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and they're dangerous mutual admiration affection the rest of the world's. bosom bullies trump and putin starts august 3rd on d. w. . this is news live from berlin marking 25 years from europe's of worst atrocities since the 2nd world war thousands of post me and muslims were killed in the srebrenica massacre on this day in 995 the ceremony has been held to commemorate the victims also coming up. to syria. russia and china
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vetoed security council efforts to continue sending food supply and supplies to severely c. in rebel held territory. i'm at me how to welcome 25 years ago today said forces captured the bosnian town of srebrenica and carried out europe's worst massacres since the 2nd world war a ceremony has been held to remember the thousands of muslims killed so the general was eventually convicted of war crimes and genocide but the families of the victims say they are still far from closure. the bosnian national anthem played at a ceremony to remember the fountains muslims killed on this day. the commemorations had to be scaled back to each of the coronavirus but world leaders like former u.s.
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president bill clinton who was in office at the time of the genocide contributed via video message. it has been moving. every town every opportunity to continue their voices those across the world who grieve for the families of those kill to support the ongoing efforts to sing justice those lost and recover their remains and bring them home many relatives of the victims haven't found closure forensic experts still haven't dug out and completed work on all the remains newly identified victims a buried each year on july 11th in the memorial cemetery at port a sorry just outside celebrity it said. that it did get it finished that i buried my son in 2013 there were only 2 bones that i had hoped that more would be found but nothing has been so far i still hope they'll be something that they will find
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i'm not the tribute that 1st an arch or this and here i am with the remains of my father died murdered in the genocide of july 11th 1905. it's the only crime in europe since world war 2 there's been declared a genocide and while many bosnian serbs continue to deny the extent of the massacre be increasing amount of white gravestones confirms the scale of the suffering. i'm joined now by catarina restates researcher and lecturer at blace university she's also the author of the book war crime trials and memory inform yugoslavia. originally from serbia and you with during the war from that subi in perspective what does this mean to you. yes thank you for the invitation it's nice to be here every under bursary officer going it's a genocide is
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a hope that serbian politicians will come out and knowledge the genocide and take political responsibility for what has happened unfortunately we haven't seen that happening so far and that is very troubling and i have to say that in my academic work i'm trying to understand how this denial is discoursed possible even 25 years later and despite all the facts that we know and all the trials and genocide convictions that we have so far as i lived in serbia in 1905 and during that war i remember july in 1905 by serbia and it was love basketball championship and yugoslav team want and that was the main news and that was what serbian public were talking about and discounting delf minimizing and not talking
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about the straits of genocide continues till today we've just seen a report about the victims of the tribe and it's a genocide but there are also of course survivors have 5 received adequate reparations and do they feel justice has been delivered. i don't phrase that considering tremendous atrocities that have been committed and those survivors who went through all horrific crimes through mass rapes through survived executions they lost extended family like whole numbers of family members and for dan it is understandable that they don't see all trials despite of they are numbered and they don't they don't see them at this factory in the sense of providing justice on the other hand step down it's a case is in the eyes of the why but also in the regional trial in. serbia are
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exemplary for how we can combat and how we can establish accountability for such crimes. that are interested researcher and lecturer at laci can of versity many thanks russia and china have again vetoed an attempt by the un security council to continue to manage terry and i deliveries to syria until friday scenes were allowed to bring food and vital supplies over the turkish border to rebel held areas of it live and aleppo provinces 13 countries voted in favor of extending the aid that would keep 2 currently open border crossings functional but permanent members russia and china opposed the resolution. humanitarian groups like cutting off the eye could spell disaster for millions of civilians who are already in a desperate situation. youssef also fled to northern syria with his wife they've
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been here for 5 months they have sold almost all of their possessions to get money to buy essential things and i'm not about somebody who are 60 to 70 percent dependent on the aid delivery. it always depends on the situation you find yourself in there is no work heres the aid packages are often all we have in the difficult conditions here in the camps that. most of the displaced people here have no financial reserves left. like ideal for his wife and their 6 children. the family is completely dependent on outside aid. for. these food packages last for about 20 days you're on your own. it's enough for us thank god the halls what to do we are relying on god and the aid that comes to us from the donors you know and of course. the aid is transported to
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the refugees across turkish syrian border posts that is allowed turkey to massively expand its influence. a few months ago the turkish lira began to replace the syrian pound which had dropped dramatically in value. everything is becoming more expensive for the people here turkish companies are doing lucrative business for example selling petrol from turkey paid for in turkish lira syrian president bashar assad believes turkey is consolidating a defacto turkish enclave in northern syria assad wants to close all of the border crossing points to turkey. already only 2 of the 4 crossings are open. the assad government wants to distribute aid across the country itself to regain control but the refugees fear that little or no aid would arrive they are afraid of being starved out. if you can satisfy your
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daily needs that's one thing but a c. means a slow death a death were no blood flows. despite their desperate situation the people here still hope to be able to escape and provide a future for their children. torrential rains have battered areas of china's central province the epicenter of the coronavirus pandemic water levels have risen to dangerous levels forcing some 140002 leave their homes as the downpours continue several cities along the yangtze river have to clear the highest level flood warnings. doesn't go back there is supposed to be a stage where concerts usually take place now which strand in the water. this is jujubes along the boardwalk of the yangtze river every day the flood moves closer to han a catastrophe is looming over the city similar to the flood of 98. if you bought it from 1908 was very bad now the water is almost as high again. the residents
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of new hahn have come through the coronavirus pandemic and their response to the flood is a practical one the swelling yanks see china's largest river is an attraction i mean if i was worried they would close the river walk that's why i rushed to come here. under strict quarantine for months previously empty streets now filling up as water levels rise it's a major setback for businesses which just reopened. once again people here are not earning any money but they need to pay rent and care for their families. the yangtze is flooding parts of china reservoirs need to release water so the pressure will not get too high our driver explains that this is a big problem for the people living in rural areas. serve as a basin for the big cities once those are threatened the water is rerouted to the
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countryside. we drive past the military rescue operations our national duty chinese state television tells her stories were everyone receives the help they need the reality though is different the flood destroyed rice fields ruining hopes of a harvest this year and much needed income. all i eat is porridge i don't know what to do my grandchildren also live with me how going to survive. back to han and recent water levels rose by more than 60 centimeters special troops are building protective barriers against the worsening flooding even more heavy rain expected in the coming days. one of english football's most popular and logic than life characters has died at the age of 85 he was a member of england's 966 world cup winning team south moso won the english league
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title as a player with his club. after retiring he became a successful manager too he was island's 1st foreign coach. joining me in the studio to discuss the legacy of football legend jack says he from v.w. sports. how big of a figure was jack in the sport well he was one of the big ones i mean he didn't have the talent of a mara dano or a pele or cristiana ronaldo but he was a tough tackling defender he could read the game really well and he also had a great way with teammates and i think that's what the england coach back in 1965 preparing his team for the world cup the next year in $166.00 saw in that player and he invited jackie charlton as he was often called jackie to. to join the team and at age 29 kind of late to start an international career and the gamble paid off the next year england did indeed win the world cop in an iconic final against
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germany 4 to chew and it's also because of his modesty that a lot of people really like jackie charlton i mean in one interview he said you know what after i was able to afford my own house i had my own bathroom i had my own kitchen you know he was so much people really identified with that and other reason why he was so popular and such a big presence as you say what's been the reaction to his loss everyone so sadness in the soccer world i mean you've got tweets from from his former teammates from players who played for him like ray houghton who played for ireland under jackie charlton from gary lineker and in england famous in england international it's all over the world right now and people are very sad but just think of the republic of ireland fans i mean they looked up to this man so much. and really it's morning time he did so much for that thing i have to ask is it true that he's conceited on lin's must love well i don't think that's an exaggeration and 1st of all that's
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a big achievement also because it's not that easy for an englishman to do a lot of irish people for a variety of political reasons and other reasons but i mean basically yeah he was able to get ireland to their 1st ever big international tournament the european championship in 1980 then 2 years later who would believe in the world cup and then 4 years later another world cup this was irish soccer history in the making and it's because of jackie charlton that happened. from that of his sports thanks so much. and with that erupt tonight remember you can always get more news on our web site at any time of the day that's to be found that deep w dot com and you can also follow us on twitter and instagram as well as news is the handle this morning is coming up in 45 minutes time with my colleague nick sponsor for now but for me bethany howard and the entire team here in berlin thanks for watching.
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