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tv   DW News  Deutsche Welle  July 15, 2020 8:00pm-8:16pm CEST

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part sheriff info migrants dot. this is deja vu news live from poland a big win for apple a european court overrules a decision but climbing the tech giants to pay 13000000000 here is impact taxes to ireland it's a blow to e.u. efforts to crack down on sweetheart tap steals for big business also coming up to. punished for speaking up well g.b.t. rights of russian activist shares her story with you after she was jailed for
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protesting the claimant's crackdown on so-called gay propaganda. want to welcome to the program the irish government and apple have won their appeal against a 26 decision that said apple had to pay the irish government 13000000000 euros in back taxes money that island didn't even want so ireland took the case to 2nd highest court dublin has long denied that its tax arrangements with ethel amounts to illegal state aid the european commission is expected to appeal the ruling says the european court of justice. the ruling has a big legal victory to apple the e.u. general court said the e.u. commission did not succeed in showing that the tech giant had received an illegal economic advantage in ireland over its low taxes. the decision is
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a major blow to competition commissioner margaret avesta because efforts to crack down on low tax regimes in the block. the commission's fans who really behind the objective that all companies should pay their fair share of tax if member states gives certain multinational companies tax advantages not available to their rivals this harms fair competition in the e.u. the e.u. commission has 2 months time to decide if it wants to challenge the ruling in need use highest court the core of the problem is that the e.u. does not have one common tax code at the moment firms officially pay 12.5 percent corporate tax in ireland that's compared with the e.u. average of 21.3 percent officially companies in germany have to cough up at least 30 percent. that alone has attracted many companies to ireland and in fact apple
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paid far less tax at times for example as little as 0.005 percent in 2014 when the tech giant paid just 50 euros tax on every 1000000 euros in profit is the 2nd ruling that the e.u. commission has lost last year the institution lost a case against starbucks which was accused of owing $30000000.00 euros in back taxes to the netherlands it all shows how difficult it is to crackdown on cases of alleged corporate tax avoidance. and i'm now joined by clinton from business of a interest on defense so the e.u. has been trying to clamp down on low tax policies like what you have in ireland where does this leave the commission's fight against texas. i think i think the fight has changed over the last few years for one and we've had a covert pandemic i think that's changed a lot of things but it puts. a major setback to the to the way that they're trying to clamp down on big companies getting these low taxes but at the same time the
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irish would argue that they're a small country and they need to compete against countries like germany within this block i'm one of their ways of competitive advantage is by offering low low tax rates so overall i think it's a blow for the e.u. efforts but at the same time i think a lot of the smaller countries in europe and eastern european countries for example would be looking at this is a kind of a victory for those who don't have the great volume and strength that countries like germany and france are right and that is another thing right how is this news likely to go down. i think if you go down very well in dublin. a lot of people in dublin are obviously upset that they. were not getting the money that they're not getting the money but at the same time i think the way the irish are presenting it as they've they've stuck with aapl on this and that's been seen as a bonus for them in terms of their relationship with apple would also maybe attract
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more people to look at a countries like arland rather than going for the big manufacturing centers as we say of france and germany that's right yeah because the point you're making is ireland joined apple in appealing the decision essentially and so is this the end of the if it is it what i think is interesting we've had because of the pandemic for example we've had things like you have towns are getting a massive bailout from the e.u. and that's brought a lot of questions about competition monopoly and all of these things are being brought into court into play you know so a lot of the rules that we used to have an e.u. . we're no longer in place so i think we're going to see a lot more thinking about how these how these rules are interacted and about the best way to get through what is a difficult situation and then ultimately then to see how countries like our land deal with companies like apple here its competition business tax avoidance is the kind raging debate rival waited for the next tip of could and from a business thank you for that. russian gold make his begun the process of forming
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the outlawing same sex marriages late on tuesday they submitted draft legislation to explicitly ban gay marriage and adoptions including those by transgender people the changes were championed as president vladimir putin's constitutional reforms which russians voted overwhelmingly to support earlier this month is part of the crimmins weidman crackdown on l g b t of rights. behind this barbed wire activists who've dared to publicly criticize the kremlin's policies. one of them is honest. she spent 15 days in what's officially called special detention facility number 2 her crime protesting the trial of an l g b t activist. the activist is charged with spreading homosexual propaganda after publishing an image of gay couples accompanied by the subtitle family is where love is. in some cities people took to the streets to support the activist.
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anastos yes who was among them. that landed her behind bars. in the detention center i lay on the floor and cried i was desperate because the accusations against me were false but the arrest report says for instance that i took part in a mass protest with 50 people that ended in 5 30 pm. i was in fact alone and it happened there an hour later the judge just ignores. you yet. there are many others like anastasio who have suffered from what seems to be openly arbitrary police in russia has been rocked for months by waves of intimidation of political critics but it doesn't seem to be doing the kremlin any harm in a referendum to change the constitution to allow president vladimir putin to
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potentially stay in office in till 2036 passed overwhelmingly with an official 78 percent of votes the results seem to have emboldened putin. here in moscow last week dozens of people protested in individual single person protests against the arrest of a journalist many ended up detained themselves. single person protests do not require a police permit. yet human rights observers say that in the last 4 and a half weeks 270 russians have been arrested for demonstrating peacefully. this is the state's answer to the civil courage of its citizen exist who dare to resist restrictive and repressive measures citizens are showing their rage and the state of press is the 4th. goal of this the silencing of political activists the
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jailing of government critics and of protesters is nothing new but what is striking is that such cases are becoming increasingly frequent again yet activists like i understand you have refused to let these repressive tactics shut them down. issue just in your view if we don't organize ourselves to have some influence over the situation she if we don't decisively say no to anything i don't want to do then nothing will change then we'll be stuck in prison cells again after our statements our posts are like some tweets. this week the police crackdown again with maximum force when protesters gathered outside a detention center in moscow. despite the crackdown the push going on also today and standing by for us are spawn and. even get to see it tell us what's
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happening there. so these are the 1st protests in moscow since the constitutional reform passed exactly 2 weeks ago today behind my shoulder it may be hard to see what it looks like as a sea of umbrellas because it's a rainy night here in central moscow but protesters are lining up to sign up a petition to an older constitute constitutional reforms that could see president vladimir putin still in power until 2036 there's also a host of other amendments to that cost sure for including a ban on gay marriage and over my shoulder there's also we're seeing in the past few minutes activist why rainbow flags are gave gay pride fights in protest of the move. yet given this this crackdown even do people feel that it's risky taking pawson gatherings like this. absolutely over the past 2 weeks leading up to
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this protest we've seen people come out for a single person pickets on multiple occasions these are whatever sensibly legal forms of protesting in russia while those big group gatherings are not and each time people come out for the single person protests they've been immediately bundled their way are you straight you might spend a night over in jail you might get fined it's quite risky today however. we've only seen several 100 people come out partly because people might be scared and police while they're standing by they're letting things go on calmly. and so that maybe there is a bit of a surprise it might be because they want things just to be not so you know not make the headlines tonight. all right that's evan task of h. in moscow for us thank you evan. and now to some other stories making news around the world the u.s. secretary of state. preparing new sanctions against a russian gas pipeline project any firms that help construct the old scheme to face
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penalties the trumpet ministrations phase the pipeline from russia to germany would make us more dependent on russian energy. new satellite images show that ethiopia has been filling its controversial grand when they stand on the river nile the move is likely to spot prices from both egypt and sudan which depend on water from the now talks between the 3 countries on the issue ended in deadlock this week. iran says it needs 7 ships have been damaged in a blaze that broke out at a shipyard in the 7 course. there has been a string often explained fires and explosions at military nuclear and industrial sites across the country since late june. and flooding is continuing to take its toll on north eastern india is a some stage over 2000000 people have been displaced the floods also inundated most of the national park which is home to rare rhino species as well as other animals.
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police in germany's black forest are still searching for a man who disarmed offices at gunpoint and made off with their weapons they say they are checking a manifesto that could possibly stem from the 31 year old suspect he fled into the woods near the southwestern bell often dissolving the offices on sunday. by had alerted police to a man who they say it was wearing camouflage and carrying a bull and arrow. the black forest in the southwestern corner of germany is known for its spooky tales and now they have a true one since sunday hundreds of heavily armed police officers have been combing this wooded mountainous region for a local man they say is armed and dangerous that's after a routine encounter with him by 4 police officers in this small town of open well ended with those officers handing over their service weapons when they said he pulled a pistol on them and they felt threatened and needed to deescalate the situation he
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said to have run off with their weapons and possibly some of his own into the nearby woods where he's been ever since investigators say he knows the woods very well it's like his 2nd home they call him a loner a social outcast and he himself is alleged to have written perhaps a manifesto that calls for an end to relying on technology and getting back in touch with nature in the woods around you now police are looking for him but they've so far come up with nothing and they say they'll keep on looking for him they have the patience and the resources to do it even as they say they're going to be reducing their visible presence and continuing the hunt in the background. william lacrosse reporting there this is news and a reminder of the top story at the south. course has ruled that tech giant apple does not have to pay ireland $13000000000.00 guitarist in fact that commission had to close it because it's ace is yet to decide whether to appeal so they go p. and pull it off chance. that you have today to update every news event but if you
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