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tv   DW News  Deutsche Welle  July 11, 2020 4:00pm-4:15pm CEST

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this is the news live from berlin marking 25 years from europe's a worst atrocity since the 2nd world war. thousands of bosnian muslims were killed in the shredder that's a massacre on this day in 1995 the ceremony has been held to commemorate the victims also coming. to life saving aid to syria hits a u.n. roadblocks russia and china vetoed security council efforts to continue sending food and supplies to civilians in rebel held territory.
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american held welcome 25 years ago today said forces captured the buzzing in town of srebrenica and carried out europe's worst massacre since the 2nd world war the ceremony has been held to remember the thousands of muslims killed so general record my lad it was eventually convicted of war crimes and genocide but the families of the victims say they are far from closure. the bosnian national anthem played at a ceremony to remember the thousands of muslims killed on this day the commemorations had to be scaled back due to the coronavirus but world leaders like for my us president bill clinton who was in office at the time of the genocide contributed by a video message. to low level it's so much more than just darker
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limbaugh's news but. it is also a way bracing reminder of the terrible calls to all of us when we turn our backs on our sure humanity many relatives of the victims haven't found closure friends and experts still haven't dug out and completed work on all the remains nearly identified victims of each year on july 11th and the memorial cemetery as put to shadi just outside of it and it's just i'm getting very get it finished that i buried my son in 2013 there were only 2 bones that i had hoped that more would be found but nothing has been so far i still hope there will be something that they will find it. or there so here i am with the remains of my father died murdered in the genocide of july 11th 1905 in scotland.
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it's the only crime in europe since world war 2 that has been declared a genocide and while many boston serbs continue to deny the extent of the massacre i think freezing mound of white gravestones confirms the scale of the suffering. so i'm joined now by valerie hopkins she's the southeast europe correspondent for the financial times of london she joins us from trenton it's a gallery we saw in the report very emotional scenes there today what was that like to be there today. hi anthony thank you so much for having me on and indeed i am just back from the graveyard and it was quite emotional although people were not only missing the family members that they lost during the genocide but also the people that cannot come today to mourn with them and there are still several 1000 people there in attendance on to commemorate that they're dead and the 9 people who were buried today that have been found of my last year. but they also
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remember the 1700 people whose bodies have still not been found. valerie how do you think this ceremony resonates across the region today. well i think it really depends on what part of the region you're talking about you know i was checking some of the headlines and exurban media and i noticed actually that once every catholic was writing about this as the 5th anniversary of an attempted attack on the serbian president who came for the 20th anniversary commemoration along with many other foreign dignitaries i was also neron he was pelted with water bottles but there was no attempted murder and it's you know that i think speaks to a pervasive climate of denial not only in serbia but also you know in the nearby areas in srebrenica where people refuse to acknowledge what happens when the genocide what that has been the role that went by 3 courts and 47 people have been
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convicted. so it's quite difficult. when i speak about a regional or even a local context is located in what was called during the war and still now the republic us at scott and its leadership and actually the mayor of servants and has an ethnic serbs also have not acknowledged. do not use the word genocide to acknowledge the extent of the crimes that were committed here so that's quite painful for many of the people right as you alluded to you followed the trials of some of those responsible for the horrors of the genocide that brought landmark international convictions but what more needs to be done to achieve justice. indeed well there is a an establishment of facts now that the court has courts established but you know there are still a backlog of cases before the bosnian war crimes court i think 05550 cases
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involving one in 4500 perpetrators so you know there's a there's a people took a very highest levels many of them were convicted but i think there's a pervasive feeling here you know that it takes more than just a general to commit these crimes it's also people who are who drove the bosses who committed the executions and right and you know in terms of retribution those have been incredibly rare and very few. people can receive a pension and you know that this was actually. the 70s it was controlled by a dutch the tally in the u.n. and only last year to the dutch government ruled that they were partially responsible for the deaths of this year they are trying to set up a commission to see what kind of reparations should be paid to the people a certain bellary hopkins of the financial times from sherborne it's a thank you very much thank you well russia and china have again vetoed an attempt by the u.n. security council to continue how many humanitarian aid deliveries to rebel held
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territories in syria's it leave and aleppo provinces 13 countries voted in favor of extending the ide but permanent members russia and china opposed the resolution humanitarian groups say cutting off aid could spell disaster for millions of civilians who are already in a desperate situation. youssef also fled to northern syria with his wife they've been here for 5 months they have sold almost all of their possessions to get money to buy essential and i'm not i'm about somebody who are 60 to 70 percent dependent on the aid delivery. it always depends on the situation you find yourself in there is no work here so the aid packages are often all we have and the difficult conditions here in the camps where you met. most of the displaced people here have no financial reserves left. electra deal for his wife and their 6 children the family is completely dependent on outside aid.
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for. more of these food packages last for about 20 days your money. it's enough for us thank god the us calls what can we are relying on god and the aid that comes to us from the donors you know. the aid is transported to the refugees across turkish syrian border posts that is allowed turkey to massively expand its influence. a few months ago the turkish lira began to replace the syrian pound which had dropped dramatically in value. everything is becoming more expensive for the people here turkish companies are doing lucrative business for example selling petrol from turkey paid for in turkish lira syrian president bashar assad believes turkey is consolidating a defacto turkish enclave in northern syria assad wants to close all of the border
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crossing points to turkey. already only 2 of the 4 crossings are open. the assad government wants to distribute aid across the country itself to regain control but the refugees fear that little or no aid would arrive they are afraid of being starved out. if you can satisfy your daily needs that's one thing but a seizure means a slow death of a death were no blood flows. despite their desperate situation the people here still hope to be able to escape and provide a future for their children. now let's take a look at some of the other stories making news around the world. at least one person has died in the capital bamako and as government protests turned violent demonstrators demonstrators both the streets and attacked the parliament building
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and stormed the state t.v. broadcaster for weeks mass demonstrations have called on president. cater to resign . u.s. president donald trump has commuted the sentence of his former aide roger stone stone was convicted of lying to congress and witness tampering during the investigation into alleged russian interference in the 26000 u.s. presidential race. pro-democracy parties in hong kong with polls to choose candidates for the upcoming legislative elections thousands queued unofficial polling stations across the city many pro-democracy supporters held up signs of aging people to vote it's an attempt to demonstrate a popular mandate for candidates whom the authorities might try to disqualify before the elections government officials had warned the polls may be in breach of the new security law imposed by. all joining us now from hong kong
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correspondent 3 become freebie given the new security legislation and the threat of arrest and imprisonment that's inherent in a government warning about these elections how many people did to turn out and vote . still for those of us think of the primary election organized least that. over 130000 people have already i don't think this is. why i am back to the all night so we as we are standing at one of the polling stations even if you where you can see also some people drive up right next to me right. away. forecasting there so this is not only a primate actions issues like that even upcoming legislative elections but also seeing this up public is not my friend the top 30 percent asian national law that this is the 1st time that people can actually quantify that public opinion to
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express. this concept with the government especially the new national security all people are way too afraid to dissipate in anti-government protests so we have spoken to a number of our bill just here so they tell us the reason behind that attendance today and that's half of this. year well they got them if we don't turn out to vote today there seems to be no other way for us to avoid our anger towards what the government is doing we are afraid that this might be the last chance for us to do so. i want to express my distrust in beijing by voting for the opposition camp. i'm going to get into law because we can't be frightened by the national security law i want to treasure the remaining opportunities that i can express my opinion and to support those who speak up for us you know your way or the 1st thing to sophie be the people want to express their anger at the newly imposed order at the
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same time though hong kong police have searched the office of an independent political pollster what more can you tell us about. the raid happened just one day before the primary election which is quite surprising for many citizens oh oh so the police searched the public ok and it has to do with just one of the main all the nicest of these primary elections which is in charge of setting up the whole polling mccully some system so police now accusing the t.v. saying that they are now conducting the n.p.v. investigation into one of the complaints related to leak out police officers personal data related to surveys conducted actually several several years ago so actually police i'll wait until today to conduct the actual application so at least to skepticism like what the authority is trying to pressure on the opposition came
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pro-democracy movement by using the police force to pressure on politicians and scola i'm favorite off they move. but as we can see this is actually a counter effect that actually could be turned off i mean. on the streets of hong kong thank you. one of the english football's most popular and larger than life characters and. 66 world cup winning team has died. at the age of 85. johnson was footballer of the year in 1967 and as a player at leeds he tied the all time record of 773 appearances and won the league title in 1969 after retiring as a player child and became a successful manager in england and abroad in the mid eighty's jack charlton became
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alan's 1st foreign coach god of the irish to 3 major 20 s. . and with that erupted i remember you can always good.


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