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tv   DW News  Deutsche Welle  July 11, 2020 10:00am-10:16am CEST

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to cut through the noise to get to the truth. and i'm working to death. this is news a line from burlington marking 25 years since europe's worst atrocities since the 2nd world war thousands of bosnian muslims were killed in the strip and it's a massacre on this day in 1995 a ceremony is underway to commemorate the victims also on the program. roger stone is a free man after u.s. president donald trump commuted the sentence of his former aide he had faced prison
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for lying to congress. and lifesaving aid to syria hits a un roadblock russia and china vetoed security council efforts to continue sending food and supplies to civilians in rebel held territory. i'm michael okwu thanks for joining us 25 years ago today serb forces captured the boss in town of srebrenica and carried out europe's worst massacre since the 2nd world war a ceremony is underway to remember the thousands of muslims killed in the atrocity the anniversary is being more in the shadow of the global coronavirus pandemic which has not only meant that commemorations have been scaled back but has also again delay. appeals hearings in the trial of the main culprit serb general laud it
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was eventually convicted of war crimes and genocide but the families of the deceased are far from closure. just 3 bones in a piece of cloth this is enough to shed light on a sad fate one of 8000 victims of the strap in it's a genocide is recovered from a mass grave in eastern bosnia the bones are later brought together. catherine baumberger is the director general of the international commission on missing persons she's been instrumental in finding and identifying the bodies of the disappeared she cannot put to the genocide behind. you know i go in many ways every day it's like 95 you are eternally dealing with this issue baumberger moved to the hague from the bosnian capital sarajevo a few years ago and the state of the art lab where d.n.a.
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is extracted from skeletal samples and analyzed came with her the genetic codes can then be compared with the d.n.a. of survivors but this is not only about victims finding closure. lab results have been used in various trials in 2017 the international criminal tribunal for the former yugoslavia found the main perpetrator of the strawman it's a massacre the former serbian military commander ratko melodic guilty of committing war crimes and genocide. the us detected the genocide by analyzing satellite images of the victims have been varied to cross serbian controlled eastern both mia some skeletons were torn apart then years later under the eyes of the bosnian serb authorities the dead sea and. the aim is to allow family members to properly bury their dead and. i want to just piecing together their ongoing articulation is it possible that this came from one of his role in this case where the credit. was
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pioneered in is no widespread method for identifying victims used the world over to identify those killed in wars and other conflicts. and serve as a reminder of what we're all capable of regardless of which country we're from that level of hatred results can have a very very bad ending and i am scared. catherine bond that says it's up to us alone whether or not we learn from the past. i'm now joined by professor who has had little of it chez social anthropologist an award winning writer at our mit university in melbourne australia a little of each has written about the long term effects of the bosnian war but more importantly sir you are from and have relatives who were killed in the massacre there what does this day mean for you.
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well a clear about who survives regret so this is they most of us are conscious about the whole of the year it's not just a one time a year event for most of us this is something to think about our daily bases. some more than others and i know that my auntie said my uncles and my cousins who example are much more directly affected and myself i happen not to be so green so tired of genocide and lesser it's i was you know you know my early teenage years. as catching bogus crime finally got born and then 5 priests in. all these cases together it's been our very own going process a very very traumatic experience to go through so it is our humble they they were members and they offer affection for all of us as it should be no one else understood the war was fuelled by nationalism some will say that nationalism is on
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the rise again in many parts of the world do you see any similarities to what is happening now and what happened back then before the war broke out. well what is really more the point is the see exactly that continuation of the old. time nationalist rhetoric and the go he read through but also the policies and kind of the whole culture being if you was going to be set. of nationalism that. was started before the war there so do you when i see that ethnic groups in terms of justifying crimes that it will be committed even those that it can read it in genocide studies we have a different status of genocide from diffusion is ation to perpetration of actual physical killing still they're not but they have seemed impossible boston and the region is going beyond that and not it's actually cultural triumphalism but
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genocide is even justified marc if you nearly all this is not only allowed but also promote is from above. article nationalist elites those in serbia and in part of both the republican. there especially active in that and this has also kind of traded on to ordinary people's lives the songs and jokes about genocide becoming almost a norm rather than a form of extremism is very very threatened and that was professor how his her live it she had are in 1000 university melbourne australia speaking to me earlier. u.s. president donald trump has commuted the prison sentence of his long time friend and former aide roger stone stone appeared with supporters to celebrate the president's decision he was due to begin his 40 month prison term on tuesday after being convicted of lying to congress and witness tampering during the moeller
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investigation into alleged russian interference in the 2016 u.s. presidential race just. earlier we asked the reporter erin tilton what was behind the president's actions today's actions shouldn't come as any surprise to anyone who's really been following the stone case i mean stoner was of course convicted of obstruction of justice witness tampering and lying to congress in connection with the investigation and that looked into possible connections between the election campaign of donald trump and the russian government now that is of course something that trump has long maintained was an illegitimate investigation and he phrased it as a partisan witch hunt and a hoax which is part of the reason he said that stone should never have actually face trial in the united states now that is of course something that a jury of roger stone's peers disagreed with which is why he was sentenced to just over 3 years in prison what's interesting about today's actions from donald trump is actually that he didn't show choose the pardon stone instead he commuted his
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sentence which means in the eyes of the criminal justice system of america roger stone is still a convicted criminal but by commuting his sentence trump has managed to keep his promise and is keeping him out of jail. taking a look now at some of the other stories making news around the world. at least one person has died in the mali uncapped obama as anti-government protests turned violent demonstrators block streets attacked the parliament building and stormed the state t.v. broadcaster for weeks mass demonstrations have called on president bush. to resign. singapore's prime minister lieschen long says his long governing people's action party is on course to retain power after friday's election but its support dropped to just over 60 percent there were celebrations among the opposition workers' party which saw its number of seats in parliament jump. us
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prosecutors have filed a new 6 count indictment against glenn maxwell the former girlfriend and longtime associate of late finance year geoffrey epstein maxwell has been charged with recruiting and grooming underage girls so epstein could sexually abuse them she's seeking bail citing a risk of contract in 1000. the way now russia and china have again vetoed an attempt by the un security council to continue to manage tarion aid deliveries to rebel held territory as in syria friday was the last day that aid agencies were allowed to bring food and vital supplies over the turkish border to rebel held areas in it live and aleppo provinces 13 countries voted in favor of extending the aid but permanent members russia and china oppose the resolution humanitarian groups say cutting off the aid could spell disaster for millions of civilians. deliveries
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a lifesaver for the fuji families who found shelter i have on the turkish border. they fled homes destroyed by asterix very few of them have enough money for food they'd be lost without help from outside. it's one thing to be bombarded by fighter jets and to be locked in without food is much worse it's a slow bloodless death. almost 3000000 people in northwest syria depend on food aid like this. trucks bring it over the border between turkey and didn't have the last rebel stronghold in syria. without approval from the syrian regime but protected by a un resolution. jimmy for families here the situation is virtually impossible if. they have nothing else besides these aid deliveries. if they start
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it will be a catastrophe. some are sure of that with us a little bit since in the. famine. never is a cut off and as the coronavirus pandemic spreads in the region medical supplies an unneeded here in northwestern syria then and. 6 let's go now to use a program manager for the child protection network a partner of save the children that operates inside syria he joins us from the city of gaza in tap in turkey prices see you with us kate can you explain how the delivery of aid works at the moment and who's receiving the supplies. morning and thank you for having me. particularly this moment isn't really in the wind because. this isn't with us today so it. should be no. 'd work this is
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a major blow to them indians or civilians in the northwest syria specifically and it. comes. through a little crossing point as a matter of fact we need more than one. point and now the discussion is about limiting. the mission of one person. in the area which will over the health system and this is a 1000000000 the lot. coming from outside. the food for nutrition for the children and it's unthinkable. that was a program manager for the child protection network a partner of save the children with the latest on the situation in syria well
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the world's top tennis players are in for a windfall despite disruption to the sporting calendar after the organizers of wimbledon announced they will pay about 11000000 euros in prize money for this year's tournament the all england club says 620 players are in line to receive prizes ranging from 522-8000 euros per player they're distributing that money even though the tournaments have to be cancelled due to the crown of the us the finals for this year's edition of wimbledon were originally due to take place this weekend . italy has successfully tested a system of giant barriers designed to protect the city of venice from flooding engineers pump compressed air into individual units causing them to rise and block off inlets into venice's lagoon the barriers are designed to protect the city from tidal surges the system cost more than 6000000000 euros and was supposed to be in
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operation by 2011. you're watching news live from berlin and we will be back with more news as always at the top of the hour it's old and be safe stay well and we'll see you soon. i'm neal and i'm good welcome to the 2nd season of only true friends in the planet on the brink of disaster we did long in-depth interview with experts about one question how to be changing.

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