region medical supplies an unneeded here in northwestern syria moment and 6. let's go now to use a program manager for the child protection network a partner of save the children that operates inside syria he joins us from the city of augusta untap in turkey prices see you with us kit can you explain how the delivery of aid works at the moment and who's receiving the supplies. no morning and thank you for having me you looking them up and to get it this moment is in living in the limbo because today is saturday decision was not in human
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yesterday's although it effected the issue and this should be no walk across the border 'd to work and this is a major blow to the millions of civilians in the northwest syria specifically and it lives and. for there to live only comes from sumanda little border crossing point as a matter of fact we need more and more the crossing for it and now the discussion is about limiting that only one facility are you going to the nation of one person overnight or think it is in the area which will. the health system and the civilians actually live on or the coming from other side of the mill is the poor fool for nutrition for the children and it's unthinkable. given the late oh as we reported the security council resolution
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failed if all other efforts break down how will this affect people on the ground in syria's north west i'm thinking particularly about the children. immediate effect on children and their being. all about you know away is what happens once in a shit what happens to men is that you know that no facilities will be over ones responding to children not only in the medicines. nutritious material. and we need the resources to provide clean water we need to provide special. edition specifically to children who will stand with be able to fight the disease and the other is what it is. and this is the raises it with. a lot of water with a lot of basic light some oil 'd so this aid comes through the door that is the
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only lifeline for this population 3000000 people in one way until i've seen one. and 50 percent of them are children. so he's the program manager for serious protection network a partner save the children thank you so much if you would only u.s. president donald trump has commuted the prison sentence of his long time friend and former aide roger stone stone appeared with supporters to celebrate the president's decision he was due to begin his 40 month prison term on tuesday after being convicted of lying to congress and witness tampering during the moeller investigation into alleged russian interference in the 2016 u.s. presidential race so far from earlier we asked the reporter aaron tilton
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what was behind the president's actions. today's action shouldn't come as any surprise to anyone who's really been following the stone case i mean stone was of course convicted of obstruction of justice witness tampering and lying to congress in connection with the investigation and that looked into possible connections between the election campaign of donald trump and the russian government now that is of course something that trump has long maintained was an illegitimate investigation you know he phrased it as a partisan witch hunt in a hoax which is part of the reason he said that stone should never have actually face trial in the united states now that is of course something that a jury of roger stone's peers disagreed with which is why he was sentenced to just over 3 years in prison what's interesting about today's actions from donald trump is actually that he didn't show choose to pardon stone instead he commuted his sentence which means in the eyes of the criminal justice system of america roger stone is still a convicted criminal but by commuting his sentence trump has managed to keep his
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promise and is keeping him out of jail. aaron tilton now let's take a look at some of the other stories making news around the world. at least one person has died in the mali uncapped obama as anti-government protesters turned violent demonstrators block streets attacked the parliament building and stormed the state t.v. broadcaster for weeks mass demonstrations have called on president evo him. to resign. singapore's prime minister lieschen long says is a long governing people's action point he is on course to retain power after friday's election but its support dropped to just over 60 percent there were celebrations among the opposition workers' party which saw its number of seats in parliament jump. more than $150.00 police officers in minneapolis have filed for disability claims after recent protests surrounding the death of george floyd
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lawyers for the officers said many had been struggling with stress disorders for years and blamed a lack of support from their city for their departure. time prosecutors have filed a new 6 count indictment against lane maxwell the former girlfriend and longtime associate of the late financier jeffrey epstein maxwell has been charged with recruiting and grooming underage girls so epstein could sexually abuse them she's seeking bail citing the risk of contracting 19. now clashes between police and demonstrators have broken out in the serbian capital belgrade on a 4th successive night of protest defying a ban on mass gatherings the protests started earlier this week as a response to coronavirus restrictions but anger has been mounting over what the pros protesters claim is an autocratic state. white hot anger on the barricades as bill great again. a group of demonstrators attempts to
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enter the national assembly police have briefly forced onto the back foot before mustering for a counter offensive. it's become a protest movement i'm squarely at the government one that has brought the worst on rest of this southern european country into decades nights of street battles with the place hardening attitudes among protest as many feel they have no will tend to have but to keep coming out against the authorities. will lost completely all institutions there's no basically no parliament there's just one party in it so. when you. get situation down today. what's left it's only the street protests began on tuesday prompted by government coronavirus curfew that since pain abandoned but people are still turning out. the government says scenes like this
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threaten to goodison are rising in fiction right on a visit to france the president pleaded with those on the streets to see razan what a mobile you have been by him begging papal please keep your health safe you're not going to take power by force you need to come to power at the ballot box. but demonstrate his anger has been fueled by a sense that serbia is turning away from democracy beach which has just been re-elected in a poll boycotted by the opposition. just weeks later the serbian president's follows are out in the streets in a struggle for power with an uncertain outcome. turkey's president has announced that it is stumbles highest afia one of the architectural wonders of the world will be converted back into a mosque a court ruling on friday revoke the monument status as a museum clearing the way for the unesco world heritage site to be reopened for
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muslim worship it's a decision that has drawn international condemnation. a meeting point of many faiths for almost a century now in less than a fortnight the iconic higher so figure out will once more 1st only islamic prayers . the issue of deciding the purpose of hyacinth is about the suffering rights of turkey opening higher saffir to prayers with a new regulation is just about turkey exercising its sovereign rights. your only cause. the announcement was met with celebrations outside the historic building especially among nationalist groups. we have a very happy god bless those who opened it and it should have been opened before we were waiting for this. i'm shaking with excitement this is an incredible event
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i don't know what to say i just want to cry. you a lot of it's a dream we've had since we were kids there was an injustice our constitutional council has addressed that injustice i am deeply grateful to them hyacinth fear has found its true purpose again right now we have very excited proud and hopeful that the services here will be beautiful that your followers ya know. but for all the docs christians the decision has been met with the spray it's a move that is seen as dismissing thousands of years of history. built in the 6th century as a byzantine church the highest feel was the world's largest christian cathedral for centuries almost a millennium later it was converted into an islamic mosque during the ottoman empire in the 1930 s. it was turned into a museum a symbol of the new secular turkish state since then it has been held by no single religion a place where pipes and presidents have come to pay their respects and marvel at
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the architecture of. the turkish press. and has insisted that the site will remain accessible to all change i mean like all other mosques the doors of higher sophia will be open to all locals foreigners muslims non muslims being the common heritage of humankind hyas affair will continue to embrace everyone in a mostly sea unique way with its new status. though only does it but the international community including greece russia and us go have condemned the change saying the site should remain a museum as a symbol of christian and muslim solidarity. the 1st press service inside the building is planned for the end of the month but the local muslim community has already begun to gather for worship italy has successfully tested a system of giant barriers designed to protect the city of venice from flooding
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engineers pump compressed air into individual units causing them to rise and block off in less than a venice is lagoon the barriers are designed to protect the city from tidal surges the system cost more than 6000000000 euros and was supposed to be in operation by 2011. you're watching the news live from berlin remember you can always stay up to date on our website dot com and follow us on twitter and instagram as deep w. news some like to look to we'll see you back the top the out. of line to us is on its way to bring you more conservation plays how do we make see the screen or how can we protect habitats we can make a difference global ideas mental series a game global 3000 on g.w. and online. i don't think it's. just sometimes
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out but i'm standing up in which the. thinks he can to.


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